Letter From the Editor #9: Please Help With Translation!

by Wes Penre, Tuesday May 26, 2009 at 5:48 PM

WesHello everybody,

Thank you very much for all the offers I have received from people who are willing to translate! Amazing!

By now I should have the help I need, but will let you know if I need help with something else in the near future.

(I have an important request! Does any of you visitors speak German fluently, or at least fluently enough to translate an eight pages long Word Document from German to English?

The material I am talking about is extremely interesting and important, and something I would like to include in my upcoming blog, but my German is so poor that I can’t make sense of it.

I have tried different online translation software, including Babylon 8, but these programs are only good for translating every day chat – they don’t translate more complicated documents well enough to make them readable in English.

If you do speak German, or know someone who does, and are willing to help me with translating this document, please email me at wespenre(at)comcast.net (of course, exchange (at) with @).)

Thank you very much,

20 thoughts on “Letter From the Editor #9: Please Help With Translation!

  1. Deckard

    He got the translations June 7th. Since then I haven’t heard of him. I am a little worried but I am new to this site so I don’t know if it’s normal for him to be some days off once in a while.

  2. Ruby

    I just found a very interesting quote. All of a sudden, my Citizens Rule Book which has the Constitution in it and other related subjects fell on the floor. I opened it up and found this quote:

    “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe.” – John Adams

    I nearly fell off my chair when I read that. Great Legislator of the Universe really stood out at me!

    1. random loser

      That is the definition of autonomy and personal sovereignty .

      Free will ! Personal responsibility, for both our actions and reactions. Ignorance and knowledge.

      Don’t get too cosmic, stay practical.

        1. Rose

          Mason – How are you today? Glad to see you here.

          Random – what about standing on a big ball (earth) in an orbit around a star (sun) that is moving through space isn’t Cosmic?

          Random don’t go practical on us, stay cosmic….

  3. Luath

    I was reading your post about not being angry or disgusted at my country for the monstrous injustices being committed in Iraq, rather I should realize that it is the Illuminati doing the dirty deeds, that my nation is being played for a patsy. That was the gist anyway. I read a phrase in that post that I found disturbing. You say that “we create our own reality”…..!! Rather new age-y, don’t you think? Besides the fact that reality is imposed upon us and we either adjust or we don’t, the so-called new age is just another deception by this Illuminati to trap people into accepting what is. That philosophy of creating your own reality might be better recieved in, oh I dunno, say Baghdad? Or how about an AIDS hospice? Why don’t you go there and spout off about how reality is just an illusion, and if we can just muster up enough mushy, feel-good emotive vibes, along with Deepak Chopra’s “newest” CD, well then by golly, you too can create your own reality, and these bombs going off, the soldiers raping your kids, that virus raging thru your body is all just a figment of your unbelieving imagination. What an insult to the human condition! Thus, your spiel makes you sound like just another shill for the Illuminated Ones.

    1. yeah,i know exactly what you mean…like if you want your reality to be a world at peace,no husbands battering wives when they come home from the pub,no testing of atomic bombs on other peoples cities,no filling up the skies with toxic nano-substances etc etc etc,what chamnce have you got? Well,ill tell you – none.Because 5000 people as MPs or Congressmen or in high government positions call the shots over 6 billion.Thats the reality.And even if you get to be,say,president,and try and change things,youre killed.As JFK tried,for example.

    2. Ruby

      I like reading everything on this site. But, I have to agree with you too. This new age stuff that Wes talks about concerns me a great deal. I’ve read a lot about the new age movement and many consider them to be pawns for the Illuminati, but they don’t know it. I find the starseed and indigo kid phenomena fascinating to read about. However, I think a lot of those kids/young adults have become brainwashed into the New Age movement.

      1. Mark


        Yes, the ‘ new age movement ‘ is much akin to the counter-culture introduced in the 60’s. It’s an induced ‘ divide and conquer ‘ strategy. Designed to kill the remnants of Gnostic Christianity and true perception / understanding.

        Ever read the Dead Sea Scrolls, or the Gnostic Gospels ???

        And have you read ” The Gods of Eden ” by William Bramley ???

        If you do, think about this: Why hasn’t there been any ‘ valid ‘ discoveries of so-called ‘ missing links ‘ ??? All previously presented as such have been fakes . . .

        Michael Tsarion explains this well in his ” Alien visitation and genetic manipulation “.

        There is ‘ more in heaven and earth ‘ than meets the eye . . .

        Not proselytizing here, but merely expressing my own suspicions.

        Darwin just doesn’t explain it logically in my view.

        And this latest attempt at presenting a missing link is 25 years old ( a saved trump card – and more than likely – yet another manufactured illusion ). The powers that be are getting desperate to keep us all in darkness as they have for far too long . . .

        They know WE are not only waking up, but evolving in consciousness, and it scares the living hell outta them !!!

        Because, once we discover the truth, their game IS over !!!

        My best to you and peace,


        1. Rose

          Mark I think you were addressing the above topic to Ruby, not Rose though I did find what you said interesting enough…


        2. Ruby

          Mark, I don’t believe we evolved from apes, nor do I believe in the Missing Link. I do think there is more to our creation than what is in the bible. I’ve questioned who Jesus and God really are.

          I’m reading Chariot of the Gods right now. Very interesting! Still have to read the Dead Sea Scrolls and Book of Enoch.

          And, yes, I do agree with some of the Gnostic Christian beliefs.

          1. This is a very interesting subject. As soon as my new blog is out you’ll understand what I mean. Creation, who we are and where we came from will all be explained – in details!

            Thanks for hanging in there,

            1. Ruby

              Wes, I am waiting patiently to see what you have to say. I’m sure that what you write and post on your new site will lead me to researching more and more. There is soooo much to read, and I just don’t have the time to read everything I should be.

              So, here I sit waiting for your new blog!

      2. Mason

        Well I don’t know too much about all that New Age stuff but in my opinion that I think that creating your own reality have to do with just you, I mean what if someone foretell the future that have not yet to happen and it freak you out a bit? But here’s a thing, future can change anytime I mean they thought the world gotta end 2000 years ago, it’s still here huh? my point is that you can change the future by changing whatever it is you need in your life or whatever it is to change the future, if this sounds a lot like New Age then I guess I have to look into it more but I thought I like to share something with ya.

  4. Mason

    Hey Wes, it’s just a idea but have you try some sort of German to English translation program? I think Babylon 8 program will do the trick and it’s free.

    1. Hi Mason,

      I have tried a few free online translation programs, but the translations are so poor that the text doesn’t make sense, and it’s a quite complicated document. I haven’t heard of, or tried Babylon 8 though. I’ll see if that’ll do the trick. Still, if someone who knows the language will be able to help, that will be the safest way to get it right.

      Thanks Mason. I’ll check into Babylon 8 in the meantime, but if you guys don’t hear anything more from me on this subject it means I still need someone to help,

      Take care,

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