Maria Orsic and the Vril Society

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This is a pretty important article for future reference. Never mind that this information comes from a White Extremists Forum, it doesn’t make the information less valid. Needless to say, I do not agree with the people on that forum. Those who followed my previous blog, temporarily deleted, remember Maria Orsic. The rest of you, please just read and remember for the future. Wes.

Maria Orsic
Maria Orsic

Maria Orsic, also known as Maria Orschitsch was a famous medium who became the leader of the Vril Gesellschaft. She was born in Vienna (Austria). Her father was a Croatian immigrant from Zagreb, her mother was from Vienna.

Maria soon followed the German national movement which was active at this time; the main goal of the movement was to annex Austria with the German Reich. In the year 1919 Maria moved to München, to her boyfriend, who became later her fiancé. It is unknown whether they married or not, because they both disappeared in 1945.

In Munich Maria was in contact with the Thule Gesellschaft and soon she created her own circle together with Traute A. from Munich and several other friends: the “Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik”, official name of the Vril Gesellschaft. All of them were young ladies, which among other things were against the arising fashion of short hair-styles for women. Both Maria and Traute were beautiful ladies with very long hair; Maria was blond and Traute was brown-haired. They had long horse tails, a very uncommon hairstyle at that time. This became a disctinctive characteristic in all the women who integrated Vril which was maintained till May 1945. They believed that their long hair acted as cosmic antennae to receive alien communication from beyond. In public, however, they hardly ever exhibited the hair in horse tail style. For identification, Vril members (also called “Vrilerinnen”) wore a disk which represented the two mediums: Maria Orsic and Sigrun.

In December 1919 a small group of persons from Thule, Vril and DHvSS (Men of the black stone) rented a small forester’s lodge in the vicinity of Berchtesgaden (Germany) where they met, accompanied by Maria Orsic and another medium who is only known as Sigrun. Maria claimed to have received mediumistically transmissions in a secret German Templar script – a language unknown to her – containing technical data for the construction of a flying machine. Vril documents mention these telepathic messages had their origin in Aldebaran, a solar system 68 light-years away in the constellation Taurus. She had two piles of papers: one with the Templar script, the other with a legible writing. Maria suspected the second pile would be written in an ancient eastern language and therefore she could be aided by the “Panbabylonists”, a circle close to the Thule society which was integrated by Hugo Winckler, Peter Jensen, Friedrich Delitzsch and others. It turned out that the apparently misterious language was actually ancient Summerian and hence the language of the ancient Babylonian culture founders. Sigrun, from the Vril gesellschaft helped translate the language and decipher the strange mental images of a circular flight machine.

The concept of “other science” (or “alternative science”) matured in this time and the following years. Because of the financing difficulties it took three years until the flying machine project started taking shape. By 1922, parts for the machine began arriving independently from various industrial sources paid in full by Thule and Vril.

In late November 1924 she visited Rudolf Hess in his apartment in Munich, together with Rudolf von Sebottendorf, the founder of the Thule Gesellschaft. Sebottendorf wanted to contact Dietrich Eckart, who had deceased one year before. Eckert had translated Ibsen’s plays into German and had published the magazine “Auf gut Deutsch”; he had also been a member of the Thule Gesellschaft. To establish contact with Eckart, Sebottendorff and other Thulists (amongst them Ernst Schulte-Strathauss) joined hands around a black-draped table.

Kolberg in 1940
Kolberg in 1940

Hess found unnerving to watch Maria Orsic’s eyeballs rolling back and showing only whites, and to see her slumping backward in her chair, mouth agape. However Sebottendorff smiled in satisfaction as the voice of Eckart started coming out of the medium. Eckart announced that he was obliged to let someone else’s voice come through, with an important message. A weird voice then identified itself as “the Sumi, dwellers of a distant world, which orbits the star Aldebaran in the constellation you call Taurus the Bull”. Hess and Schulte-Strathaus blinked at each other in surprise. According to the voice, the Sumi were an humanoid race who had briefly colonized Earth 500 million years ago. The ruins of ancient Larsa, Shurrupak and Nippur in Iraq had been built by them. Those of them who survived the great flood of Ut-napishtim (the Deluge of Noah’s Ark) had become the ancestors of the Aryan race. Sebottendorff remained skeptical and asked for proof. While Maria was still in a trance, she scribbled several lines of queer-looking marks. Those marks turned out to be ancient Summerian characters, the language of the founders of the oldest Babylonian culture.

In December 1943 Maria attended, together with Sigrun, a meeting held by Vril at the seaside resort of Kolberg. The main purpose of the meeting was to deal with the “Aldebaran project”. The Vril mediums had received precise information regarding the habitable planets around the sun Aldebaran and they were willing to plan a trip there. This project was discussed again the 22nd January 1944 in a meeting between Hitler, Himmler, Dr. W. Schumann (scientist and professor in the Technical University of Munich) and Kunkel of the Vril Gesellschaft. It was decided that a Vril 7 “Jäger” would be sent through a dimension channel independent of the speed of light to Aldebaran. According to N. Ratthofer (writer), a first test flight in the dimension channel took place in late 1944. The test flight almost ended in disaster because after the flight the Vril 7 looked “as if it had been flying for a hundred years”. Its outer skin looked aged and had suffered damages in several places.

Maria Orsic disappeared in 1945. The 11th of March of 1945 an internal document of the Vril Gesellschaft was sent to all its members; a letter written by Maria Orsic. The letter ends: “niemand bleibt hier” (noone is staying here). This was the last announcement from Vril, and since then noone heard again from Maria or the rest of members. It is speculated they escaped to Aldebaran.

Wes Penre’s note: There will be more information regarding Maria Orsic and her direct involvement in current events on the final blog site.


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  2. Lots of comments here but why not read ‘Holy Grail Reality’ by Austin, @ wordpress which covers all the ground here and more. Austin also wrote ‘Keepers of the Black Stone’, Black Rabbit Press, 2011 which never go off the ground but is available from I’ll just mention Ilua and Garil for those who follow Phone me if you think I am joking, +44(0)1903 872930. Anthony B Austin.

  3. chris

    Some People believe, some people dont . But truth is where there’s smoke there is fire. my take on (aliens, ufo ‘s, cults) is i believe around 50% of it is truth because if look at most government buildings from an Ariel view you will see that these buiresem71078nmjaccurate cult symbollike

  4. Faerie Saale

    The GERMANS had flying flying discs. ( one of the wonder weapons )These crafts evolved ever bigger and ever more dangerous. The early ones uses petrol-fueled engines to drive the electrical anti-gravity system. Eventually, they were able to come up with a near nuclear type of power plant to power the lift and propulsion systems on the larger heavier craft…with the affects of bending and distorted time and matter. The discovery of the BELL device by the allies also was the power source to the Haunebu craft. A discovery that the allies made sure was cloaked in secrecy ever since. Both the existence of Haunebu and the Bell have been targeted by disinformation.

    Whether or not you can accept it, or believe that other RACES of beings inhabit the cosmos does not negate the fact that they do. Humans have seen them and had contact with them since the beginnings of cave-and rock wall art, and records kept on clay tablets or papyrus. This is why German explorers were combing all of ancient Eastern Culture resources for any evidence of “lost technology”. They found numerous examples. The Vimana’s are just one example.

    The Vril society/ Thule society / DHvSS members all came together under one umbrella. It was a Uber metaphysical society looking to discover a NEW never before tried avenue of ” super-natural ” achievement. This is where the cult of the “Black Sun” arose. Consider it something akin to the “dark force” side of the universe. This doesn’t mean it is satanic or demonic. It simply means that there is another force… Just like a black hole is a cosmic force that behaves completely outside of our known laws of physic’s… There are other forces that most are unaware exist.

    Currently there are other races of Beings that inhabit the Earth that are not Humans. Some are rather nasty and do not like humans.

    Others exist in places we don’t normally see. Like the far side of the moon. There’s enough evidence to support that something once inhabited the subterranean of Mars. They are out there.
    They take mammals from earth, and use pieces and parts of them for god only knows what. This includes humans.

