The True Story of Christmas

by Susan Maureen Brandt
Published here: Sunday, November 29, 2009 at 4:50 PM

Wes Penre’s comment on the following article: The context of this article is mainly channeled material and therefore I can’t provide any real references. Still, I want to put this to people’s attention as something that may be considered in full or in part. As ususal, if it doesn’t ring true to you, just discard.

Please forward this around the world and maybe we will all finally wake-up to what’s really going on. It is long but under twenty pages, and the history is 100% verifiable. People can still celebrate Christmas with their loved ones, but for the RIGHT REASONS instead – giving, sharing, and helping each other to make this a better world!

NOTE: Please do NOT read the following e-mail if you want to remain a believer in Christianity or the Christmas Holiday. I do not want to upset people who are totally happy and content with their religion and how religion has affected the world.

Here is the true history of Christmas:

Some people think it’s bad that Christmas has become so commercial. But the truth behind Christmas is so shocking that it makes the traditions of giving too many presents to friends and family while eating too much rich food seem like not such a bad way to spend a day in late December.

Many people have heard about how the Christian holidays were placed on the same dates as pagan holidays as a way of converting pagans to the new religion of Christianity. When a normal person looks around and sees the dominance of Christianity on the Earth, it seems obvious that those old-fashioned pagans were successfully converted to the new religion.

There is another logical reason, however, for Christian holidays being on the same dates and having some of the same customs as pagan holidays. The so-called pagans invented Christianity and the story of Jesus as a way to weaken most people while keeping the powerful occult secrets to themselves. The word ‘pagan’ originally meant ‘of a country, or connected people’. ‘Occult’ simply meant ‘completely hidden’. Thus, Christianity is a belief system or form of spirituality that is put out in the open, for anyone from any country to give up much of their personal power to, while people of one ‘country’ keep their true beliefs completely hidden.

Jesus was actually a Roman named Lucius (pronounced LOO-shus). His mother was Julia the Elder, the daughter of Augustus Caesar (the king of Rome) and Scribonia. Lucius’ father was a relative of King Herod. Both the Caesars and King Herod’s family, the Agrippas, were members of the one ruling family of Rome. Yet, King Herod’s father had been a high-ranking official for the Jewish king. The Agrippas were Greek, not Jewish, but had merely converted to Judaism in order to gain power within the Jewish royal family. King Herod became ‘King of the Jews’ by a Roman proclamation, then had the real Jewish king’s nephew executed. Herod even managed to marry the Jewish king’s niece to make himself seem more like the rightful ruler of Israel. But he was still a Greek relative of the Roman rulers, and later even founded the city of Caesarea!

The Romans were trying hard to gain control over the Jews, because the origin of the Jewish people was a secret the Romans wanted to keep well hidden. The Romans didn’t dare try to kill all the Jews, because they were afraid of the magical powers they believed the Jews to have. It was as if the Jews were protected by a powerful force no one could entirely defeat. (The close relationship between the Jewish high priests and the Roman rulers is not easy to understand or accept, but it helps explain a lot.) A weakness of the Jews was that they believed in ancient prophesy. In 600 BC, they had been taken to Babylon and held captive. The same family ruling Babylon went on to rule Greece, Rome, and Egypt at the time of Jesus’ birth. (They would later move to Byzantium, in Turkey, then to the palaces of Europe, and now control the governments of every country in the world.) When the Jews were first taken captive, they spoke Hebrew and had no written language or books. When they left Babylon more than fifty years later, they spoke and read the language of the Babylonians, called Aramaic, and had a written ‘history’, called the ‘Torah’, or law (or the Old Testament). Were the Babylonians just being helpful? No. The same ruling family was playing a terrible trick on the Jews, all in an effort to keep them powerless, distracted, and unaware of their true origin. With a little planning, it is not that difficult to predict something will happen in the future, and then make it happen. The prophesies in the Old Testament foretelling the future savior of the Jewish people were easily fulfilled by Jesus because his family knew what they had predicted 600 years earlier!
The story of the Jews’ origin is written in the book of Genesis in the Bible. But the beginning of Genesis is actually describing something opposite to what so many people have believed. It is NOT the story of how the Creator made the Earth, but of how one group of people began a new ‘world’ for themselves by stealing land from the original occupants. These criminals were the ruling family of Atlantis before it sank completely 10,000 years ago, after being damaged 20,000 years before. The story of Noah’s Ark is not about an old man gathering pairs of every kind of animal from around the entire Earth, but of the king of Atlantis gathering enough mating pairs of PEOPLE from Atlantis to populate their new land once they’d stolen it. The Mediterranean region was certainly flooded and the sky around the world turned stormy for forty days and forty nights, but it was due to the massive explosions and tidal waves caused when the Creator destroyed the wicked continent of Atlantis. This is why cultures around the world tell a similar ancient tale, and why the Atlanteans truly fear the Creator. In the Bible are many stories of wicked, greedy kings who are frightened by one truly spiritual person with armies of non-physical beings protecting them. The Atlanteans understand that they have only been allowed to get rich and powerful under the condition that they spread religion in many forms around the Earth, even falsified religions, so that people everywhere have a chance to think about the Creator, and to find the truth within their own mind, body, and soul. In this way, we will only be able to do away with the wickedness of the Atlantean descendants when kind, innocent people are ready to give up their own desire for greed and revenge, and work together to let the truth be as it is, with no strings attached.

Atlantis might seem like a fairytale, but to understand the REAL history of human existence, it’s important to have your mind open to how well these people have hidden the truth of what they’ve done, while bragging about it! They have used fake languages (Greek, Latin, English) made out of the languages of the other original races (the white Nordic people, the brown Mirian people, Africans, and Asians) to hide in code the story of their lost continent and fallen glory. As the Atlanteans’ skin was reddish-brown in color, they use RED as a proud symbol. They also flaunt their genes for a large, arching nose, now mixed with the brown hair of the Mirians and the white skin of the Nordics. Many celebrated ‘beauties’ in the world have large noses or red hair, as proof that they are Atlantean. Even the names of angels, pixies, elves, and fairies are referring to the Nordics whose own northwestern European homeland was taken over by driving them back into the wilderness where they had to hide for fear of being killed or raped – their names originate from the ‘Angles’ and ‘Picts’ people; the latin for white, ‘albus’; and ‘fair’, for very light-skinned. European history is full of attacks by ‘brutes’ or ‘barbarians’. Brutus was an Atlantean who landed in Britain, i.e., the land of the Brutans, about 3000 years ago, after the royal Atlanteans left or got kicked out of Troy, rightfully the Tur people’s city. (London’s first name was ‘Trinovantium’. That’s latin for ‘New Troy City’. London itself comes from ‘Ludinium’, meaning ‘Lud’s City’, a later name.) ‘Barbarian’ meant ‘foreigner’. The hidden truth is that the Nordics were simply fighting back to try to defend and regain their homeland from the Greek/Roman/Egyptian invaders who went on to write the history books! To complicate matters, the western coast of Nordica had long been used by the Atlanteans as a place to get slaves and steal resources, leaving behind a trail of red-haired, freckled offspring with large noses. In fact, they’d been doing that all over the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, which is why they don’t want their modern European descendants, including Americans and Canadians, to understand that human history goes back that far. The Bible was an attempt to convince the ‘new’ race of Europeans that the Earth was only created after the selfish Atlanteans had finished Part One of their master plan. The entire genealogy of the bible, and the Greek myths, are alternative versions of the Atlantean family tree. Noah and Cronus are the same forefather, Japeth is Jupiter or Zeus, Shem meant ‘seed’ or ‘semen’, Ham meant ‘together’, and so on.

The justification for the Atlanteans stealing two continents is a poor-me tale that explains why they were so hated by all the Earth’s people. The Earth’s true Creator smashed apart their original homeland in a series of catastrophes, from 30,000 to 10,000 BC, because they would not stop aggressively attacking and attempting to dominate everyone in every land! They adored their luxurious, indulgent lifestyle, and thought they were clever for figuring out how to get slaves to do all of their chores for them. The Mirians, on the other hand, had lived simply and peacefully on their beautiful Pacific continent, enjoying the honest pleasures of loving one another while tending to the plants and animals that gave them food and the materials for shelter, until their continent slipped under the ocean when the magnetic poles shifted location around 40,000 years ago. This, it can be judged from the end result, forced them to seek refuge in many corners of the world, thus spreading their humble spirituality in the same way the Atlanteans spread their wickedness and greed. The Mirians were so spiritually aware that they had received plenty of warning that a shift would occur, and were able to transport their written history, plants, and domesticated animals when they left. Many of these records are hidden in high mountainous regions around the world, although the modern Mirian descendants don’t have much reason to share what they know as long as Atlanteans are ruling the world. If you look in an English dictionary under ‘mir-’ or ‘mer-’, virtually every word is connected to the Mirian people: their warm, fertile, low-lying (therefore damp and marshy) continent; their true mastery of peaceful spirituality, agriculture, and the keeping of sheep and goats; their brown skin, gently rounded faces with piercing dark eyes and dark hair; and their disappearance into the sea.

It’s said that this polar shift caused Atlantis to become much hotter than the comfortably warm climate the Atlanteans were used to. This is why they grew even more aggressive against other lands, and more cranky, in the ten thousand years between the shift that sunk the Pacific continent and the first partial destruction of Atlantis around 30,000 years ago. Even if they blew themselves up trying to fire through the center of the Earth in a bizarre attempt to attack Asia, as some believe they did, it’s hard to do a better job than your brain will let you do. Many of us carry the Atlantean genetics within us, so it is only through our SOUL that we will possibly do any better than them at working together and giving up our selfish greed.

By the time of the final destruction of Atlantis around 20,000 years later, the Atlantean rulers had had lots of time to conspire. The humiliation of being reduced from an unstoppably dominant culture to wanderers with no home was the fuel to put in place a manipulative scheme they are still devoted to today. Like a child, resentful of being punished rather than changing their ways and becoming kinder, gentler, or less demanding that others do their work for them, they dug in their heals, vowing revenge.

Yet, who were they getting revenge on? The Creator, for stopping them from ruining the balance and harmony of the four other original races? Or themselves? The obvious answer was to declare themselves to be gods, slander the Earth as a violent, temperamental woman who distrusted her brutal husband, and the Earth’s people as disobedient children who didn’t give their Father-God enough respect. The easiest way to begin cracking their codes is to look for any word meaning ‘red’ or ‘father’ or ‘sun’ or ‘house’ or ‘world’, because they see their red-skinned ancestors from the sunny homeland of Atlantis as a father who made the whole world into a house for his family. The words ‘God’, ‘gods’, ‘goddesses’, and ‘Lord’ are their favorite names for themselves, which is why Christianity is a bully demanding total subservience and unquestioning belief. They also love to retell the story of how they disguised themselves and murdered people to acquire ‘golden fleece’ (blond hair), finally becoming ‘the fairest of them all’. They name everything after their ancestors, including children, cities, planets, constellations, days of the week, entire countries, and oceans. It doesn’t leave much, does it? They represent themselves with a big ram (a aggressive male sheep whose children are innocent white lambs), their personal god as a bull or ox (silent, brooding, and more powerful than all others), and the Creator as a goat (I don’t even want to explain this one).

Myths and legends aside, they were still a hated people. Their uniquely reddish-brown skin, black hair, and hawk-like noses made them instantly recognizable. And by now, every continent on the Earth was expecting them to launch a violent attack. But without a homeland, they lacked the resources to invade anyone effectively, especially now that many groups were working together to stop them. Their only refuge was in areas of the Mediterranean which had been cleared of inhabitants by the widespread tsunamis and flooding that occurred when Atlantis was destroyed, and in northern Africa where pre-Egyptian Atlantean colonies had previously forced the original African people out. (‘Egyptian’, ‘Roman’, and ‘Greek’ all mean ‘wanderers’, through anagrams of the Mirian-Nordic ‘Tur’ language. Ancient murals and artifacts found in the Mediterranean region clearly show people with reddish skin and large noses involved in trade, rituals, and a wealthy, indulgent, hedonistic, royalty-obsessed lifestyle.)

Thus, they chose to disguise themselves through breeding with as many white-skinned and brown-skinned people as necessary to hide their true identity (except in Egypt and neighboring regions of Africa), and also by constructing new cultures and languages. The legend of Zeus and Europa is a metaphor for the Atlantean royalty raping a blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic princess to create a new ‘race’ of Europeans, and the bible story of the Tower of Babel is a metaphor for their ongoing success at stopping Earth’s people from working together to make a ‘world’ better than theirs.

It is easy to spot the Atlanteans’ most successful conspiracies: all best-selling books, blockbuster movies, anyone who is a billionaire, all world leaders, and all the major religions. They poisoned the Jewish religion, originally based on the brown-skinned Mirian people’s loving knowledge of one Creator, harmony with nature, and simple living, by mixing it with the greed, terror, and ritual sacrifice of Atlantis. Because they are BOTH descended from a mixture of the same three original races, the Atlantean Europeans and the Jews look virtually the same. The bible story of Esau and Jacob describes the cruel Atlantean practise of ‘sorting’ the children they had with the blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordics they abducted, and the brown-skinned Mirian tribes they liked to enslave. They made ‘gods’ of the children who had the lightest coloring, were athletic, clever, and manipulative, were willing to be bloodthirsty in war but remain loyal to their family, and who retained the prominent Atlantean nose. They made armies and slaves of the rest, cursing them to a life of suffering. In truth, they were all genetically equal. (Ever heard the one about the Atlantean royals living in Russia who suddenly converted to Judaism, headed for the bible lands, and blended right in? How about the more logical alternative that Moses was actually BORN to that Egyptian princess, along with his older brother, Aaron? Kind of makes sense then why the ‘cohen’, the NEW high priests, demanded their followers bring them gold and their best young animals to be sacrificed only on the steps of the temple, where Mr. Cohen conveniently lived, rather than at their own homes in the country. As for circumcision being demanded by God, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be an Atlantean on the day the male Jewish population figures out that it was actually demanded by their royal cousins for the shockingly petty purpose of lessening the sexual pleasure of Jewish males, which, along with stern rules to avoid all other things that lead to enlightenment, kept them from discovering the Atlantean ‘secret’ of using sexuality as a method of increasing the body’s capacity for expressing the powerful and creative energy of the human soul. At least no one will mind finding out they weren’t forced to drink daily cups of fresh goats’ blood.)

Now, Christianity is, at its darkest, about producing a passive population who go to work, do what they’re told, and don’t let themselves get angry enough to rebel or take revenge on those who have trespassed on their homeland and then taken it over altogether. (The story of Jesus, however, is a remarkable tale of someone standing up to the evil they were born into and trying with all their strength to free people from the oppression they’ve also been trapped into.) Islam, unfortunately, was also invented by these people, for one of the worst reasons possible. The Catholics wanted a standing army that would invade Jerusalem when told to, in order to get back control of it from the Jews. The Atlantean royalty, hiding in the RED costumes of the Catholic church, knew that the truth of their identity was buried in underground vaults in Jerusalem. That was the very reason the city had been founded, to hide the Atlanteans’ scrolls, books, and other documents smuggled out of all parts of the Earth. The massive library at Alexandria, in Egypt, had been built under the guise of sharing knowledge with foreign scholars, but in truth it was a device to collect as many texts and books as possible, so that the Atlanteans could erase or hide away any remaining records of life on Earth before 10,000 BC. Also, every ship docking in the harbor at Alexandria was searched for books. Any book found was taken and a COPY returned to the owner! Did I mention that Egypt was under the rule of Alexander the Great’s family, the Greek Ptolemy dynasty, at the time? Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian, British. An Atlantean ruler by any other name still smells the same. For the 300 years from founder Alexander to his Greek descendent, Cleopatra, records of humankind’s knowledge were collected, censored copies returned to the original owners, and the whole lot sorted. In an act of preparing for the invention of the modern world, knowledge was taken apart so that no one other than the Atlantean rulers could learn the whole truth of the five original races, the physical Earth, the non-physical spiritual realm, and everything in between. The important documents were hidden in vaults beneath the Atlanteans’ monuments to themselves. Then Julius Caesar, while hanging out with his girlfriend, Cleopatra, ‘accidentally’ set fire to the library by intentionally setting fire to several of his ships as they sat in the harbor. (The Atlanteans have a habit of building things for the sake of filling them up with records they want to destroy. The World Trade Center Towers were built to be demolished, taking records of trade and international finance with them. The nearby Building 7 that mysteriously fell perfectly down was a warehouse for secret documents. In 1666, a bit of a suspicious date, the Great Fire of London destroyed homes, St. Paul’s cathedral, a castle, a prison, the Royal Exchange, and the Justice House.) Jerusalem was originally ‘Rusal-ium’. ‘Rusal’ means ‘red’, easily confused with ‘rosi’, as in Rosicrucians, or the Rosy Cross, which means ‘dew’, a euphemism for semen. The cross, I hesitate to admit, is the shape made when an erect phallus is laid on the belly and admired by its owner. The testicles form the crossbar, and the root of the phallus is the top section. Also, the cross is a representation of the man himself, with his arms out-stretched, as well as a symbol of the ‘little man’ contained in the semen. This is the true meaning of the Catholic-created Trinity: the father is the man himself, his phallus is the son (it also resembles a man with his arms at his sides), and the ejected semen is the ‘Holy Spirit’ (which made Mary pregnant, of course). Just because the sex-obsessed Atlanteans put all this sexual symbolism into Christianity, including building cathedrals and churches that each resemble a phallus ejecting a crucifix of semen drops, doesn’t mean that good, kind, innocent people have been wrong to go to church on Sunday (which literally means ‘sun god’). Ignorance is bliss. If any religion has helped anyone to be more loving, forgiving, and grateful for all the earthly creations of our Creator, that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s just time to wake up and open our eyes, so we can start making better choices for how we really want to live our lives.

Buried documents don’t need to be found to prove that disguised and evil rulers from Atlantis have successfully screwed-up the Earth for their own supposed glory. They brag about it all the time. William Shakespeare was the offspring of the teenaged Elizabeth I and the occult De Vere family, both of Atlantean royal descent. (Elizabeth, known as the ‘virgin’ queen as she was unmarried her entire life, had many children, including, possibly, twins William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby, and Sir Francis Bacon; the writer Christopher Marlowe, who was conveniently the same age as the fictitious Shakespeare and may have pretended to be him while his brother, Edward, did the actual writing; a girl named after her mother’s sister, Mary; and twins John Donne and Ben Johnson.) So, when ‘Shakespeare’ was writing about King Lear, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet (Roman histories contain a member of the Caesar family, i.e., Romeo, and a Julia the Younger, i.e., Juliet, marrying as teenagers in 0 BC), Hamlet, and so many others, he was writing about his family to ensure people would applaud them, celebrate them, and emulate them for centuries to come. We’re so used to every famous story having the same themes that we can’t even see how similar they are anymore. Now that people are beginning to realize that all the major religions use the very same details as many, many other religions, perhaps the people of the Earth will start to wise-up and realize that it’s good to love your neighbor, but maybe not so good to let him get away with stealing your house, raping your wife, and throwing his pollution in your backyard. Actually, an Atlantean is far more likely to frame someone else into appearing to have done those things, while he dresses up as a policeman and pretends to come to your rescue. Then he locks up your innocent neighbor, tortures him in a jail cell, comes back to your house, seduces your wife, adopts your children and forces them to participate in frightening rituals so they’ll be scared enough to do anything he tells them to do, and then he takes over the whole town as his Worshipful Lord of Everything, all just for the sport of it.

Every major event of the Christmas story is based on something real, but they did not all happen to Jesus, nor did they happen exactly as they’re described. Some details are coded, so that the people who wrote it can brag about things that would otherwise spoil the story for normal people.

The Three Kings, or Three Wise Men, visiting with expensive gifts for the baby Jesus, are a clue that he was born into a royal family; relatives had high expectations for what he might accomplish. The Star of David is a metaphor for what they hoped Lucius would be, a star-performer who’d ‘fool’ the royal descendants of David into proclaiming him their special king. The barn and manger are forceful ways of hiding that it was a royal birth, ‘establishing’ that Jesus was very Mirian in character rather than a rich Atlantean prince, though by later taking him to India to study, a land populated by Mirian immigrants, he became, hopefully, a genuinely nicer person. (At this stage, I’ll settle for the guy developing a conscience.) The farm animals are a convenient way for the Atlanteans to keep pounding in the message that sheep are great, shepherds are geniuses, goats don’t exist, and oxen stay out of the way whenever you need them to.

The character of Mary is based on Herod Agrippa’s wife, Maryam. She was only thirteen when Herod took her as a wife in order to win more Jewish votes, as she was the niece of the Jewish king. King Herod loved his virgin bride, and she gave birth to several sons. But he was so paranoid and nuts that he feared his sons would kill him in order to inherit the throne from him, so he killed them, and Maryam, when the sons were grown. This is why the Christmas story has Mary and her husband taking the baby Jesus to Egypt to hide from Herod. When he finds out, he orders all the infant boys to be killed. This is a metaphor for what he did to his own sons, and a reminder of the gruesome and manipulative story of the first Passover.

The Caesars were just as paranoid as Herod. Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar are said to have produced no sons of their own. It’s more likely that they killed any infant sons to avoid being overthrown by a natural heir. They preferred to let their sisters or daughters have sons, then they could choose, say, a nephew and adopt him as a son, to insure a loyal and capable heir. This is why Mary is said to have been visited by an angel telling her that Jesus wasn’t Joseph’s baby. Augustus Caesar’s only child, Julia, was told by her father, when her second son, Lucius, was born, that he was adopting her two small sons, even though they had a father, her husband, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa. That was the real importance of Jesus’ birth. Augustus Caesar finally chose his successors, Gaius and Lucius, his grandsons, and in his mind, Gaius would become the Roman king after Augustus died, his younger brother would sneak his way in as King of the Jews, and together they would establish a religion that would succeed at oppressing every non-royal in Europe. The Christmas story, and naming the year of Lucius’ birth as ‘Year One’ (even though the dates of all these events have been garbled and manipulated wildly) is therefore truly important to the Atlanteans (even though things didn’t go quite as planned). As the Caesars thought they were gods (better than everyone else due to their talent for being vicious bullies), or at least descended from gods (their Atlantean forefathers), Lucius, fictionalized as Jesus in story and song, was naturally proclaimed to be the son of God. Or rather, the son of Augustus Caesar. (Or, possibly, it all happened years before when Julius Caesar, Augustus’ great uncle/adoptive father, got his new girlfriend, Cleopatra, pregnant. Her son, Caesarian, disappears from the history books around 21, just like Gaius and Lucius. The argument for Lucius is a bit stronger, however, as his name sounds like Lucifer, the name of the Antichrist, which really just means anyone who’s opposed to the behavior or presence of the royally-anointed Atlanteans. Because, if you read the bible from a slightly different perspective, Jesus himself is a bit anti-Christ-ian by the end of the whole charade. Yes, he lets some woman cover his head in oil. But he doesn’t sound happy about it.) (By the way, ‘satan’ is a Jewish word for ‘an enemy who plots against’ you.)

Julia the Elder, the real mother of Jesus, is not storybook material. She had already had two childless marriages, with husbands who were executed, by the time of her marriage to Jesus’ father. In later years, she was kicked out of Rome and sent to live on an island with her mother because she liked to party so much and had so many lovers that there was a growing fear an outsider would manage to create an heir within the Caesar family.

When Herod was about to die, he had been acting crazy for so long and had executed so many of his family members, that he knew he wouldn’t be missed. So he ordered his henchmen to murder numerous great and beloved men the moment he died, so that there would be an outpouring of grief timed to his own death. He is said to have truly loved his young Jewish bride, Maryam, (his third wife was named Maryam II), even though he executed her himself in later years. So, naturally, she was substituted for Julia the Elder as the sweet, docile, Jewish, virginal Mary. (‘Maryamne’ means ‘rebellion’, which matched the character of the Jewish people at the time, but is similar to a word meaning ‘prostitute’, which is why Jewish texts say Jesus was the son of a Roman soldier and a whore.) As Jesus was both a Caesar and an Agrippa, to this day his close relative, King Herod, is getting the last laugh as millions of Catholics worship the wonderfulness of his beloved murdered wife.

Jesus is called the ‘Savior’ because the Atlanteans were hoping he’d save them from being discovered for who they were and what they’d done. The name ‘Christ’ arises from the Atlanteans’ refusal to let the dead body of their king rot into dirt like everyone else. To prevent the decaying process from beginning, they poured strong plant-based chemicals over the skin of the king while he was still alive. When the king died, bacteria couldn’t feed off the dead tissue because it was soaked with such strong chemical substances. They cut the king open, removed his organs and soaked them too, soaked the inside of his body, removed his brains by pulling them out of his nose with a hook, soaked them in jars, repacked the organs into his body, and sewed the king back up. The pyramid is an amazing shape that somehow prevents things from rotting, so by burying their chemical-soaked king in a pyramid-shaped tomb, the Atlanteans were stopping themselves from having to face the fact that even a king is just a monkey with a creative soul, made of dirt and meant to rot back into dirt. The entire process of using substances to stop a body from rotting is called anointing, from the same root word as ‘ointment’. ‘Christ’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘anointed one’; therefore, the one chosen to be king. Jesus, when he knows he is going to be crucified, has his head soaked by a woman (raised in the royal family also) much to the horror of his friends, who are seemingly unaware of the meaning of anointing. They just think it’s very expensive stuff that should be sold to raise money to help the poor. What Jesus says in return, about the poor always being with us, gives away that he, or the man writing the dialogue, grew up wealthy. (There is a theory that the New Testament was written, in whole or in part, by a member of the Piso family, Atlantean descendants living in Rome, a few hundred years later, which would have, in the least, been upsetting for the people following spiritual philosophies based on his teachings. As there are so many similarities between versions, it’s likely that the writer would’ve had an easier time if he had access to firsthand accounts. In the conventional Roman history, Augustus Caesar was once so ill that he thought he was about to die. He summoned two men. To one, whose last name was Piso, he handed over a complete accounting of the holdings of the Roman Empire. He didn’t die, and I realize it doesn’t prove anything, but then again, what truly can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt?)

When they’re in their early twenties, Lucius and his older brother, Gaius, are said to have died. Was Lucius taken to India by secret members of the royal Caesar family, so ‘Jesus’ could acquire learning and abilities that would later make him seem superhuman and wise? (And was Gaius taken elsewhere?) When he returned to the Mediterranean at thirty, he had been renamed as Yesho, after the name of a pottery ‘magic bowl’ common in Jewish society at the time, the Bowl of Vitality. This is also the meaning of the Holy Grail symbolism. The magic bowls were yet another thing they acquired from the Babylonians, along with a belief in evil spirits and awful demons, which the bowls were used to catch or keep away. Some bowls were said to get rid of sickness and disease, to keep marriages happy, etc. The Bowl of Vitality suited the Roman’s purposes because it was the simplest idea of all: the physical body is a container in which the soul resides. The recent explanations of the Holy Grail as the royal bloodline descending from Jesus is only a partial truth, meant to distract or satisfy people who are likely to finally become suspicious that the Earth is being controlled by a terrible group. The most important lie being maintained, while a few nasty secrets of the Catholic Church are offered up, is that Jesus was a person who had some special quality that normal humans do not. That is the same lie that the Greek myths and Hollywood continue to push on us – that there is a big difference between humans and ‘gods’. In many cases, gods are the members of the Atlantean royalty (movie stars, too), while mankind is anyone on the outside. The myth of Prometheus and the story of the Garden of Eden are both telling the same tale. There was a disagreement between the Atlantean rulers as to how they should go about disguising themselves. As it had to involve having kids with people outside of their own race, they chose the ‘best’ ruling families of other cultures to remain as royal as possible. The biggest threat, however, was if the Atlantean men shared with their new wives how to use sex to increase personal power. This could lead to the wife and her relatives starting to become as powerful as the Atlanteans, who ultimately did not have any special powers; they were just greedy enough to hide away the truth if it would give them an advantage somehow, and vicious enough to kill anyone who seemed to have discovered their own strength and inner wisdom. The biggest enemy to someone trying to take over everyone is people who can think for themselves, and who aren’t scared to push the pause button on personal comfort for a moment to search for the truth.

There are certainly many accounts in the Bible, and in all religions, of the true Creator and the powerful nature of the human soul as an immortal source of acceptance and love. But if a religion contained nothing but the truth, it wouldn’t be called a religion, it would be called the truth. There is a constant flow in the Bible between true spirituality, which helps people to learn the lessons their soul desires from their lifetime on Earth, and the false worship of ‘gods’, or the Atlantean rulers. It can be hard for honest, kind people to face the idea of such a terrible deception. But looking at it from the Atlantean point of view, they were just feeling whatever terrible people feel when their Creator destroys their home. Just as a child who is punished by a parent might turn around and hit a sibling out of anger and shame, rather than learning his lesson and trying to be a better person in the future, the Atlanteans turned around and wrote religion after religion, demanding other groups do what they said or the Creator would punish them. They were bitter, resentful bullies in denial that they had ever done anything wrong. If the whole world hates you, either someone’s launched a long-term campaign to mislead the world into hating you, or you ARE a terrible person who takes what you want with no regard for how it causes others to suffer. Yes, the Atlanteans suffered the loss of their homeland. Yes, they’d been making others suffer for millions of years. (That’s right, millions.) And yes, they worked hard for thousands of years to execute a plan to take control of every continent so they could never be punished in such an obvious and effective way again. And yes, kind, honest, innocent people have fallen for many of their tricks. Their downfall, however, is written all over the entire planet. They’ve been bragging, in code, about their clever accomplishments ever since. They’ll never be able to hide all the evidence against them once people learn to read their myths, legends, books, bibles, religions, histories, theories, philosophies, newspapers, magazines, web sites, song lyrics, and fiction for what they are.

