Letter from the Editor #10: Preliminary Release Dates for the New Blog

by Wes Penre, Thursday June 11, 2009 at 5:35 PM


Hello everybody,

I have been very focused lately and swamped in research material and worked hard to get the new and final blog finished.

I am finishing up as we speak and am planning on posting the whole thing (it’s as “thick” as an average book) next week between June 15-20. So keep an eye here. Immediately after I’ve posted it, I will let you all know.

The new blog will look like the one you are reading from right now, but instead of having articles, the blog will be divided into chapters, just like a normal book, and it’s supposed to be read as such.

The information will to the most part be totally unique and has never been published by anybody else before in this context, so stay with me and just have patience for another week (or hopefully less).

Thank you!

352 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #10: Preliminary Release Dates for the New Blog

  1. Carol KS

    Butlin, do not go away. You have much to contribute.

    Mason, You are a fine person but try not to get so angry! It will turn back on you and make you more miserable.

    Spend more time on Wes’s Work because that is what this is all about. Wes needs to know the last 10 years were of
    value to you and your mind.

  2. Rose

    Randomloser: When one quotes definitions to serve their interests it has been my experience that said person usually uses the most demeaning definition to make their point. So I have taken it upon myself to include the full definitions of the words: Democracy and Mob. Sheep have very limited intelligence and usually they are the prey of something else. Who is the sheep and who is the wolf. Decide for yourselves everyone….:) The Rose

    Main Entry: DEMOCRACY di-!m@-kru-sE
    Pronunciation: \ di-ˈmä-krə-sē \
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural de·moc·ra·cies,
    Etymology: Middle French democratie, from Late Latin democratia, from Greek dēmokratia, from dēmos + -kratia -cracy
    Date: 1576
    1 a. 1 a government by the people especially rule of the majority b. b a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections
    2. 2 a political unit that has a democratic government
    3. 3 capitalized the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the United States – from emancipation Republicanism to New Deal Democracy – C. M. Roberts
    4. 4 the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority
    5. 5 the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges
    Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary copyright © 2009 by Merriam-Webster, incorporated

    Main Entry: MOB !m@b
    Pronunciation: \ ˈmäb \
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Latin mobile vulgus vacillating crowd
    Date: 1688
    1. 1 a large or disorderly crowd especially one bent on riotous or destructive action
    2. 2 the lower classes of a community : masses rabble
    3. 3 chiefly Australian a flock, drove, or herd of animals
    4. 4 a criminal set : gang especially often capitalized mafia
    5. 5 chiefly British a group of people : crowd – Synonym – see crowd

  3. random loser

    Ah, this IS a true democracy here. And what is democracy ?

    Mob rules. And what is the mob ?

    One definition states: ” A collection of animals such as sheep ” Google it !

    Actually it’s the LCD – Lowest Common Denominator, of course.

    Silly fools, enjoy your delusion as it will fail you in the end. Oh, and keep me entertained !

    Tisk, tisk, tisk, will you ever learn ?

    I sincerely doubt it.

      1. random loser

        Live in your own self-created hell. Oh, that’s right, you’re already there. Excuse me. Suffer on and tell everyone about it.

        I’ve seen soil with a higher IQ than yours !

      1. random loser

        Waving your weenie ?

        Do you realize you’re using tweezers ?

        Keep it up, you’re killing my faith in humanity !

        I’m starting to think like the globalists, and that is, this species isn’t worth saving. Of course, you’ve all been dumbed down, so in the final analysis, it isn’t your fault.

        Even though your ARE responsible for YOU.

        Yes I know, ” push me in the shallow water, unless I get too deep “

        1. Mason

          Oh yeah I am responsible for me me me, I am going to use my tweezers and kill your faith in humanity sadist alien bastard!