    The Human mind is a conduit and it can be opened to ” other worldly influences ” if you are trained for it. The Vril mediums practiced an ancient form of Telepathic-Psychic Trance. They connected to the waves of a group of “alien” telepathics. Thought is energy, and it transcends time and space. Apparently these “off world” intelligences were also technologically far ahead of us. Why these entities would share/transmit knowledge with humans is open to debate. There are reasons why the inhabitants of the cosmos are largely quarantined from each other by vast distances that are not easily traveled. The are some societies of other intelligent beings that are not benevolent. Humans themselves are not benevolent. We are war like, aggressive, destructive, selfish, racist, and also extremely arrogant in our nescience. The highly politicized and propagandized atrociousness of the Nazis pales in comparison to the Christian Crusades, the Inquisition, The Conquistadors, Napoleon,The Marxist revolution, Pol Pot, or other long ago conquests by mad men with armies. The Germans wanted to purify the Germanic Culture. In every society there are the dead end links, the undesirables, the trouble makers, the anarchists, criminally insane, the half breed, and those who poison the well genetically. Those that refuse to leave or get out, have to be death with. What the Nazi regime decided it had to do to accomplish it aims is nothing new. The USA wiped out the native American Indian culture… was that right? No it wasn’t.
    The USA with Socialized Health Care will have death panels… the money mongers will decide who lives, and who dies. It won’t be pretty. It’ll also depend on who you are, and what your value to society will be. The Nazi’s wanted to create a thousand year Reich. A new order.
    The USA is the new Holy Roman Empire. The newest attempt towards a Thousand Year Realm.
    We are only 236 years into it…

    Some of the former German Haunebu craft did survive. Some ended up in Brazil. Some in Russia. Some Antarctica, Others in the USA. Some continued to fly well into the 1970′ and early 80’s. There are one or two that operate off and on out of South America. Most of the earlier types today are no longer operating. The USA has anti-gravity lifting devices. The huge black triangles that are sometimes seen, and the flying V’s are ours. Some are pilot-less craft controlled via satellite navigation’s. These vehicles were developed in the 70’s and 80’s. They are a testing platform. The latest craft are spookily able to cloak into thin air, and are so undetectable that they operate in the daytime.

    The other flying wonders the US is developing is super Hyper sonic scram jet craft that can fly near zero gravity, be invisible to any radar, and circumnavigate the globe in mere hours. We are also developing stealth missiles. Stealth Submarines are being developed. We cannot as of yet light year travel time. We can however clip time. The Germans found they could jump in and out of spacial time…with mostly bad results.

    I am a current member of the Causa Nostra Vril Society. I also am a Theology practitioner. I do not do physic readings for others. I have seen the sign posts of the psychic travelers who are still putting out signals. It is truly mind opening.

    1. Silversurfer

      Wooooaaahh what can I say I am stunned.
      It seems that you have a lot of inside infornation from all sides also that these s.c. spacecrafts has been flying around the US, South America, Russia and god knows where even on the dark side of the moon (well that was also a title of a record that had the same mind blowing affect on people as this bloq)……. Well let me ask you are there any evidence? Except for some ruins in the Blackforrest. The rest is up to everyone to think, dream and imaging about.
      That the Thule society helped Hitler to power they also had a very racist way of looking at the world. Maybe you share that view as well??
      Com on, I find the Nazi weapons and the secret ones very interesting, and I think during that time we really took a leap forward in the development the same that has happen during the past 20 years when it comes to cell phones, computers, etc.
      When it comes to womens with long hair telling about People living in another solar system…. Well I rest my case……As an historic event I believe it is ok that people during these times were believing in these things but in todays society to talk about this and that there exist some kind of conspiracy theory about Aliens, Nazis, Russians and Americans then I really think that we are really far out there. Or maybe I am just missing out, the stuff that you guys are smokin???

    2. Entereturn the Flelf

      Well, first off, if you don’t follow diesel technology, you hit a dead end. The combustion engine has never powered anything worth mentioning for any length of time. Secondly, wireless transmission is imperfect but ley lines are still strategic, right? Just look at how bases and temples line up on them. I’m not suggesting diesel aircraft but rather, non-combustion initiated principles, things without “spark plugs.” It’s a sign of crap engineering. Virtual Realignment Illusion Levitation technology would be more accurate than saying any combination of forges and pistons ever got anywhere near the stars. We’re all just a phone call away. The human race has had a black hole imprinted into its DNA as revenge, this is true, but it will never truly stoop to the level its “official” story has recorded because, you will always be talking about a history recording of bad people doing bad things to better people, or saying nothing at all. When Hitler beats Stalin with a baseball bat, he uses pawns, do you realize why? He can’t reproduce enough of himself to have any effect unless he poisons people who are unlike himself to create a momentary pocket of evil.
      Men who are less than stellar are still usually pretty happy terrorising a small neighborhood, not the whole damn galaxy. You know? Life’s better than the headlines, cmon!

      1. Hahaha! Yeah, let’s use school book history as a basis for our fundamental beliefs! Seems to be workin’ thus far huh? Why mess with it?

        Anyway, you can only supress the “goodness” of an idea for so long before nature takes over. (and she will)

        Take that to the bank.

        Oh wait, you mean my wheelbarrow full of bank notes aint no good no mo?

        What about these here derivatives I got?

        Same ole story as I learned in the fifth grade sounds like. Weimarr sumthin’ er other.

        When our generation is put on the examining table, it might not be such a bad idea to be associated with ole Wes here and his “out there” ideas. Sounds a might better than beleiving in politics. Or for heavens sake, religion. (<- did you see that? funny shit right there) and yes, history,


        Why bring up such a valid point only to belittle it by quoting what you learned from the "official" story in the first place.

        Man, I'm not saying there aren't evil "people" out there, it's just NOT the ones we are told. I've been around enough to know that human kind, when unadulterated, is just that, kind. When fiddled with, you can get anything from a Harvard-IMF-Banking Lawyer-Economic Hitman to a 13 yr. old-runaway-human-trafficked-sex-slave stranded in Tel Aviv. So yes, we are infected. So much so that it is begining to sink in that no one is being held accountable. Outside of the boogey man that is, for all of the unnecessary waste, of life lived and the pain that shortly follows the realisation of this. I wonder if that will be covered by the insurance plan IAm being forced to purchase next year?

        It's a fine mess for sure, Jedem das Seine.

        Da Frog

  5. positive blues

    The stories about Maria Orsic and mediums ,1936 black forest, Kapuskin yar ,Verill society and The raise of Nazism in the 1900 in Europ is interesting for people who want to know and understand better the subjects of ….Alliens …Supernatural….connections with intelligence from a far away planet some 68 light years away…..
    So far it is the reader ( Yes it is you the person reading these lines ! )who needs to do all the work of connecting all these subjects in his/her mind to explain these stories. But I believe that all these stories of Maria Orsic and company mentioned above are a way for white supremacists/ Nazi sympathizers / trying to explain and justify why The Nazis in Europe in the 20 th century decided to mass murder millions of Jews ,Germans,Russians ,Pols , Italians, French , English , Europeans , Americans , gypsy , invalids, down sindrum people, homosexuals – many good people who did not deserve to be butchered by the senseless killing machine that the Nazis created – all while the Nazis were eating their favorite meals listing to Beethoven ,Mahler, Wagner as a back round for the plight of these poor humans not even knowing what they did wrong .
    Unless you believe that the color of your skin is giving you a divine right of your superiority white over everything else !!!!! all these stories of mysticism is a smoke screen on the real stories about the Nazis and their allies . Thank god that the 3 th rich failed and fallen — all you have to do ( the reader of these lines !!!) is watch Hitler’s public speeches to understand everything about the Nazis and their moral views and rights and – May the Nazis be always ties to blood and evil and failing …..