The story of the Tower of Babel, as I mentioned, describes one Atlantean way of stopping humans from working together: force people who share a common language to start speaking different languages, kill anyone who doesn’t obey, and within a few generations the original language will be forgotten. Along with it will disappear the stories of history. The idea that the history of human civilization extends back only 10,000 years is a pure Atlantean invention, honoring the beginning of their evil plan to reinvent themselves as New Europeans, to live in the New World, and so on. Guess what? There was an old world. Africans, Asians, Nordics, and the brown-skinned Mirian people, who scattered around the world when their own continent was flooded about 40,000 years ago, all hold records of the truth, if the Atlantean royal descendants haven’t snuck into their record rooms and destroyed them or stolen them already. The Creator made the human species about four million years ago, as an advanced primate body that would be capable of housing a creatively-willed soul. Before that, the so-called Entity Souls or Creative Souls had lived on Earth in androgynous bodies that were more energy than flesh, for about three million years. Up until seven million years ago, the story goes, Entity Souls were floating around Earth both in a joyful way and a meddlesome way. The Entity Souls themselves had been created around the time of Earth beginning to fill with simple life forms. Earth was not the only planet the Creator had made or put into motion. Entity Souls, begun as a trillion sparks of the Creator’s being, are free to explore and interact with all aspects of the universe, and can live physical lives in any of the Entity Soul Vehicles designed by the creator to let us live and learn, feel and fail, until we are satisfied that the soul will always suffer due to the nature of separation and isolation from our source, the Creator.

The birth of Jesus is celebrated by goodhearted Christians today because they feel that Jesus helped the people of the Earth to be more loving unto one another, which feels good to the human soul, a being made of the energy of accepting and appreciating all things, as our true Creator does and is.

Unfortunately, in this one sentence I’ve just written – ‘The birth of Jesus is celebrated by goodhearted Christians today because they feel that Jesus helped the people of the Earth to be more loving unto one another, which feels good to the human soul, a being made of the energy of accepting and appreciating all things, as our true Creator does and is.’ – there are many code words that make the Atlanteans feel they control the Earth and are worshiped for it.

‘the birth of Jesus’ – when Augustus Caesar, after likely murdering all of his own infant sons, decided to proclaim the heirs to his royal throne by adopting his grandsons, Gaius and Lucius, at the time of Lucius’ birth

‘celebrated’ – this means we show our approval of the Atlantean ‘stars’, their ‘celebrities’, who often have blond hair, a sign of their success in breeding with the true owners of Europe, the Nordic people, and the large arching nose they have kept as their one cherished piece of proof that they still have Atlantean genes, after having to hide, disguise, or eliminate their reddish-brown skin color, their native Atlantean language, and their culture and rituals

‘goodhearted’ – we use expressions like this without realizing that the word ‘good’ is giving approval for the ‘gods’ of Atlantis, and the concept of love being shown as a heart is a reference to the Atlantean ritual of removing the heart from a living being and eating it (the true ‘color’ of love, as represented by the heart chakra of the human soul, is green)

‘Christians’ – every time this word is used, an Atlantean hears the public approval of the mummified kings of Atlantis and their fondness for being dipped in chemicals so they can ‘keep’ their body in the afterlife, instead of fertilizing the soil like normal people; a Christian is, unfortunately, an ‘Anoint-ian’, someone who agrees with the Atlanteans’ self-proclaimed right to rule people by whatever sick, unnatural methods they choose

‘today’ – the days of the week and the months of the year have kept the names of ancient myths, rituals, rulers, and numbers because the ancient people who came up with them are still in charge of how we spend our days and even of how we think of time (you can tell you’ve been brain-washed by Atlanteans if you feel powerless as a person, especially if you feel powerless to decide for yourself how to live your life, and powerless to fight back in order to protect yourself and those you care about)

‘Jesus’ – the name Lucius Caesar was forced to use, Yesho, when he was pushed by his conspiring Roman family to enter into Jewish culture and to pretend to fulfill the prophesy about a Messiah, meant ‘Bowl of Life’ in the culture of Jewish magic, thus the search for the Holy Grail is the search to attain a human body capable of performing magic/‘natural’ miracles such as healing illness, communicating with the dead, possessing inner truth and wisdom, and thus ‘getting’ fame, wealth, power, and a lasting legacy

note: It also is a play on words, signifying what Jesus’ and Christianity’s roles would be in the Atlanteans’ scheme. ‘Yah’ was the Egyptian name for the Moon God, which represented the feminine energy, originally. ‘Shua’ was a Babylonian name for the Sky God, which was the Mirian (and later the ancient Turkish) idea of the Creator as having the sky for its face, and the sun and the moon as its eyes. Therefore, ‘Yesho’ being altered into Yahshua was a statement that he would be used as an alternative to the aggressively male energy of the sun-worshiping Romans. Christianity is feminine (passive, nurturing, and receptive) with a large helping of the original Mirian spiritual understandings. Because of this, Christianity can be a wonderfully healing source of wisdom and truth. The name Jesus was further altered through Greek, Latin, and finally English. Interestingly, its final form is made by alternating sounds from ‘Julius’ and ‘Caesar’, i.e., J + aes (eez) +us = Jesus.

‘loving’ – the true translation of the English word ‘love’ is ‘the Great Work of the Father-God of the (Royal) House (of Atlantis)’, from the concept of the egg containing all of life, a metaphor for the life’s work of a great person; altered after ‘Jove’, which is short for Jove-pater or Jupiter, meaning God-Father; combined with the Nordic word for ‘roof’, as in, the Atlanteans covered themselves with white skin to shelter themselves from everyone’s hatred, and instead became the beloved rulers of Europe

As shocking as it may be for any previously unaware person to begin to grasp the massive impact the Atlanteans have had on the modern world, it’s important to keep in mind that there is a limit to their power. Every time a baby is born, the truth of its human nature and the nature of its soul is contained within it. The Atlanteans may try to poison it, scare it, fool it, damage it, or destroy it, but they can’t take human nature out of humans. Every human has the ability to do one amazingly powerful thing: Be silent. It’s that simple. Just for a moment, when you’re in a quiet place. If a person simply becomes still, then breathes slowly and deeply, an odd thing will happen. They will calm down, be able to know without thinking, and feel something that can’t be described with words but is so wonderful and limitless and pure: the human soul.

As all Entity Souls come from the same original energy within the Creator, there is no difference in the ‘substance’ of the kindest person’s soul and the cruelest person’s soul. We are here to become trapped in lives that fool us into learning all sorts of difficult lessons we would have avoided otherwise (as souls floating around in the cosmic cosmos of benevolence) and to see if, before we die, we can find our way back to the truth!

In the words of Jesus, we may not be hearing God or a god or even a great person speaking. But if we listen with our souls, we might just hear that however his life was used when he was alive and has been used since his physical death, he was a human struggling to do the right thing in a world that made that very difficult indeed. How many rich people give away all their money because they choose to live simply, in touch with the Earth? How many beautiful celebrities set down their make-up and hairspray and luxurious clothing, because they want to live honestly as they truly are?

When Jesus is asked by the Jews if they should pay the taxes Caesar is demanding, which goes completely against the rules of their religion, or refuse to pay in protest and risk their own destruction, Jesus answers that they should give what is Caesar’s (a coin with Caesar’s picture stamped on it) to Caesar, and give to God what is God’s.

This statement quickly led the Jewish leaders to declare him a fraud and demand for him to be sentenced to death as a political criminal, because they were assuming the Messiah would have a better answer than ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ Whether he actually died on a cross, or was just put up by his fellow Romans for show, then taken down while still alive and sent off to a distant land once he’d healed, the important fact is that his being on the cross was a sign of his refusal to incite a war for the sake of being successful as a impostor Messiah. The reason why the Catholic church has kept Lucius Caesar up on that cross all these years, starving, naked, and bleeding, is because he really, really disappointed them. All he had to do was say, Refuse to pay! Your religion is worth dying for! Declare war!

Instead he said quietly, You know what? Money doesn’t matter. It’s just a stupid illusion. A piece of metal with a picture, a name, and a number. It’s as pretend as this stupid religion. Nothing is worth killing for. Nothing is even worth telling one lie for. I’m done. The Creator knows what’s real. The soul knows what’s real. Done is done.

He was stressed-out and tired of living a lie, throwing up his hands in painful exasperation at the crushing conflict in genuinely wanting to help people find spiritual truth while having to hide the truth of who he really was: Lucius Caesar, the second-born grandson of Augustus, forced by his family, by an entire lost continent of folks who don’t know when to quit, to con his way onto a throne that didn’t belong to him.

An interesting thing happened after the crucifiction. Gaius and Lucius got themselves written into ‘The History of the British Kings’ as, you guessed it, British kings. Ludus and Cassivalaunus were living in a castle with their wives and families when, years later, Julius Caesar showed up to invade Britain. The timing of this isn’t quite right, of course, as Julius Caesar was Augustus Caesar’s great-uncle (though Julius made Augustus his chosen successor by adopting him as his son). But let’s guess that the man who owns the printing press can change a date or two in the history books.

Cassivalaunus or Cass (Gaius) is the elder and Ludus or Lud (Lucius) is the younger. They are both in their forties, and are either far away from Rome through their choosing or because they have been assigned to rule over Britain. Either way, what follows is understandable as a basic family drama that might occur years after a father or grandfather forced his sons to go into the crooked family business, with terrible results. Lud refuses to see him. Cass wants to kill him. Lud’s teenaged son, perhaps bored of living on a damp and dreary island, overhears his father and uncle talking, and races to warn his grandfather (or great-grandfather) that Cass is going to kill him. Caesar prepares himself, and when a furious Cass attacks him, it’s Caesar’s guards who fight him off, injuring but not killing him. Cass manages to take Caesar’s gold sword, according to legend, but dies of his wounds within a week or two. Caesar gives up trying to talk to his bitter sons and heads for home, Lud’s son joining him, apparently tempted by the power and wealth waiting for yet another generation of Atlanteans to seize and enjoy.

And that’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

123 thoughts on “The True Story of Christmas

  1. I do consider all of the ideas you’ve presented in your post. They’re really convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for beginners. May you please extend them a little from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

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  3. Susan Maureen Brandt

    If anyone is caught up with the issues on the other site about whether Supriem is ‘real’ or not, here are some things to consider.

    Supriem, or any future anti-christ candidate, is referencing a biblical prophesy in which the devil or whomever is allowed 50 years or however long to try to rule the Earth, then at the end of that time period, Jesus or whomever comes and saves all the good people, and the bad people disappear or whatever. If this is a con, it works by using hope and belief to make good people not fight against bad people for fifty years.

    As I’ve said, I’ve seen much evidence that the Bible is both a con job, and yet is also a true spiritual document, both at the same time.

    But to make things even more complicated, any info coming out about Supriem being a Rockefeller or not, could either be evidence of the truth, or just evidence that someone is sitting behind the scenes, making people waste their time going back and forth over conflicting information.

    Think of all the set-ups like this before – Who is the father of Anna Nicole’s baby? Is it him or him? Was her son killed or not? Back and forth, back and forth. Of all the issues in the past several decades, which have we actually solved and THEN that solution led to life on Earth getting better? Can anyone even think of ONE? I’d love to hear what it is. Otherwise, it looks like a tactic of whomever is behind the scenes, um, yanking our collective chain, just making us waste minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year, being distracted by carefully set up ‘riddles’ that are designed to have no meaning or solution. Same as tv shows, video games. I’ve got to hand it to them, they’ve saved themselves having to defend their castles and mansions or terrible crimes by distracting the masses into forgetting there’s anything to fight against. Meanwhile, true activists get suckered into working for con-job charities that, again, only help a tiny bit while things elsewhere get much worse! That’s world peace, for you.

    So just because he’s now being revealed to be a fake, don’t fall for the trick, supposedly done with Clinton and Hitler, of a bloodline person being hidden by ‘planting’ them in a poor or uneducated background, or giving them some jail time. Did you watch that movie last year with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson? There is nothing in the allegations about Supriem being fake, that couldn’t have been set up to lead people to that conclusion. I thought the most realistic-sounding aspect of Wes’ book was how erratic and ‘hard to control’ Supriem was. Maybe he’s the result of brain-programming and abuse pushed past a ‘manageable’ limit. Of course they would go too far, if that’s what they’re doing.

    There are people who can plan these things for decades. The simplest way to answer the question of whether Supriem is real, is to look at the real result he’s having on the present. People are wasting their time arguing about him. That means they are not spending that time trying to realize more about how the modern world has affected them in deep and harmful ways, all the time, since they were a baby.

    The wisest thing is to dismiss nothing, but instead start looking for what each possibility represents TO YOU, in the context of your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This is the ultimate way to instantly change the world for the better by revealing the truth – reveal the truth about yourself, to yourself, FIRST.

    For example, when I look at a picture of Supriem, I get a strong feeling that it’s frightening when people look psychologically damaged and emotionally unhealthy. That’s because in my own life, I have a theme of wanting everyone to find their own natural, true state of being. I have spent many years finding that for myself, first, then trying to help others, but it always worked the best if I kept looking at it as a way to learn more about myself, my own flaws, problems, contradictions, etc. Then I was able to help people have breakthrough discoveries that over the years they have given me a lot of joy to see the lasting effects of. But only because it wasn’t about egotistically trying to change others, but letting myself go into a process of learning more myself through finding ways to help others get what they needed.

    Yet for someone else, Supriem might make them feel worried about something, or disbelieving. Why is that? What can it tell you about yourself? Unless you want to be like a dog running around in circles your whole life, chasing your tail simply because when you chase it, it gives you something to chase, this is really important and worthwhile to take a few minutes to do. The only risk is that it will make you smarter about yourself, and better able to make decisions that actually get you what you want. It will also make you less easy to fool.

    Another way to look at this argument going on and on about Supriem and Wes, is that it is all in the future and without any substance or consequence right now, unless people are being hurt or harmed by him, and is possibly about nothing more than tangling up our thoughts on unknowable things.

    What is real right now is the job you work at, the brand of computer you are using, the books and magazines and newspapers you read, whether you are ill or healthy, what films you go see, how you handle your relationships with your friends and family and co-workers, whether you have chosen to have children or not and whether you are caring for them in a nurturing and healthy way or paying others to look after them.

    That is all in the present, and is about whether you are living a healthy and happy life in which you make the best of difficult events by growing wiser, or are distracted and manipulated into putting yourself or your children in a situation where someone could harm them or raise them to be useful for profit, and use their energy making useless or harmful things rather than seeing clearly how their talents can be used for changing the world for the better.

    A long time ago I realized that there is no difference between a factory owner and the workers, they are both just people, one body for each, one lifetime to live, except that the factory workers have agreed to give the owner the gift of their time and energy. The money the factory owner gives them back is just a ticket to buy back a little bit of the Earth’s free gifts. Free.

    It has been hard for me to not get sucked into trying to figure out Wes and Supriem, but it is now occurring to me that it’s wasted time to try to figure out the FUTURE. There is enough proof that the present is not something humans would choose for themselves if allowed a choice. So I would rather spend my time now trying to get people thinking about what they would choose and work together on.

    Please take some time to look in books and newspapers and magazines in your own home, and try to see them for what they are. Are they honest and wise and helpful, or like people tricking you by giving you a little of something you like with a lot of lies, temptations, and trickery.

    Then ask yourself, could I accept a life that was simpler and more natural, in order to let the Earth heal for a while? Would I be happy if all the polluting factories just shut down, and we had no more new goods and gadgets, but were allowed access to plenty of food, and used our time finding ways to re-use what has already been made, and entertained ourselves with our friends and children and other relationships, talking with each other about the events we have lived through, helping each other figure out the puzzles of human life, or just enjoyed relaxing and laughing with each other and letting go of the message that life is about work, work, work, get, get, get, money, money, money, fear, fear, fear?

    There is a good book by Hugo Bonjean called The Eyes of Anahita. He was a corporate executive who had a series of revelations while traveling around Peru, about how easy it actually is to have a very happy life. That is something anyone reading this can work on proving or disproving TODAY. You will be the proof when tomorrow you feel happier or not.

    Please remember that prophesies have been predicting things for a very long time. Many people have been suckered by them many times, and the world has not ended and there hasn’t been one very charismatic leader the whole world bowed to. But there have been a lot of power-hungry people who have got off on having large numbers of people run this way and that way. Yes, life can be a bit boring when you just face that it goes on and on. But nobody minds that when they are falling in love, or making a happy child laugh at a silly joke, or enjoying some wonder of nature, or having some amazing ‘coincidence’ happen that feels like a miraculous blessing. So there are healthy, wise ways to make life not boring at all while still being healthy.

    Apart from the actual astronomical fact of this 2012 ‘tipping’ to the farthest point on one side, after which we will ‘tip’ for thousands of years to the farthest point on the other side, maybe the prophesies rising before us are only meant to make us stop and think about the difference between the present and the future – the present is a thing you, RIGHT NOW, with your actions today, can affect and watch happening around you, but the future is a time best known for being when people say to themselves, “I wish I had lived differently,” or “I should have been wiser and more loving and brave”, or “I could have made a really good difference to the true health of human life on earth, but I didn’t even try because I was too busy trying to guess what might happen in the future.”

    All the best,

    1. carolks

      Well Susan, You wrote a beautiful piece. I must say it was brilliant. You took a lot of time and it was a good way to begin my day. As always,we are very grateful to Wes for having the courage to show us cyber-spacers, something we could only find here.

      Supriem was just another mirror to look into.

      Most of us realize, “When we are reformed the whole world is reformed”KS

      Wes always ends with, “Look to your own self”

      Thanks again for the wonderful piece!!!!!

  4. Susan Maureen Brandt

    After reading some comments on a European website about my article, alongside the theory of Reptilian aliens controlling the Earth, I feel it’s important to compare the basic theories of Reptilians with my theories about the Atlanteans.

    When I first read about Reptilians last year, I forced myself to be completely open-minded to their possible existence and secret control of world governments. I read everything about it I could find, on every side of the issue. At the time, I didn’t know anything about the Atlantean conspiracy yet, other than from reading very pro-Atlantis supposedly-channeled accounts. I was still hunting around to figure out who was behind the Freemasons and Illuminati. (When I read people’s concerns that David Icke was being tricked with that account of the Queen shape-shifting into a giant lizard, I Googled his last name and found that he has possible connections both to American military families, and the whole rugby/semen/cannibalism/Catholic/Jesuit/missionary/Fiji/South Pacific/pedophile/anthropology mess. As for the Queen, I’m sure she certainly does seem different when she’s attending strange rituals, but maybe it’s just because she’s hopped up on adrenalin and sex, not actually magically changing species. As for the videos of lizard eyes, I thought they were amazing until I noticed they were all slightly out of focus, and even when the person’s head was slightly tipped, the pupil-slits of their eyes remained vertical. I happen to wear glasses, and on a hunch, I went and looked at my own eyes in the mirror, slowly backing away so my vision became blurry – instant creepy reptilian eyes. The whole point is to take something which has been whispered about for thousands of years, that the rich and wealthy participate in spooky ceremonies at night where they wear dark robes with hoods and worship skulls, drink blood, and sacrifice humans with or without having sex with them first. So there has always been a need for disinformation making fun of silly people who dream this stuff up, or paranoid/delusional maids who claim to have heard screams in the attic for some crazy reason, or questionable people who ‘claim’ to have been abducted and impregnated by aliens. I was watching an old movie called Dragonwick (which means ‘all-seeing people’ town) a month or so ago, and the whole point seemed to make you feel that something awful was happening up in the tower room. When the young innocent wife finally goes to see, the aristocratic husband says, “Were you expecting skulls and to find me drinking blood (or something like that)? No, I’m a drug addict, my dear. That’s all.” So there is a constant push to make any of us who figure it out and want to take a stand look ridiculous. Did you know that when Freud started asking hysterical women what was really wrong, they all said that their brothers and fathers had raped them. So Freud wrote a paper explaining his amazing discovery. But whoever the official review board was, they told him no, no, no. Find another explanation. So he wrote a new paper saying that they were hysterical because they so badly WISHED they could have sex with their brothers and father. When I first read about that, the explanation was that such a high prevalence of sexual abuse was too much for people to cope with, so they rejected it as impossible and looked for another, less disturbing explanation. But NOW I’d say that the review board were simply protecting the culture they loved. Either the women were from active bloodline families, or they were from families of the Atlantean children who hadn’t stayed long enough to receive their full training/perks, had wandered away and simply done to their children what was done to them, but without the full mind-programming that causes it to lead to superhumans, rather than just emotionally-destroyed abuse victims. (Sexual abuse is so devastating because it creates a biological fear within the child’s subconscious that they no longer qualify as a desirable mate – the same mechanism behind the advertising-encouraged desire of adults to have hair with the same sheen and texture as the hair of little children, and to have thin hipless bodies like preteens, and to have the rosy lips and cheeks of youngsters – all these are signs that a body is young, healthy, and therefore a waiting prize for the first person who mates with it. It might sound strange, but that’s how the human brain thinks. The devastation of suffering ‘shameful’ sexual abuse is as affecting as parents enduring the death of a child. The human body is a biological system with one true goal: successful reproduction of healthy offspring who live long enough to produce healthy offspring themselves. (We haven’t ‘evolved’ beyond that, although we’re capable of ‘thinking’ with our soul instead. The body is 100% animal and ruled by instinct, the soul is 100% spiritual and guided by unconditional love for all beings, with a physical brain connecting the two and trying to figure out what on earth to do. First, it fools us into thinking we’re one thing.) If we fail at any aspect of the perfect mating scenario, we feel an intense and inescapable biologically-based grief, which will last until death unless the person can consciously understand this and make the switch to being conscious from the point of view of their soul instead, and see life from the soul’s much different perspective.) (Did this effect lead the Atlanteans to choose sexual abuse as the best way to destroy cultures they didn’t like or want? In the form of sending Catholic priests who had been trained to be pedophiles, to run First Nations schools and anywhere else they could get large groups of children together to torture and have sex with. Look at the end result. Huge amounts of people are sad, scared, and damaged, which makes it hard for them to empower their own children. Dr. Frankenstein wants us all to be little Igors, deformed and frightened and obedient, while he creates his perfect ‘innocent’ monster/killing machine. In the eighties, the same thing happened, all these people coming out and saying they had split personalities from ritual abuse. The natural reaction was to listen in horror, then turn the channel and try to forget about it. Then the whole ‘false memory’ thing came out, and the media acted satisfied. The truth is, they revealed the abuse to make it a thing ‘already revealed’, which takes the power out of future revelations. Then they took even more power out of it by saying it was all made-up. And they will never stop denying the truth and double-victimizing whoever they have to, unless they are somehow forced into another strategy, perhaps because enough people stand up and shout about it all, or the Atlanteans start bleeding out huge losses themselves? They’ve kept inching Christianity along to please the masses, so we know they’re flexible.)

    I gradually found more and more evidence that ALL aspects of the Reptilian story can be accounted for by something else a wee bit more down-to-Earth. When I later found that everything unlocks with the Atlantean ‘key’, I could see that the Reptilian story might be nothing more than a fictionalized and terrifying re-telling of the Atlanteans’ biography, with the added benefit that with hologram technology, already used twice in the past month (in both the Norway spiral and the Russian triangle spaceship, you can see the beam of light coming from a projector on the ground – also, the spiral can be found in Atlantean-culture stone-carvings and the triangle is an upside-down pyramid, a symbol of Atlantean Royalty’s ability to ‘preserve’ their dead and maintain their ‘immortality’ through their inbred descendants), the Atlanteans can scare us all into believing bad aliens are attacking us AND already controlling us, which is more of the same: Atlanteans trying to convince all normal people that they have no personal power and shouldn’t bother even trying to rebel or fight back.

    They want us to deeply, deeply believe passive resistance is the best way to protest, if we decide to protest at all. I was stunned when I read something saying that Ghandi was in on it. That was really upsetting. But just like Jesus and Martin Luther King, these people have appeared at times when an oppressed people were starting to plan a violent rebellion, which means a lot of Atlantean-insiders are potentially going to have to stop their parties and hedonistic rituals and wealth-collecting to have to fight for their lives.

    Caesar would much rather have spent his day doing what he liked and screwing whoever he chose, rather than having an angry mob break into his bedroom and beat him up. One feels good and the other feels bad. So they will go to any length to not be subject to violent attacks by normal people who are tired of the whole planet being an unfair scheme to make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful, and the poor and weak even poorer and weaker.

    Of course, if normal people rise up and start attacking everyone in positions of wealth and power, there will sadly be a lot of normal people dying. By some accounts, the Atlanteans wouldn’t mind the population getting as low as half a billion. And the millions that would be left would be the most passive, dumb, and non-agressive. Hence, we will have bred ourselves to be their genetically programmed slaves, if you understand natural (and unnatural) selection. BUT, if the normal people actually win and manage to kick the Atlanteans out of power (power of one person over another shouldn’t even exist), those of us who are certain enough and strong enough to be willing to fight them and actually survive would contribute to a future population of humans on Earth who are willing and able to keep Earth fair, and who want to try to share it equally amongst all people. Is that a crazy dream? Let’s take a world-wide vote and find out what people are willing to work towards, together. We all have talents for a reason. With even a billion or two working to make it happen, the hard work might even be fun. And no more totally annoying MEDIA or INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION or LIES or STARVATION.

    I can guarantee one thing – if the Atlanteans are kept away from their rituals for long enough, they’re going to be begging to make a truce. These people may have been brain-washed since they were little by their parents (no, that’s right, their parents traded them with other parents or just dropped them off at army headquarters to be tortured), but as we’ve all read, brain-washing eventually breaks down. I actually feel sorry for the Dick Cheneys of the world – can you imagine waking up one morning, an entire planet of people hate you, your wealth is gone, your body is ill and in constant pain, you’ve killed and tortured millions, you’ve made sick monsters out of your children, and pretty soon you’re going to die and find yourself in the spiritual realm where everyone sees and knows everything about you. And you’ve got nothing to do for thousands of years but think about what a jerk you were, when you had the power AT EVERY MOMENT to be a true hero and stop an evil plan that hurts and hurts and hurts billions of your fellow humans.

    NOTE: I can’t prove the Reptilian story is not true, and if anyone finds some way to prove they are and get rid of them, that would be great! But on the chance it’s just a tall tale…

    Theory one: There is a race of reptile-like aliens who either created Earth and the human species, or simply have controlled it for over 100,000 years, and who need our energy, blood, adrenalin, body parts, slave labor, etc, to survive on Earth. They attack people while sleeping in their beds in a manner similar to the demon, succubus, and evil-spirit attacks of the past. They keep large numbers of people and gruesome experiments in underground cages, to brainwash them into being slaves or simply to harvest living substances from them. They shove metal implants up people’s noses that scientists say are not made of earth-based metals, and they impregnate women with strange DNA and then come back later to steal the fetus. Animals and humans end up mutilated with organs missing through the use of laser-like cutting devices. They’re mean to any nice aliens who try to help humans learn the truth about how they can save their planet and clean up the environment. They hide their bases in underground caves, under mountains, or inside a hollow Earth.

    Theory two: The Atlantean race, after aggressively annoying the other four human races for over 100,000 years, lost their continent and had to travel to other continents in order to survive as a race. However, they were so hated and well-known, and now had few resources to fund the large-scale war that would be necessary to take over another race’s continent by force, that they had to erase their Creator-given appearance by breeding with all four other races and wiping out evidence that Atlantis ever existed, creating four new groups of Royal Atlanteans. They created walled cities to protect their gold and wealth, and underground storage (pyramids, Jerusalem, etc.) to hide their books and records, then set about slaughtering anyone who resisted or figured out their plan, by sneaking around at night. To keep up their energy, they had to rely on drinking the blood of their terrified victims, an easy kill while asleep in their beds, fueling themselves with the adrenalin in the panicking victim’s blood. By sexually abusing their children from a young age, they created hyper-sexual people who therefore would keep fighting and killing much longer than any normal, healthy, sane person would. And for what? To avoid being humbled and taking responsibility for their past actions and finally just doing their chores like everyone else.

    (In a sexually aroused state, mammals’ thoughts become sexually obsessed, they lose any sense that their body is being injured or their health endangered, they can lose their appetite for food for days, and are able to stay awake and sustain strenuous physical activity for long periods of time, until their body judges that impregnation has resulted – so if the sex is homosexual or orgasm is delayed, and bloody violence has been connected in the mind with male-female intercourse, the perfect Atlantean soldier will fight until it dies, because its whole physical system has been tricked into thinking it’s involved in one long sexual act that has yet to payoff in successful reproduction.)

    So, point for point, the two theories are very similar. The Atlanteans like to inject people with small metal devices for tracking, etc. The idea of an evil group being banished or wrecking their own planet and having to find someone else’s planet for refuge, and then taking it over through secret enslavement, is not much different than an evil group wrecking their own continent and having to cross oceans to conquer another one through secret enslavement. The idea of fallen angels may have something to do with Atlanteans having had the technology to fly in airships at the height of their golden age, or maybe that’s a myth. If it’s true that the Atlanteans had a personal make-up that let them access spiritual knowledge while using it for increasingly aggressive purposes, then it’s likely that contained in their underground storage units are instructions for all sorts of technology that they’ve had to pretend they are gradually discovering. For instance, Howard Hughes, from a nasty Atlantean bloodline family, was obsessed with, and able to, push the technology of air travel until it was cheap and common. His famous fight with TWA was probably a set-up, to distract people from wondering how he got his ideas. Isaac Newton figured out a zillion things from an apple hitting him on the head (a red apple is a symbol for an Atlantean testicle, so it could be a metaphor that he was willing to suck a lot of Royal Society c—, in exchange for being given ancient Atlantean documents describing calculus, etc.) and he also got in a quarrel with Liebnitz who seemed to get the same idea at the same time. The same thing happened with Darwin and others. What do they do? Give the technology they want revealed to two people and then let them fight it out, which 1. makes it seem possible that people can just figure this stuff out suddenly, because it’s happening all over the place, and 2. provides a cover for the Atlanteans handing the info to the chosen person, who can’t explain how he figured it out. They get that argument going so fast people don’t know which way to look, and get busy picking sides, which is just a lot of distraction from the conversation that should be happening:

    Question: So how did you figure this stuff out, (Newton, Einstein, Hughes)?