          1. butlincat

            mason…{very dodgy name..ur not a forlorn lost mason are u? lol}…it is a shame u cannot understand all the hard work wes has gone to to try and help a sheep like u…ur insults show u to be an immature child,which u are…it is a shame u are part of the problem also,and not part of the solution…i am praying u can grow up in time when u will be needing a more responsible and adult demeanour and outlook…wake up too…blessings…b.

            1. Mason

              LOL what do you know about anything about me prick? Why are you still here this blog is over, I hope you are not falling in love with yourself don’t you, whatever I don’t care, who cares about what you say anyway, I don’t care if they have to burn the Earth, I wouldn’t give a cent, and god look who’s talking I mean you sounds like a Jona Brother’s fan. LOL

            2. Mason

              Ooohhhh I am scared, I really need the adults’ demeanour and outlook, who cares?
              Listen to this loud and clear, I can do whatever the (beep) I want!

            3. Mason

              Oh yeah…Zzzz…I don’t understand…Zzz…
              that Wes…Zzz…have done…Zzz…all…Zzz…the hard…Zzz…work…Zzz…I wake up now to help a helpless little sheep like me, oh god please help me there’s a freaking wolf out there trying to eat me somewhere, what ever you say buddy, words can’t hurt me bubby, only god can zap my ass is all, why are you giving me the blessings for are you in love with me? Just kidding. LOL

    1. Mason

      Random Loser, it have been fun fighting you with words but this blog is done, Wes’ new blog is up and you can read it there and think if it’s making any sense or not, if you still looking for entertainment there, It will take time before something happens but I as the Mason Lewis will keep doing my homework and keep on rocking in the free world like Neil Young said, bye bye for now.

      1. butlincat

        mason….u know nothing about neil young either…u think u do,but u dont…..also,the non-government school u went to was a prison…right?…yes,of course im right….blessings….b.

        1. Mason

          LOL butlincat why are you so quick to bring out your ego in front of everybody, what is wrong with you? Don’t you have a life or something? Why do you think I know nothing about him anyway? It is so easy for you to talk like that don’t you think? You really need some help buddy if I starting to drive you insane buddy, please you are no more better than Random Loser falling in love with being a big people trying to take care all of the (beep)ed up little buggers out there, who cares, I mean who really cares about that buddy, I hope you have fun making love to your ego, hehehe.

        2. Mason

          Look you can say whatever you want about me, but you really wasting your time here, is Butlincat is your real name ’cause I doubt it, it look like a big fat evil cat typing a computer to me, why not you hang out with that loudmouth named Roseanne and fun, wish you all the luck on your adult goverment school loving closed minded life buddy ’cause you don’t know what prison is until you find out, have a good day.

        3. Mason

          I know everything about Neil Young, you don’t, you don’t even know who am I under my childish self and you really don’t wanna know what’s in my mind too, I happen to I am a god and you should worship me long time ago buddy, shame on you, Hehehe.

        4. Mason

          Tell me what are you thinking, are you thinking maybe you can’t get that many girls like I do LOL, what are you thinking now, maybe…nothing, I can’t wait to see you making more comments about me because I happen to enjoy reading them very much, it just bring me joys that even Santa can’t get me one at all like this, if you don’t have anymore then that’s all right but don’t forget one thing, Neil Young is a Canadian and he’s my man.

        5. Mason

          I wouldn’t blame you too much, I mean you know what they say, men and boys are known for their childish fight and women and girls are known to be more mature than us and this exactly what we been doing for years, I would like to fight with words but I got work to do.

      2. butlincat

        wow – i really hit a nerve with that truth about u,didnt i?…this is the last time im coming to this page,so ill say this – ur comments show u to be too young and silly to comprehend the new blog,so ask a senior – and please,dont call people nasty names – it belittles u,+ it makes u look an ignorant fool,when really u are just a fool – do some research,grow up and,with luck,youll get a girlfriend for the 1st time and shell teach u how to deal with the new people u are going to meet in the rest of ur life – it will be hard for u to meet a girl,as ur so immature,by by the time ur 40 say,u might have spoken to one in long sentences,and not small words and strange noises…respect ur mother + father,dont join armies,and stop lying…good luck and goodbye,problem-boy!!

