Letter From the Editor #7: Halfway Through

 by Wes Penre, Tuesday May 12, 2009 at 8:01 AM


Hello everybody!

Here is a little update: I am now halfway through the blog and hope I will be ready to post it in its entirety in June 2009. It looks like it’s going to be 12 chapters with extensive information on the exact subject as the blog that I pulled a few weeks ago.

The new blog will be pretty streamlined and down to the point and I’ve tried to compile the information in a way so it will be an easy read. It is a very serious subject and I do believe we live in the End Times according to Bible Prophecies and other sources. The information I am about to release has everything to do with this and has never been published in this manner before .

So stay tuned a little longer, and I will announce here when the the whole blog is ready and when the release date will be.

Thank you,

10 thoughts on “Letter From the Editor #7: Halfway Through

  1. mcm


    Check out the website AntiChrist by Yves Dupont, it is a specific prophecy from 1975. Many of the comments on Supreim R. jump off the page when I compared the details. Take care

  2. mcm


    check out the website for Martin Armstrongs Princeton Economics, there are articles posted there by Martin Armstrong, a brilliant economics and cycles forecaster, in particular the article titled “turn out the lights”. there are about 15 or so artices on the site. very good info, I can assure you. Take care. Latest article virtually guarantees that there will be a universal currency and economic authority, dated may 1, 2009. Reminds me of your article on the Allied Unit.

  3. Eli Eli

    As serious as this subject is, and considering severity of the changes that may take place over the up and coming years, i am still excited about living in this time. The world that awaits us (after ‘dark world powers’ have had there 15 mins of fame and glory) will be so worth the hell that some of us might have to endure for those few years. It’s all about ‘forever’ and where you want to be for the next stage of spiritual evolution.

    I look forward to reading your next work Wes, I know you’re poured a lot of sweat and focus into it.

  4. Carol KS

    Hey Wes, You are still smiling in your post picture. Good sign. June sounds good. I have some traveling to do and two weeks gives me time to clear the brain circuit for the BIG BANG. Going out amongst the trees,nature etc. Take your time for ETERNITY is where we are headed and that might not be as exciting. I hear it is silent and peaceful (from where we started on this journey 8,400,000 lifetimes ago) back there at the source. So THANK YOUUUUU!

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