    Answer: I had a dream, and an apple hit me on the head, etc.

    Question: No, really. How did you figure it out SO WELL that you could have the confidence to test it out yourself and risk the embarrassment of being wrong, or even risk your life and the lives of others?

    Answer: Um…

    Question: Are you connected to an Atlantean conspiracy to reintroduce ancient technology slowly to create the appearance that we’re gradually progressing and evolving from cavemen to brilliant scientists over several thousand years, in an effort to hide that humans have actually existed in a highly intelligent, spiritually-wise form for four MILLION years, and the only thing that changed ten thousand years ago is that Atlantis finished sinking and the Atlanteans weren’t happy with receiving such a humiliating punishment?

    Answer: I’ve never heard such crazy stories about this…this Atlantis.

    Question: Really? Then why did you aspire to be the first to cross the ATLANTIC, and claim to get your ideas from the most common symbol of Atlantean royal heredity, the APPLE, and why did you call it the AT-om-IC bomb when there were many names, oceans, and types of fruit to choose from? Was someone threatening you if you didn’t do it?

    Answer: No comment.

    One awful thing is that the creation and control of demons may be very real, and was likely developed by ‘white wizards’, either Nordics using black magic to fight off Atlanteans, or Atlanteans/Nordic/Mirians who were looking for an alternative to the problems with training armies. For anyone who cares, there’s a theory that all things are made of love-energy and contained within God’s imagination. While this is yet another easy metaphor for the Atlanteans making everything by thinking it up in their imagination, there’s a deeper truth, I hope. Evil energy is just love that’s been resisted or twisted around into a form that seems to be anger, hate, etc. Everyone has the potential to absorb ‘bad’ energy and allow it to return to love as it flows through them, which in theory doesn’t cause any harm if the process involves no resistance. So even if we find ourselves facing a thousand hologram spaceships tomorrow, and the microchips implanted by the flu-vaccines start beeping like crazy, and demons seem to be pulling out our hair, there is always this original, true energy to return to. I know it sounds like new-age craziness, or like I’m even saying now that not resisting is good. But it’s more about accepting that the basic nature of Earth is conflict, or the contradiction of equal truths. Our animal brain wants there to be one answer, but there’s always two. If a person can allow the two opposite-but-true truths to both be true, then you have both aspects of energy flowing around within you, the male and female, yin and yang. It’s not about saving the world, but it’s also not about sitting around letting someone destroy it. Find an inner wordless balance that can open itself to all truths, even those that contradict each other and seem to prove each other impossible, and THEN let a decision come to you about how to act. Like the Mirians, some of us will work to save ourselves and some will simply witness the events as they occur. Neither is right or wrong, good or bad.

    I hope this frees some good people from the whole Reptilian terror-program. I’ve noticed that people who believe it and write websites about it seem to need to hold onto something else to comfort them, and this is usually the Bible and intense Christianity. Surprise, the Atlanteans are just scaring more people back to their church. Church and circus and circle all have the same word origin. Do you want to go around and around like this? Or is it time we each got brave enough to accept that the only thing you can trust in life is that YOU are experiencing your own existence, whatever that is. By choosing to go inside of your SELF to find the truth, you will find answers based on the one thing you can truly trust, your feelings. No, I am not getting my information from low-frequency messages being blasted into my head. I’m forever being interrupted by normal life, and picking up the conversation ten or fifteen minutes later, or an hour, or a few days later, or when I’m on holiday in a forest where cell phones don’t work and you have to stand on a woodpile on the beach to even get a satellite phone to connect. Why would they send out visions that reveal the truth about their giant hoax?


    (P.S. I recently realized Jack and the Beanstalk, or Jack the Giant Killer, is about Atlanteans.

    Jack loves his cow – The Atlanteans love their golden bull, the passive god who saves and protects them instead of destroying them like the goat-Creator did

    Jack and his mother are running out of resources because the giant who lives in a castle up on a cloud has stolen it from them in the past – The Atlanteans love to pretend they’re a victim of some past injustice, and thus have a good reason for attacking someone who is actually innocent, so yes, the Nordics in their northern kingdoms did have a lot of resources, but that’s because they were living on their Creator-given continent with their fair share they’d worked hard to maintain

    Instead of being sensible and giving up the cow in exchange for money to buy food with, Jack believes the magic beans are a good trade – The Atlanteans had to publicly give up their red skin and disgusting religion, but instead of simply accepting they were going to have to be a part of the whole work/money/food lifestyle like everyone else, they turned to ‘magic’ methods (illusions, propaganda, elaborate cons, chemicals, and manipulating human spiritual energy) to get into a position to steal from the giant people up north (the Nordics, Neanderthals, Dorsets, etc. – the Atlanteans probably launched an intentional campaign to kill all the ‘giant’ nordics, that is, the tallest of them, leaving only the ‘little’ people, represented by elves, fairies, and pixies, though they probably bred with the tallest Nordic princesses first. John or Jack has an etymology that implies it’s a name for a generic Atlantean knight, thus Jack the Giant killer.)

    Oh, I forgot to mention something about the Reptilian theory! The Atlantean Royalty represent themselves as serpents who creep like a red skin infection spreading across white skin, or as a red dragon. So the tales of Dragons who steal princesses and hold them captive in caves is telling of the Atlantean royals abducting tall blond Nordic princesses to breed with, and the brave Nordics who desperately tried to save their countrywomen from such a nightmare. So the tall Reptilian aliens are therefore a metaphor for royal Atlanteans who still drink blood and eat flesh from terrorized victims, and honor the ancient Atlantean ritual dates with human sacrifices, which is why they have cages of abducted people and people who are the results of their creepy Nazi/Nasa experiments…While I’m being disorganized, I’ve been struggling for months to figure out who the Phoenicians really were, as Europa is said to have been a Phoenician princess. One book I read pointed out that Finnish is a phonetic match, but a few weeks ago it suddenly struck me that Venician, or someone from Venice, also sounds the same, as well as sounding like Venusian, an alien from Venus (ha ha). Then yesterday I felt like an idiot because I was staring at the word Phoenix and realized it’s a perfect match, Phoenixian! Thus, someone who is part of this group that is self-created, periodically gets burned up/destroyed (actually they set their own capital city on fire every 500 or 600 years), then rises from the ashes (actually the head honchos just relocate ahead of time). The American Eagle was originally a Phoenix, of course, until it was discreetly adapted to an actual native species (reality! nature! how shocking!).

    The rest of Jack and the Beanstalk is just the natural outcome of how they’ve set up the story. I was clued into this interpretation of it by something I read in an annotated version of The Wizard of Oz. The author and illustrator wanted to make a children’s story that was less violent and nightmarish than children’s fairy tales were at the time. The illustrator, Denslow, clued me in with this comment:

    “See what a perfectly outrageous thing is Jack and the Bean-Stalk. A lad gains admittance to a man’s house under false pretense, through lying and deceit, imposing on the sympathy of the man’s wife, then he commits theft upon theft. He is a confidence man, a sneak-thief, and a burglar. After which, when the man attempts to defend his property, he is slain by the hero, who not only commits murder, but mutilates the corpse, much to the delight of his mother.”

    The biography of Frank Baum, the writer of The Wizard of Oz, which is well-known for being used for mind-control torture in children unlucky enough to be born into military/bloodline families (I was researching Sally Field last night, poor woman), helped solve a puzzle for me. We all know how kids like to rebel against their parents. How, I wondered, have the hereditary Atlanteans managed to get their kids to follow this very specific, very unsavory plan? Baum followed an interesting pattern of heading out into the world, trying to get a scheme going, then running out of money and, to pay the bills, he always seemed able to quickly get a job at a newspaper. Then he’d try another scheme, then back to a newspaper job. Once he hit upon writing children’s stories and they were successful on a small scale, then he instantly had a big publisher interested. So I think what they do is teach all of their children about their family history while doing their best to mind-control them into accepting it as good and real, then encourage competition and promise support for whoever finds the best pro-Atlantean scheme. But they leave it up to the child to find their own way, and prove that it’s a good idea. In the same way, the ones that want to be actors have to prove they’re willing and able to be likable and attractive while playing very weird early roles (supernatural mysteries – Kevin Costner in the psychic gambler movie, Robin Williams in Mork and Mindy, Drew Barrymore in Firestarter ; split personalities/ insane – Sally Field in Sybil, Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon, James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, Tom Hanks in Dungeons and Dragons; brain-damaged – Leonardo DiCaprio in that one with the fat mother and Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis, Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot, Emily Watson in Breaking the Waves; thieves – Gwyneth Paltrow in her first film, Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise (combined with older woman, younger man); bloodthirsty killers – Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List, Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis in Kalifornia, George Clooney in From Dusk til Dawn (though Return of the Killer Tomatoes counts in the first category), with, yes, Juliette Lewis and Harvey Kietel – Taxi Driver starred him and Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster, as a pimp (like Tom Cruise in Risky Business), lunatic, and whore, which reminds me of Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby with Susan Sarandon, and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with Richard Gere, who played a male prostitute himself in American Gigolo! And then Jodie Foster played a gang-rape victim, then a person ‘hunting down’ a cannibalistic serial killer – see how that makes the audience cheer for the killing of a human just because we’ve been told they’re very, very bad? What if it’s a lie?). After that, they get glamorizing roles and get to enjoy the perks of celebrity, then it’s back to weirdo Atlantean fables, which their fanbase from the attractive roles will support (Waterworld – Kevin Costner; Edward Scissorhands – Johnny Depp; Brad Pitt – Legends of the Fall; George Clooney – Batman and Robin. And another category is historical revision/ biopics, that make us like all sorts of terrible Atlantean leaders and mindslave worker-bees, like Woody Harrelson playing the Penthouse Founder (why did I fall for that crap that he had no connection to his JFK murdering father?!? AAARGH! And his wife was the real-life wife of mind-control victim Kurt Cobain, whose parents were psychiatrists, weren’t they?), or anyone playing an American President, or writers who of course didn’t write novels with Atlantean themes on purpose, or supposed crime-fighters like Elliot Ness and Jim Garrison. Thanks, Kevin Costner, for those heroic performances of people who didn’t even change anything except their facial features from happiness to innocent shock!

    Last week I suddenly realized why very realistic acting and special effects are so important to them – they’ve been essentially making ‘fake’ snuff films and ‘fake’ child porn under the guise of exploring ‘important issues’, or inviting us to watch their beautiful young princes and princesses, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, mating on film for the whole world to stand and stare at, then exposing their soon-to-be tortured babies on magazine covers (the adopted ones are already partly traumatized, and the parents feel less of a protective bond – there always seems to be a new movie project for these new mothers to go work on, so their babies have to be left with someone else, and they have to stop breastfeeding and bonding early on). Then the ‘stars’ just have to act like they suddenly don’t like the idea of media attention affecting their children, and we all think, Poor you, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt, that the babies you dangle over balconies for the glorification of the Atlantean Empire are maybe not enjoying it that much. Oh well, once their conscious mind is successfully split by letting them be raped and tortured at army facilities while you’re off making a movie and mating with your next cousin-lover, they won’t mind a thing.

    Kind of makes me respect the ones who stand firm on not having kids. No, that’s right, they’re not actually coming out and saying the truth about WHY they don’t want to see their own babies tortured, George Clooney and Oprah. But who knows? It occurred to me yesterday that Prince William came out so perfect (as opposed to being, say, an ugly girl), maybe they did this – when Diana got pregnant, they quickly impregnated several surrogates with fertilized embryos made from Charles’ sperm and Diana’s eggs. At the time of birth, naturally landing on the summer solstice, of course, all three or so babies were taken out and the best one was picked. The weird thing is, I find it almost impossible to consider this sort of thing might really happen, AND YET THE TECHNOLOGY EXISTS TO DO IT. That’s how brainwashed (or human) I am, that I can’t stop wanting to see the ‘stars’ and ‘world leaders’ as saints who would never do anything dishonest or bad. Until they do. And then we’re all, Oh my gosh, How could Tiger Woods, a superhuman athlete whose father was in the army and programmed him from birth to be a golfer, rather than letting him enjoy the human right of choosing his own life path, how could HE be screwed up? Gee…

    So it’s possible. It’s possible.


  5. I can see I can’t leave you kids alone for one minute! Buy you computers with the naturally speaking dragon software and all you do is if fight with words. LOL Susan, I ask that we not talk about that anymore I think this is the most frizzled I’ve read on LF since I’ve been reading his comments.

  6. Half Educated

    I should ask how much of this is true, no offence.
    I do believe there is a substance in this story but you(anyone) have to look upon it with criticism and I do wonder whether these articles are correct or they are just reasonable theories.

    I´m just asking because I want to know, nothing else.

    1. Susan Maureen Brandt

      Yes, it’s just a theory. Actually, it’s technically only a hypothesis. I have found hundreds of small bits of very similar evidence. None of them on its own adds up to anything, but a hundred of them make me want to throw a book across the room in disgust.

      And I agree that no one should just believe what someone else says, whether they are a nobody or an expert. But if all the real evidence is hidden, all we have to go on is our own natural ability to connect with a universal knowledge. I am certain that’s why the world culture has been pushed from every community having a spirit-communicator of some sort, to being told that you’re crazy if you talk to voices. I have had such beautiful, vivid visions of our human ancestors, African, Asian, Mirian, and Nordic, feeling such warm happiness that the truth of what the Atlanteans have done is now being told. I was a cynical atheist when this began. I had no interest in ancient cultures other than liking the pyramids. Luckily, I grew up in a town where half my friends were First Nations kids, so I got a glimpse of their lives and felt moved by a deep respect I didn’t understand.

      If I could find the evidence to show you, I would. But I found most of my answers by catching the lies and omissions in ‘official’ books. History books and dictionaries are the worst. Just start reading one and see for yourself if they sound like they’ve got something to hide that has to do with Atlanteans.

      For instance, if I look up the etymology of Elizabeth, which would likely have an important meaning if my theory is true, in the dictionary I use, Webster’s NEW WORLD Dictionary, I read the following:


      from LL(Ec) Elizabetha

      from Gr(Ec) Elisabet

      from Heb elisheva, literally, God is (my) oath

      But why did the dictionary jump from -bet at the end to -va ? Well, it puts in our minds that the Queen took an oath, and she’s a Christian. That seems mild and reasonable.

      But if I look up the parts of Elizabeth separately, I find:


      from Heb, literally, God is salvation

      This puts in my mind that God saves certain things, protects them. (God save the Queen means God, keep the Queen safe.) And the second part of Elizabetha/bet is:


      L from Gr beta

      from Heb bet, literally, house

      So rather than jumping from bet to va, Elizabeth seems to be saying, or demanding,

      “God is salvation of the house” or “God Save the Royal House”.

      Remember how Hebrew isn’t actually Hebrew, it’s Babylonian? When we say Elizabeth, we’re speaking an Atlantean language, asking the Creator to not smash up the good thing they’ve got going with their Royal House. We have free will. If we all asked the Creator to get rid of the Atlantean Royals, and let everyone learn their lessons from their individual lives instead, while living in harmony with nature and each other, the Creator would give us what we asked for. But instead we’re asking to save the Atlanteans!

      I have found many cases of this, a word important to the Atlantean ‘world’ having an etymology in which letters have been changed to give a milder meaning. But if you actually read the etymologies of ALL the similar words, there always finally a direct match which has a very Atlantean meaning, like ox, red, dragon, serpent, house, defender, ruler, god, etc. It is not an accident or coincidence. They invented English to hide their truth and flaunt it at the same time. The people who make the dictionaries are very careful to accomplish both goals. A person has to use intuition and inner guidance to find the revealing answer.

      The name America is said to come from an explorer named Amerigo, but looking up the root words separately reveals Love of the Royal Ruler a more likely contender. (I read a long poem from the 1800’s in which an American woman lamented that it was supposed to have been named ‘Columbia’.)

      If you want to find some very clear evidence, look up astrotheology and how the stories in the Bible match up with the signs of the zodiac, as well as with the 2000-year eras. We just began the Age of Aquarius, which is symbolized by someone carrying water. Who ‘holds’ the water now? Is that why these evil people are buying up water rights all over the world, to honor their astrology for this year? Making people die of thirst to act out the symbols of their precious horoscope? Does any other reason REALLY make more sense?

      The period from around 0 to 2000 AD is called the Age of Pisces. This era has been dominated by Christianity and Jesus and the symbol of a fish, the symbol of Pisces.

      The period from around 2000 BC to 0 was therefore the Age of Aries, symbolized by the Ram. The old testament is very consistent in its taste for lambs being sacrificed.

      The period from around 4000 BC to 2000 BC was the Age of Taurus, continuing in order. Taurus is a bull. The Cretans, in this period, worshiped a golden bull head, as did the Egyptians and the Turks.

      In an illustrated children’s history book I have, I counted the number of times different kinds of animals appeared in the illustrations for these last two eras. This might seem crazy, but here are the numbers.

      For 35 pages covering 2000 BC to 0 (the Age of Aries, the Ram) –

      horses/donkeys: 53
      cattle/oxen/calves: 2
      sheep: 8 + several pages on the people of the Old Testament Lands
      other: 21

      For 22 pages covering 4000 BC to 2000 BC (the Age of Taurus, the Bull) –

      horses/donkeys: 3
      cattle: 32
      sheep: 0
      other: 4

      I really hope people like you who are intelligent, open-minded, and yet sensible will do some looking for yourself, rather than blindly believing what you’ve been told is real.


      1. Half Educated

        In short terms, It´s a good idea to have this information with you just in case, because the official history is so full of lies that you don´t know for sure.
        I´ll kepp that in mind. It´s really important to have a thought of your own.

  7. Susan Maureen Brandt

    Last night, I watched the movie ‘Alexander’ on the history channel. I realized I had made an error in my writing on this site to assume that traditional history connected Alexander the Great and Cleopatra as being in the same blood line. Ptolemy I, Cleopatra’s ancestor, was just his army buddy. In the movie, they specifically said that Alexander’s bloodline ended with his death, as his wife and child were subsequently killed.

    However, a few minutes of reading about him on the internet revealed an interesting tidbit – the celebration they were attending when his father was assassinated was the wedding of his sister, Cleopatra, to her mother’s brother. The movie definitely didn’t mention that. Maybe I’m making another error. I don’t even want to dig deeper, but if anyone looks for it, I’m sure you’ll find that not only was Ptolemy closely related to Alexander to begin with, but his sister Cleopatra probably had a daughter or two who ended up living in Egypt marrying a Ptolemy.

    Cleopatra means ‘famous father’. The movie following ‘Alexander’ last night on the history channel was ‘The Patriot’. Patriot has the same root word, pater, meaning father.

    But instead of going on about Atlantean-produced family-tree propaganda, I want to say something about these articles ‘Wes’ has posted about death not existing, the earth being hollow, and time travel being possible.

    First, even though it’s a good thing for people to understand that the soul is immortal in everyone, an article that tells us we won’t actually die, is used to pacify people who otherwise might get upset and want to fight to better the Earth and get it out of the bad guys’ hands right now.

    Just like the Atlanteans gave women the right to choose their own occupation, a good thing, while benefiting from increasing taxes and destroying home-based mothering, which serves their goals, the Atlanteans are also going to push hard for how great it would be if we saved the environment, a good thing, in ways that serve their goals, like getting us to let them use teleportation to terrorize and suppress rebels.

    The Atlanteans believe they are popular. They do not comprehend how deeply everything they do and stand for is completely despised and hated by people who were allowed to be raised in a fairly healthy way and to choose for themselves what to care about and what to work toward.

    So when they say that they used time-travel to tell the presidents about their future, they’re ignoring the fact that most people had stopped voting altogether because they were so disgusted by the choices. They have to take opinion polls to find out who is the least hated, but here is an opinion poll they should take –

    Make a list of all the institutions, corporations, and general crap in the word that is Atlantean-produced, and ask people, if you had the choice between living on an Earth full of all this Atlantean pollution, greed, evil, and lies, or to go live on an Earth that was back to its natural state, and the leaders were people who could work together and communicate with helpful non-physical beings to find balanced, harmonious ways to solve problems and avoid destruction, while finding a balance between individual ambition and what’s good for the group, which Earth would you choose to live on? A healthy, calm, friendly, honest, natural Earth, or this plastic, poisoned, media-polluted, disgusting Atlantean lie-filled MESS that doesn’t even allow us the ability to think clearly?

    As long as Atlanteans keep giving us poison in the form of candy, they’ll probably win. But if you remember that good, innocent people are having so much trouble figuring out what’s going on that they CANNOT come up with big, bold, ambitious plans that require billions of dollars, but Atlantean-employed people are following a script that is written for them and can be funded without limit, then maybe you will see that Wes, and the Observer, and the ‘Whistle-blower’, and the Web Bot, and the government hiding time-travel secrets, are ALL FOLLOWING THE SAME PLAN AND WORKING FOR THE SAME BOSS. That’s why they know what to do and what to say. After my article and subsequent comments were posted on this site, Wes has never commented since on any of it, even though everyone involved finds that very strange. That’s because he has no script to follow. They don’t know what to do or say about a single mom who has figured out the whole crazy Atlantean plot. So they’re saying and doing nothing.

    But I guarantee that Lonefrog will pop up after I post this and tell me I’m wrong and I better shut up. In the beginning, I thought he was just protecting his laid-back attitude, but now it’s getting obvious that he’s paid to neutralize any truly inflammatory comments, so you, the person reading through and actually starting to consider looking at the world in a VERY different way, will read him saying ‘Time to reel it in, sister,’ or threatening that my chain is going to snap me back, and then you think –

    I think I’ll go watch t.v. Or maybe get a snack. La di da.

    And the ‘world’ keeps on going.

    Well, my guess is that the only thing Wes can do to stop me is take down my article and the 100+ comments. And if he does that, he’ll look like he’s trying to hide something, not like he’s a person trying desperately to find the truth in order to STOP the awful things that keep happening to the people of Earth. Which he’s not, because he’s in on it. And Lonefrog, you can threaten me all you want. You’re standing in a house built on sand and filled with fog.

    By the way, for anyone who’s following what’s really going on, Wes’ beloved Bavarian Illuminati hasn’t sent me anymore emails since I replied to their questions as to what I’ve figured out about the Atlantean character and motivations. Does that make me a loser being ignored, and then I’ll get embarrassed and shut up?

    Nope. My life got rid of my ego a long time ago. Someone could even threaten my children and I wouldn’t budge, because I know I’m right, and I know that one person standing up to this web of lies that has defiled the Earth for the past 10,000 years is more important now than ANYTHING ELSE.

    In case anyone still thinks I’m crazy, I’ve spent years not wanting this stuff to be true, checking and double-checking, testing and retesting. The fact, the fact, the FACT is that since Wes very hastily decided to publish my article under the premise that it was channeled material (it isn’t, he just made that up) and therefore something easy to ignore, he hasn’t had a word to say about it. How come he’s so eager to find all these people to interview who only have one strange and suspicious piece of the answer, but when he gets someone connecting every dot in the past ten-thousand years, he doesn’t want to say one word or ask one question?

    Just remember, the moment this posting disappears, I’m proven right. And as long as it stays here, I’m going to keep writing about the further proof I’m discovering, and all these key words are going to swirl around out there in Google-Land, and more and more people are going to be suddenly compelled to read this, just like I was suddenly compelled a year ago to Google ‘Who invented hell?” beginning me on my way to understanding everything.

    The answer is inside of you, and anyone, no matter how innocent or evil, can stop right now and close their eyes and breathe deeply and ask one question that will reveal all, if they’re brave enough to hear the answer their soul wants to tell them –

    “Do I hold the power to free myself from the Atlantean World of lies and manipulation?”

    We can do this, we really can, and we will have the biggest happiest party the day we do.


    1. IAmLonefrog

      Here’s the funny thing the Susan,

      You want to hear what Wes has got to say, but you refuse to listen.

      You accuse me of threatening you when all I do is try and get you to calm the phuk down.

      You want to know who created Hell and proceed to tell others that if they are looking for an answer, that they only need to internalize.

      You tell us that you check and double check, test and retest after informing us that you realized that you made an error in your writing via the act of assuming.

      It’s really fine by me if you choose to ignore my compliments and focus on where I disagree with your methods, really, it is.

      But what gets my goat are the snarky comments pertaining to Wes being dead and maybe your the cause of it. Or, my post generated 100+ comments. (You obviously missed the waiting party) and the best one of all…my life got rid of my ego a long time ago. LOL. My dear researcher of big-nosed-freckled-faced-devils, only the ego would say something like – “I know I’m right”.

      Last but not least, your precious little comments are safe here. Even this one – “it’s getting obvious that he’s paid to neutralize any truly inflammatory comments”.

      Why do you think I call you “the Susan”? Is it because you propogate logic and back up The Atlantean System of control with the demeanor of a seasoned seeker of the truth?

      Hells no! It’s because you refuse to put down the Lemurian crack pipe and find a balance. It has consumed you, transformed you into “the Susan”. One who shouts….

      Lonefrog is an agent!

      Wes is in on it!

      Someone could even threaten my children and I wouldn’t budge.

      WTF dude? Wonder what your children would have to say about that?

      I tell you what, I’ll give you the name of a woman who is just as convinced as you are, researched in the libraries of The British Museum, Harvard, The University of Chicago, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, as well as personal travels to the Azores, the Andes, Central America, monastaries high in the Himalayas, the Dordogne Valley in France, and the Tito Bustillo cave in Spain. Her name is Shirley Andrews. Chew on her ear for awhile.

      1. carolks


        You haveout-done even yourself this time!!

        The cyber space is howling and choking on laughter!!!Even the Atlantean Devils love a sense of humor.

        Enough said. Susan couldn’t out them the way the Frog can!!!!

  8. Susan Maureen Brandt

    If anyone has new comments but can’t get them onto this page, you can send them in an email to susanbluebooks at shaw dot ca with the heading ‘comments’ and I’ll post them for you.

      1. Susan Maureen Brandt

        That’s right. I should have said, “Either Lonefrog or Carol will tell me to shut up.”

        I am providing people with as much information as I can, because I think the innocent people of Earth deserve to finally know what’s been going on for the last 10,000 years, instead of hearing nothing but media lies and history lies and political lies and scientific lies and conspiracy lies and health lies and alien lies.

        I do not need to be told to relax. I am a healthy, balanced person, and my brain is not over-active. I’ve been blessed with a brain that can work together with my body and soul to decode these lies and reveal the truth. What I am NOT is someone who’s going to sit back and let this planet be ruined by an insane group of hereditary Atlanteans who still can’t accept their continent was destroyed because they shouldn’t be in charge of anything. They are neurologically incapable of empathizing with other’s thoughts and feelings, and therefore should be put in ‘residential schools’ and ‘concentration camps’ of their own, while those of us who actually care about one another get to work on the REAL WORK of living on Earth, learning how to live in harmony with nature, learning how to nurture ourselves and each other, and learning how to clean up our systems, cities, and beliefs.

        If you can prove that anything I’ve said CANNOT be true, tell me what it is.

        Otherwise, you sound like someone who wants me to give people less information than I am capable of, which speaks volumes about your true intentions, whether you are aware of them or not.

        Susan Maureen Brandt

        “We are not the problem. The problem is the problem.” – Jim Carrey speaking about autism.

        1. carolks

          Susan, I am sure you had a few chuckles after Lone Frog’s piece. He is for real and you need to let go of the last 10,000 years, cause 10,000 years from now. he will have to remind you,

          “Wanted reformers of yourself, not of others”

          “When you are reformed, all the world is reformed” Master Kirpal Singh.

          It gets very simple and actually its very true.

  9. Susan Maureen Brandt

    I’ve seen two films in the past two days, Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, and I want to document the multiple layers of symbolism I found in both.

    I realize that as this kind of decoding involves switching back and forth between the use of opposites and metaphors, it will sound to most people like I’m finding things that aren’t really there. But it’s well-known that these people don’t play fair, ever, and that they intentionally conceal info in ways that make people who reveal it sound insane. Fine with me, I’d rather know that truth that be one of millions of North Americans trying so hard to seem not crazy while going along with a very crazy world.

    Avatar – the basic in-joke is that it is set on a region of a planet with many Mirian qualities, yet the natives are gradually revealed to be Atlantean types. It’s as simple as a thief dressing up like Santa, pretending he’s giving gifts when he’s planning to steal them. Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but that in itself is a misleading metaphor, because sheep are a symbol of the Atlantean/European descendants, while a wolf is the true power of the Nordic people. So it was the sheep that dressed like a wolf and snuck in to take over Europe. The Atlanteans must love the Ram/Lamb symbol because the father is such a disgusting tyrant while the children appear perfectly innocent. Or, in Avatar, the blue people are basically crying crocodile tears, while obviously preparing for the next war they get to fight.