        1. Mason

          I heard that before buddy and you know what that means? It’s on, you haven’t seen the last of me, about what you just said all about me, we will see about that in the 4th line, if there’s ever one, good luck getting old and weak buddy.

        2. Mason

          Listen egomanic, I haven’t done anything wrong to you in the first place I was talking to Random Loser not you and you just make some nasty comments about me and I hit it back to you, that’s the truth buddy, don’t you think that’s fair? But no you gotta tell me off with your ego about the same things that I have been hearing all my life and I really don’t need this, if you going to come over to the new blog don’t think I am not going to comments about you sometimes and I will love to wait and see what people gotta say to you when you makes nasty comments to people that they done nothing wrong to you, kind of like Bush’s war don’t you think? You keep talking to me like this and I am going to sent a email to Wes to have you removed from blogs for your unfair comments to me and I was never even talk to you in the first place, you start the whole fight you (beep) head! So I have mean to people all the time so what? I don’t like anybody, not even the losers like you who should be only fighting with who harms you not the wrong guys buddy, and don’t get me started about your so-called truth because you don’t even know what the truth is, you might think you do but you don’t jerkass, I will see you in the new blog if you ever come, my friend, but don’t forget one thing, just because we don’t like each other, that doesn’t mean I still love you, now that’s the only good thing we still have forever even if you hate teenagers or whatever it is about.

  4. butlincat

    Its a shame the way this blog has turned out,with people slagging people and name-calling and all that crap.This is a relatively new part of Wes”s blog,and it wasnt like it before on the other parts.Seems its been cheapened to a yahoo messenger IM bs thing.Not what I came here for.I hope the newcomers realise the seriousness of whats about to be unfolded by Wes,and dont treat it with the contempt theyve shown here already.,eugene.

    1. random loser


      Here you will find no intelligent life. You will find non-sense and insanity though.

      It’s part of the Illuminati play book, and willing or inadvertent participants abound here . . .

      But if you were awake, you would see this.

      Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

      An equally amusing and tragic place this is.

      1. Mason

        Well look who’s talking Random Loser, you never even think Wes is trying to tell a truth, look at yourself talks about finding no intelligent life here, I remember you talking about Lone Frog being a little and that you were waiting for him and that you thinks guy wears Huggles?! That is just sad man, I mean if you were this smart you wouldn’t come to this place again at all but now you did, don’t you dumbass? I guess you are not back to your old self huh? Don’t you have anything better to do than to wait for that little boy hoping he would shows up so you can put horse crap all over this place?! What is wrong with you huh? Why do you ever feel a need to have fun laughing at flawed living beings that we made of, you are one of us too buddy, how not one of us make any sense huh? Do I need to sent a email to Wes just to get you out of this blog or what? And what the (beep) does Illuminati have to do with this, are you even blind about who they are dumbass? You really got problems buddy, if that is what you thinks why are you still coming here? Why not you smash your computer, smash your TV, smash your radio or better yet quit your job since they are from our goverment which you still need to make your own living and just watch some cats hanging out in the backyard, that should do it, you are really driving me crazy for a fact that you talk like a bigot or a egomanic who thinks that he will be in such a wonderful place and that everybody will go to such a awful place, you have become a echo of your former self, what happens does they tell you that this is a place for fun because you have to be a idiot to think that dumbass, thank you for reading and goodnight.

      2. butlincat

        see wot i mean?…ur comment is typical and unwanted here…i am far more awake than u think,and enough to ask u to leave this place asap,,,,you have been given an oppotunity to learn something whilst you are here,yet you have acted like a twat with ur insults to people u dont even know.Typical.

