DNA and the Divine Names

by James Hurtak, The Academy for Future Science
Published here: Saturday May 9, 2009 at 7:58 PM


The connection between DNA and the Divine Name of God (YHVH or YHWH) goes back over thirty years in the work of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® and from medical researchers who have worked with this information. The Divine Names are generally recognized as the biblical and extra-biblical Names of God used in the writings of the prophetic thinkers down through the centuries who brought forth a higher path of service in what was regarded as a profane world.

In biblical and kabbalistic teaching, the fabric of the human body came out of the utterances of the Divine Word.  The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® (1973, 1975, 1977) makes the correlation that this Divine Name was the key behind the transcription code of chemical letters which develops the human body.  In 1973 while at the University of California,  Hurtak came to understand that there was a connection between the series of linguistic and genetic associations in the spelling of God’s name in the biblical Hebrew (YHVH).  He constructed a genetic resource table using the Divine Name Code in a triple arrangement of letters, including the “start” and “stop” coding of letters for each of the sequences with the amino and nucleic acids. This work was presented selectively before the Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine in June 1973 by Dr. J.J. Hurtak and published in his book The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, which has been translated into ten foreign languages since that time, as a matrix for the interrelationship between language and genetics in the use of the name YHVH.

Concerning the combination codes of DNA, which constructs the many complex amino acids, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, Key 202, details the DNA code as a series of matrixes. The first and primal matrix square consists of permutations of the Tetragrammaton, the four letters in Hebrew which translate into Yahweh (Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh). This matrix is titled ‘Word Spirit’.  The ‘Word Spirit’ table is constructed from the three letters of the Divine Name which in various combinations create the 64 cells. Although the Divine Name is spelled with four letters, it uses only three from the alphabet (Y-H-V, with the H repeated), just as DNA or RNA contain four nucleotides as “letters” but read only three at a time to make the codon that codes for the amino acids of our body. The Divine Name is no more static than the DNA sequences, and can be rearranged for different functions (V-H-Y, H-Y-V, H-H-V, etc).

We are told in  John 1.1 : “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God”, which cites a creative act with the WORD which comes from the Divine Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh as the God code within creation.  After the first primal ‘Word Spirit’ table, the sequencing continues, ultimately to build the matrix table of DNA nucleotides which, in turn, code for the amino acids sequences, while the other faces of the square (cube) add additional mathematics and sound vibrational sequences.

It has taken several decades of research to come to grips with the vastness of the coding mechanisms of human DNA. Researchers with The Academy for Future Science in the early 1970s affirmed the reality of an actual “code” on the level of our genetic make-up that co-evolves life according to a higher evolutionary plan.  This challenges the inherent indeterminacy of the physical world itself and shows higher levels of symmetry and balance, that is, a world  not originally dominated by the so-called chaos theory.

Simply put, there exists a three-fold or trinity process that imprints the genetic instructions of the amino acid sequence that are governed by the interplay of the three letters of the Divine Name –YHV– which are used to create the twenty basic amino acids. Understand that the human genetic code, on the one hand, is the unique build-it ‘table of instructions’ for how the human genome works with the vast assortment of instructions in the evolution of the human body, that is validated through scientific research and discovery.  Take another step and understand that in the mystical teachings of the sacred scriptures (the textus receptus in the West), the very life instruction manual for the human body in the form of ATP molecules is sustained by the Word of God as an alphabet of biophysical instruction for the life supporting ingredients of the bio-suit that clothes each person as a biocomputer.

The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® purports that there is a pre-existent pattern of DNA above, reflected below in the organization of the life-giving material, establishing a homomorphism. The Divine Code of “letters” operates as firing mechanisms of coding and re-coding and shows the sensitive dependence of all human life on the initial conditions of vibratory language that exists on another plane of paraphysical reality.