    First, they’re weeping over any loss of life, any break in the connection between all living things. By the end, they’re enjoying being warriors and killing with excessive force. The army guy in the robot suit who gets shot with two arrows is the POINT of the movie. It’s very hard for even someone who was in agreement with the earlier ideas of harmony not to be glad on some level that he is about to be killed. Thus the audience has entered the death ritual and agreed to it. This is the Atlantean way of proving that we’re all as bloodthirsty as Atlanteans. I don’t know how they actually benefit from us sitting in a movie theatre being manipulated into changing our minds about how we feel about killing, but they sure work hard to make it happen. There are hundreds of movie which act this out, the rare situation that, if it wasn’t for wars, very few people would ever end up in, forced into killing someone for a very good, inescapable reason. It’s moral entrapment, because the Atlantean mindset can’t stand truly innocent people who actually believe in non-war and non-killing, and value it more than prolonging their own life. But we all are susceptible to getting bugged by a little fly annoying us or trying to bite. Unless a person is very careful to not even wish for the fly’s death, this scenario escalates, and the Atlanteans exploit it constantly, like a moral loophole. Common sense says go ahead and swat a fly, but be thoughtful and aware of the choice you are making and what it can lead to on a larger scale.

    Avatar is a good example of how two groups who had nothing against each other, were literally worlds apart, are manipulated into slaughtering each other. By letting us empathize with people on both sides as they struggle with their conscience about what’s going on, we’re distracted from seeing the bizarre but true message of this movie – environmentalism is the new mindless patriotism. No! Just like the fly, we should actually be willing to let environmental harm happen if stopping it comes at the cost of our values. As people wise up, the Atlanteans are scrambling to attach themselves to even more ‘innocent’ agendas. The only escape is to meditate a bit on this idea – We should neither seek to kill the fly, nor seek to protect the fly from harm or death. Simply accepting and appreciating ALL things that exist is the best guide to help us decide our actions in EACH moment. Look for the lesson you can get personally from a situation, and all the ‘impossible difficulty’ will seem to vanish away. It helps to try having faith that something wise and loving is guiding the soul from lesson to lesson in a temporary body. Even the Earth, if it was totally messed up, could still be described as – “It’s all free stuff, and it’s all recyclable.” James Cameron is counting on people coming out of this movie willing to do anything to stop the destruction of nature. So the Atlanteans will stand in their two groups, one group destructing nature, and the other group selling you a way to stop the destruction. Oh, I guess that would be Leonardo DiCaprio. And I guess Titanic was a wicker man, a structure trapping lots of people as they are put to death. Remember how the captain was walking around like a zombie? And there were plenty of icebergs at that time of the year? And there were nearby ships who simply sat and watched as people screamed? Could it have been planned? Yes. Were there wealthy Atlanteans on those nearby ships soaking in all the death energy? I dunno, but I remember thinking on 9/11 that humans have the technology to fly helicopters around burning buildings and rescue people, and no one did. See the pattern?

    Avatar and Sherlock Holmes have their KEY concept in common – controlling people by remote control. There’s no risk to the blue body, because the real person is safe in the machine, simply experiencing the blue body while controlling it. This is a basic metaphor for the soul, but there is a more sinister angle. Are ordinary people being remote-controlled by the Atlantean ‘chess players’ using fear, psychological manipulation, and so on? In my own life, my spiritual guide has spent years training me to be guided not by listening to a voice in my head or my own thoughts, but by a feeling that I know what to do. So, if we are open to it in the next few years, maybe we can shift from having ‘bad guys’ offering us the difficulties in our lives, to seeing the real difficulty of being alive, to live in harmony while accepting our differences, our weaknesses, our bad tempers, and our messed up planet. Working together is so hard that to an Atlantean, it is the opposite of freedom. To a Mirian type of person, working together and communicating well is the key to freedom, the freedom from feeling crappy. So the question before us may not be anything about getting rid of the Atlantean problem, but of being willing to face what each one of us would struggle with if we went back, or forwards, to a truly harmonious Earth life – our hands in the soil, growing our own food, not being greedy, working hard at talking things out with each other, accepting irritation and discomfort and even disease as a part of being an animal body, and keeping everything very very simple. Even the Avatar people had messed up their own harmony by NEEDING to have their house in the BIGGEST tree, of valuing some things or places as better or more important than others. If they had been truly in harmony, they’d have had no leaders, no big tree, and no problem moving when a storm or army or anything else destructive blew into their lives. Annoying people are honestly the biggest test any of us will ever have in our lives on this planet, because it is so hard to see how important it is to accept and appreciate them as playing a temporary role for the rest of us to learn from. The second hardest challenge is to face that we’re not meant to GET anything from a life except learning to accept and appreciate. The animal body wants to get, get, get. The soul wants to give, give, give. That’s the true yin and yang. And it’s just a very difficult thing for a person to become conscious of. Even this Atlantean thing is just one 30,000 year phase of many we’ve been through and will go through. The Atlanteans are the annoying race. For the Creator or some higher power to take away their homeland and force them to scatter, was simply to, over the 30,000 years since, to force each of us into the learning opportunity to accept there’s an annoying person in our family, in our workplace, in our church, in ourselves. If you think I’m joking, go lock yourself in a room with the most annoying person you know for 24 hours, while doing nothing but accepting and appreciating them.

    Sherlock Holmes was, of course, packed with Atlantean/Freemason/Alchemy/Kabbala/Illuminati symbols, but after writing the above, I don’t even feel like going into it now! If you feel like testing yourself to see if you can NOT be manipulated by Atlantean psychology methods, try watching it while accepting/understanding the following:

    Sherlock Holmes is in on it, too. He can figure it all out because he has been in on the planning. In fact, a person watching a film is inside a book, a story, and the Atlantean author is pulling your mind along a path of its choosing, to control you and make money and enslave you. There is no cleverness in one person writing a book, there is just manipulation.

    The bad guy is actually the good guy. He was trying to kill all the politicians who act out of fear (as they were raised in Atlantean families) instead of understanding timeless spiritual wisdom. He actually did have magical powers. Just because what he did CAN be explained by illusions and chemicals, doesn’t mean that he didn’t use actual supernatural powers. The Atlanteans don’t want normal people to realize we all have amazing powers that go beyond the physical limits of nature – we can all learn to talk to non-physical beings, and we can all spend time learning secrets from them. That would be the true Sherlock Holmes cleverness, for him to just be told in his mind the answer, and be humble enough to admit he was given the answer, he didn’t figure out a thing. Because that’s how it actually works. The conscious human mind can only think two things – yes or no. You’re given a thought, then you either accept it or reject it. Of course, the human brain freaks out if you try to even spend five minutes examining where your thoughts come from. Here’s a clue: your own brain is hiding the truth from you. It knows exactly where your thoughts are coming from. It also knows that you’re made of three separate parts, but fools you constantly into believing you’re one being, to make you want to keep striving to survive at all costs. That’s why new age stuff is so into oneness, because a person is fooled if they think they are one thing, but they become much more powerful if they take control of their own internal knowledge systems. It’s YOUR brain! You can just tell it to start telling you the truth about yourself. But be prepared for a big shock, and to comfort yourself when things get really uncomfortable and weird, remember that all souls are made of nothing but acceptance and appreciation for all things. You can feel that at any moment you choose to. The soul always knows.

    Continuing with things to look for in Sherlock Holmes, other than a zillion Atlantean symbols and the entire story of how they had red-haired children with Nordics until they started cloaking themselves in the ‘dark’ skin color of the Mirians:

    Any publicity is good publicity – they like the attention they get for building the BIGGEST thing, and they like the outpouring of grief and attention when they DESTROY the biggest thing, but what they can’t stand is people simply walking on their bridges or working in their buildings, taking them for granted and basically ignoring them, because if an Atlantean has put any work into something, whether a government or a structure or a cultural revolution, and that thing actually works and serves a long-term function, the Atlantean just became a WORKER BEE!!! Ha ha ha. So they are addicted to creating while people applaud, and destroying, to wails of grief. They’re basically the child who needs all the attention all the time, and will do anything to get it, with zero conscience about fairness, goodness, or anything beyond their own blind selfishness. As a parent, I’ve seen how it’s the child who has every need seen, responded to, and nurtured, who grows more independent and content to be self-reliant. It’s when parents choose to toughen the child or force independence by ignoring the child’s needs, (or are just terrible Atlantean parents) that a needy child is created. The sick thing is that this is a subconscious way for a parent to remain forever needed while exerting control over the child, instead of giving in totally to the job of parenting for x number of years then accepting the child is now independent and truly a whole person. Another way to look at it, and to look at the film world, is that the king gets more attention from a population of starving, poor peasants besieged by foreign armies, than he does from a land full of healthy, happy, self-sufficient people who like looking after themselves and do it well. In fact, he’s going to look like a big twit, falsely worshiping gold, which is a mere rock, over the true worth of this planet, a self-sustaining self-nurturing ecological system of inter-reliance and abundance.

    So sad, but once again, the point is NOT to ship them all back to the island they came from. And don’t waste your time believing, like I did for years, that loving them makes them nicer. It makes them content for a while and in generally a better mood, but it will never actually make them capable of being thoughtful, unselfish, fair, kind, or self-critical. Some people are neurologically incapable (the actual structure of their brain won’t let them do it) of caring about how they affect others. You probably know a few, or are one. They actually want to be nice people and they like fairness and high ideals, but their brain doesn’t TELL them they’re being selfish, unfair, greedy, and unkind. If you try to tell one of them this, their brain will protect their ignorance by making them go wildly defensive and they’ll probably mimic the accusations back at you. You can call it mild Asperger’s or Atlanteanism or whatever, but there really are two kinds of people. Luckily, this is only a brain thing. The soul has no defects or disabilities, but it can be hard to convince a human ape to live its life for what its soul wants, when all it can hear is what it’s animal body is saying while physically alive.

    All the best in the New Year to anyone who wants to find it and looks within,

    Susan Maureen Brandt

    1. IAmLonefrog

      Hey the Susan,

      Few comments for ya,

      The Atlanteans came to their planet to take their natural resources. The Atlanteans tried to ease into their way of life and were found to be unsavory, therfore asked to leave and were not allowed back “in”. The Atlanteans resorted to a violent takeover which forced the Na’vi to defend themselves, their young, and their way of life. The Na’vi did not just live in the “biggest tree”, there were tribes spread out all over the planet, each enjoying their own way of life. In the end, they did not enjoy being warriors and killing with excessive force for when they were about to be defeated, it was Sully’s prayers who seemed to have been answered by Eywa. Vast amounts of animals on the planet united and overpowered the evil Atlantean horde, THIS is what happened in the end. I guess you also forgot that they didn’t exterminate the Atlanteans in the end, they just rounded em’ up and shipped em’ off. Like sorry little playground bullies,But, you know as well as I do that those bastards will be back.

      Here, try this review, it may help to ease your one track mind. I seem to recall you trying to put an Atlantean spin on ole Wes one time, easy girl, don’t you remember that when your on a chain it usually snaps you back when you have run too far?

      As for Sherlock Holmes, yeah that movie was designed to send you in circles. I estimate your time of recovery from my post to be approximately two weeks.

      Still love ya baby!!!

      1. Susan Maureen Brandt

        Sorry, Lone Frog, I should have been more careful to show that I understood fully what the surface or obvious story was. Yes, I agree with your ENTIRE version of the movie.

        What I was explaining was the second layer of subtle messages meant to affect our daily behavior through our fears and beliefs, and the third layer in which the Atlanteans brag about how clever they are and how they secretly control everything. The blue guys were a combination of Mirian purple harmony jungle-ness, and African traits too, which blue symbolizes (and long limbs and flat noses), in order to win the audience’s respect and affection. As the movie progressed, red elements began to appear, the mother wore a bright red necklace, the most powerful dragon was red, and even the blue guys’ hair started to look reddish, and yes, they killed a lot of humans.

        Look at the credits and the huge budgets, at how many writers and ‘producers’ work on these things. Remember how actors used to complain about young hotshot producers showing up on set and demanding very strange and illogical changes made to the script and the appearance of the characters? The joke was that these producers had fancy degrees, but they came and went and no one ever saw them again. That happened so consistently that every movie star complained about it on every movie!!!

        I totally appreciate anyone getting positive messages from films and books, and I think that genuinely happens because everything has an underlying soul that is good and pure. For some reason I’m being guided to reveal these layers of messages, and anyone who ends up reading this will just have to decide for themselves if they’re meant to think about it.

        Lonefrog, you’re always a good test for me! Thanks for pushing me in your own way to be clear about stating that I’m an intelligent sensible person who can actually follow the plot of the films I see. I ALSO see these other layers of deeper meaning, and for the past year I’ve seen shocking amounts of proof that I’m being shown a horrible truth. I would love to be working on anything else, but give me this at least – those blue guys were ready for battle, for the philosophy they stated at the beginning, they were NOT devoted to complete non-aggression and respect for even the yuckiest life forms.

        One last note: To tell three levels of story in one story has its limits, so even the story wizards have to fudge things here and there. Obviously the surface story is made of all or almost all of the visible details, the secondary story meant to result in behavior modification uses whatever details work to further its agenda – usually every few moments to every few minutes, and the third level in which the Atlanteans retell their life story and brag about how clever they are is a splotchy patchwork concoction that mixes actual metaphor with ‘blatant’ opposites. In Sherlock Holmes, they very clearly retell the story of Lucius/Jesus, his mother Julia/Mary, but this particular narrative only pops up now and then, when the symbolism is convenient, of the son of a powerful man who seems to die but comes back to life after three days, to go on to rule over Britain by killing all the politicians who didn’t join the Egyptian-ritual-based club. Just because he doesn’t succeed in the movie doesn’t mean they’re not still bragging about that they did succeed in real life. The endings of these movies take a sharp u-turn to pacify and satisfy us. Also, the boat they travel in on the river is named Lucy. Lucius was good with a boat. The fortune teller says they are two brothers but not really brothers, and a woman named Mary is involved. I now feel that Gaius was Vipsanius and Julia’s son, but Lucius was actually her son with her own father or grandfather to achieve a lighter coloring (the Herods were probably darker), thus they were half-brothers, one lighter and one darker. Just like Sherlock and Watson. And on and on it goes.

        Hope this clears up the misunderstanding. I actually liked both movies for their surface message and art. There is a lot of potential good and amazing beauty in both.


        ps Nobody’s actually heard from Wes since he published my article, have they? That thing he posted on the other site looked like an old comment on an old story to me. I actually feel bad that I might have gotten him in big trouble, or even killed, or at least ruined his career.

        1. IAmLonefrog

          Hey the Susan,

          Just because you think you have a grip on the Atlantean market I wouldn’t be as arrogant when it comes to foretelling Wes’s fate. It’s just wrong on more than one level, trust me. Oddly enough, you might actually feel bad about causing him to get in trouble. Huh.

          I feel your pain.

          If taken to a fourth level I’m not too sure your skills would prove to be useful, because you would have to accept that “There are no mistakes”. Your Atlanteans are doing only what they are here to do. I can’t speak for everyone here (obviously) but we tend to move along with and evolve according to what the “story” attracts. We’ve gotten fairly proficient at spotting the BS and with your insight I feel even more informed, BUT, if you want to grade us on how well we understand the deception according to your paradigm (why do I have the sinking feeling that you already have a pop quiz printed up and on file?) let’s just get it over with. Some may feel that there is more required to waking up than merely just being able to comprehend your maze of Atlantean oppression. Yes, we are surrounded on all sides so it would make sense to look past the third density tactics and free yourself from the tentacles of lower frequency programming. Not for me but for you.

          How ironic would it be for you to lighten someone elses burden, only to be restrained by it yourself? Not to ironic come to think about it. Especially after you feigned concern for “hypothetically” having a part in the demise of Wes. You really take the cake.

          Without full consciousness what progress can there be. I feel like I may be one more post away from telling you how I really feel. ;)

  10. Keith

    Eli Eli,Thanks for letting me know there is an Allied Update site, i didn’t know. Thanks for your contributions. Peace and love be with you. Keith

      1. I know you guys will hate me for this but I tell you the truth, I know allot about pink sheets.. Please check this site out…then compare photos of the beginning and now.

        Remember the movie Rudy? The Notre Dame football player and now motiviational speaker. I lost allot of cash to this man in his pump and dump scams in pink sheets in his so called company Rudy Beverages or since changed I think….Check out both links the first another investigation:



        1. IAmLonefrog

          No worries Pat,

          I have been in the trenches with Synthesis before and he is VERY focussed on the inability of all things supernatural. That is why I threw him that bone from Becks, and, he devoured it as I knew he would. (it’s what he does) He is a “good one” to have in your corner if you know what I mean. Sorry to hear about that skunk Rudy takin’ yo green. Wouldn’t want to have to pay of his karma.


  11. Silence like a stillborn sound, let it lay there lukewarm, bland
    But as for me, I’ll step up now… hot or cold, I’ll make my stand.

    The Stand.

    ‘The Stand’ was the first Steven King book I read. It was a great book and a pretty good movie as well. (For a T.V movie). An apocalyptic account of our times, loaded with amazing characters and a central theme that seems quite prophetic for the times ahead.
    Here’s a little blurb from a review I found:

    { A virus under experimentation for possible use in biological warfare is accidentally released upon the guards at a secret base. The base is put under quarantine, and the virus is almost contained with few deaths. But one of the employees escapes. He runs as far as he can get before the virus kills him and his family… and the virus spreads.
    A small percentage of Earth’s population finds themselves immune to the virus. A group containing Frannie Goldsmith, Stuart Redman, Larry Underwood, Harold Lauder, and Mother Abigail, a mysterious black woman who appears in the others’ dreams. Also in their dreams is the truly evil Randall Flagg, a man– or perhaps something else– who crucifies those who go against his will. And Flagg has followers, such as the Trashcan Man, a man who delights in the burning of things.
    So the stage is set for a clash between good and evil of staggering importance, Mother Abigail’s forces on one side, Flagg’s on the other. It is time for a final Stand. The book starts gripping and ends gripping. And everything in between is gripping, too.}

    Towards the middle/end of the story there are basically 2 camps. The more self-serving and ‘evil’ camp gathers in the west (near Vegas I think) and the more faith oriented, self-sacrificing (‘good’) camp gathers near Boulder, Colorado. Throughout the story the characters are tried and tempted and have to eventually take a stand. A decision that may very well be on the table for us in the years ahead. I won’t ramble on anymore about the book/mini-series , but I recommend checking it out if you haven’t done so yet. It is certainly a story for our times and I’m sure you’ll find it inspirational if nothing else.

    What I will ramble on about is the decision that may be facing us in real life in the near future. A decision regarding your personally choice of who you will serve. Like Bob Dylan sang “You Gotta Serve Somebody.” This is what I’d like to address here.

    It’s really quite simple when you break in down. One choice between which type of god you honor. Let me explain a bit about one option that is being put on the table which increasing urgency… it is a ‘god of becoming’. This is the one which is praised and honored by the Bavarian Illuminati and other secret societies. This link will give you a fuller understanding than the summary that I’m about to give.
    This ‘god of becoming’ is the god of mans potential, (man himself growing and evolving into a god). Quite opposite of the God of being, who is and always was perfect, the god of becoming is a god evolving through experience. This concept goes along with a way of being that honors the most skilled and educated of mankind. The Bavarian Illuminati refers to this as a meritocracy. This is a process which selects the very best of mankind for leadership and rule, which is what will lead to their utopia and man becoming god of himself.
    The God of ‘being’ (God of the monotheistic religious and spirituality) is the flip side completely. This God does not honor or need the most skilled and knowledgeable of mankind. The most knowledgeable and educated are also most likely to be seduced into pride and arrogance and see themselves as intellectually superior to others, (unless balanced with wisdom and humility). The one true God of the universe is One who looks at the heart of a person. He looks for those with humility and integrity, who will not allow skill, power or knowledge to go to their heads and cause them to exult themselves over others. This is a central theme which runs through all scriptures and is the key to understand the nature of God.

    But there are many throughout history who are incensed with this type of God. They cannot get over the fact that God has chosen others rather than themselves for certain roles of leadership. This is largely the grievance of those in certain secret societies who oppose the God of the scriptures. Scripture has always maintained the importance of faith. It is said you cannot please God without it, and is the cornerstone of most religious. It was because of faith that Abraham found favor with God, and thus Abraham became the father of the 3 major faiths. Faith involves a trust in God, which is central in the development of our spiritual selves. The Bavarian Illuminati (and other secret societies) do not value faith, they do not regard it whatsoever. They honor knowledge above everything. But like Cain of old, their offering is not acceptable to God and therefore they are filled with spite and anger towards God and Able (the faithful).

    The Bible, the Urantia book and other scriptures warn about the one who sets himself up as the God of becoming. He is referred to as Lucifer and his one big downfall was his pride which led him to exult himself above all. His desire to ‘be’ God rather to ‘be a part’ of God is what lead to his rebellion and is what is leading many of mankind to follow in his footsteps. This desire to ‘sit in the thrown of God and declare himself ‘God’ is the most insidious form of pride and rebellion. It not only tries to eliminate the One True God from the hearts of humanity but it will go to great extremes (carefully spun lies, deception, and even murder) to carry out it’s plans. These plans are now underway have been increasing with great urgency as the time is short.

    This is the reason why I felt it so important for myself to make a stand now. And to encourage others to do the same.

    There is a common trend I have noticed a lot this year; more and more attempts to steer people away from the belief in a Universal Source. A One True God that we all come from. A Father/Mother figure that deserves our greatest affection. Outside that Source there is no true evolution for mankind. I have already heard one secret society say they have the technology to change DNA to further evolution. That seems to me like man trying to take the place of God, just like Lucifer trying to sit on thrown of God. To me, this is the ‘abomination that causes desolation’ spoken of by Daniel the Prophet. No man can take God’s place in the Temple of the Living God. That temple is us, mankind. There is a Spirit from God who will take residence inside our temples, and will glorify them. If you allow anything to replace that Spirit you will have lost out on the opportunity (coming with the great harvest) to be transformed and transcend this present darkness. Let no ‘man’ deceive you, wait for the Spirit, wait for the Christ that comes to all who hear His call. The uneducated and unskilled, the poor and broken in spirit are just as dear to Him as those who have had more opportunities to develop. This is the hope of heaven, the era of 4th density positive, the desire of all ages, the coming Kingdom of God. The Great and Holy Spirit alone will transform you and many angels are prepared and waiting to help.

    “The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous” ( Matthew 13:47-53)

    “We shall not sleep, we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the wink of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet shall sound and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed” (1 Thess. 4:16-17)

    I could list all kinds of quotes and scriptures regarding this, but really, that’s just not my style.. I wrote this to make my personal stand. So here at last, let me make my stand:

    * It is the same as what Jesus(Yeshua) said when someone called him ‘good. “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone”
    * It is the same as what Moses declared to Israel, which has become the centerpiece of Judaism “”Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one,”
    *It is the same theme that runs throughout Islam, “He is God, the Only, the Eternal”

    These are the very same principles that run through the Law of One, the Urania Book, the message of Hidden Hand, and many others Spiritual teachings that are blessed for keeping one thing central, that ‘God is One.’

    I put this out there for those who will hear it and I add a blessing from the One True God for those who will receive it.

    ‘Peace and blessings to you all, Merry Christmas and may the Grace of God find you and find you well in the New Year to come.’

    Consider me St. Nick tonight, leaving blessing for the faithful.


    But for those who have been naughty, hiding in dark places throughout history, waiting for the right moment to rise up and annihilate God’s faithful children, I have something for you too. A poem I wrote many years ago;

    Silent Rage

    Silent rage, lying still, frozen and forgotten
    buried deep beneath the snow, the spawn of hell begotten.
    Silent rage dreams of days the doors of hell fly open
    A rushing river flows so hard those doors are bent and broken.

    A rushing river raging wild, wealthy man beware
    High and haunty, rich and wanting, at last you’ll learn to share.
    All you’ve kept for your cold crypt, will testify and tell.
    ‘All the good you ‘could’ have done, will drag you down to hell’

    Wicked women ranting, raving, seek to bring men low
    Contention, strive, violence, vice, the stitches that you sew
    Wail and weep, scream and screech, your tears cannot conceal
    When silent rage comes of age, your rotting souls revealed

    And son of Cain, seed of shame, who sought your brothers crown
    Your jealous mind, your spiteful kind spilt blood onto the ground.
    Who killed the Jews, who slew the saints, who crucified my soul.
    The blood you shed was royal red, a Spirit pure and whole.

    But the times will come and very soon when I’ll rise up from my grave
    And hell will fly and follow me and put you in your place
    But until those times, screams of silence, at my cold coffin claw
    God help you all! God help you all! when silent rage begins to thaw.

    Eli/Eli 1997

    1. Susan Maureen Brandt

      This is a really great piece of writing, all of it, about the Stand, the future, religion, and the poem. Lots to really think about.

      I wish I could help people see how the Atlanteans have twisted things around, once, twice, three times, so that it gets so hard to untangle that good people stop trying and just do what seems right.

      But I appreciate people have good intentions and some things just seem too far-fetched to believe.

      Just be suspicious if given two choices. Maybe a third is being hidden.

      – Susan

    2. Eli, I have to reread this to make sure I didn’t miss something. I pat you on the back man, that was a great PEACE of work and God truely had to inspire your heart to say the right things because it was too smooth, well put and straight to the point. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    3. Thanks Susan and True Pat! I appreciate the feedback but it makes me feel awkward because I also believe it was inspired by God and I don’t want to seem like I’m taking credit for it. The timing and flow of it is beyond my abilities as a writer. I don’t know how it all works,, just writing in tune with the Spirit I guess.

      Well, looks like I see a comment by Wes on his ‘Allied Updates’ site. Maybe people can still make comments there, just not No worries, I know there is nothing I did wrong to have my messages blocked. That’s all I’ll say about it, be what it may. One thing I will say, I no longer feel good about being here. If Wes is above replying to those who supported him in the past, and he doesn’t want my comments on his other site, then I must take my leave. I fought hard for the truth this year and feel good about my contributions these forums. My last ‘Stand’ was fitting and I can go in peace.

      It was awesome to chat with you all again, and to meet some new folks. Susan, I appreciate all the work you did in trying to introduce your research to us. Even if I don’t agree with your conclusions, I may look into it further at some point.
      Nevertheless, your article seemed to provide a Christmas card backdrop for us to congregate by… and I gotta say, this was one of the wackiest Christmas parties I’ve had the pleasure of attending,, lol. But it was good to share it with you all.

      Peace, Love and Joy, and a Happy New Year.

      Adios amigos, Eli has left the building.

      1. IAmLonefrog


        Can’t say that I fully understand your need to leave but I respect the fact that it is your choice. Rarely do events (if ever) unfold in a manner that is obvious to the participants or onlookers. I wish you the best in finding the keys to understanding the true nature of God.

        Personally, I hold fast to the idea that I was “created” by a Supreme Soul of the universe, the limitless being. While currently I am “evolving”, doing the best I can to understand that which permeates all, which nothing transcends.

        Ever consider the possibility that God hid God from God? To see if God was “strong” enough to find God. (pick on me later for that wacky thought, I was just trying to avoid saying himself or herself) Anyway, it is easily recognizable that in one form or another we are all looking for an answer, and as the Susan so eloquently laid out for us……”They” have corrupted and molded and distorted the information so as to keep any seeker of whatever they percieve as truth perpetually running in circles, perhaps never to fully free themselves from that cycle.

        Scattered to the winds we were. I have a feeling that when we arrive and reunite with this Supreme Soul, it will be like a good “Christmas gathering” of old. Stories a-plenty, laughter, simply an occasion for expressing joy. Like I said before, there is no crashing this party. You will most assuridly have to earn “passage”. So, the stories shared will be listened to with respect tinged with awe regardless of how different our paths were.

        I guess this is as good a moment as any to explain to the Susan why I dread backtracking and to point out where I realise Iam being “wrong”. It is simply because Iam now begining to fully comprehend what it is I have set in my sights, and my eagerness to accomplish this goal will keep me from experiencing the journey. Hence, I will have succeeded at running in circles. Our hats really need to come off to Wes. After all he was a 5th density traveller. Talk about backtracking!!!

      2. lol.. Gotta love the Lonefrog, well said man! Yes I have considered and read much about that idea (that God hid God from God),just for the fun of rediscovering Himself, or even so His creation could have the amazing challenge of finding our way through the darkness (and deception) and rediscovering our true natures and falling in love all over again with Him (the Great Spirit).(Hmmm hard not to use a gender word).

        Anyways, I will try to hit you up later at some point, would be nice to keep in with you guys. I really need to get on Facebook. I have a myspace, but really, who goes on myspace anymore? Just bands and musicians I think. I’ll leave you guys my hotmail addy, drop me a line sometime so I know where you’re at.


      3. carolks

        Eli may have left the building but

        The Building has not left Eli!!! A great Saint has said,” We are busy going nowhere but it is of the utmost importance!”

        So LF you are totally correct The Game isssssssssss the journey!! Osho does say, “Live Life with Courage!”

        And for you Eli, I say, “Sing the sweetest songs1″ and see you under the 2010 Christmas Tree!”

  12. Keith

    This article/blog must be Wes’s largest yet, but where is he? IALFrog,Susan,Carol,Eli,True Pat. and others have had so much dialogue and after having Wes post Susan Maureen’s article he has not added any comments with so much blogging has me surprised and curious as why he has been so quiet.

    1. Hey Keith, my thoughts as well. I asked Wes about that a while back. I’ll repost it here just in case he missed it.

      {{ ‘Finished reading the ‘Illuminator 13′ thread. It was definitely not the guy I came across in a previous thread. The one I came across started a week after this Illumiator ended his discourse, telling me he must of gotten the idea for his scam from this source. But enough said about the negative one… I, with the help of others, exposed and derailed his intentions.

