UFO Alert: Police Officer Sees Aliens at Crop Circle

By Alastair Jamieson, Telegraph.co.uk, October 20, 2009
Published here: Friday, October 23, 2009 at 6:48 AM


A police officer contacted British UFO experts after seeing three aliens examining a freshly made crop circle near Avebury, Wiltshire.

A police officer contacted British UFO experts after seeing three aliens examining a freshly made crop circle near Avebury, Wiltshire.

The sergeant, who has not been named, was off-duty when he saw the figures standing in a field near Silbury Hill, and stopped his car to investigate.

However, as he approached the ‘men’ – all over 6ft tall with blond hair – he heard “the sound of static electricity” and the trio ran away ”faster than any man he had ever seen”.

 The officer returned to his home in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and contacted paranormal experts and told them he had spotted a UFO.

Wiltshire Police has refused to comment on the incident, saying it is a ”personal matter” for the officer involved.

Crop circle researcher Andrew Russell, who is investigating the bizarre sighting on behalf of the officer, described the moment his sighting was made.

He said: ”At first he thought they were forensic officers as they were dressed in white coveralls. He stopped his car and approached the field.

”The figures were all over 6ft and had blond hair. They seemed to be inspecting the crop. When he got to the edge of the field he heard what he believed to be a sound not dissimilar to static electricity.

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13 thoughts on “UFO Alert: Police Officer Sees Aliens at Crop Circle

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  3. tommytcg

    Open the billy meier website at http://www.theyfly.com and get up to date. We have open contact with et for over 70 years. If you want to believe you came from chimp 4 million years ago, that ‘we are alone’, and that we have the highest tech in the Universe, that’s your problem.

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  6. Azlan

    May be, Aliens used this crop circles to identify the earth and their secret places or something like a target to attack the earth.. Bcoz.. They’ve dont need to come to earth for a summer holiday and make circles like we do in beaches.. There is something mystery in these crop circles.. We want the goverment to take actions asap. We dont want lose our life for those fkin shits..

  7. cassandra

    its time people knew i found out when i was 16 im now 17 im glad for the sake of my daughter i know about all the elites there supposed plans and i can educate her based on my knowlege, its sad not many people can accept aliens ghosts or the truth about the government

  8. Greg

    crop circles are to discredit real ufo (government ufo’s) aliens are used as an excuse to look the opposite direction of the real power of the world, the satanic rothschild zionist rule.

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