    Forget not that the Nazis have cooked humans prisoners to extract their oil from their bodies to make soap for Germans to wash their hands ….took their teeth to capture gold …used human hair for filling mattress and pillows….made lampshades from human skin… and these is only the begging of their evil list …… More material can be found on the internet , on the Yad Vashem institute
    One can find that the Nazis collected all the information that they could about their victims and preserved in as if it was sacred ! That is their biggest crime ! they believed that they were divine and perfect ….that they were doing G-D’s work….. you can see more details in to start your own journey to discover how evil the Nazis have become including their crimes against perfect Germans – who were not perfect fiscally or mentally…..
    Many of these Nazis and their followers have disappeared in 1945 just like Maria Orsic and company

    many times Ha-lle-lo-yaa!

  6. Now that is the most fanciful thing that I have seen in a long time. If all these alien groups existed one of them would have just vaporized us long ago to tick off any who might have been friendly to us. Shoot, if I were from an alien race I would vaporize earth to clean up the neighborhood and increase the overall IQ of the universe. There are no aliens in any dimension.

    You are being deceived by demons who are setting up the world to believe in a massive alien abduction once Christians are raptured out of here. There is plenty of evidence in the existence of God and people reject that but believe stuff like this. I also once believed that we were offspring of aliens because I was a Trekkie as a kid, but then I did the research and now know the truth. I hope one day you will also come to that enlightenment.

  7. blacksheep

    can you please give any kind of symbol or mark the members of the vril are using,maybe there are still members of this group alive here on earth

  8. Mark Bradley

    Pleiadians from Nibiru were behind Sumer. Galactic Federation is their “name.” NOT good guys. Orsic was peddling the Necromiton crowd…also NOT good guys. Shamballah/Agatha results from the disappearance of Atlantis. NOT sunk. SHIFTED. Oz, Olympus….zones in the “sky” where these bastards live (Ozone layer), with certain humans. Think Bermuda Triangle. Shamballa/Agartha are technically underground but not in the same 3D frequency band as earth, so cannot be detected with our instrumentation. Nazis had treaty with Zeta Rigelians….who got US and European Illuminati to finance Hitler on condition he kill Gypsies and certain Jewish lineages, NOT all. Necromiton/humans hybrids, brought by Tibetans, met Hitler, gave him artifacts, got him to renege on Zetas and gave him green light to kill ALL Jews. Zetas instructed their Illuminati factions to switch to allies late 41. Nazis doomed. Zeta agenda continued thru CIA, Pentagon. 2000 US coup put the seal on the deal.

  9. Just Published: Maria Orsic, Nikola Tesla, Their Extraterrestrials Messages, The Occult And UFOs

    The world’s first book on Maria Orsic and the Ladies of Vril, and Nikola Tesla’s extraterrestrials’ connection.
    Hundreds upon hundreds of photos, drawings and sketches from the original files.
    Information from secrets files of the NKVD, KGB, OSS, Gestapo, SS, MI5, and intelligence agencies in 6 countries. Everything began with Maria Orsic, including extraterrestrial messages, aliens’ contacts and the UFOs in modern times. The UFO phenomenon, the first contacts with aliens from civilizations beyond our solar system, and extraterrestrials’ messages, all started with an occult-metaphysical-mysticism-psychical movement created by Maria Orsic in 1917, a medium and founder of the Vrilerinnen (The Vril Society), and based upon messages she received from extraterrestrials from Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri), which contained technical data and precise instructions on how to build a super “Out of this World” flying machine (UFO). But of course everything changed as soon as the SS took control of the metaphysical efforts of Orsic and her associates. And the macabre episode ended with the SS senior officers slaughtering 60 German scientists who were working on the final prototypes of the Bell UFO, when they became convinced that Germany has lost the war.
    Fearing that their UFO technology will fall into the hands of the Red Army, SS officers shot the leading engineers. And those who managed to escape, just 3 days before the Russian troops entered Berlin, vanished from the face of the earth, taking with them the most important documents and blueprints of the last versions of their Bell-UFOs, stealth supersonic bombers, jet-fighters, and other secret miracle-weapons. But the greatest, most unique and most formidable person in all these scenarios, Germany’s UFOs saga, and the history of ufology and extraterrestrials’ contacts was and still is Maria Orsic.Maria was an extraordinary woman on so many levels!

            1. From what I have read so far….has been mostly about the Nazis and Stalin and the OSS. It does have some interesting points though.

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        1. Since we are talking about must read books I feel it is necessary to mention this book in particular. For the benefit of humanity.

          If the past is a guide to the present then the powers that be have never been in favor of the release of this information. Usually releasing the information on alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone is a good way to discover what it is like to be burned at the stake. – Jay Weidner

          Guess what?

          It’s FREE!

          Can you dig it?!

          Click to access BookOfAquarius.pdf


  11. Greetings! Quick question that’s entirely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My site looks weird when viewing from my iphone 4. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to correct this issue. If you have any recommendations, please share. Thank you!

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    Hello Wes.
    I now have a better understanding of the immensity of your web site, wow. Outstanding performance sir. I would donate but I am one step away from home, lol haven’t had hot and cold running water for three months. just got internet back. lol says something about my priorities.

    I would love your oppinion on this, although I can not imagine you will have time.

    As I have stated earlier, I do not believe in religion as all religions are written by human hand. Magic is non-sensical and unnecessary, as all things can be accomplished with a sufficient level of technology.

    If magic was everything its cracked up to be, then why do they suggest a nuc is needed to open a portal. I doubt a nuc will open a useful portal anyway. Im thinking it would be like tring to access the earths interior by way of an active volcano, run real fast maybee.

    I do consider it likely, that spells, rituals, and the like weather religious or occult,(same thing if you ask me), provide sufficient knoweledge of ritual which can lead to access to superior technologies. This access being achieved in a monkey see monkey do method. The person performing the ritual, is clueless as to the actual theory and principles involved, by rote performs actions which get a result. Rather like a chimp, learning a key sequence on a key board that causes a banana to magicly appear. shambala, its magic!!!!!!!! good monkey.

    also, any who do know the actual technology the mases percieve as magic, will not likely impart to the masses or anyone but the most close and trusted; any actual knoweledge. Knoweledge is power, knoweledge of superior technologies would be superior power.

    This power, the knoweledge of superior technologies will be closely gaurded. Any who rediscover something important will die soon after foolishly letting on they learned something. Or they will not be allowed to bring such technology to the bennifit of man kind. Tesla, was trashed by J.P. Morgan for just such a reason. Moray is another example. There are countless examples. If we were smart we would create a safe house, a haven to protect the inventors. That probably would not work either. If that idea did work, they would infiltrate, bribe, blackmail or kill as needed to take over the leadership of any such orginisation, just as they have done through out history with any orginization they wished to control.

    Any documents no mater what they are written on, stone, plastic, paper or in any other medium which can provide serious advanced technology will find its way to the library under the vatican where the rest of mans technological achievements for the last, who knows, hundred thousand years, hundred million years. once its there its gone, only the elite will have access to it for the rest of time.

    I am confident there exist on this planet many sites where ancient technology could be discovered. to date in most cases, as soon as its discovered, the fed of what ever country, most or all of which are working for the same people, immediately take over the site, clandestinely or openly and remove anything that might advance mankind. Our only hope is that one day, someone with a few street smarts to go along with the phd’s will find what we need and find a way to get the information to us before the parasites can snatch it and ferret it away under the vatican.

    As for the connection between the occult disciplines(i always group all religions with the occult monicker) and superior tech, or any technology is fairly easy to detect. Anything which in a ritualistic way seeks, to alter the state of ones mind, or uses vibration in some way is likely related to something usefull. Materials, tough one, I always look for materials being called for in more than one occult discipline. Bullsh*t included in the ritual as a distraction or for what ever reason that has no purpose will likely change group to group. Elements which are necessary to access a given technology will be consistent, Obviously.

    Rituals designed to access technologies, generally referred to as ether based, will likely only be complete enough to render the practicioner usefull to someone or something else. Or worse, lead them to technology which will damage or alter them in some way.

    Given the incredible amounts and varieties of toxins they put in our food supply, it is unlikely most of us will be able to access higher functions of the brain, which would allow us to access higher non phisical technologies anyway. frankly, given the amount of damage they have inflicted upon us, its a wonder we still possess the mental faculty to tie our own shoes.