      This one that I just read now however, rings with a very positive tone/message, much like ‘Hidden Hand’ did. I recommend the read to anyone, (thank you Longfrog for posting the link). It is empowering and points to a Universal Source that we are all part of. Much like Law of One, Hidden Hand, and Urantia Book. I believe that all the monotheistic religious have tried to do the same but have been corrupted to certain extents. They are still positive influences however, if read with the right discernment.

      Anyways.. I don’t understand why Wes didn’t say anything about the ‘Illuminator-13′ thread, or reply when he was asked about it,, twice! It seem strange to me because at one time Wes seemed to be an advocate of the principles of the Law of One, which this clearly supports.

      Wes, I must ask ‘where are you at lately?’. You seem somewhat absent from your sites,( the forums within them.) The reason I am asking and concerned is that I have noticed a connection with you and the Bavarian Illuminati, which seem to be very dismissive of the Hidden Hand info and all forms of monotheistic religions, (which would probably include the Law of One.)
      While, I give them credit for not aligning with the whole ‘Supriem’ thing, I find it disturbing that they dedicate a whole section in their website to his story. All they say about Hidden Hand is that he was one of theirs at some point and went nuts. Which I myself do NOT believe.

      All Said Wes, I am perplexed. I know you said you did not join with them, (even though they asked you) but you have endorsed them and they have endorsed you. Like I have said before, I am very respectful of the work you’ve done and I admire your skills as a pioneering journalist. I only what to know what’s happening with you now and where you stand on some of these things. I suppose you could tell me it’s none of my business, and I would not ask again. But considering all we’ve gone through this year in the search for the truth, I will risk stepping out and looking like an ass… but know, that is not my intention.

      In the Spirit of Truth’. }}

      This is strange for Wes not to respond such a question. It is also strange that Wes has not approved any of my comments on the ‘allied updates’ site. I just checked it again and it looks like ‘all’ comments are turned off now… but the site has a new and improved look. This is not the Wes i have come to know. Normally he would let you know if he was going to turn off comments. Makes me wonder if the sites have been high-jacked, or someone else is calling the shots.

      1. Susan Maureen Brandt

        To Eli Eli,

        Your article sounds interesting, I’d like to see what someone else is writing about. You can email it to me if you want me to look at it before you post it, I’m not sure if that was what you meant, but you’re welcome to, at susanbluebooks at shaw dot ca .

        To everyone wondering about Wes not responding,

        There’s one thing that MAY have something to do with it. After he said he wanted to publish my article and did so very quickly, I got looking at his sites and found that he’d switched to believing the Bavarian Illuminati group are the good guys. I read it with an open mind, then read quite a bit on the Bavarian Illuminati website he mentioned. The problem was, and trust me I’d love to find out there are good guys, they seemed to be using just a more complicated version of the typical Atlantean deception tactics. If they truly had a different motivation, they shouldn’t just sound like more of the same, i.e., one more reversal.

        So I wrote them, and I wrote Wes, in fairly brief and cryptic emails, wondering aloud about this. Wes never responded, but the Bavarian Illuminati did. Whoever it is has written me twice with specific questions to see what and how much I know. They haven’t responded to the second set of answers I sent about a week or ten days ago.

        Now, I don’t have any proof, but considering how quickly Wes jumped to the decision to put my article on his site, that is, he didn’t take the time to check it with anyone first, I’m guessing that if anything suspicious is actually going on, rather than just that he’s got a new girl or is busy xmas shopping, it’s this:

        Wes is probably a long-term insider, given the task of maintaining a large conspiracy website that kept people reading, confused the issues enough to never get to the root of it all, and gave people the feeling he was a regular, approachable guy. Because I’ve gotten my info from the spirit realm, whether you believe it or not, there might be things in my article that have really never come out before, and weren’t supposed to. Except Wes didn’t know about them specifically, and now they’ve told him he’s screwed up, but to just sit back and wait and see what happens, see if people move on and ignore what I’m saying or actually take action, something Wes’ sites don’t encourage, from what I’ve seen.

        Or it could all be nothing. But in the second email I got from the Bavarian Illuminati website, the questions were very, very specific.

        As you all have been involved with Wes’ sites for much longer than me, I thought I should share this.


        1. IAmLonefrog

          Interesting theory the Susan. Though I really could have done without the flattering insinuations concerning the “collective motivation level”.

          Spicy one aren’t ya!

          Anyway…. which action is it that you want carried out? To what end? If you tell me for the salvation of my very soul or some crap like that I’m gonna be pissed.

          Moving along

          If it’s one thing I learned through corresponding with Wes is that he is very patient, not afraid to get to the point, and usually ends with a caring word.

          Perhaps you are asking the wrong questions, discussing a different matter than the one he is currently studying/researching. In essence, providing a distraction. (I must admit, it is sometimes difficult to be forthright and not give offense) Apologies.

          Anyhoo, let’s not lose focus here people. If you want to get the skinny, sometimes you gotta go where the action is. Personally, I don’t recommend it if you feel you don’t have a firm grip on yourself. Things get pretty harry in there. I have been taking longer and longer breaks from the fray just to recharge, if you know what I mean. It’s safer out here! Let me shut up.

          The Susan, I can see the propensity towards science fiction in your theory if I must say so myself. Not necessarily the content of your text but with the mere ease in which you attach the state of probability to your ideas.

          Nice. I probably would enjoy your work.


          SMB – ” I’d like to see what someone else is writing about ”

          IALF – {scratches head}

        2. carolks

          Guys!!! WHERE IS WES????

          I know where he is. Relax. It’s fine. He has figured out the Matrix,{ as many angles as can be figured by the intellect} and is enjoying ” the Wanderer” that he was born to be!!!

          We all miss the Wes that was, but this is the REALM OF CHANGE and we must find him within.

  13. Susan Maureen Brandt

    To Carolks,

    Okay, here’s a really short version for you. The fast-food quick-fix instant-gratification version. Let’s see…

    Five races created on five continents four million years ago. Each race is ruled by a specific area of the chakra. Atlantis, red and orange. Asia, yellow. Nordica, green. Africa, blue. Miria, indigo and violet/white. This leads to different strengths and weaknesses, though all are equally human. Atlantis is too aggressive and sexually obsessed, yet is able to survive anything and multiply. Asia has blind confidence, but always finds balance and harmony. Nordica worries and trusts too easily, but nurtures family bonds and the natural world. Africa is vain and proud of the great strength in its limbs and voice, but is unconquerable because of them. Miria is so spiritual they sometimes fail to protect themselves physically.

    Sometime in the last 200,000 years, two of the five continents disappeared, while other lands rose up, creating the ‘new’ areas of India, Central Europe and Northwestern Asia, North and South America (previously only a long ‘strip’), and the Middle East, thus connecting the three remaining original continents, while the people of Atlantis and Miria were forced to scatter around, part of our Creator’s plan to bring all the ‘chakras’ of the human race together to help us learn, rather than staying isolated from each other.

    (There, Carolks, that’s the shortest version possible. See, Lonefrog? I get the spiritual meaning and understand there is nothing to resist. But maybe we could actually learn more if we were suffering a bit less…And being as there’s no shortage of ‘electronic space’ on this website, maybe I’ll just mention a few more things – )

    Miria was lost into the Pacific Ocean during a geological shift, but many of its people had already moved to India, Asia, North America, and South America. Their spiritual messages from these areas have continued to help humans understand and align with their spiritual nature, though Atlanteans have targeted these areas and mixed in false teachings wherever possible.

    Atlantis was broken apart in a series of events. The final sinking was around 10,000 BC. The royal rulers wanted a new continent and eventually to rule the entire Earth like powerful Gods. They did so by disguising their unique reddish-brown skin, large eyes, large nose, and black hair by breeding with each of the other races, keeping careful records of their royal geneology as their original Atlantean appearance vanished. They attacked the Americas, breeding with Mirians. They attacked Africa, breeding with Africans. They attacked Asia, breeding with Asians. Thus many of the rulers of these countries have had longer noses than the pure natives, and tend to get caught not following the laws or morals of ‘normal’ people, yet rarely get punished (as Atlanteans control all aspects of the law), and are still celebrated as great in history books, because murderous, bloodthirsty, lying, stealing, cheating, child-raping, slave drivers are the best of the Atlantean character – how clever! And now they’ve got us all singing their glory on their fake holidays, brainwashing ourselves on their violent and icky deceiving works of beautiful cinema and literature, poisoning ourselves and forgetting how to grow our own food, acting like sex slaves, and worrying that conspiracy theories might be crazy! Some conspiracy theories have certainly been tainted by Atlantean meddling and disinformation, but the general idea, that a single disgustingly mean and greedy group controls the Earth and wants to control it even more, is right. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to tell who’s genuinely innocent and who’s an insider. Just like they had to write down their family tree to keep track of who was royal, they have to code their lies with obvious clues so they’ll be able to spot their own disinformation.

    But I’d better stop there and keep it short and sweet. It’s like the Reader’s Digest condensed version that people will be willing to read between facebooking and blackberrying. Wait, isn’t that what Atlanteans want us to do? To read and watch such short, over-simplified versions of the truth that we fail to grasp enough alarming significance to interrupt our busy lives of entertaining diversions and imaginary economic problems? 60 Minutes and PBS do a masterful job at creating an elegant version of the Atlantean lies, designed to impress and convince even the most intelligent viewer. Close your eyes for a moment and simply breathe. That’s all you know is real, in that breathy sound of darkness called your experience. Institutions, on the other hand, don’t exist. Are they run by artificial intelligence? No, they’re made of one person plus one person plus one person, all following a statute or list of rules that allows them to hurt others and the world while pretending to be innocently following the rules. Human rules have no actual power. Human choices, minute to minute, are where our true power is.

    But don’t bother hurting your brain trying to figure out this stuff, or that you’re hanging off the bottom of a gigantic ball of molten rock as it whizzes through space with no up or down, getting your free ride. The human brain barely lets us realize we might be wrong about anything. Look at Lonefrog, so certain he knew the connection between me and Rexus Diablo. He was completely wrong, period. It’s the ego’s need to be right that kills our ability to see the truth as it actually is and to accept what we don’t know at the present moment. There’s tons I don’t know. And I’ve allowed myself to make mistakes while writing this because it’s so important to release my need to be perfectly right, and to be at peace with being wrong. Also, it tests the reader to see the big picture rather than pick at details. I’m not writing the truth, I’m writing about the truth. Don’t believe everything, and don’t dismiss everything. Think for yourself, listen to the voice in your head, and let answers be shown to you from an intelligence within you. It’s not crazy to do that, it’s the road to absolute wisdom, which terrifies Atlanteans most of all, if we turned into a planet of Mirians, each of us honoring our human relationships and a simple spirituality while growing our own food and cleaning up our own messes. Do we let the Atlanteans keep their gold palaces? Hard to say.

    Maybe that I’m writing all this stuff is a sign that I’m helping the Atlanteans somehow by exposing the truth. Maybe I’m only making the bible prophesy of Daniel’s book being opened seem to come true, to justify a bloody apocalypse. But you know what? There’s a chance we might have a way out of this mess, and I’m willing to TRY by doing the only thing I know how to do, yell and scream on and on about the ugly truth and point out that normal people tend to keep themselves powerless and timid out of the fear of looking crazy – guess what tons of movies and public trials and men in white coats have worked very hard to convince us of? How easy it is to look crazy if you don’t do what the leaders tell you. From the sound of it, they wouldn’t mind killing a few billion of us, but that doesn’t mean we should stay quiet as mice. They even made up the idea of staying cool! They put Paul Newman in movies because he could make us like any bad guy, from petty thief to violent mobster! This stuff affects every thought we have. Lonefrog wants so desperately to stay relaxed and calm, because he’s seen so many movies over the years that made that seem like greatness, while ranting and raving makes you have no friends. That’s playing on basic biology, the fear of being thrown out of our tribe. But if we followed biology all the way, we’d be acting exactly like baboons. Why not try to find a balance between body and soul, animal biology and spiritual love? But if you’re going to go to one extreme, it should be the soul’s priority of learning lessons. There’s nothing wrong with a baboon being a baboon, but we didn’t evolve from baboons. Our Creator chose a primate body, adjusted the brain to allow for a creatively-willed soul to be attached, and made us a bit less hairy so we’d resemble the smoothness of spirit-bodies. In five color-coordinated versions, matched to the chakras within us, and the colors and emotions of the planets that rule us from outside of us. Which the Atlanteans don’t want us ordinary folk to understand and benefit by.

    James Earl Jones is an example of an Atlantean-African. Look at the films he’s been in. In that early boxing movie his skin is practically glowing red, and he’s got a skanky white crazy lover. Being the voice of Darth Vader and CNN isn’t just a funny coincidence. He connects to Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, a metaphor for the Atlantean dream of controlling the meadows of Nordica, while the dead can be brought back to life if we build a kingdom for them (the movie also addresses the terrible pressure on those insiders who had to pretend they were sixties radicals, like John Lennon, or Tim Robbins now, also connected). And you can even make money doing it! People are like sleepwalking sheep! The voice of reason is ironically played by a redhead, Timothy Busfield from thirtysomething, who is eventually converted to the fantasy, and who connects to Ken Olin’s Brothers and Sisters, which I wrote about in another post. Even a little girl is made unconscious because of a weiner stuck in her throat. The man who saves her by taking the weiner out of her mouth is not allowed immortality as a result. Does he represent what happens to Atlanteans if they try to stop the child sexual abuse? They get kicked out? Kevin Costner’s first movie was about using psychic powers to beat a casino, an ‘innocent’ act of stealing, right? In his second movie, he was an unseen corpse, like an Egyptian mummy. His third, he was a Russian or ‘red’ spy completely passing as an American Naval hero and falsely accused of murdering a sexually fearless woman. In his fourth, he had a red-haired lover who worshipped at the temple of baseball (ball and bat = testicles and phallus, each player is a warrior fighting with a stick/club who wanders around a diamond/crystal/pyramid seen from above, before arriving at home, ball games = Ba’al worship and/or the thing about that astrological event that will happen in 2012 being represented by a ball going through a hoop) and everyone was full of theories about Mayans, Aztecs, testicles, mysticism and JFK. It wasn’t a coincidence he went on to play someone half-digging up the truth about JFK. Black is white, like he said, the lies being told are the opposite of the truth. He played a good European who didn’t want to slaughter the RED Indians, just be friends with them in Dances with Wolves, which was written by a screenwriter living at his house. There was that crazy Waterworld, and the Postman, both predicting a bad future for Earth. In ‘Message in a Bottle’, he teams up with Paul Newman (perfect blue eyes and Roman nose – he played a Roman in his first movie) and Robin Wright Penn, who first appeared in a movie about police corruption and got Madonna’s sloppy seconds, later playing the preferred role of women in every Atlantean controlled era in American history with Forrest Gump, full of misguided gumption as a teen, then slutty and druggy as a young woman, then diseased, weakened, and wise as she dies before aging much, leaving behind an unprotected boy for someone to molest, played by pedophile Steven Spielberg’s boytoy, brother to Miley Cyrus’ best friend, and recent drug addict, Haley’s Comet, which used to be known as Caesar’s comet. The scene implying her father is having sex with her as a little girl shows a ‘spurt’ of white doves fly into the sky. Dove = peace = semen = columba = Isis = Atlantean-Egyptians being obsessed with semen and a life where they’d be free to spread it to and eat it from anyone they want. Tom Hanks’ first movie was about a teenager obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons. He also appeared on Family Ties as an alcoholic uncle, a show which actually explained that Republicans and Democrats have family ties, but fooled us into thinking that nice good innocent people run Public Television. His career is more sinister than Kevin Costner’s (true, they may both be innocents simply chosen for their trustable cuteness), with his crowning achievement the depiction of split-personalities and mind-controlled child sexual abuse under Atlantean rule, in Polar Express. Until photos are found of these people at blood rituals having a good time, we should stay open to the possibility that they’re total innocents who have no clue as to the symbolism they’ve been pushed into, or they’re mind-controlled victims, or they’re gleefully, knowingly in on it. Tom Hanks was in a military family, always moving around, as so many film stars were. I used to complain that my brain remembered every issue of People Magazine and all the other hundreds of celebrity magazines I’d read since my teens while forgetting useful information. Now, it’s coming in handy to remember such things as Benicio Del Toro’s parents were lawyers, his mother died, his father moved to Pennsylvania, and his name means the Goodness of the Bull (the Atlantean God-symbol). Meg Ryan was from a military family too, I think. Look at her lover Russell Crowe’s movies, or the themes in her ex-husband’s movies. Early cocaine addiction is shared by many Atlantean ‘stars’. Must kill something in them. Russell Crowe connects to Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts. Their movies combined cover a huge amount of yucky Atlantean themes, and along with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger, they’re all descended from English aristocrats who chose to go run a country full of convicts. Mel Gibson connects to Julia Roberts through Conspiracy Theory, a classic example of telling just enough of the truth to make curious people feel no longer curious. Julia Roberts’ had a parent who was a drama teacher who gave drama lessons to the children of Martin Luther King. I hate to say it, but he was on the Atlantean side. His name honors an Atlantean insider who helped create a form of Catholicism that allowed people to get rich and start corporations to rape the people and resources of lands around the Earth. His speech, I Have a Dream, refers to all God’s children as being Black and White, Jew and Gentile, Protestant and Catholic. I agree, all the Atlantean ruler’s descendants are mostly covered by those catagories. First, they split themselves between those in Egypt who would mix with Africans or those who would become white like Nordics. Then, all their children with Nordics and brown-skinned people were divided into the desired group, Gentiles, and those with undesired traits, Jews. Then, the Gentiles were forced to follow the Catholic rules so they wouldn’t be a challenge for their Atlantean popes and kings to rule over. Then, some of the Catholics (leaving enough behinds to service the Atlantean desire for boy semen and girl sex) were allowed to run away and become Protestants, so relieved to be able to make some money and escape so much weird ritual that they didn’t notice they were still in the same religion run by the same people. So Martin Luther King was actually saying that the Atlanteans who built this city of Washington with its Egyptian Phallus monument are happy they’re finally going to be free to have all the sex orgies and blood sacrifices they want, and the slave-population of the Earth will either be too sick, too scared, too dumb, or too dead to stop them. Poor Atlanteans, they’ve had to wait SO long to be able to fly anywhere in the world and instantly have food, wine, every kind of sex, and oodles of victims to sacrifice. Poor us for believing Martin Luther King was actually talking about oppressed people finally having a little time and space to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Earth, before we go back to working hard at jobs we feel good about because they make the planet an enjoyable, war-free, healthy place for everyone. That’s my dream, crazy little me.

    To control Europe, they couldn’t simply breed with Nordics, as the red-haired and freckled result was already known in Nordica as the result of Atlantean rape and aggression, thus their longtime dislike and suspicion of redheads or ‘gingers’ in Northwestern Europe. So the Altanteans bred with both the blond, blue-eyed Nordics and the brown-skinned Mirians, until the Royal European look resulted: white skin, brown to blond hair, large nose, and large eyes. They called themselves ‘blue bloods’ because it was the first time royal Atlanteans had pale enough skin to see their blue veins. Everywhere they ruled, they had to tell lies about their past and hide the blood and sex rituals they continued to rely on to fuel their aggressive, obsessive, and paranoid inbreeding through incest. This included child sacrifice, handy for hiding evidence of deformed births while also necessary, along with killing adults and animals, to keep up their supplies of blood for drinking, brain-programmed sex slaves/assassins. This is where the conspiracy theory about Reptilians comes from. It is an inside joke, as the Dragon is a symbol of the Atlantean Royalty. They created Satanic religions to keep an organized supply of victims and ritual sites, while keeping the lower members of Satanic religions as powerless as everyone else by not allowing them to enjoy loving, happy relationships or get to benefit from all aspects of true spirituality. Hence, when Satanists convert to Christianity, they find enough missing pieces to convince them Christ saves, when actually it’s their own soul they are getting in touch with. I do believe, however, that the spiritual realm contains many ‘evil’ beings and entities and illusion-makers. But true love, meaning the acceptance and appreciation of all things, transforms any ‘evil’ force into just someone doing their spiritual duty or job. If you don’t need evil to teach you something, it won’t be in your life. Whatever is in your life right now is there to teach you your next lesson, then it will be released. That’s why people can live entire happy lives while their neighbors suffer. But we always have the option to stop our own progress and go back to help those still working on lessons we’ve already learned. In this way, I agree with Lonefrog (frogs and toads are symbols of Mirians, that’s why they’re killed and put in magic Atlantean potions, to symbolically gain their spiritual power while silencing their knowledge of true human history) that even the worst ruling Atlantean is a chance for others to learn to appreciate and accept that we are in the middle of a giant teaching school, and pain and difficulty are only given to us when it is time for the next lesson. Once we learn a big lesson, we are always given a period of happiness and elation. I’m not obsessed or crazy or talking too much. I’m doing the job of going back and offering to others what I’ve already found and learned from. This isn’t some scary conspiracy theory with a mystery at its end. Masons, New World Order, the Holocaust. Each of these can be seen as a gift or a curse. The soul is real and immortal, in everyone. The physical world and physical body are a disposable, temporary vehicle to learn in. One of the most mind-blowing things I’ve had a vision of is that this isn’t even the real Earth, but a hologram-like copy that we affect by what we focus on. The real Earth was a geologic ‘event’ that nothing meddled with as it progressed from start to finish based on pure chemical reaction. That’s why being in a natural setting that no human has tampered with is so powerful. We’re seeing a glimpse of the real Earth. Just a theory, but it explains why things fall apart as physicists look closer and closer, and yet big things like planets seem to function by a different set of rules entirely. Now, about Einstein…

    Once the Atlanteans were in control of every major continent, the only thing left to do was slaughter anyone who had evidence of Atlantis ever existing, and erase any records or knowledge of what had happened to the Atlanteans (they survived and now control the politics and institutions of the entire Earth). At the same time, they created new myths and legends to honor their past while making it seem like a supernatural fiction, and invented new languages that were encoded with their key ideas and symbols. That’s why there are hundreds of words in English that mean red (their beloved skin color they had to give up to conquer new land), and many mer-, mir-, and mur- words that refer to the spiritual Motherland of Mir (once revered by the Fatherland, Atlantis, as the feminine/spiritual ideal, before they had to start MURdering and destroying/oppressing its descendants in order to hide proof of the past). And why ‘heroes’ always come from a destroyed home or homeland, or live through a cataclysm, then wander for a time, then conquer a new land filled with justifiably inferior people.

    There is a saying, “Scratch a lie, find a thief.” If you scratch the surface of any conspiracy theory, you’ll find an Atlantean motive. If you look carefully at EVERY major institution in the modern world, you’ll find Atlantean self-promotion and the constant attempt to conceal the past AND to hide the true nature of each race, while distracting and disempowering the masses. The mainstream media focuses on the weaknesses of the four other races while highlighting the strengths of Atlantean Europeans.

    National Geographic, for example, pushes the theory that we all evolved from African tribal people, making white skin logically seem like a new and improved product.

    National Geographic also continually shows brown-skinned people as poor, dirty, barefoot, powerless victims/creatures with their bigger-nosed leaders trying so valiantly and regally to help them rise up from their third-world poverty. Or brown-skinned woman are shown as being good maids and mistresses, while brown-skinned men are forever stuck fighting in endless dirty low-tech wars or drinking cheap beer and smoking cigarettes with toothless mouths, or smuggling drugs while dressed in tight polyester.

    National Geographic and PBS do the same with Africans. The African woman is shown as attractively bare-breasted in her youth, or a wise, well-spoken leader in her mature years. The African man is shown as nothing but an animalistic athlete, or an animalistic criminal, or a wisely passive old man. Asians are portrayed in a similar way. And they love showing true Nordic people tending to their reindeer with dirty faces, or clean Nordics giving away their children to huge national daycare programs while they pay huge taxes.

    This is to take one’s whole personal power and split it into parts, each only used at different times in one’s life. I can tell you that at 36, I am sexual, able to birth and raise healthy smart children, and I am also wise enough and calm enough to think through these things, and yet I am aggressive enough to stand up and shout out the truth. I have my whole personal power. I understand each one of the chakras, how each of the planets affects me, how the moon affects me, which foods to eat to heighten what I want to feel. I am even ‘overweight’ by choice because I know that my sex hormones are produced in my fat cells, allowing me to have massive orgasms which lead to moments of amazing spiritual insight. But the trick is that I got fat by eating large amounts of health food. See how the Atlanteans try to separate the two? People who eat health food are skinny, people who eat junk are fat. Well, if more people were like me, healthy and physically strong, with plenty of healthy fat, a spiritual understanding, able to easily and constantly ‘talk’ with the spiritual realm in their own thoughts, following their own intuition, raising their kids in truly healthy ways while ignoring society’s opinions yet carefully preparing them for anything, adults being fully open to their spiritual, sexual, and astrological powers, well, millions or even billions of people like THAT could easily reform the Atlantean-run world. Because they have NO SPECIAL POWERS.

    One more Christmas treat: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Both red and nose are Atlantean keywords. At first he’s rejected by the other reindeer, a metaphor for how the Nordics knew at the beginning not to trust anyone invading their land who wasn’t blond and blue-eyed. The Atlanteans often lie by simply telling the opposite of the truth, and in this case, we are led to believe nice Rudolph is being picked on by a mean group. In truth, he’s representing the RED big-nosed aggressors, the Atlanteans, as they tried to sneak into the nice Nordic family group. Although the name Rudolph is said to have a different etymology, it does sound like Red Wolf. The wolf symbolizes the most powerful true Nordic. (Adolph means noble wolf.) Add it to red-nosed, and this can’t be a coincidence, that such a prominent Christmas song describes a red-and-white head honcho forcing native Nordic inhabitants to accept a new team leader who also shows sign of being a foreigner.

    I watched a documentary on the True Origins of Christmas the other night, and while it was very honest about child sacrifices and sex rituals being involved, along with symbolism blatantly relating to the Nordic/Atlantean theme, I realized that intelligent people don’t get upset because we ASSUME these ancient people were idiots for believing such things, and also we ASSUME that they no longer exist. But they still exist and they still believe all of it! Or they pretend they do. Of course, they’re in on the practical joke of pretending science explains everything, so they must have trouble knowing what to believe.

    If every ‘innocent’ person on the Earth could suddenly see every act of child sexual abuse, blood ritual, government decisions to sacrifice millions of people to death or at least intense suffering, and ‘wicker men’ like the world trade center being planned, etc., we would revolt.

    But because we can’t SEE that these idiots STILL believe in this stuff, they STILL run the planet, they are STILL sacrificing bodies and lives and drinking blood and doing very disgusting sexual stuff, instead of letting everyone on Earth be healthy, strong, and wise in a natural way, well, not seeing is not believing, I guess. That was the message in Polar Express, along with a curious message about the importance of coffee. Then I was watching The Green Mile and the man kept saying his name was Coffee like the drink only spelled differently. After a few days I realized that if there were no stimulants for us to take, like coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, nicotine, and speed, etc., we would realize we aren’t healthy people with enough energy for a day’s work. Stimulants make us feel like we have energy so we ignore the needs of our body crying out for healing rest and better food and less toxins. If we didn’t have sedatives like wheat, potatoes, alcohol, and sugar, we’d realize we’re way overstressed. So these substances have to exist for the Atlanteans to make an unhealthy population content, and because we cover up the messages our bodies are trying to tell us, we get sicker and sicker over the years…In case anyone was wondering about the Swine Flu vaccine, I know from personal experience that autism-spectrum disorders BOTH cause a family to be disabled by stress and worry, and also force a new standard of human interaction. If you have a trouble-maker in your family, or someone with Asperger’s who is selfish and unkind yet innocent, you can probably relate to how it sucks, but it makes you a better person. So while Atlanteans are poisoning us, they are also the Creator’s way of forcing us to wake up ourselves about what’s truly wisely spiritually important.

    I went to an evangelical church last SunGod Worship Day, and although all the talk of Jesus the Newborn King and his kingdom sounded like basic Julius Caesar worship to me, which I’m used to, it was when I started singing a song I’ve always found beautiful, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, that I suddenly broke down and started to weep with grief for how much suffering and delusion the Atlanteans have caused. The reference to ‘angels singing’, I suddenly realized, was the sound of the Nordic people crying in the aftermath of the Atlanteans slaughtering their defending armies (the ANGLES). That’s why angels have been shown as blond and blue-eyed in the past. This song is celebrating a military victory for the Atlanteans, making the Anglo half of the future Anglo-Saxons (Saxon = Issac’s Son), or English, cry out in suffering and anguish. I could see in my mind all these wounded and killed Nordic soldiers, trying to defend their beautiful green Creator-given homeland but ending up lying all along the road as their loved ones wailed at such a terrible and horrifying loss. Hark the Herald Angels Sing is the same, celebrating the slaughter of Harold’s Nordic soldiers by William the Conqueror, an Atlantean royal. After crying out in pain, they admit defeat, thus sing ‘Glory to the newborn king.’ I don’t wish these kinds of visions on anyone, but please take a moment to consider that the thing worth getting upset about is that those ancient ‘idiots’ are still killing, raping, and demanding to be worshiped. EVERY modern act of genocide in EVERY region, every act of bizarre terrorism, every system that makes people into prisoners, makes some rich and the rest poor, it could all be revealed and possibly stopped if enough people bravely share with others what I’m explaining, and then organize mass demonstrations with nothing but the words “ATLANTIS SANK FOR A REASON” or “SHUT UP ATLANTEANS” or “Google Susan Maureen Brandt” or “I LOVE MIR”. How about on Christmas Day at famous Atlantean Landmarks? Take pictures of yourselves doing it and put it on the web yourself if the press won’t cover it. Test it to see how far the press will go to avoid it. Watch the reaction carefully then do something more. Yes, we have all been fooled BIG TIME, and it hurts our brains to even try to think about it. But are we really trapped with no hope of escape, even though they’ve left all this PROOF lying around and BRAG about it all the time, what they’ve gotten away with?