        1. Rose

          oh oh……i got it: Viral Testosterone…Gentlemen go to your corners and put your swords away…………LOL

          The Rose

        2. Mason

          Oh yeah I am pretty sure adults are much much more awake than the offsprings like me and I am pretty sure you have a right to tell me to leave, why won’t you leave please and thank you and you sure got the funny ironic ways of talking to people too. (Smiles)

      1. Rose

        The reason we are all waiting here is for word of when Wes will finish his E-Book that a hand full – (the 10 or so that blog here)have been waiting for since March 25th… You know – The Point.

            1. Ruby

              Eugene, anyone who is new to a blog and starts posting is treated with suspiciousness. I don’t know why since the regular posters may not know how long newbies have actually been reading this blog and the ones before it.

            2. lonefrog

              Good point,
              but he doesn’t even know of the e-book.

              See, suspicion is still usefull in the 3rd Density.

            3. Yes but I never did anything wrong. And even if it is suspicious, no reason to say I am not honest. I am getting sick of this nonsense.

            4. “Good point,
              but he doesn’t even know of the e-book.

              See, suspicion is still usefull in the 3rd Density.”

              Hey I just got to this blog. I wanted to see Wes’ blog as well as leave a comment about a certain article. How am I supposed to know there’s an e-book coming along? I cannot. I been to Illuminati-News since like 2008 and been liking it. Now I get here. No need to be mean.

            5. Mason

              My only suspicion is that there is not enough girls here and too much guys always getting ready to fight anytime, what do you think?

            6. butlincat

              eugene..because of ur comment about “idiots” earlier about people u dont even know…i just find ur attitude immature,thats all,to do that….but who am i?…i have now left this yahoo messenger IM bs {no offence meant to genuine folk}

            7. Because I DID run into idiots. Becuase I have spent years trying to reason out with those fools. I am sick of this nonsense. All they do is buy clothes and look at cars. And then they talk about like they know everything about politics and spirituality. When I give them EVIDENCE that what I am saying is true, they STILL reject it. Really, how immature is that? You must have a really low IQ to be like that.

              Its because I KNEW those idiots. I really did. And is it his butlincat’s business who I called idiots anyway? It wasn’t anyone on this blog. Lonefrog, you sound like you believe idiots do not exist? Well let me tell you, they do. And I think you know so too. There are people in this world where words alone can never reach. Really, is this so hard to understand?

            1. butlincat

              eugene…youve even forgotten wot u wrote…or ur denying it…go back and re-read it…now ur saying u didnt mean us…if that is the truth,and reading ur message earlier i doubt that,u should learn how to construct a message.Thisw is so freakin boring.

            2. I did NOT say. Don’t be putting words in my mouth or be saying nonsense about me that is not true. There is no evidence that I ever meant you. You need to learn to interpret messages correctly.

            1. lonefrog


              Not meant to be mean. Maybe Ruby Twos can explain it to ya. I need to go to Ten Forward

    1. Robin

      Hi Eugene! I started posting here yesterday although i have been on this site for about a month now but never posted before so im a newbee here. i think there are people that come on this site and read articles but never post. But I like to read all the comments and posts from u all!

      God Bless!

    2. Mason

      Beats me, but I am pretty sure I don’t want spam, but you know people are going to sing spam around, spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam, just kidding, it does have gotten wacky around here lately, Lone Frog is sure quite a smartmouth here, I never thought he would be one.

      1. Robin

        Hi Mason, i have to admit theres sure alot of witty people here! Ur last post about Will Ferrel Lol. Hopefully well wake up in the morning and Wes will have posted the E-Book! Good Night All!

      2. lonefrog

        Just a simple reminder to all you gentle souls out there in cyberland.You are on a WordPress forum/blog called FIGHTING for Planet Earth:


        Please realise that for this particular “War” I have chosen my weapon, the pen (keyboard) and will use it as I see fit.

        Remember…………….This is not Rolling over on Planet Earth or Let’s pretend everything is ok on Planet Earth, do not lose focus people.