    That view is overly pessimistic. Despite thier efforts to cripple us metally and phisically I still see instances of people accessing higher functions of the brain. These so far have been random and involuntary. Says alot about nature and its incredible drive to survive. That civilizations have come and gone should be obvious to even the most casual observer, toxins not withstanding. I wonder if this current situation with the parasitic ruling blood lines, is repeated over and over. Perhaps this is the test, the wall we must breach to reach the next signifigant level of human developement. If we can not defeat the parasites, then we are not ready for the next stage. Makes sense in a macab sort of way. When I view nature I see this principal in effect.
    So what is the solution? Knoweledge passed on to offspring. We failed to do that. They have won.

    Maybee next time, I wonder how long it takes for the parasites to die off. For the clock to be reset. lol, maybee it never does reset, may those slimy bastards are always there, an uninterupted line of misery and despair for countless millions of years brought to us by our favorite bloodlines. I suppose nature doesnt really care weather a parasite thrives or wether we do. Life is its goal, it may manner not the moral qualitie of that life. Is morality even relavant in the over all scheme of things.

    Well I think it sucks, the parasites will win again. On the other hand I did get to live for awhile. Even though that life was spent in a cess pool created by the ruling blood lines, it was life. I am thankfull for that.


    I apologize for making so many posts. I have held my tongue for long.
    This post to Maria. I hope you exist and did what the records indicate. If not then I have fallen in love with a fantasy, more than a little embarrassing. When I say love, I say it in a manner appropriate for the circumstances.
    In any case, I hope you made it to where ever it was you wanted to go, anywhere would likely be better than here. I wish I could go with you.
    This place will soon fall back into a dark age, the ruling bloodlines apparently have decided to bring us back into the darkness of ignorance and despair. I truly wish I could go with you and leave this madness behind. I love knowledge, I will miss reason and progress. We are soon to be lost, we will advance no more. We will become as nothing, there is nothing among us that can stand against the ruling bloodlines. I would be more than happy to leave this ball of dirt to them and their abuses. I want no part of it.
    Hopefully you and a few others were able to escape, and hopefully you have regained your sense of order and purpose. I wish you only the best Maria.
    Fair winds and following seas.


    lol last post, the photo I saw of Maria could have been faked. So who knows. All I can say is I saw a photo which was clearly recent. Beyond that, who can say other than Maria.
    Fair winds and flollowing seas


    I am going to hate myself in the morning. Wes, its not about Jews infiltrating the media. Jews as far as it goes, do the same thing any other race tries to do. Survive, and win. once again look anywhere in nature and what do you see. A war of the species, occasional alliances not withstanding, bees and flowers for example. I grow tired of the Jews being trotted out as the boogeyman. (rolling eyes). Please.

    The media, all of it, has been owned or controlled by a few bloodlines, for decades. If anybody is about the business of infiltrating the media, it is by us, the useless eaters.

    Once again Wes, if you seek the truth, control your emotions, free your mind, step back and keep stepping back until the big picture comes into focus. Then seek detail as you need to gain the level of understanding you desire. Set aside all of your wants, desires, ideologies, religion, everything. Let your mind do what it does best. It evaluates data, it seeks pattern, it seeks order. Once this is done, then release your emotions and let the three function. The emotional entity and the rational entity will plead their cases based on the observed data.(lol actually I doubt the emotional entity gives a damn about data, its all about doing what ever it wants), then the third will choose. Picture a court room, that is pretty much the way it works. The third is the judge, the decision maker; your fate, based on your decisions is the jury. It is not necessary to give up all of the things I suggest you set aside while evaluating your situation. I simply suggest they have a time and place to be, that time and place is not when you are evaluating data.
    Fair winds and following seas


    Sigh, I am breaking the first rule of observance. I hope I don’t come to regret this. Offered for your consideration.
    I have to date only found two ways I believe will lead to access to higher functions of the brain or the three.
    The first involves the dream state. That window of time when the brain entertains itself as it is disconnected from all Physical senses. With practice you can achieve what is loosely termed as lucid dreaming. I believe that is a vulgar oversimplification, but will serve. The mind, and I am inclined to believe, interaction with and between the three, both function like a muscle. It will grow stronger with use and responds to conditioning and training. Working in the dream state is difficult, rather like trying to fill a paper bag with smoke using a spoon. I have made some progress, it requires above all things, persistence. It can be done. I am reminded of the Zen poem depicting the exchange between the crow and the centipede. The lesson being delivered when the the crow asked the centipede to explain how it could walk with so many legs. The brain responds to the desire of the three. So make your desire to dream lucidly firm and the brain will find the way. You are the three. The emotion, the rational, and the decision maker. The father, the sun the holy ghost. So they are defined even before the time of Babylon. Even before the time of dinosaurs. I digress, master dreams and you master our perceivable reality and likely beyond.

    The second, is to achieve the quiet time, when the three are at peace or at least quiescent; then you may access the genetic database and possibly a higher database. The existence of the genetic(lack correct term) data base is obvious and basic. I speculate as to the existence of a higher data bases simply on the basis of logical working assumption. I should define working assumption. Working assumption is an assumption made with the understanding it may be incorrect. Arrogant assumption renders the issue of correctness or truth as irrelevant. The concept of a higher data base (s) can be illustrated if you watch the video tens. Or consider space outwardly and its similarity to space subatomically.
    I would argue that the mind and or the three access that (those) data base (s) almost continuously autonomously. One product of this activity being instinct. If the mind and or the three can do it autonomously then it can be done by force of will. Sufi’s and others who control autonomic functions of the body such as heartbeat are a proof of this. Remember the crow and the bug, do not seek to instruct the mind in the manner of doing what it does naturaly. Express your desire, be persistent and let your mind do its job. Micro management sucks at any level.
    I offer this caution. I do not believe in spirits, magic and all of the other crap that flows like the amazon river through our daily lives. I do not for an instant rule out the possibility of entities that can function and exist in forms we can not readily perceive. Possession is not only possible, I would be amazed if it were not a reality. Energy is life, and can take infinite forms. The three occupy our physical bodies why could not another. I have no idea what the rules governing this might be, but I recommend you have a care when you seek to take your hands from the steering wheel–you may arrive at a destination not of your choosing. This highlights another of the great principles. “The price of life is the risk of death” Silver thorn 1981. Success-failure etc. Nothing new here.
    For clarification; although I do dismiss all religions as bull sh*t. I do not suggest that valuable information can not be found in the writings and words any religion or legends for that mater. Religion is nothing more than a data base. Unfortunately, no doubt due to its amazing capacity to control the masses, it is commonly and horribly abused. Garbage in, garbage out. Religions are written and created by humans and are subject to all of the attributes of humans. Keep that in mind and you can benefit from the massive amounts of knowledge to be found there without loosing control of your destiny.
    Truth is a harsh and unforgiving mistress but she will stand by your side against any enemy so long as you do not forsake her. Love her as you love no other.
    Fair winds a following seas.

    1. Silver, Could not have said it better. “although I do dismiss all religions as bull sh*t. I do not suggest that valuable information can not be found in the writings and words any religion or legends for that mater. Religion is nothing more than a data base. Unfortunately, no doubt due to its amazing capacity to control the masses, it is commonly and horribly abused. Garbage in, garbage out. Religions are written and created by humans and are subject to all of the attributes of humans. Keep that in mind and you can benefit from the massive amounts of knowledge to be found there without loosing control of your destiny.
      Truth is a harsh and unforgiving mistress but she will stand by your side against any enemy so long as you do not forsake her. Love her as you love no other.”
      I have believed this and thought this since I was at least 5 years old. Yes, that’s very young I know, but I remember my mother taking me to church (cough cough, DRAGGING me to church) and elbowing me when everyone was singing the hymns. She scolded me and I said, “I don’t believe in these words so I won’t say them.” She just rolled her eyes and kept singing like a robot.
      Your ID “Silver” is wild, my Indian Princess name when I was about 10 years old was Silver Feather.