    Sorry, Carolks, that this version is long too. If I ever figure out how to sum up 10,000 years of lies into one paragraph for your convenience and comfort, I’ll let you know.

    Thank you to all those who have sent supportive and intelligent emails to my email address, susanbluebooks at shaw dot ca.

    – Susan Maureen Brandt

    1. carolks

      Yes Dear Susan, much too long and tedious.

      Too much thinking. Too much thinking! You are very very smart.


      As Osho would say, “We all have a lot of borrowed knowledge” and in your case you type it brilliantly. Very impressive!! I am being sincere. You are brilliant with words.

    2. IAmLonefrog

      Hey hey Suzie Q!

      Love the spunk that comes with being healthy and fat. Though I have found that without the balance of exercise to keep trim, the fire for “writing” the wrongs of the Atlanteans will come in the form of unfit and overweight words. (love the orgasm thingy too) Your’e a trip yo.

      I’ve done that vegetarian thing for longer than I care to remember, aligned my chakras and developed my compassion for “lost souls”, shared my borrowed knowledge with those willing to listen and even spent some time bucking the system out of principle. All in the name of enlightenment. BUT, I loathe the idea of backtracking once progress has been made. Seeing how you have digressed for “us” here at ETGE I feel compelled to do the same for you.

      I have come to understand that one persons inspiration for forward progress may cause another to stand idle, and thus, I have tempered my learning with clemency. Hint fucking hint.

      You see, it pains me greatly to have to point this out to you. The fact that you still are willing to pass through the doors of “those” churches you so despise.

      Because it means that I am backtracking. Like I said, your lofty deed has inspired me to do the same.

      I have also learned that everyone’s journey is their own and it IS the journey itself that is necessary. So, when you admonish the “Atlantean System” and continue to support it by the simple fact of your presence, I just can’t keep myself from pointing out to you that you are personally moving in circles. Not to mention royally (no pun intended) confusing those closest to you, or better yet, those who you choose to share your knowledge with. Enough said.

      As for me wanting so desperately to stay relaxed and calm, because I’ve seen so many movies over the years that made that seem like greatness, while assuming that ranting and raving makes you have no friends……

      Uhmmm….Errr…. it is now your turn to be wrong. Painfully so.

      Can I get an Amen Ra?!?!

      The King of Inner Devils called it passive aggressive, I have simply honed my ability to “hiss” without wasting precious energy.

      So, just for you, I am going to symbollically cut myself up and place myself into a great gloopy potion and send it to you through the aether. All the while realising that you may never develop that oh so needed sense of humor when dealing with adversity.

      1. carolks

        LF, Oh My Gosh!!!OMG

        Your piece to Susan just might not fly.

        Let us hope she has a funny bone cause she is interesting and I would hate to squash her input. I spent my yesterday reading about mind=controlled Angelina Jolle and it sure explains a lot.

        Time to meditate!!! The SILENCE makes me happier than all the info piled upon info!!!

        1. Susan Maureen Brandt

          It’s okay! I have a huge sense of humor and even better, I don’t take my life personally anymore. It’s just a life I was hired to live, ha ha.

          I really appreciate both of you and all you’ve said. To be honest, I’m a fiction writer by trade, and I was finding it very hard to figure out how to write about conspiracy theory once its origins were revealed to me. To have some feedback, even agitation or wild criticism, really helps me get the ideas down on paper.

          I still think you’re resisting facing some lesson about being wrong, Lonefrog, but I should explain about the church thing anyway. I saw in the local newspaper that a certain church had a service at 11:11 (why?) and they were going to be interviewing the author of a book I’ve been looking at recently, The Shack. It was time for MY lesson to actually face that people who can seem nice, intelligent, and genuinely good, can actually be promoting some sick child-abuse agenda. I wanted to look the man in the eyes. And I did consider standing up in the middle of it all and saying some stuff, but I agree with you, Lonefrog, that my lesson isn’t necessarily gonna work for anyone else in the room.

          Can you tell me why ‘backtracking’ is a bad idea? I thought if it was done right it was always good, but maybe I’ve been fooled.


        2. carolks

          Where are you Eli??? Serenading to your world. LF has brought Susan’,s Happy Holiday side around for us all to enjoy!!!

          Her serious part feeds our Nosey selves. Very entertaining, but her info does get ugly. YUK!!

        3. Hi Carol, I’m still around, just working on a few things right now. Yes, it’s good to see some lighted-hearted banter on Susan part. The Frogman’s a pro at it I would have to say… nice to see Susan get in there too.
          Hey Susan, writing must be like breathing to you, being a fiction writer and all. Not so easy for me however, lazy-typer-syndrome I’m afraid. But I’ve been working on a small article as a well. Maybe you could check it over when I’m done. Should be finished later tonight.
          Well, better blast here… later all.

      2. carolks

        Hey Guys, We all were children at one time on this beautiful planet soooooooooo

        with that in mind, I want to send Love to all of you at this time in remembrance of the innocence we experienced at “christmas”. It really was magical.

  14. Susan Maureen Brandt

    Proof of Academic Credibility Through the Rudimentary Mechanism of Citation

    by Susan Maureen Brandt
    December 15, 2009

    The following quotes are taken directly from:

    The Usborne Book of World History, by Dr Anne Millard
    Usborne Publishing, 1985, London

    Consultant Editors: Brian Adams, Verulamium Museum, St Albans; D. Barass, University of East Anglia; Professor Edmund Bosworth, Dept of Near Eastern Studies, University of Manchester; Ben Burt, Museum of Mankind, London; Dr Warwick Bray, Elizabeth Carter, Mark Hassall, Amelie Kuhrt, Institute of Archeology, London; Dr M.C. Chapman, University of Hull; T.R.Clayton, Norman Hampson, University of York; George Hart, British Museum, London; Dr C.J. Heywood, University of London; Dr Alan Johnston, Dept of Classical Archaeology, University College, London; Peter Johnson, Commonwealth Institute, London; Dr Michael Loewe, University of Cambridge; Dr M. McCauley, University of London; Dr Roger Moorey, Dept Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Dr J.A.Sharpe, University of York; Dr C.D. Sheldon, University of Cambridge; R.W. Skelton, Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Margaret Somerville, Visiting Lecturer in Oriental Antiquities, British Museum, London; Joanna Strub, School of Oriental and African Studies, London; Dr R.Waller, University of Cambridge.

    pages 2 and 3

    “The letters BC mean “Before Christ”. Dates with BC next to them are numbers of years before the birth of Christ.”

    “Buried cities [text describing illustration]

    ….A site may be inhabited for thousands of years. New houses are built on the ruins of the old and rubbish piles up. Gradually a mound or “tell” is formed. The oldest things are at the bottom of the tell.

    [bottom layer, undated] Stone Age people camped here. They left flint tools, their bones and bones of the animals they hunted.

    6000 BC to 3000 BC approximately. Early farmers settled down and built small huts. They had few possessions.

    3000 BC to 2000 BC approximately. The village prospered and became a town. A defensive wall was built. The inhabitants learnt how to make pottery and use copper and gold. They also began to write.

    2000 BC to 1500 BC approximately. Nomads arrived and were gradually and peacefully absorbed into the community. Arts, crafts and learning flourished.

    1500 BC to 1250 BC approximately. The town grew into a city. The people traded with foreign lands and became wealthy. They enjoyed a high standard of living, but needed huge defences to protect them from jealous neighbors.

    1250 BC to 1200 BC approximately. More and more weapons appeared as the situation with neighbors became desperate. Then the city was captured.

    [top layer] After capture the city was burnt and survivors carried away into slavery.”

    The following quotes are taken directly from:

    The Story of Mankind, School Edition, by Henrik Willem Van Loon,
    The Macmillan Company, 1923, New York

    page 8

    “….This creature, half ape and half monkey but superior to both, became the most successful hunter and could make a living in every clime. For greater safety, it usually moved about in groups. It learned how to make strange grunts to warn its young of approaching danger, and after hundreds of thousands of years it began to use these throaty noises for the purpose of talking.
    This creature, though you may hardly believe it, was your first “manlike” ancestor.”

    pages 10 and 11

    “Like many of the animals who fill the Zoo with their strange noises, early man liked to jabber. That is to say, he endlessly repeated the same unintelligible gibberish because it pleased him to hear the sound of his voice….But, as I have said before, of these beginnings we know very little. Early man had no tools and he built himself no houses. He lived and died and left no trace of his existence except a few collar-bones and a few pieces of his skull….It is little enough we know, and the rest is darkness.”

    page 16

    “A traveler from an unknown southland who had dared to cross the sea and the high mountain passes had found his way to the wild people of the European continent. He came from Africa. His home was in Egypt.
    The valley of the Nile had developed a high stage of civilization thousands of years before the people of the West had dreamed of the possibilities of a fork or a wheel or a house. And we shall therefore leave our great-great-grandfathers in their caves, while we visit the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean, where stood the earliest school of the human race.
    The Egyptians have taught us many things. They were excellent farmers. They knew about irrigation. They built temples which were afterwards copied by the Greeks and which served as the earliest models for the churches in which we worship nowadays. They had invented a calendar, which proved such a useful instrument for the purposes of measuring time that it has survived with a few changes until to-day. But most important of all, the Egyptians had learned how to preserve speech for the benefit of future generations. They had invented the art of writing.”

    The following quotes are taken directly from:

    Cities in the March of Civilization, by Barbara Habenstreit
    International Library, 1973

    Publishers of the International Library:
    Librairie Ernest Flammarion – France
    Verlag J.F. Schreiber – Germany
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    International Consultants:
    Jean-Francois Poupinel – France, Ancien Eleve Ecole Polytechnique
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    Fausto Maria Bongioanni – Italy, Professor of Education at the University of Genoa
    Mary V. Gaver – United States of America, Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Library Science, Rutgers University

    International Editorial Board:
    Henri Nogueres
    Gerhard Schreiber
    Jan Collins
    Gianni Ferrauto
    Howard Graham

    pages 17 to 20

    “For thousands of years the hot desert wastelands that dominate much of the Middle East have stood barren and lonely. Only small, scattered villages break the monotony of the bleak desert landscapes, and Arab nomads roam from place to place in search of food for their goats and sheep….
    But it was not always this way, for these lands, now so inhospitable to human life, were among the first places where civilization began.
    The seeds of this civilization are buried in huge mounds that tower above the flat desert terrain. Covered by the sands of centuries, these ancient mounds look like natural hills and ridges, but in fact they are mountains of rubble. They can be found in many parts of the Middle East, especially in Mesopotamia – the area around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the country of Iraq.
    Over the centuries, many legends have been told about these mounds. Arab nomads and villagers believed they marked the sites of fabled golden cities of the ancient world. But it was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that archaeologists first began poking into the giant heaps – and found that the legends were very nearly true. The desolate, sandy hills contained the debris of some of the world’s oldest cities, a few of which were far more splendid than any built by modern man.”

    “Of course, man’s history goes back much further than the history of his cities. For nearly 600,000 years of human existence, there were no cities or even villages. People lived as nomads, roaming the earth in search of food and water….
    Then – perhaps around 10,000 BC or earlier – men made the most vital discovery of all history. They learned how to plant and grow their own food. This discovery set men apart from the animals and it was the basis for all future civilizations.
    Among the earliest places where the discovery of agriculture took place was in the hilly regions of northern Mesopotamia, in what is now Iraq. This area was particularly well suited to a settle type of life. Various grains could be found growing there, and early forms of today’s common food animals, such as cattle and pigs, roamed the hills and ridges. If it was not quite an earthly paradise, at least it was a place where people could camp for a while and enjoy a plentiful supply of food and water.
    ….They learned how to plant wheat and other grains, as well as peas and beans….They had discovered a new way of life in which they did not have to wander about the earth. They could settle down where they were, cultivate the land and make a permanent home for themselves.
    Psychologically this was a tremendous step. People do not easily abandon the only life-style they have ever known, and many of the early nomads probably continued their free-roaming ways with nothing but scorn for the nonconformists who had settled down.
    But apparently the settlers had few regrets. Within a short time (which might have been about one thousand years), they were building fairly complex shelters for themselves out of mud bricks. These long, narrow homes were divided into several rooms.
    The early settlers also domesticated many of the animals that they had found wandering about, and they became the world’s first cattle breeders. They began as well to make tools to farm their crops and pound their grain.
    By about 7000 BC, the Mesopotamian hill people were well on their way into the world of the future. While most of the earth’s human population was still leading a nomadic existence, their farming settlements flourished. Over the next few thousand years, their descendants learned the art of making storage vessels and pottery, and of decorating them with exquisitely intricate designs. They built larger, fancier mud houses and became far more sophisticated in working the land.
    Similar advances were taking place elsewhere, and as the various communities became aware of each other, they began engaging in trade….Copper and other metals came into use for making tools and jewelry, and gradually the Stone Age gave way to the age when metals were used.
    But even though these northern Mesopotamian villages were flourishing and prosperous, not everyone was content. Some people found the life there oppressive. Perhaps they were not as well off as their neighbors, or did not get along with them; or perhaps they were just restless and wanted to see what lay beyond their small villages.
    Whatever the reason, sometime during the fifth millenium BC groups of the restless or discontented began migrating down from the hilly regions into southern Mesopotamia, bringing their knowledge of agriculture with them….This type of agriculture, based on irrigation, was immensely successful, and it was not long before [they] were producing more food than they ever imagined possible – far more than they needed to feed themselves. The relatively small areas of fertile land could support large numbers of people, enabling the farming communities to become more densely populated.
    Other groups of people began drifting into the region. In about 4000 BC a tribe of Semitic nomads settled down there. They were joined in about 3500 BC by the Sumerians, who probably came down from central Asia via Iran.
    It was the Sumerians who were the driving force behind the world’s first true urban civilization. Endowed with inventive minds and a restless curiosity, they intermingled with the other inhabitants in the Mesopotamian valley and infused the whole region with their dynamic culture….
    Apparently the first people to drift away from agricultural work were the priests, who were now able to devote their full time to religious matters. The Sumerians were a religious people, and their villages were centered round large temples.”

    The following quotes are taken directly from:

    The Usborne Book of World History (see above)

    page 6

    “Some time after 10,000 BC a group of hunters, attracted by a good supply of food and water, settled on the site which was to become the town of Jericho.

    By about 8000 BC, they were living in a village and had probably begun to farm, though they had not learned how to make pottery. They buried their dead under their homes.

    As they became more wealthy, their village grew into a town. To protect themselves against jealous neighbours, they built a stone wall with towers and a ditch round it.

    Jericho’s wealth must have come from trade. Local goods such as salt and bitumen were traded for obsidian from Turkey, cowrie shells from the Red Sea and turquoise from Sinai.

    Despite the defences, Jericho must have been captured. By about 7000 BC, new people, who built rectangular houses instead of round ones, were living there.”

    page 7

    Catal Huyuk

    “Of all the ancient settlements found so far, the largest is Catal Huyuk [in modern Turkey]. Excavations show that it flourished between 6500 BC and 5650 BC.

    The houses were one storey high. People entered them by climbing a ladder and crawling through a hole in the roof. This meant it was difficult for enemies to get in.

    The Catal Huyuk people worshipped a goddess who is shown as a girl, a mother, or an old woman. They also worshipped a god whose sacred animal was a bull.

    Many shrines have been found at Catal Huyuk. Their walls were brightly painted with religious scenes and decorated with plaster bulls’ heads with real horns.

    Wall paintings suggest that some priestesses dressed as vultures and conducted rituals. Skulls were found in baskets below the bulls’ heads.”

    page 10 and page 11

    The Sumerians: 3300 BC to 2000 BC

    “Sumerian schools

    Those who could afford to, sent their sons to school. School began very early and lasted until evening. The boys had to take lunch with them and work very hard.

    Reading, writing and arithmetic were taught in the schools. Discipline was very strict and boys were beaten for not doing their lessons properly.”

    “Sumer had no metal, stone, or timber so all these things had to imported from other countries. Writing made the daily business of buying and selling in the markets much easier. If a dispute arose over a deal, the written contract could be checked….

    Scribes measured the land to see how much tax the farmers had to pay. The fields were divided into equal squares for this and then the number of squares were counted up.

    The Sumerians used two counting systems. One was a decimal system, based on the unit 10. The other, based on units of 60, is still in use today for measuring time.”

    page 12 and 13

    The Sumerians: 3300 BC to 2000 BC

    “Archeologists found large two storey houses, like this one, at Ur. They were built of mud bricks [with] round open courtyards. They had lavatories and drains, but not baths apparently. Houses like this probably belonged to merchants who were wealthy, but whose status was beneath that of the priests and nobles….

    So much pottery was needed that skilled potters worked full time….”

    “The royal graves of Ur:

    This gold jewelry comes from one of the royal graves of Ur. These graves contain the skeletons of dozens of people who appear to have committed suicide in order to follow the graves’ owners to another world.”

    “Key dates:
    2750 BC – The Royal Graves of Ur
    2700 BC – Gilgamesh reigned at Uruk. 1st Dynasty (line of hereditary rulers) at Ur.
    2500 – 2nd Dynasty at Ur.”

    The Cretans: 3000 BC to 1400 BC

    pages 24 and 25

    “The descendants of farmers who settled on the island of Crete were free from invasion for hundreds of years. This meant they could develop a distinctive way of life of their own.

    We call the culture of the people of Crete “Minoan” after King Minos who is said to have ruled there.”

    “The Minoans sometimes used a system of hieroglyphs, or picture signs, for writing. They also had a script called Linear A which has not yet been deciphered.

    Several magnificent palaces and villas have been found in Crete. They had two or more storeys and were equipped with very efficient drains and plumbing…. The rooms in Minoan palaces were covered with bright frescoes. This is one of the queen’s rooms in the palace of Knossos.

    This throne, found at Knossos, is the oldest throne in Europe still standing in place. The decorations were probably done by Mycenaeans who occupied the palace for a while.”

    pages 26 and 27

    “According to tradition the Cretans were daring sailors and successful traders. The sailors of the legendary King Minos were said to rule the Mediterranean Sea….

    Although they worshipped some gods, the leading role in Cretan religion was played by goddesses and their priestesses….

    Legend says a terrible monster, the Minotaur, lived on Crete. It was half-bull and half-man and it lived in the Labyrinth. The hero Theseus found a way in and killed it.”

    pages 28 and 29

    The Indus Valley People: 2500 BC to 1500 BC
    Cities of Ancient India

    “….It was not known until 1921 that a great and ancient civilization had once existed in the Indus Valley. Much has been learnt about its people since then, but there are still many puzzles to be solved, perhaps by further excavations….

    The citizens of the Indus Valley cities lived in pleasant mud brick houses, built around courtyards. In a rich man’s house, like this one, there was a well….

    Very few statues of the Indus people have been found. This one may be of a priest….

    Many seals have been found which show that the Indus people could write, but, as yet, no-one has been able to read the script….

    We know the Indus people traded in Mesopotamia because their pottery has been found there….

    Excavations show that, by about 1700 BC, Indus cities were less well-organized and poorer than before. The exact causes of this decline are not yet understood.

    At Mohenjo-daro, remains have been found of bodies left unburied in the streets. This suggests the city was destroyed by enemies, possibly invading Aryan people.”

    page 30

    The Babylons: 2400 BC to 1600 BC
    The Rise of Babylon

    “About 2370 BC, a new ruler appeared in Mesopotamia. His name was Sargon and he spoke a language called Akkadian. He conquered and united the city states of Mesopotamia for the first time.

    One account of Sargon’s life says he was found in a basket, floating on the river….”

    pages 40 and 41

    The Hittites: 1500 BC to 500 BC

    Warriors of Anatolia

    “The Hittites were a tough warrior people. No-one is certain where they came from, but around 2000 BC they arrived in Anatolia, which is in modern Turkey. The people they found there lived in rich cities each ruled by its own king….

    This dagger, which belonged to Tutankhamun, has an iron blade which was probably a gift from the Hittites….

    After years of war, the Hittites made peace with the Egyptians, and in 1270 BC a Hittite princess married the Egyptian king Ramesses II….

    About 1200 BC, the Hittite empire was wiped out by new invaders called the Sea Peoples, who probably came from the Mediterranean islands. They brought their families with them to look for new homes…..”

    pages 42 and 43

    The Mycenaeans: 1500 BC to 1100 BC

    “The Mycenaeans are named after the city of Mycenae in Greece where their remains were first discovered in AD 1876. Historians disagree about who they were, but some think they were new-comers to the area, related to the people who began arriving all over the Middle East around 2000 BC….

    The Mycenaean warrior kings became very rich and powerful and eventually rivalled the Cretans. When Crete was destroyed, they took control of the seas…

    These are some of the objects found in the royal graves. Some of them, especially the bull’s head, show that the Mycenaeans were influenced by the Cretans….

    Key Dates


    1200 BC – Seige of Troy. Slow decline of Mycenaean power.”

    page 60

    Europe:1500 BC to 500 BC

    Monument Builders

    “The climate of North Europe is so damp that things buried in the ground decay quickly and leave little trace for archaeologists. Because of this we know less about the people of Europe than about the people of the Middle East.”

    The following quotes are taken directly from:
    Cities in the March of Civilization (see above)

    page 27

    “….As early as 3000 BC, Uruk had foundries for smelting metals at very high temperatures, so that the people were able to forge such large equipment as ploughs. And all this was occurring at a time when Europe had not yet emerged from the Stone Age.
    But the Sumerians were always preoccupied with war, and much of their energies were directed to military ends. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Sumerian cities were the enormous defensive walls that surrounded them.”

    [photo caption] “A lyre with a bull’s head of gold and lapis lazuli was made in Ur in about 2500 BC.”

    page 51

    “Alexander the Great, who had been tutored by Aristotle, spread Greek culture throughout much of the world. Wherever his armies went they planted the seeds of Greek learning, so that the influence of the small city-states radiated in all directions.
    Although Alexander destroyed many great cities beyond repair, he was also a master builder. He laid the plans for more than seventy new cities in Europe, Asia and Africa. The most splendid was Alexandria in Egypt, which he founded in 331 BC. Built in a rectangular shape three miles long and a mile wide, Alexandria had as its focal point two enormous boulevards lined with trees. One ran the length of the city, the other the width, and the glow of their oil lamps illuminated the entire metropolis at night. The main buildings were made of marble, adorned with graceful columns and exquisite sculpture.”

    page 57

    “But Rome was plunging into an irreversible decline. After Constantinople (now Istanbul) was made the new capital of the empire in AD 330, the Roman mobs took to the streets and plundered their own city. Disorder and chaos were the rule over the next decades, until in AD 410, when the Visigoths broke through the last crumbling defences and sacked Rome. The Vandals completed the destruction forty-five years later, when they too pillaged the city. By the end of the fifth century AD, the once glorious city of Rome had only about 1000 inhabitants, eking out their living in the wreckage-filled streets.”

    pages 60 to 63

    “Byzantium was a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city that radiated much of the culture of the Greco-Roman world. Located on the Bosporous, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the city had been founded in 667 BC by Greek colonists. But it did not rise to great heights until after the Emperor Constantine decided to make it the new capital of the Roman Empire in AD 330 and renamed it Constantinople. Today it is called Istanbul.
    After Rome fell in AD 476 (when the last western emperor, Romulus Augustulus, was deposed), Constantinople was the only major city to survive the widespread chaos and upheaval. Standing as an almost impenetrable fortress against barbarians from the north and east, the city of Constantinople helped prevent the conquest of Europe by non-Christian groups. It remained a citadel of strength for almost one thousand years, holding aloft the torch for art, learning and commerce while western Europe slowly struggled out of its isolated torpor.
    Most medieval Europeans, who spent their whole lives tilling the soil, could not even imagine a city like Constantinople, for there was nothing remotely like it in their own immediate surroundings,. When the Crusaders from the west stopped off at Constantinople on their way to do battle with the Moslems for possession of the Holy Land that the Moslems had occupied, they were awe-struck by the dazzling metropolis. As one Crusader wrote:

    ‘All those who had never seen Constantinople before gazed with astonishment at the city….They took careful note of the high walls and imposing towers that encircled it. They gazed with wonder at its rich palaces and mighty churches, for it was difficult for them to believe that there were indeed so many of them. As they gazed at the length and breadth of the superb city there was not a man, however brace and daring, who did not feel a shudder down his spine.’

    ….Constantinople was a beautiful city. At its heart was a great thoroughfare called the Triumphal Way. Emperors returning from battle would enter the city through the magnificent Golden Gate and ride down the Triumphal Way, while thousands of spectators cheered. The city was filled with statues, obelisks, monuments and sparkling fountains, and into the public baths and reservoirs, through the enormous aqueduct of Valens. When this aqueduct was renovated in the eighth century, it required almost three thousand workers, including two hundred whitewashers and five hundred brickmakers. The city’s sanitation and drainage systems were excellent, making it one of the cleanest cities anywhere.
    Constantinople’s great libraries held thousands of volumes of Greek and Roman literature, in which the knowledge, culture and traditions of the ancient world were preserved. The city’s huge stadium, the Hippodrome, was also a symbol of its Roman heritage. The stadium could hold 60,000 spectators in tier upon tier of white marble seats.
    Constantinople was a brisk and busy place, alive with the hammering and clatter of workers, craftsmen and artisans, as well as the shouts of tradesmen…. When kings or princes wanted the very finest works of gold and silver, mosaics, bronzes or sculptures, they commissioned them from Constantinople, the artistic capital of the world.
    Visitors to the fabled city were astonished at the lavish clothing worn by the people, and by the extravagant way that they lived. As one chronicler wrote:

    ‘Strongholds are filled with garments of silk, purple and gold. There is nothing in the whole world to be found to equal these storehouses and this wealth. The Greek inhabitants are very rich in gold and precious stones, and they go clothed in garments of silk with gold embroidery, and they ride horses, and look like princes. Indeed, the land is very rich in all cloth stuffs, and in bread, meat and wine. Wealth like that of Constantinople is not to be found in the whole world.’

    ….Such wealth was a tempting target for outsiders who yearned to plunder the city. Over the centuries Constantinople fought off attacks by the Saracens, Bulgars and Avars. After one fierce battle, the victorious Byzantine emperor punished the Bulgars by blinding thousands of their soldiers and sending them back home.
    Ironically, the proud and splendid city, which had helped maintain Christianity in Europe for so many centuries, was brought to its knees in AD 1204 by Christian Crusaders.
    The armies of the Fourth Crusade, which had started out for Egypt, were diverted to Constantinople instead. This switch had been planned by the Venetians because their own city was engaged in fierce commercial rivalry with Constantinople. They hoped to use the Crusade to conquer the city and bring it under Venice’s control.
    For three days and nights the Crusaders sacked, burned and plundered Constantinople. In an orgy of vandalism, the soldiers unleashed their envy of the city’s wealth and power. Masterpieces of architecture, art and literature were destroyed, including the libraries where the Greek and Roman collections were stored. Many classic works were lost to the world forever because of the invaders’ fury.
    The Crusaders also disliked Constantinople because its inhabitants did not share their religious zeal. They wanted to convert the world to Christianity, while the people of Constantinople had no such ambitions. The Byzantine Christians tolerated other faiths and even allowed Moslem inhabitants to build mosques in the city. These mosques were among the first buildings to be destroyed by the Crusaders.
    The invading armies did not leave anything untouched. As one horrified observer wrote:

    ‘They respected nothing, neither the churches, nor the sacred images of Christ and his Saints! They acted like enemies of the Cross! They committed atrocities upon men, respectable women, virgins and young girls….They used Christians worse than Arabs use Latins, for at least the Arabs respected women.’