        When we reach Simple Living on Planet Earth, guess what, the shift will have already occurred, there will be no need for fighting any longer.

        Again, the shift has not taken place yet, we are still subject to lower level vibrations and are merely learning how to tune into the higher ones. Some people are ahead of the curve and already have practice with higher level frequencies. (Eugene) While myself and others are slowly picking up our pace.

        We are capable of greater deeds than fighting, we all sense this, but learning how to separate the wheat from the chaff in a time of war is an undesirable necessity. There are still “baddies” out there. (To bad they don’t where an arm band or tatoo on their forehead)

        and Mason,

        You gotta be kidding me on the smart mouth thing.

        I thought it was quite obvious I had a smart mouth, but by you saying it, I can only conclude that you want to go a round or two. Not over this brother, not over this. Sorry for ducking out on this one but I saw how you blasphemed God, Lord knows what you’ll say to me.

        1. “Again, the shift has not taken place yet, we are still subject to lower level vibrations and are merely learning how to tune into the higher ones. Some people are ahead of the curve and already have practice with higher level frequencies. (Eugene) While myself and others are slowly picking up our pace.”

          Now you’re starting to sound like you know what you’re talking about.

        2. Mason

          Oops…I did it again, I am going to get my ass zapped again, god sures hates me for being such a rotten bastard I am, hehehe (lord, I know you’re cool, just don’t listen to me, you are nowhere dirty like I am).

  5. josephus

    so much anger…
    but why? to whom is this focused?
    typed on a machine
    about information given to you
    by the same machine.
    should artificial intelligence
    be programmed with
    such blind ignorant anger?
    is it too late.
    now that you have already typed.

  6. Hi again everybody,

    I am finished with the blog (E-book) and I am only waiting for a reply from someone in Germany (time difference)regarding a certain matter, and then we’re good to go. It should just be a matter of hours, at the most…

    Thanks for your patience,

  7. Eli Eli

    Any SNL fans here. (Saturday night live) Ever see that skit about the ‘coming attraction’ adds at the movies theaters? well, it has Will Ferrel in it, they’re in a theater waiting patiently for the movie to start. People are chatting here are there, all very politely. Then the coming attractions start playing, everyone is pleased and commenting on the adds.. “ohhh that looks like a good one” .. “ya ,we got to check that one out” etc. but as time drags on, people are staring to get uncomfortable,, yawning, restlessness, some one gets up to go to the bathroom and they find the door is locked. a panic starts to break out! the adds keep on running and people and starting to go rabid..lol. Anarchy and chaos breaks out.. people are screaming because they are forced to watch these endless coming attraction adds. before you know, people are looking more and more like savages. You then see a clip where Will Ferrel is holding a mans arm that his ripped off the socket and is eating it.. hahaha! it’s hilarious!! you could probably find it on youtube it you haven’t seen it.
    No pressure Wes, but hopefully soon. ;) At least the doors aren’t locked, someone want to go check?

    1. Mason

      Oh god not Will Ferrel, Micheal Lornes just pick him random for his show, all he ever do is just running around scream for no reason, at least that’s what it is in some of his movies that my sisters took me there, they knew I wasn’t laughing at that guy when he stick a knife in his legs, WTF?

    2. Robin

      Hi Eli! I’ve seen that one its hilarias!! Will Ferrel is one of my favorite actors! But im reading all these posts and i gotta laugh cause these people are getting so mad has anybody learned patience? And yes your observation seems correct with everyone waiting 4 the big read and gettin hostile~!

      1. Eli Eli

        I was trying to find it on youtube, no luck. They have those ones with Justin Timberlake, ‘D*ck in a box’ and ‘Mother Lover’.. some other good ones too.. but i can’t find that one. Will Ferrel always cracks me up! same with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller!

        Things will settle down again. (until the next wave of wackiness comes) seems to be a cyclical thing.

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