In sum, the relationship between the language code of the Divine Name and the cellular parts of the human fabric can be seen in terms of the DNA-wave form of a certain vibrational frequency which composes the human biocomputer through the 64 cell areas of a complex matrix.  The Divine Code is the coding mechanism communicated through micro-signal ranges, where the vibratory link forms the “genetic matter” within the cells as a pattern of Divine energy flow. The body is seen as a bio-suit of lightware operating via a language of biochemical light that provides for billions of instructions per second.  The identity of each individual is housed in this inner labyrinth of chemical letters which equates the complete genome with the soul mechanism of life.  We can only emerge from unconsciousness and understand the higher coding instructions by means of following the thread of life in the letters of the Names; a person who has lost this thread is lost in the maze of the body and mind. Such a person is impotent for he builds his tower to heaven with mental promiscuity, looking only at the building bricks and particles of his body and not at the source of the biotransducer. The secrets which constitute the “glue” which holds the building blocks together, lie forgotten or even dismissed in the arrogance of the intellect.


We at the Academy have used specific Divine Names of God that have been linguistically composed for higher states of creativity, particularly the leading name of the Divine Eternal Father (YHVH and its permutations). More specifically, we have found the energy yielding reactions that comes from singing or broadcasting a Divine Name as a mantra, along with the energy of music, can increase the energy flow in some individuals and show via biofeedback how the health of an individual’s body is dependent upon properly formed and concentrated enzymes, which in turn are dependent upon healthy DNA and RNA within the nuclei of our cells.  Not only do musical resonances act as cues for our moods, but research  shows that, by applying various frequencies to the body, not only is there the production of infection-fighting cells, but sound or specific frequencies may directly be used to destroy invading bacteria.

In addition to their sound vibrations, the Divine Names should be used with wisdom and understanding as to the depth and the focus of each Name and Letter, and for the praise of the Living God and His service, particularly since there is the temptation to use the Name for power or material gain. The Names of God are NOT to be used for financial or material gain. The Names of God should not be used or invoked for idle reasons, nor should they be used for purely individualistic application, nor should they be used exclusively as a means of attuning to the Divine. The Names are only a small component of the greater holism of Wisdom which must incorporate prayer, study, meditation, teaching and wisdom in a holy way of life.  Over many centuries of tradition, the Divine Names were very carefully used by priests, rabbis, mystics and religious scholars to serve the needs of the human condition without taking personal acclaim or financial reward for doing the work of God for His glory.

Each Sacred Name illustrated a power or attribute of God. For example, ABBA (Father), YAHWEH (The God of Israel) and EL ELYON (The Most High God) have completely different name/natures, and yet they are the same God. I think the differences in the name/natures of God produce a major reason for the existence of different major religions such as Jewish or Christian. The different names/natures are also the reason for different denominations such as Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Orthodox Jewish, and even Muslim. Each group shapes its own religious belief system (ethos) based on its own singular concept of a single or multiple name(s)/nature of God. We think this is the primary reason that we as a human community don’t get along very well, and we hope that will soon change for the better, with the greater use of the power and resonance behind the multiple Names of God. In short, the purpose behind the Divine Names is a love letter of instruction and empowerment, to do good works, embedded in the human fabric cell-by-cell, and to share in ecumenical fellowship for a positive future back into the Light wave.

40 thoughts on “DNA and the Divine Names

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  2. Joe Jones

    “woman who write her blog only for herself”
    “it’s a bad idea to tell the “truth” by try to being funny,”
    “what a loaded of bull”
    clarify your syntax kind sir. i not understand your meaning. it too writed a bad.

    “There are cosmos and chaos, can’t have one without the other.”
    hmmmmmm………. sorry chap but i have absolutely no idea what in the world you were trying to say with the last sentence.

    for help with this issue my brother, consult your pineal gland. eris awaits without all that you wish that you did not have to dispossess.

    all hail eris!!!!!!!!!!!!
    all hail discordia!!!!!!!

    1. Mason

      Please I don’t anything bad, I ‘m just not making any sense buddy, I am just too close to Science to be think that chaos is all there is, just like when they said that the earth is flat (smile).

        1. Mason

          Oh forget two more things again, pineal gland? Please it will die along with other body cells, and who is Eris anyway? It is a planet or a greek female god? She look like the big woman I talking about, if you have no idea what person I am talking about, it’s Roseanne, that woman herself also worship whatever you are worshiping for, I will awaits Eris to burn my butt for not obeying the bossy female god, hehehe.