    To Beth, I suggest one not confuse religion with god. No one today or who has ever lived is any more qualified to render an opinion on God than you are. Religion is a powerful tool. As is the case with any tool, the tool takes on the persona of the entity using it. With a sword, you may slay in defense of the innocent or you may slay the innocent. As for God, that is for each entity to define, those who allow another entity to define for them the divine one (assuming one exists, I am inclined to believe one does) is a fool. Religion has many utilities, it can be used to preserve knowledge, technical and non physical. It can be used to influence the individual or the masses to do virtually anything. I offer this for your consideration. The only difference between Magic,miracles and the like–and science: is the level of knowledge of the observer. Anything any entity can imagine can be accomplished if a sufficient level of knowledge and skill are present, no supernatural bull sh*t is necessary. Supernatural and all of the words used to represent that concept are euphemisms for ignorance. Ignorance is not bad, it simply is. A condition easily remedied with a little self discipline and work (research). As for Christianity and Catholicism, lol, pagan cults and nothing more.The same can be said for all religions. I am sure there is an exception, so far the pagans rule the roost. All religions I have researched lead to Babylon. So assuming I am right, what does one do in the absence of religion, how does on find ones way. It will be difficult to lay this out in so few words, more so as my communication skills are lacking. Order is rewarded with continued life, one need only observe nature, (of which we are a part), to note, order succeeds. Disorder or chaos leads to dissolution, death. If death is your goal then chaos is your path. We all have within us the sense of order that is the basis upon which nature functions when it seeks life. Most refer to this as conscience. The familiar sense of what is right and what is wrong. This sense can be overridden and with effort completely suppressed. This sense is not enough. We as do all living things, have the amazing capacity to choose. This is a profound concept. The capacity to affect your destiny. This carries with a tremendous responsibility to yourself and to all of our perceivable reality and possibly if not probably beyond. Perhaps this will help, it may require some contemplation for a better understanding.
    Assumption is the soul of arrogance. Arrogance is the fast path to chaos and provides comfort for those who choose to live in ignorance. With sufficient arrogance, the concepts of right and wrong become irrelevant. Order is unnecessary, do what thou wilt is the only law you need. Interestingly I do not assert that this path is wrong. I do not know if it is wrong. I only know where it leads.
    If order is your desire, then these simple rules might aid you in your journey. Humility, not the turn your cheek variety. LOL, I say block the blow, save both cheeks and counter attack decisively. No I mean humility which provides you with the understanding you can be wrong. This leads to objectivity. Objectivity leads to the truth. Truth is the soul of order. All that comprises our perceivable reality is represented as pattern. All living things interact with their environment based on its perception of the infinite paterns which comprise our reality. Your mind is well equipped to recognize pattern. The accurate recognition of pattern is the discovery of the truth. You can only be deceived in two ways. The misrepresentation of pattern or the withholding of elements of a pattern leading to incorrect perception of that pattern. I quote myself, “emotion is the bane of reason”. Emotion is the mistress of arrogance. Humility and self discipline can provide you with the ability to control your emotions. The humble entity is nearly impervious to deception from the self or from others. Good Luck.
    Note to pagan community, I observe only. I do not seek to interfere. However I postulate this, do you really think your religion follows different rules than those religions you have provided for the uniniated. I can only guess, but I am inclined to believe the light bringer would not be offended by my comment, I do not think you have reason to be either. With all due respect.
    To all I wish fair winds and following seas.

    1. Brad

      It is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, be that of spiritual or physical. The humble path lies securely between.


    maria is back, I have seen recent photo’s of her. She has not aged, her unique beauty and in particlular the endlessness of her eyes is very evident. I could think of no other way to describe the image of her eyes. Endless seem to fit. Anyway, she was here, again.

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  21. We the Humans have Power over Vril and Thule, We are Sons OF a LIVING GOD, we have the Power to overcome them, Just go outside and cast the Power of GOD on Planet Earth, send out Love and Watch what happens next, you ll see Military Jets and Helicopters circling around the area you were, I know they see what the Eye doesn’t Energy cannot be seen by the 3rd density eye BUT the Military Reptillian destroyers can and I know they tremble once they foresee that Humans are growing in Spirit and Energy Power, by the way you can burn Evil aliens with your own cosmic energy! Long LIve the MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST, my divine cosmic Brother!!

  22. rinzai

    Hello could someone informe me if the books (3 VOL) Title:VERSCHWIEGENE EXISTENZ. Author: SVEN PETERS, are published inENGLISH or in FRENCH ? MANY THANKS.

  23. Lizzie

    I can not believe that I am reading this right now. I have hair that is not blonde not red not strawberry blonde but GOLD. It is very long, down to my butt. People always ask me “why do you wear your hair so long?”, I never have a good answer. All I know is that anytime I cut it i feel it in my soul. It makes me cry every time it’s cut whether it’s a 1/4 of an inch or a foot, I ball my eyes out. I have told my boyfriend for years that I thought it connected me somehow to my ancestors. I can’t believe I just stumbled upon this info. It’s incredible!

    1. GwenaGoldwin

      Lizzie, same here! I have ashen brownish blonde hair that is a bit above my navel. It was longer, almost hip length, but I got tired of being judged by idiots as a “hippie” or pothead. I felt naked even getting it cut up to my brastrap. After reading about the Maria Orsic, I feel like Im “home” somehow, and wish I had other ladies to talk to about this.

    2. spills

      It’s not exactly who u r but what can u do that makes u vital.It’s always happened to me if there sth. weird around me ,which at times makes me feel curious as well as incredible.People don’t need to put some certain bias on the things like that. oh,by the way,it seems no relationship between long blonde hair and talking to ancestors.There r an amazing numbers of women just like Maria in China,while a famous philosophy ,Wang Chong,asserted that if u can see some ancestors talking to you ,then any ghosts can do the same thing,for there countless people died before us,hence we are living in a world filled with ghost,which means you can’t see only one soul outside.

  24. I do think it’s all real. BUT they have not got templar text, sumerian or others bullshits.
    They have got also on old germanic languages texts.
    And of course someone from long far will come here to save the nordic race….. their brothers.

    Constanze: please …where do you have found these books ?

  25. ET's visiting Earth is a HOAX

    I’ll keep this fairly short. You can find more info on the net by googling: Nikola Tesla ether physics, Nikola Tesla flying saucers, William Lyne Pentagon aliens..
    ..It’s better you do your own reading and research with the material, than me explaining it to you since i’m no expert on electrical engineering.

    William Lyne has writen few books on his research on flying saucers, and according to his material, which has convinced me, flying saucers would be based on Nikola Tesla’s discoveries an inventions.
    William Lyne’s books can be found on amazon .com, including his Pentagon Aliens, which i higly recomend.

    According to this material, flying saucers work on electricity, using AC-current on the other end of the craft, DC-current on the other end, pulsing in certain frequencies, manipulating the ether-medium (sub-atomic particles) and so giving the craft it’s abilities …so, if this is true flying saucers/ufos would be man made, no aliens involved.

    The AC and DC discharges, same way as HAARP (ionospheric heaters), ionize the atmospheric gases,creating plasma and making it glow in various colours (and intensity) around the craft, according to how much power/voltage is being used.

    Tesla’s inventions were first used by Nazi Germany in their Foo Fighters in the 1920-30’s. After WW II the Flyingsaucer projects moved over to USA and were headed by Werner Von Braun, the same guy who was in charge of the projects earlier in Germany.

    The Nazis also started spreading propaganda, that the Thule and Vril-societies “channeled” the info to build these crafts (working on “vril-power”) from some alien “nordics”… White men from outer-space to keep racially conscious, even with aliens, right?! LOL!
    ..This propaganda has today taken a reptilian/grey form.

    The vril-myth is taken out of Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s book; The Coming Race. In the book, the vril is described to be an “all-permeating fluid”, which, more commonly or in our scientific terms is known as; ether or luminiferous ether.

    The flyingsaucer technology has been hidden from the public by the world’s money elite, also known as the Illuminati; Oil-, motor-,avition-, trasportation- and energy companies an dso on..and bankers.
    It has been kept from us for atleast 70 years. Since then our enviroment has been destroyed as well as people’s health all over the world..pollution, poverty and hunger.