    What the Crusaders did not destroy they stole. Precious jewels, plates of gold and silver, chalices, mosaics, painting, icons, golden candelabra and other costly, exquisite works were carted out of Constantinople and brought back to other parts of Europe. The loot that was taken from the fallen city by the Crusaders was estimated to be worth seven times the annual revenue of England!
    The Venetians maintained a very shaky hold on Constantinople until 1261, when a Greek dynasty gained control once again. But the damage had been done, and Constantinople would never again be as rich or as powerful as before. In 1453 the city fell to the Turks, marking the end of the thousand-year Byzantine Empire.

    pages 64 and 65

    ….The only cities that matched Constantinople in wealth and power in the centuries after the fall of Rome were the Moslem centers of Baghdad (Iraq) and Cordoba (Spain)….
    Baghdad, the heart of the Arab empire, was built on the banks of the Tigris river in the eighth century by the ruling Arab caliphs to supplant the old capital of Damascus. More than 100,000 laborers, craftsmen and artisans were needed to build the new city, and the construction took four years. It was called “the round city” because it was circular in form, surrounded by double brick walls, a deep moat, and a third inner wall that was ninety feet high. At the centre of the city was the huge green-domed palace of the caliph, and next to that stood the great mosque.
    Within fifty years, Baghdad grew into a splendid metropolis that thrived on international trade. The royal palace, which glittered with gold, silver and precious gems, was the scene of some of the world’s most costly extravaganzas. Among them was the fabled marriage ceremony of Caliph Mamun in 825, during which one thousand large pearls were showered on the wedding couple while they stood on golden mats set with pearls and sapphires. Priceless gifts were given out to all the privileged people who attended the ceremony, and the palace was bedecked with exquisite treasures.
    The city grew wealthy on world trade as hundreds of ships came in and out of its harbour every day. Baghdad’s bazaars could offer such wares as silk and musk from China; spices and dyes from India; rubies, lapis lazuli and slaves from Central Asia; honey and furs from Scandinavia and Russia; and ivory, gold dust and slaves from east Africa. In exchange, Arab merchants exported fabrics, jewelry, glass beads and metal mirrors to the Far East, Europe and Africa.
    Along with the acquisition of wealth came the acquisition of knowledge. The Moslems put a high priority on learning and greedily absorbed all the known science, technology and literature of the ancient world. Less than a century after the founding of Baghdad, the city’s libraries were filled with the works of such classical scholars as Aristotle, Plato, Hippocrates and Galen, as well as medical and scientific treatises from India and Persia.
    Building on this store of knowledge, and particularly on Greek philosophy, the Arabs went on to make their own vital contributions to learning. They made enormous strides in astronomy, mathematics and medicine and began the large-scale production of paper after its invention by the Chinese.
    In 830 Caliph Mamun established his “House of Wisdom” in Baghdad. This was a combination library, school and translation office where thousands of volumes from other lands were translated into Arabic. Some famous Greek works that have been lost in their original language – such as Galen’s seven books on anatomy – were preserved in the Arabic translation. In this way the Moslem cities of the Middle Ages kept alive the knowledge and culture of the Hellenic world and provided some continuity in the unsteady march of civilization….
    Almost equal in wealth, splendour and learning to Baghdad was the Moslem city of Cordoba, the Arabs’ urban outpost in their European province of Spain. Cordoba had half a million inhabitants, 700 mosques, 300 public baths and 17 libraries, making it one of the most attractive centres of the Arab world. The royal palace alone had 400 rooms and apartments to house the ruling family and thousands of slaves and guards. Other cities such as Samarkand, Damascus and Cairo were also rich and lively centres of a vigorous Moslem civilization.
    By the thirteenth century, however, the vigour of the Arab world had begun to decline. A long series of battles with the Crusaders added to internal decay had sapped its strength. Perhaps sensing this vulnerability, Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes swept down from central Asia and slashed through the Moslem lands. City after city went up in flames. In 1258 the great metropolis of Baghdad was reduced to ashes.”

    page 67

    “….Between the tenth and thirteenth centuries the population of the English counties climbed from about 1,200,000 to more than 2,300,000, while other regions [of Europe] experienced similar or greater gains….
    Most of the new towns began as local marketplaces and expanded along with the general rise in population and the growing abundance of goods for barter and sale. The urban revival was also spurred by the rediscovery of that age-old protective device, the wall – which made towns safer places to live and reduced the inhabitants’ dependence on the protection of powerful lords. The towns also became convenient and safe stopping-off points for travellers who were making religious pilgrimages.”

    page 69

    “….At the time of the first Crusade in the eleventh century, Paris and London were just large market towns. Within the next century or two (and after several more Crusades), London had grown to a city of over 40,000, while Paris gained more than 100,000 inhabitants. Venice and Milan matched Paris in size, and Genoa was about equal to London….More new towns were built in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries than in any other period between the fall of Rome and the Industrial Revolution.”

    The following quotes are taken directly from:

    The Timeline History of London, by Gill Davies
    Worth Press Limited, 2005, London

    “54 BCE – Caesar crosses the Thames, possibly at Brentford

    c. 40 CE – the Roman road Watling Street is constructed

    In AD 43, the Romans invaded Britain for the second time and arrived south of the Thames

    c. 43-60 – Londinium established

    c. 50 – The first recorded bridge is built over the Thames

    61 – Boudicca’s rebellion against the Romans. After her troops nearly destroy the city, a wall is built around London

    AD 70 – Basilica and forum built on the site of Leadenhall Court

    77 – 83 – Construction of temples, public squares, private mansions, arcades

    80 – Construction of public buildings as Flavian London becomes a provincial capital

    [illustration caption] A timber bridge spanned the river across to the Roman walled city of Londinium, built on two small hills. In the foreground is Southwark. The imposing basilica in the centre was reputed to be the largest building in Britain.

    c. 110 – Tacitus refers to ‘Londinium’ as being ‘crowded with traders and a great center of commerce’.


    200 – Massive 2-mile defensive wall built, 6 metres high, with a 2 -metres deep ditch, using 85,000 tons of ragstone. It survived largely intact until the 18th century. Parts still stand today.


    400 – Another Roman defensive wall built on the site of the Tower of London, to strengthen the SE of the city.

    406 – Roman troops leave London. Britain becomes independent.


    1111 – Plague.


    1312 – One third of the city’s rental income is in church hands.

    1314 – Severe famine.


    1666 – Great Fire of London….100,000 – 200,000 people made homeless

    1677 – Sir Christopher Wren’s Monument to the Great Fire, the tallest free-standing stone column in the world, is completed….


    1697 – The Bank of England is established by Royal Charter

    End of 17th century – A few aristocratic families build town mansions on a grand scale: Marlborough House, Spencer House, and Dover House.


    1750 – The National Debt is consolidated into one fund with a 3 per cent stock, administered by the Bank of England


    1838 – Queen Victoria’s long reign begins

    1838 – The present Royal Exchange, still topped by a grasshopper, the Gresham family emblem, is rebuilt after a fire


    1851 – The Marble Arch, in front of Buckingham Palace, is removed to north Hyde Park


    (I hope this helps clear up some of the doubt as to my intellect, altruism, and academic credibility, if the latter even exists. – Susan Maureen Brandt)

    1. rexusdiablos


      Thanks for these. Hopefully you’ve taken my critique on board objectivly rather then personally.

      Keep up the research!

  15. Wes, Longfrog, Or El D,

    I’m trying to find out more about a ‘supposed follow up to Hidden Hand,, Illuminator 13’? El D was asking Wes if he posted any reactions on it. Wes has not replied. I asked El D for more info, he has not gotten back to me. (My inquiry isn’t even showing in the recent comments sec of ‘allied updates’)
    I’d like to know more because I’ve had some ‘dealings’ with someone going by that name, making great messianic claims. Want to know if it’s the same guy doing the same sham. If you guys or anyone else can give me some info I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Finished reading the ‘Illuminator 13’ thread. It was definitely not the guy I came across in a previous thread. The one I came across started a week after this Illumiator ended his discourse, telling me he must of gotten the idea for his scam from this source. But enough said about the negative one… I, with the help of others, exposed and derailed his intentions.

      This one that I just read now however, rings with a very positive tone/message, much like ‘Hidden Hand’ did. I recommend the read to anyone, (thank you Longfrog for posting the link). It is empowering and points to a Universal Source that we are all part of. Much like Law of One, Hidden Hand, and Urantia Book. I believe that all the monotheistic religious have tried to do the same but have been corrupted to certain extents. They are still positive influences however, if read with the right discernment.

      Anyways.. I don’t understand why Wes didn’t say anything about the ‘Illuminator-13’ thread, or reply when he was asked about it,, twice! It seem strange to me because at one time Wes seemed to be an advocate of the principles of the Law of One, which this clearly supports.

      Wes, I must ask ‘where are you at lately?’. You seem somewhat absent from your sites,( the forums within them.) The reason I am asking and concerned is that I have noticed a connection with you and the Bavarian Illuminati, which seem to be very dismissive of the Hidden Hand info and all forms of monotheistic religions, (which would probably include the Law of One.)
      While, I give them credit for not aligning with the whole ‘Supriem’ thing, I find it disturbing that they dedicate a whole section in their website to his story. All they say about Hidden Hand is that he was one of theirs at some point and went nuts. Which I myself do NOT believe.

      All Said Wes, I am perplexed. I know you said you did not join with them, (even though they asked you) but you have endorsed them and they have endorsed you. Like I have said before, I am very respectful of the work you’ve done and I admire your skills as a pioneering journalist. I only what to know what’s happening with you now and where you stand on some of these things. I suppose you could tell me it’s none of my business, and I would not ask again. But considering all we’ve gone through this year in the search for the truth, I will risk stepping out and looking like an ass… but know, that is not my intention.

      In the Spirit of Truth.

  16. rexusdiablos


    How is this supposed to relate to the Sumerian (Ancient Babylonian) tales of the Annunaki?

    Furthermore, have you seen the Ring of Power series? Though similar to your claims, it conflicts with much of them. How do you account for this?

    While I’m intrinsically opposed to the corruptions of organized religions and oligarchies how can you expect any self respecting intellect or altruist to afford your work any academic credibility without the provision of a bibliography or some rudimentary mechanism of citation/reference.

    I trust you don’t want your intended audience to perceive you as a delusional or self-aware disinformant of moderate literary propensity, right?

    1. IAmLonefrog

      How unfortunate that you decided to use the monicker diablos preceded by rexus. After a few minutes of searching this is the best that I could do: I love french jokes.

      So just give me the “skinny” on the name if you wish any further communique with the one willing to see it through. It doesn’t stand to reason that one who is willing to use the designation of such an antagonistically recognizable figure to spread logic to the sheeple.

      I mean, all the Susuan is trying to do is create her own dogma, a fact that I don’t appreciate happenning on this site. None-the-less, she has the right. It is your motives that I am most curious about. She is relatively transparent, harmless really. Why is it that you approach this in the way that you do?


      1. rexusdiablos

        Etymologically speaking, my online alias is a nomenclature oft misconstrued. The alias translates as ‘king, devil’. Upon its inception, over half a decade ago, I was attempting to conceptually convey ‘king of devils’ or more specifically ‘king of internal devils’ as in ‘I endeavor to become master of my cognitive and emotional shortcomings’. Naturally the ambiguity has led many to interpret is as a theological/satanic nomenclature. I assure you it’s very much a secular in concept. Furthermore, I’m theistic, though contrary to my monotheistic conviction I do not believe in the convention of an anti-God (e.g. Lucifer) as depicted in Judeo-Christian scripture. I politely submit to you that the provocative nature of my alias is inadvertent and should in no way justify a prejudice towards as a provocateur lest I have demonstrated otherwise. This of course, is entirely up to you. I can but opine my feelings on the matter.

        I wish to refer to a few choice excerpts from your post:

        — “the one willing to see it through” —

        Grammatically speaking, I find this obscure. Who is the ‘one’ and what is the ‘it’ to whom and which you are referring. I’m not attempting to be facetious. I simply have a genuine desire to understand what you’re saying.

        — “spread logic to the sheeple” —

        Personally, I’ve always disdained the term ‘sheeple’. I find it’s use pompous and derogatory. I’m honestly not too sure why you’re so concerned with the propagation of logic. Our ultimate pursuit is verity, is it not? If again, you’re prejudging me, as some sort of anal and unyielding skeptic then I assure you that I am very much a conspiracy theorist.

        — “It is your motives that I am most curious about. She is relatively transparent, harmless really. Why is it that you approach this in the way that you do?” —

        SUSAN contacted ME directly by using my personal email address. She requested that I review the information contained in her article. Out of courtesy, I’ve been obliging enough to study it and impart my honest opinion. After taking the time to do so, I have very little regard for your unjust and unfound passive aggressive insinuations.

        I stand by my initial response for it is neither disingenuous not malicious. It was meant to be constructive. Though I applaud Susan’s endeavors I have no interest is sugar-coating the fact that the overall lack of academic corroboration in her article contravenes what she ‘pitched’ me in her initial email.

        1. IAmLonefrog

          So “King of inner devils”, I’m supposed to ignore the provacative nature of your alias unless you prove otherwise?

          This was proof enough for me:

          – “I trust you don’t want your intended audience to perceive you as a delusional or self-aware disinformant of moderate literary propensity, right?” –

          I mean, if that’s not “pompous or derogatory” I feel certain that it will pass as supercilious. Come on, moderate literary propensity. Surely you must have known the nature of what it was that you were writing. You see, in order for you to have very little regard for my passive aggressive insinuations, you most certainly have developed the same disregard for your own. I’m just sayin’

          (“Inner devils” anyone?)

          As for the one willing to see it through, that would be me dude. Don’t let my sense of humor throw you off man. I found it to be a necessary commodity when dealing with the likes of self indulging intelects, grammatically speaking of course.

          I now understand that you are either a colleague or perhaps a former proffesor of the Susan and wish to keep the the air of ascendancy between you. Believe it or not, I kinda like your uptight ass.

          In regards towards your feelings to me, feel free to opine away. I would be dissapointed if you didn’t.

          Thanks for clearing up the christian thing, and as for this comment

          -” I’m theistic, though contrary to my monotheistic conviction blah blah blah” –

          don’t worry about it brother, we all get a little confused at times.


        2. rexusdiablos

          @IAmLonefrog: After reading your submissions on ATS it’s fair to reason that you’re either intrinsically neurotic or psychologically needy. Whatever your disposition truly is I assure you I genuinely have time for neither. I’ve unsubscribed to this blog to avoid future inadvertent correspondence with you. Goodbye.

        3. IAmLonefrog

          I knew it!

          That “one” strayed too far away from his comfort zone and got a little skeered.

          You cut me deep King of inner Devils, I’ve never been chastised before for knowing where certain information was. (ATS-illuminator13) A first indeed.

          Perhaps in your circles it is also forbidden to speak until spoken to. Seems to me that would allow for loads of time to conquer those pesky little demons in your head.

          From one intrinsically neurotic soul to a narcissistically wounded one, I will miss you!

        4. Ya, i was going to say something like, ‘And there was a stillness in the air, and rumors in the land. There was going to be a war, A war of words,, BIG words! and the peoples made haste… to get their dictionaries.
          I though i better not though,, didn’t want to add to the contention.

        5. IAmLonefrog

          Per Illuminator13:

          – “I hope to clear up some misinterpretations and misunderstandings.”

          – “I would not read the Law of One or any other spiritual writings if I were
          you, no matter what was “recommended to you”. (sorry Wes)

          – “In the earlier part of his dialogue “Hidden Hand” made grave errors in what
          he told you, he “talked too much”.

          Once a certain level of “filtering” is obtained you do realize that all words have the ability to be obstacles. It is our intuition that needs to be nutured and developed. Illuminator13, as far as I can tell, is merely trying to point you inwards as best “he” could.

          What does not come and go – remains. It is the ever greedy mind that creates ideas of progress and evolution towards perfection. It disturbs and talks of order, destroys and seeks security.

          Understand the root of your fears – estrangement from yourself: and the desires – the longing for self, and your karma will dissolve like a dream. Because as I understand, happiness is both worldly and unworldly, within and beyond all that happens. Make no distinction, don’t separate the inseparable and do not alienate yourself from life. It’s all good yo’.

  17. Rose

    Susan, you rock! Just because what you are writing doesn’t go down well with some folks don’t doubt for one little minute that it shouldn’t be written or out there for everyone to read. Just wanted to give you a thumbs up on getting the story out there even if it doesn’t go down well with the Christians after all it isn’t suppose to…is it?

    :) Rose

  18. Susan Maureen Brandt

    Dear Readers,

    I’ve had a request to write a shorter version of ‘The True Story of Christmas’, which explains more of the Atlantean connection. Please feel free to copy it and email it to anyone you know who genuinely is seeking the truth.

    Also, I would love to hear from people who have been affected by this information, and want to share how it has changed their perspective of the modern world. My email address is susanbluebooks at shaw dot ca.

    The True Story of the Atlantean Origins of Christmas
    by Susan Maureen Brandt

    Ever wonder why Christmas is such a big deal, and keeps getting bigger, when many people don’t care about it, and even people who care about Christmas complain it’s out of control?

    Why does a Jewish-controlled media so faithfully support a Christian-controlled holiday, rather than complain that the years, BC and AD (or CE), are numbered in direct relation to a rather hard-to-believe story of the conception and birth of a Jewish man who harshly criticized Judaism?

    The key to understanding the frenzy, propaganda, and excessive indulgence of the Christmas season, lies in an even harder-to-believe story. But there is nothing in the proven data of science that has determined that the lost continent of Atlantis didn’t exist. There are detailed accounts that it did, and ancient references to the Atlantic Ocean being too filled with muddy debris to safely navigate. There is archeological evidence that a group of reddish-brown-skinned people, with a very prominent nose, large ‘Egyptian’ eyes, elaborate clothing, and rituals that revolved around sex and animal sacrifice, were in the Mediterranean region, living on various islands, and trading and interacting with white-skinned, blond-haired people, from 8000 BC onward.

    If we think in terms of pure geography and geology, the continents have not always been in the same places or had the same shapes as today. Therefore, changes have occurred. If an entire continent full of people were destroyed in a geologic shift of some kind, isn’t it likely that the story would be ‘forever’ told after the survivors had found new homes in other lands? And isn’t it probable that these same people would have a difficult time honoring any Creator-God who could allow such a catastrophe to happen to them?

    Although I realize it’s a big leap to make, after fifteen years of studying basic human instinct, brain function, and spirituality, then one year comparing conspiracy theories, conventional history, and world religions, I am certain that the human species began as five separate groups on five separate continents, about four million years ago. If the time aspect is hard to get your mind around, simply remember that one day follows the next as long as there is a sun in the sky. And human instinct is capable of guiding human beings to survive as a species in even the most extreme situations.

    There is no solid consensus in the scientific community on human evolution, plate tectonics, or human migration patterns. It may seem childish to some, but beginning with a Creator placing five pairs of mating adult humans on five different continents does explain quite well why Africans live in Africa, Asians live in Asia, blond-haired and blue-eyed Nordics live in Northwestern Europe, and why very similar-looking brown-skinned people living at great distances from one another share similar languages, are skilled at agriculture and raising sheep, like to build step-sided pyramids, understand astronomy, and seem able to rise above greed and material ambition to instead honor a deeply spiritual view of existence.

    This last group originated on a continent in the Pacific Ocean, referred to as Mu, Lemuria, or Mir, which slid beneath the ocean during a polar shift sometime in the past 40,000 to 100,000 years. According to legend, the people of Mir were so spiritually adept that they were forewarned this shift would happen, resulting in a planned migration to unoccupied lands around the planet (as opposed to the mythic destruction of Atlantis, which is said to have occurred violently over tens of thousands of years.) If you look in an ordinary English dictionary under mer-, mir-, and mur, virtually every word is connected to the Mirian people: their warm, fertile, low-lying (therefore damp and marshy) continent; their true mastery of peaceful spirituality, agriculture, and the keeping of sheep and goats; their brown skin, gently rounded faces with piercing dark eyes and dark hair; and their disappearance into the sea.

    Although I began by viewing world conspiracies as originating with light-skinned Europeans, and even developed an early theory of long-term Nordic jealousy due to the amazing tales of ancient Atlantean slavery and supertechnology, and Mirian supernatural powers, the more I read and reread the Bible, Greek and Nordic mythology, conventional history and science, and hundreds of etymologies of English words, a simple truth emerged. The Atlanteans were behind everything.

    They tell the tale of their continent’s destruction again and again while preventing it from being ‘scientifically’ discovered. In coded language, they revere the color red, large eyes, and large noses. While there have certainly been Nordic conspirators involved, as well as Asian, African, and brown-skinned by this point in time, I challenge you to find one portrayal of a god, a magical wizard, a European or American political or business leader, any leader of a major religion or royal family, or a main character in myth or legend (other than a blond princess) who doesn’t have a large, prominent, ‘Roman’ nose. (Princess Diana was a so celebrated because she was the ultimate Atlantean success, a blond princess with large eyes and a large nose, therefore an example of ‘perfect breeding’. Her brother has brown hair, and her sister has red hair and freckles.)

    How this ties into the insanity of Christmas is simple family history. The Atlanteans needed to disguise their uniquely reddish-brown skin once their continent was gone and they lacked the resources to attack another continent and win a new homeland by force. They were a hated people due to their long history of aggression against other lands, so they developed a plan to make themselves look like they belonged amongst one of the earth’s four other races, and take over an entire continent that way. By pure logic, they deduced that they’d have the easiest time blending in with the white Nordic people, as there had already been intermixing of the Nordics, Mirians, and Atlanteans in the Middle East and Central Europe, giving rise to certain Turkish and Middle Eastern tribes. (A pure Atlantean/Mirian mix creates an Arab.) The Atlantean Royalty had never, of course, officially mixed with other races, despite their tendency to rape and enslave people wherever they went. But now they had little choice. Losing their entire continent by the hand of an apparently punishing Creator, and then being forced to disguise their unique red skin in order to establish a new kingdom, was enough disgrace and humiliation to fuel 10,000 years of evil.

    10,000 BC to present day:

    – final destruction of Atlantis, filling the Atlantic Ocean with muddy debris

    – surviving Atlantean royalty living in North African and Mediterranean colonies

    – storage of Atlantean documents deep beneath the Great Pyramid

    – ongoing meddling with others’ cultures and languages, dividing nearby people by instigating conflicts, hence the ‘Tower of Babel’ effect

    – rape of Europa by Zeus, representing an Atlantean king breeding by force with Nordic royalty

    – interbreeding with Middle Eastern people to provide a brown tone to cover the red hair and freckles that occur with straight Atlantean/Nordic breeding

    – sorting of offspring into red, light, and dark categories, represented by the biblical stories of Abraham and his sons, as well as Jacob and Esau, and the Breach Birth twins, explaining why the royal Atlantean lineage did not follow birth order but rather was chosen based on desired physical appearance and character traits, and thus giving rise to the idea of Noah, the builder of the boat that rescued enough of the Atlantean gene pool to repopulate a new land after the flood, having three sons: Ham being the forefather of the Egyptian/African colonies of undisguised Atlanteans; Japheth (or Jupiter) producing the desired tall, light-skinned, fair-haired, ruthless, and intellectually cunning Greek, Russian, and Turkish descendants; and Shem responsible for any dark, hairy, short, timid, gullible, overly talkative, or introverted offspring

    – invention of the stories of Adam and Eve, and of Prometheus, to describe the crucial disagreement between Atlantean rulers as to whether or not their non-Atlantean spouses should be told the secret of Atlantean sex rites, which lead to heightened personal power and enlightenment (the snake represents the phallus as well as the Atlantean Dragon logo, the red apple symbolizes Atlantean testicles, and the golden apple of Greek and Nordic myth denotes the blond testicles of Nordics – oral sex, gay sex, sex with animals, sex combined with death, and the swallowing of semen were all key Atlantean ways to increase sexual intensity, open the chakras, and generally increase vitality while avoiding unwanted pregnancies)

    – decision to declare the Semites, the short, dark, hairy, yet big-nosed Atlantean/Middle-Eastern offspring, forbidden from intermarrying outside their tribe (their name supposedly comes from Noah’s son Shem, which means ‘semen’, as they were inheritors of nothing beyond the Atlantean seed) to prevent the royal Atlantean genes from spreading further

    – invention of stories to account for the Atlantean gods’ (rulers) creation of mankind (Europeans) and the use of violence to enforce belief, thus preventing anyone outside the chosen royal line from discovering the secrets to attaining maximum personal power, including religions and myths

    – invention of African myths to control knowledge and rituals amongst African/Atlantean descendants

    – the Atlantean takeover of peaceful Mirian agricultural settlements in the Middle Eastern region, leading to the archeological appearance of simple farming communities becoming more complex, advanced, and consumed by ritual, wealth, slavery, royalty, and political aggression

    – the wholesale theft of the ancient Tur language and culture, originating in the earliest Mirian migrations to Central Europe, by Atlantean scholars who simply mixed-up, or anagrammed, the letters of Tur sentences to form overly long Greek words

    – storage of Atlantean documents in tombs beneath Jerusalem, originally named Rusalium, meaning ‘Red City’

    – captivity of the Semites in Babylon around 600 BC, where they were given a new language, Aramaic, and a written history that contained prophesies of what would terrible things the Atlanteans would do to them in the future, but a reassurance that they were God’s chosen people, despite strict instructions that they genitally mutilate themselves to decrease sexual pleasure, and never drink blood, a common Atlantean practice to boost energy and adrenalin

    – increasing aggression and invasion into Europe, then called Germania

    – building of the harbor and library at Alexandria, to steal, censor, and store away any information revealing the truth of the royal Atlanteans’ history, and any evidence of human civilization before 10,000 BC, which would obviously contain references to the Earth’s most hated people

    – the Atlantean royal family, previously residing in Egypt, Sumeria, Crete, Babylonia, and Troy, center their royal power in Athens, Alexandria, and Rome

    – the Atlantean Caesars, or Zeus-ers, choose a member of their family to fulfill the Semite prophesies of a Messiah who will save them from Atlantean persecution, to finally gain total control of their genetic ‘remnant’ and lead them into slaughter

    – as the chosen son, Lucius, is a product of incest, a fable of his ‘virgin’ birth must be concocted for the public, as is traditional within the Atlantean royal family

    – Lucius, renamed Yesho, attempts to fool the Semite people, but fails to follow the conditions of the Semite rulers, who are Atlantean insiders

    – a crucifixion, punishment for political crimes, is staged, resulting in Lucius’ young wife committing suicide

    – a despondent Lucius sails to Britain, where his slutty mother has been exiled

    – the Atlantean royals make the best of an embarrassing situation and re-package the whole event as Christmas, Easter, and Christianity in the form of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, which translates as the Wholly Atlantean Universal (their ambition knows no limits) Brainwashing Program for non-royal Atlantean Descendants, commonly known as Europeans, and anyone else who is tired of free-will and accessing their intuitive knowledge of all things

    – Christianity and violence are spread all over Europe, while the Atlantean royalty take a long, happy holiday in Constantinople (Byzantium, Istanbul), resulting in the ‘Dark Ages’, as their henchmen wipe out resistant Nordic factions throughout Europe, and prepare for the new Atlantean/European kingdoms

    – Nordics are portrayed as barbarians for trying to protect their homeland from invasion

    Which means that Christmas is a big P.R. campaign to avoid all white, non-Nordic Europeans, Americans, and Canadians from finding out that they’re the product of rape, incest, blood rituals, continental takeover, and massive acts of genocide. The concept of a ‘chosen people’ actually applies to us, in the terms of the Atlanteans using the resources and labor of the ‘third world’ to support the constant ‘comforting’ of the Europeans ‘whites’. As long as we are kept comfortable and entertained, our natural primate instinctual greed will prevent us from upsetting the delicate balance between the haves and the have-nots, carefully put in place over hundred of years by the Atlantean rulers.

    I have to admit that I have been feeling a bit guilty myself, over the past few days, because when I wasn’t working on writing this article, I was busy preparing for Christmas with my two children and their grandmother, listening happily to Christmas music, baking cookies in shapes of churches and Christmas trees, and decorating the house with all things Christmassy.

    Recently, I had a long email conversation with a very religious ‘independent’, and he helped me to realize that although the structure or physical body of Christianity may well have been born of Atlantean manipulation, there is a soul to Christianity that is a pure, beautiful, spiritually-motivated entity of its own, and therefore the true word or plan of our non-physical Creator, who is wise enough to use the Atlanteans, after destroying their homeland, as messengers, motivated by their own humiliation and greed and blind ambition, but relying on ‘inspiration’ and imagination to hand them their clever plans and ideas, just like the rest of us. A long time ago, I realized that the only choice any of us truly makes is to say “yes” or “no”. Saying yes to the ideas put into your mind will allow you to be guided, and if you observe closely what happens, to learn. Saying no only limits the choices your soul has in finding opportunities to teach you the lessons you came here to learn.

    I’m hoping that readers of this information, Christian and otherwise, will feel compassion for the entity/soul who lived the life that the life of Jesus was based on. I have been haunted by visions of his unhappiness and burden for years, the first occurring when I was 18, at a time when I was absolutely not interested in Christianity at all. But now it is a great source of happiness for me to feel his peaceful relief at the first steps being finally taken to separate the facts of his life from the concoction of dogmatic Christianity, and, most importantly, to therefore free the pure heart of spiritual truth and love, of which he DID speak, inspiring the true Early Yesho-ians to seek a Mirian-based wisdom, as many in India, the Americas, and parts of Asia inherited from their peacefully migrating ancestors.

    Thank you for reading this, and for helping me, through being ‘guided’ yourself, to complete an important work. I am aware that few people will be able to cope with the enormous implications of what this reveals about the modern world, but I am also aware that people sometimes are able to suddenly open their mind and refine their view.

    Susan Maureen Brandt

  19. Chris

    Jesus is God(John 1:14 KJV). However, it is true that Christmas is not a holiday the Scriptures teaches Christians to observe. They celebrate it because of Christ. But Jesus WAS NOT Lucius. There is plenty of evidence that Jesus is God: “Before Abraham was, I am.”(John 8:58 KJV).

    1. Susan Maureen Brandt

      What is the evidence beyond the writer saying it’s so? I am a writer. Does that make everything I say true? I felt like throwing the bible across the room when I realized this lie had fooled so many of us, and I grieved it deeply for months. But that didn’t make it not a lie, and in the end I found my faith again in the goodness of all things, even lies.

      Ever heard of the Rosetta Stone? I saw an exhibition this summer, put on by the British Museum, which, among other things, described what the text written on the Rosetta Stone in three languages actually says. It’s a decree, dated the equivalent of March 27, 196 BC, affirming the royal cult of the 13-year-old Ptolemy V, listing the good deeds done by the king for the Egyptian temples. He is praised for reinstating priestly power.

      Beginning with Alexander the Great, the Ptolemy family were Greeks who conquered and ruled Egypt from about 300 BC to Cleopatra’s demise just before 0 BC. So it was because of this influence that there was a stone tablet being written on in Egyptian languages AND Greek.

      According to my notes from the British Museum, Ptolemy V had a few accomplishments. Ready to hear what they are?

      He started the construction of the Lighthouse at Alexandria.