          1. butlincat

            By Eris I think he mean Eris Presley..i think that was his name…they called him the King…ate a lot of hamburgers..and valium…perhaps im wrong

  3. Joe Jones

    go to you tube and search the term “the physics of sound”. sound waves, a.k.a. resonance, as hokey and new age as it sounds, actually create matter, the higher the vibration, the more dense the shape of the object being created. this is plainly demonstrated by several scientists in many videos available on you tube. this is also the basis for most mantra and the whole behind the concept of string theory(a theory well known in modern physics folks).
    nikola tesla debunked the quantum belief of the particle nature of the universe. he likened the theory of relativity to a beggar in regal clothing. waves and electricity provide the force to command that which was so freely given to mankind.

  4. MIchael

    The reason why it is ok to killed a spiriticist or medium.. Well sigh.. it’s not as simple as ok really. But it doesn’t violate the commandments.

    The real situation that channelers don’t want to face is that they risk possession. You think the beings you commune with are all sweet and nice but how would you know the difference if the thing can manipulate your consciousness? You have let it inside you. It is able to alter the very mechanisms of your perceptions. Thus the ultimate clouding.

    For ages people have made deals and sought balance with these things in exchange for power/knowledge. But I wonder if the end result is not the same. Feel free to enlighten me but the dark cast to David Wilcock is mostly all I need to know.

    Anyway that is the view of the ancients on channeling and why they sought to kill the mystics. They probably had a lot of bad experiences. Stuff like Wendigo.

    Enjoy the heebee jeebees.

    1. butlincat

      yes i can dig that people were burnt at the stake for communing with the spirits,as doing things like that wasnt exactly kosher then,and its true what u say that u take a hell of a risk when communing with these things,lest they eat up ur soul for breakfast…call these channelled or confronted things aliens,or demons or wotever,i believe most of them are as u say,dark…but the dark cast to David Wilcock? what dark cast? Cayce? =

  5. Rose

    I have a question? Who was the God of Moses and Enoch?

    I have known since 1985 that the God of the Bible and The Talmud was a 9th Density Service to Self Entity (Angel, Annunaki, Alien Usurper). The Creator Of All That Is whispers only to each individual, as an idividual.

    Anything else that is written down or orally passed on to others is basically for spiritual and mental control. That is not to say that some of the content of these books, writings, and stories don’t have truths in them. Mostly though these things were written and re written over and over again to keep the masses divided and at odds with one another. Its all part of the keep humanity in the Dark plan.

    What about Angels, Annunaki, Ancient Gods, and Alien Invaders (That have all been on this planet in the flesh in one way or another) does not compute?

    We as a race have been deliberately separated from the Truth of the Creator of All That Is. These Ancient beings (God, Gods, Angels, Annunaki, Alien Invaders, and Their Human Servants) were the Invaders, The Engineers, The Builders, and The Enforcers of the plan to keep the whole human race in the dark about their own spiritual soventry and the true nature of their relationship to the CREATOR.

    The Creator is like the Admiral of the Universes (all of them) and God is a yeoman on a boat in the Atlantic ocean and we are God’s kept in the dark slaves. The God/Gods (there were many more than one since each religious philosophy on this Earth has its own version of God) broke the universal laws against enslaving whole planets for their own service to self purposes. So following their writings (what ever they may be) is a double edged sword and I suggest that we as mere humans are still focused outside ourselves with the duality of this planet. What we have to find is our own inner oneness with the Creator of All That Is. Step outside the Box and go inside for the answers… Though I fully realize… This is a hard one… Use nothing outside yourself to find the Creator. Everything outside yourself will help you find God but remember he was an alien and does not have our best interests at heart.


    1. Rose

      Now the information above about DNA and Divine Names. I never said their weren’t truths in the world. Now that you know the above truths in the article are you going to take this information into yourself and as the creator what to do with it? But I will at this point press my point about all these truths being written–debunking is a way to keep us divided… I rest my case.