    According to some people, Tesla also discovered away to derive free enviromental energy, for your everyday household needs, and wanted to give his inventions and discoveries to the whole world, for the benefit of whole mankind, but strangely the global money elite said NO!

    Now Tesla’s papers and patents are illegally held from public and kept somewhere in the USA.

    Here are some links to Tesla and Lyne material:

    To get to know what ether-medium is:

    A summary of Tesla’s statements on his electro-craft

    Click to access Teslas_Flying_Machine.pdf

    Writings on and by Tesla on his inventions ..on some he talks about his electro-craft.

    Summation of Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity (ether physics and electro propulsion system) by William Lyne

    Video material on the subject:

    Hitler’s Secret Flying Saucers, a studio discussion with William Lyne:

    Nazi Ufos How They Fly, a studio discussion with William Lyne:

    Hitler’s Secret Flying Saucers:

    Nazi Ufos How They Fly:

    Pdf-version of William Lyne’s books can be found here:

    How do i explain alien abductions, if there are no aliens visiting Earth?

    Alot of the reported alien abductions seem to be “astral”(extra sensory perception) by their nature, which would mean that a dis-incarnate human spirit could play the alien part quite convincingly.

    The physical abductions could be government “black ops”. When a person all of a sudden sees a flying saucer land in front of him, his analytic mind prolly isn’t in it’s most sharpest state a human being in high-tech “alien suit” most likelly will do the trick. After the physical abduction the victim could be drugged and/or “astrally over shadowed” to make it very real.

    In the 1940-50’s the “aliens” people met where reported as “nordics”, blond humans talking with a nordic accent.

  26. Leslie Elwood Brooks

    Orsic may have had a daughter named something like Schultz or Stilts in Long Island who married Milanese banker Raffa (Chase-Manhattan)and been behind the new CAUSA NOSTRA VRIL in Milan. Maria Orsic was aided in her escape 11 March 1945 by a nazi general and war criminal who had got out early when the war was starting to look hopeless in 1944. Hans-Georg Schmidt von Altenstadt, who was responsible for the death of many Jews in the Ukraine, was awarded the Iron Cross 8 May 1944, promoted to Major-General 1 July 1944, but still escaped 25 July 1944 by wearing eye bandages and faking a wound to the head. He was married to one of Orsic’s Vril Maidens, Franziska Oettingen, the niece of one of Orsic’s original supporters, Franziska Romana. Franziska Romana had donated a diamond tiara to Orsic before her death 25 March 1931, to help finance her Vril Society, and her niece, Franziska Oettingen, was disowned by the Oettingen family when she became a Vril Maiden 15 September 1931. General von Altenstadt aided Orsic in her escape and none of the three of them was ever caught or tried. (“Hitler’s Ashes”: Buechner, Colonel Howard A., ‘Captain Bernhard joined the German Navy in 1943 and was assigned to the Reich Undersea Boat Service. He served aboard the submarine U-530 from August of 1944 until it surrendered and was scuttled off the coast of Mar del Plata, Argentina on July 10, 1945.: Buechner precisely details the escape routes by which the Nazis left Germany. The VIP route generally went by U-boat to Norway and then down the Atlantic to South America or wherever. The lower eschalon in the Nazi hierarchy generally took the southern escape route through Italy.)

    1. b.ø,h

      hello leslie brooks very good info …where have you dug up all this information on maria orsitsch and the vril society ??? thanks for replying :))))))))))))

      1. Leslie Elwood Brooks

        Orsic’s daughter is probably Yolanta Raffa. Maria Orsic (my keyboard does not have the accent marks) would have been pronounced in German something like Orshich or Orschitsch. She was originally Marija Orsic. Her father was from Zagreb and her mother was from Vienna. So was the mother of her patron, Franziske Romana Oettingen. There may have been family connections, at least there probably were in Vienna. Franziske Romana, who donated the diamond tiara to help finance the original Vril Society, was born near Munich on September 28, 1884 and died March 25, 1931. Her mother was Berta Eszterhazy from Vienna, who was born September 26, 1857 in Hungary and died November 20, 1937 in Munich. And Berta Eszterhazy’s mother had been Polyxena Lobkowitz from Prague, who had been born Polyxena Lobkovice on November 21, 1830 in “Austrian” teritory, and died February 3, 1913. The family connections may go back that far. Marija Orsic moved to Munich, where Franziske Romana lived, in 1919, the year that Franziske’s niece and namesake was born, so there was probably a plan to dedicate her niece to the Vril from the time of her birth.

        1. Lou

          Good information! By the way do you know there is a chain of jewels shops in Latin American and in US nameda Fracizke Romana? The peculiarity of these shops style is the enormous size of the stones which are sometimes precious and sometimes semi-precious. Another curiosity is about Princes Elizabeth of Baviera, who is the biggest jewels collector in Germany (may be in Europe). Do you know if there are hints about the diamond jewel donated by Romana no Maria Orsic? The diamonds of such a valuable diamond tiara would be easy to trace among americans and eruopean dealers. What was the reason for this donation?what was promised in exchange? Perhaps a ticket to the flying saucer…

        2. Lou

          Hi Leslie
          Did you check the site Causa Nostra Vril? Did you see written on the house yellow right wall the name Busintoro Ordo Venice? In my opinion these nazi ladies never left the German/Austrian/Italian border. The hid there in the alpine walleys, with all the money, treasure and jewels. It’s easy for then to hide there because they knew the area and had many friends and protectors in Italy, in the Tretini area.Another interesting thing is that, despite de Bucintoro Ordo Venice nme mentions the city of Venice, the address to join the ordo is in Munich.

        3. Chase Dashwood

          It was Franziska Romana Oettingen, a member of the House of Oettingen-Spielberg, who organised the meeting at Ramsau in December 1919, of the Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun of Bavaria) together with the Vril Gesellschaft and Thule Gesellschaft (societies). She had speakers set up in the low hills surrounding the meeting place. She brought Orschitsch there and endowed the Vril Tempel with Schmuck at a time when the currency was not too strong.

          1. Kevin Szabowitch

            Orschitsch, Maria’s father, had been a stableboy or groom at Csakvar, an Esterhazy residence in Hungary, and at the Esterhazy Palace in Vienna at one time;his wife, a slav from Galicia. The fine-ness of Maria’s features, together with the fact that Oettingen had brought her direct from Vienna, gave rise to speculation that she was either a half-sister or a young aunt of Franziska Romana’s: the natural daughter of the stableman Orschitsch and Countess Bertha Esterhazy or else her mother, Princess Polyxena Lobkowitz who was born in Praha but had connections to Galicia. Ther Sumerer language in which Maria received her transmissions from Bel Merodach, the Aldabaraner fleet commander, was similar to a Hungarian dialect which formed part of a maternal heritage shared by at least Tesla (who also received transmissions from Bel Merodach in Sumerer) and von NEumann, Viktor Schaumberg even Wernherr von Braun. Franziska Romana was said to have had speakers, amplifying equipment and ver advanced microphones set up around the conference in some low and gently sloping hills, with which she could follow the goings on of the conference in some anonymity.

            1. Octavian Rofrano

              Nikolai Tesla and John von Neumann probably shared this Magyar inheritance, but I have never heard before that Victor Schauberger or Werner von Braun did. Von Neumann was in charge of the Rainbow and Phoenix Projects in the United States and was still alive long after his supposed death. He had probably set up the transisters and transmitters/speakers and so on at the Ramsau conference in 1919 with DHvSS, which were well in advance of anything known on the earth at that time, and was still alive long after his supposed death. He left finally with some cryptic remarks about some of this technology which he said he had given “strong” to a Richard Allen but this Richard Allen had never been identified.

    2. Lou

      Hi Leslie
      I Googled the name Yolanda Raffa ( probably the presente name of Maria Orsic daughter) and I was direct to links related to a Real State Agency in Australia that deals only with high class properties.Does this give as any clue?

