Lucifer’s Rebellion

Published here: Thursday May 7, 2009 at 9:43 AM

Lucifer's Rebellion

Evil did not originate on planet earth. Before God created earth, he had already populated the universe with other rational beings. The Bible calls these beings “angels,” and names several different orders. Angels have often been made to appear as fantasy by those seeking to discredit their existence. Many artists have intentionally or inadvertently supported this by their inaccurate illustrations. Children have often seen the little angels and devils on the shoulders of cartoon characters, made ridiculous in appearance and action. One result of all this is that many people who believe that life exists elsewhere in the universe (even some with superior intelligence to mankind) reject the existence of angels because of their association with fantasy roles. But the angels are not creatures of fantasy. They are simply another form of living creature that has come from the hand of God. The angels, like mankind, were created with free will, and were subject to the same conditions regarding their eternal life. The most prominent of these chose to rebel against God. In order to understand the conditions in which we live today, we need to understand this angel and how he came to rebel against God. Continue reading “Lucifer’s Rebellion”