      Stateing information to enlighten the masses is one thing presenting information to prove someone wrong is another… its like war… Calm down folks. Go within to find the answers. It will be less tiresome that way…


    2. butlincat

      Rose…”Use nothing outside yourself to find the Creator. Everything outside yourself will help you find God but remember he was an alien and does not have our best interests at heart.”…..im confused….you say step outside the box and find God,or what u perceive to be ur God {hopefully youll find the right one},then u say “remember he was an alien and….”??…im sure the God most people worship is not an alien,but an all-powerful presence that created everything,aliens included…this is typical for me for sure…aliens and annannuki and the Orion Group and the illuminati and demons and the besotted reptilians {if they exist at all} all pale into insignifigance when confronted with the Creator…why He tolerates them at all is a mystery to me…He must be sooo bored with their games at playing with humanity it must send Him to sleep…it does me.

      1. DeLeonius

        butlincat…. I think u have ignored the concept given to us by the Article based on the interview with Hidden Hand…. It explained the concept that there is more than one power of God or Creator. This would mean that the creator of Earth may be obligated to allow certain things to keep order. The research that Wes does isn’t to force anyone to agree to the ideas, but simply to inform those with opens hearts and feel that there should be a explanation to the way of life n the inevitable end…. Also rose the information bout the Divine Names fits perfectly in the concepts given to us by Hidden Hand w/ the story of the Infinity Creator and how he broke his self down into multi-trillion pieces to “experience his self”…. it would give explanation that we are all one n sprit and creation

        1. butlincat

          D…yes I see the concept Wes is giving us…but i do not think God {or whatever your name for Him is} meant for various things to take place,even though we were given free will….He gave us free will but also said “thou shalt not kill” as to set some kind of guideline as to how far this free will should be allowed to go….to say He created the killing machines as well as they are part of His creation I dont think He intended,as He explained that life was sacred too…i believe any anti-peaceful thoughts and actions come from somewhere else,not from God,and i realise Wes in not forcing anything down anybodys throats…neither am I.Peace.

    3. Liebe Rose!
      Die Schöpfer sind zurück gekommen. Der Plan, die Erde zu besiedeln und zu zivilisieren, war ein Erfolg und gleichzeitig ein Mißerfolg. Alle Bestrebungen der Annunaki sind im “Ilat Litum” verzeichnet. Im Hinblick auf 2012 und auf das Ende der Ära der Fische kann ich durchaus die “Offenbarung Johannes” empfehlen. Die ersten Siegel sind gebrochen. Die Apokalypse beginnt. Wenn wir aber stark sind im Glauben, werden wir sterben wie alle anderen, aber unsere unsterbliche Seele wird wiedergeboren in einer besseren Welt.
      In Freundschaft, Jarl Vidar!

        1. Jarl Vidar

          Here the text in in English, automatically (badly) translates:

          Dear rose!
          The creators have come back. The plan, the earth to settle and to civilize, was a success and at the same time a failure. All attempts of the Annunaki are registered in “Ilat Litum”. In view of 2012 and on the end of the era of the fish I can recommend the ” revelation of Johannes ” absolutely. The first seals have broken. The Apocalypse begins. If we are strong, however, in the belief, we will die like all the others, but our immortal soul is born again in a better world.
          In friendship, Jarl Vidar!

        2. Rose

          Thank you Jarl:

          Now I know what you said and on some level I totally agree with you. I was kind of hoping the dieing part might get bypassed but that is just human I guess. I have known for roughly 25 years that we have been headed for the “harvest”. I am subborn though I am still holding out for the transition to be more serene. The revelation of Johannes ” what is this? Please tell me more of this and is it in english?

          In friendship: Rose

        3. Jarl Vidar

          Dear rose!
          I mean the ‘ revelation of the Johannes’ from the new testament of the Bible. There one can read up the events which will surprise us starting from the rule of the anti-Christian and the other plagues.
          Greetings from Jarl Vidar!

        4. Rose

          Greetings Jarl:

          Do you mean the book of revelations or the book of John in the new testament. By Johannes do you mean “John”. And which Bible are you referring to?