      1. Holden

        I have heard she was involved in some big real estate deals in America, like the part of New Jersey (Saddle River?)that Mrs. Stilts (Maria Orsic) lived in…and like maybe Prince Edward Island…and maybe with a bunch of other Italian-sounding names in a big Florida deal? So maybe she has real estate all over the world.

    3. Johanas Raffa

      Leslie Elwood Brooks posted a highly speculative mish-mosh of complete nonsense through lousy internet research skills. Apparently clueless. But anyway…
      This Maria did not marry any Raffa, nor was there a daughter with last name of Stilz on Long Island. The banker Raffa grew up in Italy and is completely unrelated to youe mystical cast of characters.

      The only Yolanta Raffa who does live in Saddle River, is a pathetic soul who is at the same time paranoid, selfish, and a rather odd combination of dullardness and cunning. Someone who is a misanthropic gold digger. She is of course not a real Raffa and is not at all blood related. She dishonors the name and only bears it from a secondary marriage which was dysfunctional. Perhaps she bought land on Prince Edward Island, but it has no bearing upon this silly fantasy.

      1. Nick

        Hi Johanna
        If you are a member of the Raffa clan nobody would expect you to confirm the relationship of you family with the Nazis and Hitler´s medium. It is more than natural your denial about Yolanta and your horrible comments on her lifestile

      2. nick

        Why are you accusing Iotanda Raffa of so many bad things. Seems that you know her very well.
        If you belong to the Raffa clan nobody would expect you to say anything on the contrary. Who would confirm that someone of his/her own family was related to Hitler´s associates?

      3. parquaywilson

        Think outside the box, honey. Reach around the corners with your thoughts. Didn’t you ever feel like everybody was in on some secret and you were the only one being left out? And even when you did guess it they had to tell you you was wrong? My name Parquay Wilson. Think hard about my name. Turn it around in your mind. This ain’t no mish mosh, honey child. These people and this all very real. I knowed Ms Stilits personally for that brief time when she live in Harrisburg around 1979 and for years after cause I worked for her friend who was one of her former Vril Damen. If you knowed this family like I does you not say Ms Stilts son in law born Italy. He born in a pink marble mansion on a island that belong to his family that was took by Yugoslavia. Ms Stilts she only move up to Harrisburg may have been around 1980 because her grandsons got took into some mind control experiment by Stewart Swerdlow at Camp Hero in Montauk, Long Island. Not every boy Mr Swerdlow took lived so Ms Stilts she just worried sick in particular about her one grandson that was about the same age as the grandson of the lady I worked for who was a former Vril Dame and live just one block away. So the lady I worked for asked her own grandson go up to see Ms Stilts and she asked him to take the place of her grandson with Mr Swerdlow so he could get out of the experiment and he agreed to exchange himself for Ms Stilts grandson. Then Ms Stilts she move back home to New Jersey. Then three years later her grandson going up to see her spring break 1983 and Ms Stilts she tell my boss on the phone she gonna tell her grandson they secret when he get up to see her in New Jersey from college down in Virginia. My boss lady she try to talk Ms Stilts out of it but she won’t change her mind. So lady I work for she call her grandson who living by this time in college down in Virginia with Ms Stilts grandson and he go up with her grandson to see Ms Stilts and ask her please don’t tell him cause my grandmother need this secret kept. And now they all dead all they secret was about how General von Gattendorf traded Ms Stilts drawings of Vril saucers to General Patton in exchange for they acceptance into Operation Paperclip. Her grandson would know number one the name Parquay Wilson. Think about it. Turn it around in your mind. Number two he would know Mr Raffa born on his island not Italy. Number three would know Ms Stilts move that brief time to be one block from her friend the Vril Dame in Harrisburg. And number four all he need do now is to hold up Ms Stilts picture up next to Maria Orsic picture to see her same tiny nose.

      4. Laura

        You seem to be giving the most detailed information about this family…Was Stilz the correct spelling? Was he the boyfriend who escaped with Maria Orsic? Please…I am fascinated!

    4. Nancy Vonderschmidt

      I have a document dated May 1st, 1972 that was a meoir or journal of von Altenstadt. At the top it says Wolf Schmidt.
      “Only one among my American relatives seemed suitable. His name was Gus and he was a student at Haverford University outside Philadelphia when I first saw him at a party swallowing 23 goldfish. Following him outside into the night air while he vomited, I learned that his mother was Swedish. I invited him to attend the Bund at Montauk. Following him became qa habit whenever I traveled from Long ISland. Philadelphia was south of New York and Tufts University which he attended next was to the north, in Medford, Massachusetts. I attended his wedding in Leesville, louisiana. aas we both liked to imitate Harry Tate, I attended sporting a moustache. He married Eleaqnor Arnold, a member of the Eastern Star in Woburn, and three days later they were both on a slab in the morgue, following an auto crash. I realised that this was the time to take his identity as he was an American citizen who had appeared in the 1930 Census. Though the war had begun in Europe in 1939, I ensured that his name appeared in the 1940 Census as well. At the beginning of the war, I left a suitcase containing his identity at Luebeck Law School, which I retrieved at the end of the war. In 1948 I managed to trade most of Orsic’s remaining sketches (those that Patton took were lost when he died) to be considered for Operation Papaerclip, though technically ineligible. Like ten thousand other men, I could not risk trial at Nuernberg. The massacre at Kamenez-Podolsk would have meant my execution. Needless to say, “Gus” appeared in the 1950 Census as well.”

  27. Leslie Elwood Brooks

    Maria Orsic was aided in her escape 11 March 1945 by a nazi general and war criminal who had got out early when the war was starting to look hopeless in 1944. Hans-Georg Schmidt von Altenstadt, who was responsible for the death of many Jews in the Ukraine, was awarded the Iron Cross 8 May 1944, promoted to Major-General 1 July 1944, but still escaped 25 July 1944 by wearing eye bandages and faking a wound to the head. He was married to one of Orsic’s Vril Maidens, Franziska Oettingen, the niece of one of Orsic’s original supporters, Franziska Romana. Franziska Romana had donated a diamond tiara to Orsic before her death 25 March 1931, to help finance her Vril Society, and her niece, Franziska Oettingen, was disowned by the Oettingen family when she became a Vril Maiden 15 September 1931. General von Altenstadt aided Orsic in her escape and none of the three of them was ever caught or tried.

    1. lou

      Are there any hints about Maria Orsic diamond tiara? Was it sold to a museum? Insured by some insurance comapny? Arabian private collection?

    2. The moment someone accusses a German general of having being a war criminal and having killed `many Jews´ I know what to expect, namely not much in the way of facts, much less truth. What are your sources of info? Gerry Frederics

  28. PlaneX

    I personally don’t think it was channeled information at all. If Maria is who i think she is she knew the torsion physics all along. And judging by the design differences in the thule saucers and the vril craft, the vril knew more than thule did. It’s black hats and white hats, all wars are and we’ve been in one for a long time it’s just no one noticed.

  29. b.ø,h

    the author sven peters whom i linked to below says in this video that maria ortisch has a living daughter ;)

    its in german i just cant believe that these women were nazis cuz with such a spiritual nature they had they must have been left wing spiritualists and if you ask any medium who helps the police to solve murders they are all left wing but lets not be political i love the right wingers maybe even more than left wingers cuz as god said love your friends but love your enemies even more and thats what i do i love everybody :)) thanks

    1. Holden

      Probably these women weren’t “nazis” but they were just living in the country then ruled by nazis and did what they had to do in order to appease the rulers…just like here in America today: not everyone living in the United States is a war monger…but a lot of us do not like to demonstrate and “make waves” you know, or get listed as dissenters. I’ll bet these women were enlightened and gentle and, if they had been in charge, it would have been an extremely ifferent time in Germany. There were even “nazis” like Ernst Rohm (spelling?) who were turned against later by Hitler…Rohm’s “Brown Shirts” were openly homosexual and this has been completely covered up, even during the Third Reich, since one night the Black Shirts turned on the Brown Shirts and murdered them all in one night called The Night Of Long Knives…and I’m sure the Vril ladies didn’t forget that when dealing with the Powers That Be.

