From Mu to Thule and the Inner Earth

by Gerri Foster, 2001
Published here: Friday May 1, 2009 at 2:47 PM

A Journey Into the Theoretical Past

In this article, I ask the reader to accompany me upon an intriguing journey through the dimly-remembered, faintly-recorded archaic world of our ancient ancestors. We shall be guided by some of those great imaginative visionaries who tirelessly endeavoured to fill in some of the blanks pages of the legendary past history of this mysterious world of ours. Much of what had virtually faded away into pure myth has been steadily fleshed-out again down the centuries by Greek and Roman scholars like Plato, Herodatus and Tacitus; intrepid explorer-archaeologists like James Churchward, Percy H. Fawcett, and Heinrich Schliemann, and mystic-explorers like Nicholas Roerich and Theodore Illion. Theosophists and philosophers like Helena Blavatsky, W. Scott-Elliot and Rudolph Steiner, and even gifted seers like Edgar Cayce, have also played their part.


Nor should we overlook the input of such authorities on Thule and the Aryan race as Julius Evola and Joscelyn Godwin, or researchers into hidden underground and inner earth empires such as Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Saint-Yves and even the Nazi historian, Miguel Serrano. Polar explorers like Sir George Wilkins, Fridjof Nansen and Richard E. Byrd also have their input to make on matters Borealic. Nor is the inspired fiction of famed writers Verne, Poe and Rice Burroughs overlooked for its useful contribution in fanning the flames of imagination that have revitalized this almost fogotten part of the world’s history. Continue reading “From Mu to Thule and the Inner Earth”