          Rose :)

  6. Carol KS

    Hurry back, Wes

    I have been to this rodeo before!!

    Debunk and more debunk.
    It is so tiresome.

    Sincerely, The Loyals. That part of the drama is booooring.

    1. Rose

      I’m with Carol on the been to that rodeon before. Less drama more information (outside information is fun though not always the truth). Hurry back Wes we miss you….
      Sincerely, Rose ;)

  7. butlincat

    The problem I have with the video above is that it contradicts the all-loving God when it quotes Leviticus 20:5 “…a man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death.You are to stone them.Their death will be on their own heads.” Then it says Christ does not decree death,but the command is still there.So what happened to the 6th commandment “thou shalt not kill.”?. Something wrong somewhere. Perhaps its best summed up with David Ickes version of things,that religions,plus therefore a bible from one of them,all stemmed from Nimrod,originally constructede by the illuminati of the day which continues through to the 13 families here now =

      1. Here’s a more simplistic breakdown of Wes Penres Posted artical by The Academy for Future Science
        DNA and the Divine Names.
        for thoses that didn’t interpete or comprehend correctly.

    1. Is this Psy-op a Portent?

      by Henry Makow Ph.D

      It’s disturbing when a respected Illuminati researcher like Wes Penre is taken in by a psy-op. But we can learn from his mistake, and also glean some credible information from the lies directed at him.

      Starting in January, Penre has written an astonishing five-part series about a Tennessee-based, 35-year-old playboy- tycoon who Penre says is literally the incarnation of Lucifer but “redeemed.” [Penre has pulled this series It’s all hush-hush and Penre’s life is in danger. He has been contacted by defectors who said young Supriem David Rockefeller dictates to the likes of Henry Kissinger, Zbig Brzezinski and George H.W. Bush. He is going to save mankind by instituting a benevolent New World Order. He wants to atone for the Rebellion against God which is the source of all of mankind’s problems. He wants us to accept his rule so he can clean up the mess. (Right, and I have some land in Florida…)

      Henry Makow is a Ph.D

      Every one read the entire article here


  8. Carol KS

    James, I take it you are a Christian and Jesus did all of the work for you. Do you feel so lucky?? Some of us haven’t been blessed with that concept, maybe will get “lucky” too, and come to find out that HE did the same for me, until then…see what WES has to say. So happy for you that….. it makes me happy!!!!!Some people concept that Buddha, Khrishna,Baba Jaimal Singh,Mohammhed,etc did the same for them. There is plenty happines to go around with gut feelings and concepts. Seems to me more Meditation is needed.

    1. Agnostic – Agnostos
      The English term “agnostic” is derived from the Greek “agnostos,” which means, “to not know.” An agnostic is one who admits, “I don’t know.” The term is applied specifically to those who don’t know for certain whether or not God exists. An agnostic is one who believes that the existence of God is unknown and most likely beyond human ability to discover.

      Agnostic – Sitting on the Fence
      By definition, an agnostic is not committed to believing in or disbelieving in the existence of God. Nevertheless, while agnosticism claims to “sit on the fence,” many agnostics are “practical atheists,” in that they actively pursue the atheistic lifestyle; that is, they tend to subscribe to moral relativism and live out their lives without any concern for ultimate accountability.

      Agnostic – Evidence For God?
      Can the agnostic know whether or not God exists? Is such knowledge obtainable by mere men? Modern scientific endeavor seems to indicate that such knowledge is obtainable to the objective observer

    1. Joe Jones

      there is only one goddess and her name is eris and she is your goddess. whether you like it or not.
      good luck with all that other stuff dude.

      all hail eris!!
      all hail discordia!!

      1. Mason

        What the…? It sounds like that big crazy famous woman who write her blog only for herself, I read about her here trying to make her The Georgia Guidestones act but failed, I personally thinks it’s a bad idea to tell the “truth” by try to being funny, like walking over people bones and going into the spaceship with Tom Curise, what a loaded of bull, by the way are you worshiping the god of jumping spiders? I sure hate them so I kill it all the time, and discordia? There are cosmos and chaos, can’t have one without the other.

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