Ring of Power – Empire of the City

by Amenstop Productions, 2008
Published here: Sunday April 26, 2009 at 6:37 PM

Ring of Power - Empire of the CityThe source of most if not all our woes, revealed (from the present to the past): Connecting the dots through 5000 years of revisionist human history, spanning from the time of the pharaohs, all the way up to the present dynasties creating the New World Order, in a quest to perfect the enslavement of mankind. From pirates to banksters, to the ruling elite, who run the world’s finances, the media and cover both side of nearly every conflict or war: the world may make more sense after watching this.

In particular, pay attention to Part 6 and Parts 11-12, which are telling the story of the “Cult of Amen” or, as they call themselves, “The Priesthood of Amen”. Some of you may have seen this video series before, but I would strongly suggest you watch ALL EPISODES again and in sequence. It’s very important:

Part 1 (02:23:30)
Part 2 (02:39:53)


1. Present Past
2. Only the Start
3. Profiting from 911
4. Hidden Empire
5. Vatican Hoarding
6. Amen Pharaohs
7. Forbidden Link
8. Oceans of Blood
9. The Queen
10. King of Kings
11. The Empire
12. The Cult of Amen
13. The Committee of 300
14. Godfathers Rothschild
15. New World Order
16. Freemasonry Mafia
17. Control of All Money
18. Credit Monopoly
19. Bush Nazis
20. Palestine Israel
21. The Butchers
22. Asses of Evil
23. Drug Running
24. War on Terror
25. Iraqi Dates
26. The AntiChrist
27. Enslavement
28. Tax Enslavement
29. The Power

About the Producer:

As a child, she had many arguments between her parents over her father’s ring, inscribed with “G”, a compass and square. At a later age, years of intensive research led her to the identity , history and plans of a power “so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocking, so complete, so pervasive” that even the known ‘leaders’ of the world are careful not to speak in “condemnation” of it.


6 thoughts on “Ring of Power – Empire of the City

  1. Cindy

    Wes, glad this is here, but….she has removed those from youtube. But they are on google video. Just a heads up for ya.

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