    1. Il Brutto

      Think twice before you accept all the allied post war propaganda. The allies were no better than the nazis, and the soviet troops were certainly worse than the nazis. The Vril women had no reason to kill nazis.

    2. Dagann

      Damn…i wanted to see that video. Says no longer available due to the fact the person who posted it has closed the youtube account. How rude!

  30. Rene' A

    It is clear that Maria Orsic and her colleagues existed, and did in fact play a major part in advanced understanding of mysterious and unknown sciences. Mysticism and Transcendentalism are pseudo sciences not well understood by the traditional scientific community. Those involved in Aerospace research then and today, would scoff at the suggestion, that any young gorgeous female medium could help them further their understanding of interstellar transport. Yet, this is what the Vril Women actually did!
    For some reason, the Vril Women’s identity was kept secret, and they were never in the news. Very little is actually known about them, which is very odd. These women had families and friends to be sure. ( did any actually marry or have families later? ) It is very suspicious that these women just vanished into thin air, without trace. Why hasn’t a single associate who knew these women, ever come forth, and discussed them or their fates? This I find extremely strange.
    Maria especially, was more beautiful than any Hollywood star at that time in history…therefore, how could anyone with that face,eyes, and long long hair just disappear without anyone really noticing? Since she had a boyfriend, and possible fiance’, what happened to him? What about his family? Silence!
    I have a deep fear, that Maria and her associates met an untimely end, at the hands of the SS, or possibly later by the Russians.
    Nothing it seems, ever came out of that war that had a happy ending for those involved in the inner workings of the SS, or the Nazi regime.
    The Vril society, was occultist, and practiced Transcendentalism…It was all things that would have been normally banned by the Nazi doctrines of the time. Therefore, I wonder, if the ladies within the Thule society, were used for their extraordinary gifts, and then disposed of ? Once their fantastic information had been secured, and was being put into practice, is it possible, that they were of no further use?
    Did the Allies, especially the British and Americans, know who these women were, and what they were capable of? Were the Vril Women captured, and spirited out of Germany or Italy, and then interrogated and used for the gain and further understanding of the Haunebu projects? Did these women become a secret part of the Paper Clip exchange? Did Maria and her fiance’ live under new identities in the USA or other country?
    I have deep doubts that they could have left earth in a Haunebu 7, headed for Aldebaran, and survived the trip. Even if they were traveling in time vortexes, or worm holes, they had no real understanding of what they’d find there once and if they made it.
    Today, Maria probably would have long since passed on…for she’d be in her late 80’s or early nineties. Maybe older! ( where are her birth records?)
    Her image and memory should be held in esteem, and her place in Aeronautical history assured. As well as the other Vril women.

    This is a part of history that should be thoroughly investigated and all facts made public. There is far too much innuendo, hoaxing, and misrepresentations of these womens role and existence. They deserve better!

    1. Lou

      Who was Maria Orsic boy friend (fiancé)? Because of him she moved to Munich and it’s said he had friend in the high levels of the SS. How much of this is true? What have happened with the official records of German History during the nazy period? Everything erased? Is this possible. In my oppinion Maria Orsic can be perfectly alive and living in good health today in US or Argentina . There are many people (surviving jews included) who were young during the nazy times are still alive in these countries.

      1. Appabanno Wirute

        I think her boyfriend must have been Hans Stilz but I have no idea if that was his original name. As far as SS connections is concerned, I don’t know. Von Altenstadt faked his own death in ’44 and proceeded to do everything he had described in the book he had published at the beginning of the war: “Unser Weg zur Meer” or “Our Way to the Sea”: the war was turning against them and after he became a “posthumous” general he appears to have been working very closely with SS officers preparing to escape mostly by sea. He rescued Orsic and Stilz during this period when he was supposedly “dead” and scrawled the beginning of the note “Niemand bleibt hier” to which Orsic appended the rest of her letter. But he probably did not take Orsic by sea but probably directly via the southern route to Milan.

  31. rare bird

    Not Neil Armstrong and the “Apollo” Crew with their faked moon landings, but the female heroes of the German “Vril Society” should have their rightful place in our history books concerning outer space travels. It would not surprise me, when the Nazis were the reason that no american astronaut was allowed to land on the moon. By the time of 1969 i guess, they had a great presence i guess on our outer space neighbour (the moon)…

  32. Isis might want to check this link regarding Maria. There is a person who claimed he met Maria back in 2008 on an auction party and was mind boggled with the experience. Here is some excerpt of the story :

    “I went to Room 101 for a party for a private auction house based in Munich.
    It was pretty ok, there were people filming, and I met this girl.
    She was hot.And then she disappeared.

    However I didn’t even get her name, until she was leaving. Maria Ortisch.
    She’s an art dealer of expensive stuff, things you won’t find at Christie’s or Sotheby’s.
    Since she didn’t give me her number, or an email address, I Googled her name “Maria Ortisch” and on one of the websites that came up, I found this photo.I swear this is the same girl.

    I really think I’m losing it. Or did I see a ghost? This is seriously fricking weird!!”
    Link :

  33. Mark Bell

    Here is some interesting things to ponder over.
    One of the last things regarding the Vril Gesellschaft was that they had made contact with Aldebaran and it would take 60 years for them to reach earth. This is a link to John Walson’s site where he has posted what appears to be craft very similar to sketches Maria Orsic had penned regarding crafts from aldebaran.


  34. Constanze

    For those interested: There are two books, “Unternehmen Aldebaran” by Jan Udo Holey (aka Jan van Helsing) and “Projekt Aldebaran” by Karin and Reiner Feistle. These two people claim to have been visited by people from Aldebaran. The later book also talks about 13 stargates on the earth. I have not read any of them yet, but through Wes’ articles I have become curious about the Aldebaranian connection and am thinking about buying them. Unfortunately I doubt that you can get them in English, too, probably only in German.
    Have a nice day everyone!

  35. eewindsor

    Annunaki-Babylonian-Sumerian culture even now, administer Mars, Venus and our Moon.

    I’ll pass. I don’t want to live under their rule.


  36. Carol KS

    HEY GUYS, While we are waiting for Wes,watch “Iron-Man” and “The Day The Earth Stood Still” Many clues in there! We can go to the movies while we learn. Best school in Kalyuga, and a very kind teacher. Weren’t too many of them. Right? So Wes, Hurry up!!!!

  37. Beth

    Hello Wes,
    I hope that this finds you and yours in the best of health and spirits.
    I stumbled upon your previous site a few months ago, and I’ve got to say Thank you!
    I registered on the other site, but I don’t ever log in… But I’ve known all of my life that things are not as they appear. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s really going on for what seems like forever, with no clue where to start. I believe you have it figured out, or are incredibly close.
    I’ve never been what one would call a conspiracy theorist, but I know that something on a global level is happening, we’re running out of time, and I want some kind of a heads up before it’s too late.
    I was raised as a southern baptist, and I was never comfortable with what we were being taught. I didn’t like that “GOD”. I really didn’t want to believe that my loving creator could let what happened to Job to occur, much less over a bet. I don’t want anything to do with that guy. In fact, it wouldn’t surprize me at all to learn that the bible is a grand hoax, intending for everyone to be rooting for the bad guy, while truth, and things like caring for others, and our home (earth) go by the wayside.
    After spending some time researching other religions, and I believe that the Buddhists are about as close as you can get. I’m not a buddhist per se, but I believe in many of the same things, and I do chant, and meditate.
    Sorry Wes, I digress. I just wanted to thank you. I don’t have as much time to research as I’d like, but I’m trying to keep up. Needless to say, I put in zero time for the blog. Keep putting it out, and I’ll follow as best as I can.
    May you and yours be safe, well and blessed. Thank you for all of the time and effort you extend for everyone.
    Beth Patten

  38. M.W.B

    I believe you are on the right track researching the Vril Gesellschaft. I have been researching Vril and Thule Gesellschaft for over ten years now. I think also Nikola Tesla, forbidden archeology,the Vedas and Gnostic Christianity will also shed light on what has been suppressed all these years. I look foward to what you have to say about Maria Orsic in currant events.

    It’s been a long time,


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