      He started the construction of the Library of Alexandria.

      He started the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible.

      All the best,

  20. El D

    I’ve read a whole lot of stories telling me why Jesus wasn’t Jesus. I’ve also read most of the New Testament. There is one thing I’ve never been able to wrap my head around: if Jesus wasn’t Jesus, and was in fact just a man playing his part to keep man in the dark…or not a man at all but an invention, conjured up for the same purpose, then why does his CORE MESSAGE (not subsequent translated and interpreted dogma) resonate so well with inspirations, thoughts and actions that can lead a soul to only good places?

    Often I am surrounded by Christians, and most of them radiate positive energy. Tell me, how does this play into the enslavement of man?

    I don’t know the truth, but I do know when someone is TO sure that they do…sorry if that seems like a slight.

    1. Susan Maureen Brandt

      Dear El D,

      I was just feeling today that I had to post something addressing this! I completely agree with your point, and actually it was very upsetting to me when I starting finding this idea that Jesus had been ‘invented’ because I was using some of his teachings to help my children think about the choices they have in a conflict. And I agree that they help us to find a really wonderful place. I honestly feel terrible about upsetting people, but I guess it must be time, because here I am doing it.

      Now that I can confidently separate the three things,

      1. the facts of Lucius’ life

      2. the manipulative religion constructed around some core spiritual and life wisdom

      and 3. the positive and unpolluted ‘soul’ within all religions

      I feel that it’s okay to enjoy Christmas, go to church, read the bible, whatever, as long a person can first and foremost find their own center of being, their own soul, their own way to access the universal wisdom all around us, all the time.

      As for me sounding like I know too much, it’s just how it is. The truth is so strange to those of us born into innocent families at this late stage, that anyone trying to explain it will sound crazy. They know that, and count on that to not let the truth get out of their control. I was watching the movie ‘Hulk’ today and it struck me that the thing they fear the most is an ‘angry’ Mirian, or spiritually powerful person. It’s a fine line, but in the right situation, if I’m sure I’m being guided and not acting out of negativity, I let myself get aggressive about this. Nice people have been nice for too long, afraid we might rock the boat. Freeing people trapped in abusive families, polluted environments, slave labor, and damaging brain-washing programs, is a good reason to rock the boat. I would love to be humble and careful and not sound like a know-it-all, but time is running out. On the other hand, I know souls have chosen to be born into difficult lives to learn, and the point isn’t to fix the planet, or make it conflict-free, but to help people get the maximum amount of learning from the minimum amount of conflict. Rather than today, with most people overloaded with stress and toxins to the point where they can’t even concentrate or begin to fathom this life is meant for positive learning opportunities. It’s just too painful to even try.

      However, I really feel the human spirit has the potential for greatness, and I encourage everyone to be as brave as they can about opening their mind to this one.

      Thanks for sharing such an awesome observation.


  21. I believe you Susan!

    I´m from Sweden so I have to ask you about our red-haired princess Madeleine,_Duchess_of_H%C3%A4lsingland_and_G%C3%A4strikland

    I wonder so much if this beuty is an Atlantean? I think her nose is a bit hawking in som pictures:
    Her fiance has a very large nose:

    1. Susan Maureen Brandt

      Wise Man, thank you for your encouragement! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was even reading what I wrote. But also I know whenever I read something shocking, I’m not really thinking about writing a reply, I’m just trying to process the information. So I really appreciate your comment.

      I looked at the pictures. What I have noticed is that the ‘blond princess’ look is the only case where they will promote someone who doesn’t necessarily have a large nose (and a young woman in such a high-pressure position may need to have her nose surgically altered to feel confident in today’s world.) This is because to the Atlanteans, the blond princess is sort of their matriarch, the original Europa. But definitely, that her fiance is a lawyer is a bad sign. These people were ‘jurists’ before anyone else. That’s how they write the laws, know the laws, and break the laws.

      Madeleine may be close to pure Nordic. The Atlanteans seemed to leave the farthest north regions alone, as they preferred warm climates. But her children look destined to have a large nose. Still, it is not anything of her fault, unless she is choosing to marry someone she knows will abuse her children, and could actually choose otherwise. Maybe she will read this and think twice!

      I really feel bad for anyone who was pressured, abused, or altered as a child. I almost feel that even the worst people in the world are just people who were raised terribly. I have children of my own, and it takes a lot of time and dedication, but there is so much positive potential in every child, every day, even when they have challenges to overcome.

      Thanks again!


  22. Ernesto Alonso

    I honestly dont care. I see Christmas now as a ritual between friends then anything else, the only people I’m probably benefitting are the companies that own the stores which I buy my art supplies.

    Sham or not, I believe Xmas is a time where you can be with the people you love. I hardly attach religion to it. Infact I never think of religion when it comes to Xmas.

    I dont care about the “true” orgin of Christ, I just try to hold true that you should be respectful to people and live your life.

    As for music, I just listen to it by rhythm, popularity is the least of my concerns, if you can tell me a Turntablist that is poart of some secret society, I’d like to see your sources and the sources of your sources.

      1. carolks

        Helloooooo Eli, This is going to be a wonderful Xmas after all!!

        After our journey these past months, I seem to be doing the same.{Stepping back and enjoying the BE-NESS with the loving spirit} One makes a lot of progress that way.
        Dwelling on all the “information, facts” gets mentally constipating and dead end.

        So with you Eli back with the old crowd, under the Xmas tree,we will be very happy indeed!!!!!!

        Hope Supriem feels our JOY!

        1. Hey Carol!.. Thanks for the warm welcome back. Just wanted to pop in and say hi when i saw you all here.

          We certainly have taken in a major amount of info over the last year. A very interesting year in many respects. Makes me wonder what’s on the horizon for 2010. So many things happening!

  23. Awwweee.. Good to see the old crew congregating around the Christmas tree. Even if the tree is fake and the season is a sham,, it’s still a pretty time of year and it seems to bring out the best in people. So let me pull up a seat here with you all,, pour a class of rum and eggnog and be the first to say ‘cheers!!’ Tell you what, I’ll even break out my guitar and play you all a Christmas song I wrote a long time ago. It’s about a homeless man who lost everything and slipped through the cracks. He is lying alone on a bench somewhere thinking about his ex who left him many years ago. Somehow , despite he’s misery, he’s able to find these warm thoughts.. he reaches deep in his soul, sends his love and wishes her a Merry Christmas. It’s called ‘Merry Christmas Wherever You Are’. I just added it to my myspace profile… it’s the first one I think,, check it out.

    The only thing I really hate about Christmas is that fact that so many people feel left out and forgotten. Either they are alone when so many are together, or they are poor and can’t afford to buy their kids toys to make it special for them.. The kids go back to school after the holidays listening to everyone brag about all their new toys, and they just try to avoid the topic.. YUK! makes me sick!!

    I like Roses idea, celebrate the winter solstice instead. And instead of going crazy and broke trying to buy gifts for everyone, make it a time for society to care for those who got left behind or fell though the cracks. Just a time to make sure everyone is OK and can make it through the winter.

    ‘This has been a hallmark moment ,, hope you fucking like it.’ hehe!

    Nice to see you all again.. wishing you all the best.

    Eli Eli

    1. Hey Eli, didn’t know you were a country singer….Cool. Man I tell ya to hear so many different ideas on Christmas and beliefs and Christianity it is sometimes mind boggling. Where can I buy your music…LOL

      1. Hey True Pat! ya, i hear ya. For me it started last year with the ‘Hidden Hand’ thread. Then came Supriem and Prescott.. And throughout the whole year I’m reading all kinds of shit. self proclaimed Messiahs, messengers and false prophets of doom,, theories to debunk this, claims to discredit that, new revelations about things that were once considered to be the bedrock of truth. AAhhhhh!!

        I’m not reading as much now.. Took a step back,, just to be with that loving Spirit that has guided me with such care and concern. When i spend time with the Spirit, nothing much matters as far as who’s right or wrong. I know I’m on the right path when I’m spending time in the Spirit. Confirmations of the grace, love, and mercy are the guide-stones of any seeker of truth, no matter what path they follow… I trust it will all unfold as it should.

        As far as my music goes,, no CDs to buy yet. I have a few songs recorded, entered them in some international songwriting competitions, and did pretty good! I have material for 3 CDs that i will record at some point.. It’s a lot of money to record at a high quality level though.. So it’s just a little at a time for me. When i have my first CD done i will set up something with ‘itunes’ and sell them online. Hopefully it will be under the ‘folk/singer/songwriter’ category though,, (with dash of country ). Not the redneck Nashville country that’s not me.

        Thanks for checking it out man!..


  24. Susan Maureen Brandt

    This is surreal. Other than the very first comment, none of you agree with what I wrote, yet the words and expressions you’re writing prove my point. You’re just trying to make yourselves feel good by clinging to your belief system. You know what? You’re wrong. Every word out of your mouths has been programmed by these people. I’m sorry. It all sucks. These people do NOT deserve to run the planet, and I’m trying to stop them, and you all are patting each other on the back. Read the bloody article TEN TIMES if it takes that much. I can’t give proof because they’ve hidden all the proof. Does that mean they get to win? The soul of the REAL JESUS has been pushing me to figure out this stuff for over a decade. It creeped me out and I tried to get him to go away, but on the day I wrote this article, sick to my stomach over how many billions of people have been conned by such a petty, greedy, mean-spirited plan, that was the first day I’ve ever felt him truly happy. HE WAS SO RELIEVED. YES, JESUS LOVES YOU, AND HE WANTS TO FREE YOU FROM HIS FAMILY’S LEGACY OF LIES.

    Please think very carefully about this:

    The only people allowed in the Kingdom of God are those who accept Jesus as their lord and savior.

    God = Julius Caesar

    Jesus = his son Lucius by his great-great niece, Julia, HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.

    His kingdom is Europe, plus America and Canada. HE SO LOVED THE WORLD (DESIRED CONTROL OF EUROPE AND THE AMERICAS) THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON (TO ATTEMPT TO PASS AS A FAKE JEWISH MESSIAH) to secure the entire Mediterranean, including the Jerusalem records stored by the Atlantean Jewish high priests who have been in on it all along. Hence, the strange illogic of the holocaust. The innocent die while the leaders on every level get off on the blood-energy being sucked up. Glastonbury is a modern holocaust, only without the dead bodies. Now they get worship and energy supplies, and everyone goes home exhausted but happy, returning next year to donate more innocent soul-energy. They’re VAMPIRES! How much RED CROSS-collected blood do you think they just sit around and drink? You can’t prove it doesn’t happen. Does that mean they get to continue, while creating diseases to maintain the illusion of so many sick people that all the donated blood is probably getting used up on the sick? Do they just get to do whatever they want because nice people are too nice to risk falsely accusing anyone? Accuse the Atlanteans and see who gets upset. You won’t offend anyone who isn’t knowingly in the Atlantean royal bloodline, and actively working to increase their control over the entire population of Earth, our beautiful planet meant to be shared equally and harmoniously among the five original races: black, brown, red, yellow, and white.

    We’re only here, my fellow whitish ‘Europeans’, because during the crusades, etc., our ancestors agreed to act Catholic enough so that they weren’t murdered for resisting the ROMAN Catholic church. We were selectively bred for passivity so we could live in the Kingdom of Caesar forever and ever. AMEN = a reminder it was planned by the Atlanteans in Egypt after losing their original continent in 10,000 BC. Read the Lord’s Prayer with a critical mind. They’re praying for help to succeed at the plan without becoming so consumed with addiction and excess that they screw it up for themselves. They can’t afford to be blood-thirsty sex addicts 24/7, because they have too many corporations and countries to run, and too many innocent people to oppress, and too many bravely honest people to silence!

    Evolution is a cover-up (but yes, adaptation within species, leading to variant species, happens and is provable). Since the Atlanteans attacked Europe from within, it hasn’t been survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the weakest, to make the Atlantean rulers seem super-human and to guarantee NO ONE will fight back. Even the SCIENTIFIC METHOD was invented by them as a religion to keep very intelligent people from using their intuition and communicating with the spiritual realm. Sure I feel embarrassed, but I found an answer that finally makes sense of everything!!! That sure beats letting them win, or staying scared of using anything beyond the limits of my physical detection devices (my eyes, ears, and sense of physical touch) to gather knowledge from a universe that is not limited by the human senses AT ALL.


    Tonight on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, there was Roman symbolism everywhere. The two characters getting married, well, they believed they were brother and sister for a while at first, falling in love anyway. (Justin means ‘justice’, and Rebecca, meaning ‘enticer’, was the mother of Esau and Jacob. Have you been enticed by their story of how lovely incest is? The ‘justice’ is that he gets to marry her and impregnate her. The show is full of Katharines (Kitty) and Elizabeths and Sarahs and Davids, and SAUL.) And the matriarch dating a younger man, guess what the Atlanteans are working towards you accepting? Not just their blood rituals involving goats and togas, not just glamorizing that they’re all, as a result of ritual family sexual abuse, blindly addicted to constant sex with anyone and everyone, so gay sex is the best way to limit pregnancies, and incest is the best way to avoid the messy problem of a weakened bloodline. Nope. What they’re creeping towards you liking the idea of is Jesus choosing to have sex with, and even impregnate, his own mother, just like his father chose to have sex with his wife, who was his sister’s granddaughter Julia, Jesus’ mother. The actors names, Balthazar and Calista, are no coincidence. Look them up. They were named by parents who are IN ON IT, who chose to name, torture, abuse, and program their children to be stars in the Atlantean system. They’ll never stop lying, but they can’t stop bragging so that we’ll all keep worshipping their signs, symbols, names, and rituals. And their lies only reveal the exact opposite, the truth they’re trying to hide.

    How about we say the Atlanteans can have one-fifth the air-time on TV. Then one-fifth can be amazing Asian culture, one-fifth stunning Africa culture, one-fifth gripping Nordic culture, and one-fifth of the time we can watch shows about the simple, poignant spirituality and agricultural techniques of the Earth’s brown-skinned people.

    Fair enough?

    And all of us Atlantean-produced white-brown-red mixes could shut up and spend a few years being deprogrammed. I’m so so sorry we’re nothing but the result of bad people’s nasty plans, but how long are we going to let it go on, NOW THAT THE INTERNET WILL ALLOW US TO SPREAD THE TRUTH TO BILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN ONE DAY. Conspiracy theory is just another religion that only gives one-sixth of the picture. Step back and let your own inner wisdom show you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Your own SELF can help you through the sadness and shock of it, can heal you and strengthen you and free you. I CAN HELP YOU IF YOU LET ME.

    I know it hurts. It hurts me, too, and every oppressed, tortured, frightened, war-torn person. Ritualized child sexual torture, corporate pollution, concocted man-made diseases, terrorism, IT WILL ALL STOP IF WE EXPOSE THEM NOW. Don’t trust the police or politicians. There is a reason why they have power. Instead, trust your own innocence and goodness, your own dream of how this planet should be.

    Give the Earth a real present for Christmas. Write “SHUT UP ATLANTEANS” on a piece of paper and tape it to the planet where someone, anyone, will see it. If everyone who ISN’T an insider card-carrying Atlantean does this, being really brave to maybe look a little bit silly, the Atlanteans will panic and freak, and even if nothing changes, we will have at least made a statement that WE KNOW, we’re not as stupid as they think they’ve made us. If I’m wrong, we’ll just have done something silly. If I’m right about this, we could finally be turning the GOLDEN key in a lock which has kept this planet a horrendous mess for way too long.

    True peace means free, happy people everywhere, and innocent people finally getting EVERYTHING they want, finally working together to make a happy ending for ourselves.

    1. IAmLonefrog

      Dearest Susuan,

      Time to reel it in sister.

      Seems you have gotten off the tracks and are now looking to defend the nothingness you have contrived through lack of reading mine and Pat’s comments. Talk about surreal. I have been corresponding with him for some time now and know that he is a loving Christian who fears God. That’s his fucking choice, not yours or mine.

      That was then.

      Now, he seems to be changing and opening up to ideas that we are all one and I now feel comfortable pointing out to him the paradox that Christianity creates by requiring “more” from their followers. For example; Love thy neighbor but if he doesn’t accept “Lucius” your neighbor is fucked even though he/she is a fine example of a loving father/husband/son/mother/wife/daughter but not washed in the blood of the lamb.

      It divides people and I can’t put it any simpler than that.

      It is not sound practice to threaten eternal damnation to those who do not see things the Christian way. (My opinion)

      Now I got to listen to you spout off about the “Real Jesus” and how dag-blamed brainwashed I am while Daddy is gonna give me real beef lovin’ after he finishes off with sis while Momma’s in the kitchen listenin’ to Lady GaGa. I understand what you are trying to do with your knowledge and I commend you for it. It’s just that when I first read your article I sensed that you were consumed by it and now you have proven it to be so. I hope you understand that you were meant to write but not enforce. You have done a splendid job of putting the information out there, do not mess it up by ridiculing those who YOU percieve as not understanding it. It’s just not up to you to filter the information according to your guidleines, just get it out there. Those who were meant to embrace it will.

      May I suggest finding a balance through building a decent sense of humor? It will get you through your anguish. This is after all, just a game. (that no one wants to lose)

    2. Keith

      Thanks for the article, and Thank you Wes for pOsting it. Also, thanks for the recent response in the blogs.I did find it interesting about the blood being gathered for the wrong reasons.I was aware of The Red Cross being a Front Organization for the Knights Templar/Illuminati.I knew the blood and money was not staying in our communities.

    3. Darren

      The only people allowed in the Kingdom of God are those who accept Jesus as their lord and savior. You are correct in saying this and im glad that you put this down. God created the Heavens and the Earth. JESUS Is his son and He is very mutch alive and will be coming back very soon.And most “unbeleivers” are really beleivers but they are really
      scared that their so called friends will make fun of them,,,,pfffffffft. I Beleive that Jesus is the son of the living God and people better just swallow their pride.Look at all the ranting and raving going on in all this “BIG” world. O.K now im laughing my tail off. Power this ,,,,,Power that. Can you Look at us through the eyes of God. We all down here on earth as big as we think it is. All Have to sound like little mice squealing our little arses off. Beleive this. He will have his Judgement on us all. Every knee shall bow and every tounge confess that Jesus is lord. HE IS LOVE . HE IS TRUTH. HE IS COMPASSION. HE IS MERCY. MERRY CHRIST-MAS

      1. IAmLonefrog

        My tongue confesses only this…….

        It is not the machinations of your mind that will get you into “heaven” but the nature of your heart.

        Happy Holidays to you sir.

  25. LF, After thinking about the idea of enlightenment or maybe waking up I felt compelled to write on my blog. I thought I would add it here since in some way it relates but maybe not as you would think. This is my thought on awakening.

    Year after year after year after years information of history has been changed, moderated, muzzled, lost and rewrote to what end we really don’t know. So many things have been distorted or left out that a true belief cannot be attained in anything except what you see and what is in your heart or what you do yourself. The ability we have to investigate the actual truth is hindered by time as it has passed or by the sifting over thousands of different ideas or stories proclaimed to be true over the internet and books. The bible which was written by divine revelation is always in question by those who believe it was made by earlier dynasties to corral the christians under a thumb. Even the History channel is touting that Moses went up the mountain to receive not 10 commandments but 600. Even if this is true it wouldn’t be the point, the point would have been why now are we Christians finding this out if it is true? If GOD himself gave Moses all 600 commandments, why did only 10 find their way to the old testament?

    The things we hear and see on tv or hear over the radio do not ring true as to what we see and experience in our lives. The moment you slow down, step back and take a breath to see what is going on you become awake of the reality which has unfolded around us. Society is spinning out of control in so many directions so it seems that no one has a firm grip or they are so focused on one particular part of life they fail to acknowledge all things are connected in one way or another. Those true to my heart are God, Family and Country. God because so many are seeking salvation in themselves hoping that some kind of happening will soon come and transform them into energy once they realize who they are, while others believe that Lucifer is back to save them from a life time of lies about God. There’s even those who basically believe all is just not reality and we are going to wake up to another reality once we have or we all have learned or experienced enough.

    Then there’s that never-ending conspiracy theory about the NWO and 911, and how Obama won the election on the promise of change which coincidently is the same thing every presidential candidate has promised since we began having elections with one exception, when the first presidential election was held. It was after we won our independence from tyranny. Something that the people of this country had long forgoten and now are on their way to know again. So how do we “awaken” and have the truth come to light and not slip back into the “matrix” as one of my friends so politely and modernly put it? First, with all that I have learned I see there is actually truth in everything to an extent. You have to know life and how it operates before you can really come to a belief or as I have heard so many times lately, an enlightenment. Enlightenment to some may mean only a spiritual enlightenment and that all things here in the physical are merely a step in development for the next level and for the most part unimportant. This idea to me is simply is not an accurate statement for a couple of reasons.

    For one, if you’re a Christian, and although Jesus states “place your treasures in heaven” and to which I agree with, I would say the first step is here on earth for all beliefs. In the bible Jesus states that no man can get to the father except through him, and if you believe in him you will have eternal life. Unless you die as a young child and have yet come to the age of acknowledgement, then you obviously must live Christ like, which means a good righteous life with a personal relationship with God. Doing onto others as you would have done onto yourself. Spreading love and joy where ever you go and extending help to the needy. Even for those who believe in other things such as densities and levels of experience or are looking for self realization, you must live a life that is connected to others with the focus on helping others either by helping them awake or just keeping them afloat during troubled times as to earn a passing grade. So as you see the first step starts here with you and I and in my case with God and myself which relates back to you and I.

    The second part would come once we have figured out that we must help one another and I sincerely believe my father in heaven would want that just as well as those who believe in other things would think the same. Even the original teachings of Islam before radicalism stole it taught love. So, in essence, love conquers all. Helping your neighbor during rough times, giving a smile to someone with little faith, encouraging a child when their confidence has been damaged and showing concern to those who need it. If you’re a Christian, your relationship with God will cause you to want to do these things and even though it’s not specifically stated in the bible, it’s still there and the entire cosmos knows the exact same thing. They only choose to act differently.

    The other is and I hate to bring it up again, but the trust we put into one another and into our government. Especially the trust we put into our government. Our founding fathers fought valiantly for our – their freedom. A chance to live a free life and everyman equal to all. Although there are some things that have taken two centuries to over come, we have. We the People is a HUGE statement. The simplest and strongest statement ever made. It truly laid the ground work for a strong and free society even if their were kinks we HAD to work out. The country isn’t the land, nor is it the government, it’s the people in it. We the people have placed our trust into the government we created to run the logistics so we can continue to operate as a free nation and communicate from one state to another. The problem is and as I said in the beginning, if you take a step back to take a deep breath and to see for yourself what is now going on, you would see the very government we’ve created is no longer taking input from the creators. It is a machine that somehow has realized it’s self and has defied all logical programming and has run amuck. Most of us, including myself have waited by the way side waiting for it to correct its self. Instead it has grown and become more aware of those things that are a danger to its new present form and are making adjustments to eliminate or hinder those things that can come between it and the potential growth it has planned for its self. No longer can you just pull the plug, you now have to have enough people to block this machine in to gain back the control that belongs solely to the creators.

    You have to wonder where is the patriotism of those that work for the machine that may not be the fine tuners, but are certainly close enough to the machine to push the stop button but have not done so as of yet. We have so many times gave our hearts to our leaders only to see the very same thing every year. More war, more lies, more scandals, more taxes, and for what? So they, those that work the controls of the machine can have more money, have a great career, have a retirement that the common man will never see? They drive the country into the ground for personal gain and all of those protectors of the people who gave that oath to protect the constitution from foreign and domestic enemies failed or simply lost the courage to step up and be heard. None the less the people see, yes they see. More and more are waking up and realizing that all that is going on is connected, it’s connected to everything. Yes, we must help ALL people. Help the third world countries from starving. Help them build an infrastructure and get electricity and running water. Help those here in the US get homes and get off the streets, give those who have nothing to eat, something to eat and those who have no jobs, jobs. Where does it start though? It starts with you and I, and it wont happen until the government is controlled by the people for the people. To straighten out the money hungry politicians who only seek gain for themselves at the sacrifice of others. Then and only then can we truly be what our founding father’s pictured when they wrote the declaration of independence.

    Even though all of this is true, Christians must except the fact that this may truly be the beginning of the end of times. Even so, we must try to accomplish a change. The change Obama promised but without the socialist agenda and the relinquishing of our sovereignty to a global machine. Christians must understand God’s plan will go on no matter the stance we take because it will include our actions, it already has. We are still Americans, we are still the country that most want to come to for freedom. Right or wrong it is our country, and if wrong to placed right for the whole world to see again as the torch of liberty that was gallantly fought for not so long ago. God bless those in this country and those whom you choose to lead it. Amen.


    The True Patriot

    1. non

      Shame u r so decieved The god of this world Satan has certainly made u a disciple
      Bible mathamatics confirms the Authenticity of scripture as being the Inerrent Word of God to His people.penned by men by the will of God through the Spirit(H.S}that is.The Only way out for u- is to repent of your sins and b baptised accept Jesus as the true Son of God.Maybe He will let into His new Kingdom comming soon.Every Knee in Heaven and earth shall bow before the Jesus King of Kings

      1. I really don’t understand your point. You’ve really misunderstood what I was saying, of course the bible is the word of God but man himself has led people astray by Satans hands. The mere fact that I point out that time it’s self has played an extremely important role in hiding truths from us is beyond comparison. You live on faith alone unless you see it, or do it yourself. I mentioned the fact that the History channel is proclaiming that 600 commandments have been taken by Moses, not ten as the bible says, so there for IF it were true then man himself has kept those things from you. My relationship with the Lord is between him and myself, not you and I and shame is those who judge. Good day sir.

    2. IAmLonefrog

      I’m going to go out on a limb here,

      (no surprise really to those that know me)

      I do not agree with labels pertaining to various religous beliefs. If it is in your heart to contribute to the betterment of humankind (regardless of which hole in the peg board you fit in) then you most certainly have what it takes to lift the veil that has been placed over your eyes. Essentially, breaking free from the years and years of disinformation you will see that “Christians” have no more of a higher moral ranking than a “Kabbalist” or a “Shaman” or fill in the effin blank for yourselves.

      Stumbling blocks are a given in this 3D, sometimes so much so that they often seem like mountains and we need something to minimalize the anguish that is caused by these obstacles. So we do what those before us did and turn to religion, and in my humble opinion, these dogmas are just more stumbling blocks.

      Iv’e often heard that a solution to the tyrannical american governmental machine is to just get the people to form a single voice and say enough is enough. Simple right, problem solved. Hardly. We have sleeping meme’s who still believe that a Democrat would be better than a Republican. A conservative is more suited than a liberal. Makes me wanna scream man.

      All devices designed to distract and divide.

      So, I suffer little hesitation when it comes to applying this understanding of “divide and conquer” when it comes to the path of enlightenment. I for one, could care less if you had an epiphany that led you do good deeds towards man through a comic book yo! and it made you want to wear a cape. Rock that cape baby!!! But you are NOT to say that this is the only way to assure that your soul rests in a place of love and light.

      What matters it to thee how I found my way?

      We all know intuitively that there is no way to crash this party of heavenly proportions (no pun intended). You either earn your “way in” or try again til you get it right. We’ll laugh about the journey when we get there, while recalling that the central theme was to spread the love dude.

      Fine tuning is a bitch, but not impossible.

      Note to all: I am not afraid to hiss at the creations designed to hinder my progress. Or to say Doh! when I do it to myself.

      1. LF, somewhat confused by your statement whether it was directed at me or the us in general. I felt a bit of a sizzle but not a direct hit so I will respond. I felt that I informed that I was trying to convey how I believe, not that it was the only road for everyone to take. My perception on other beliefs is of course only my perception but as you stated for “those who know you” would understand you. The same goes for myself, those who know me, know that I am a Christian and view things from a Christian point of view, or at least thats what I believe. I am obviously not able to project my thoughts into words very well or most would understand that simply Good is Good and evil is evil. I don’t believe you can go wrong if everyone is good and if that is not the ultimate goal in that heavenly spiritual world where we are heading in this journey, then maybe, just maybe myself and others are not going to the same place. The other is of course because we mostly depend on man for information to brought down from generation to generation it is hard to tell what has been modified for purposes for personal or governmental reasons. Thats all. As far as I know labels were not given except that I tried to explain what I thought were different beliefs the best way I could. If that offended anyone then I apologize but my thoughts, my heart, my epiphany of understanding is simple. We are all connected or we wouldn’t be here. There was no divide and conquer but actually a rally. No cape needed for having a heart.

        1. Well, I guess I really don’t belong here. I guess most of you see me as oil in the water. Both statements were attacked although I felt I was attacking no one. No hard feelings, just thought I would try it again.

        2. I don’t know. LOL Just wanted to exchange some thoughts and I thought best to provide how I believed. I guess what I was expecting was how these things I believe may or not be connected to what others believe. Or if they believe somewhat as I do if there were any exceptions or exclusions. Instead I was attacked by somenone who proclaims to be a christian for entertaining the possibility that some things could have been changed or left out for purposes unknown. As far as LF goes, I am not sure if he was ticked at me or not, but maybe. Maybe I am just not allowed to state how I believe or maybe I’m not making it clear or I am using the wrong direction.. Although I believe my path is true at least for myself even if traditional christians ( or should I say modern christians ) believe I am a bit off the path, I am not telling anyone that thier beliefs are wrong.

        3. carolks

          Dear True Pat,

          You are truly a success story!Remembering we are ALL ONE will eliminate the divisions created by the 3RD DIMENSION!

          We are all “THERE” we just do not recognize it. THERE meaning HOME.

        4. IAmLonefrog

          Hang in there brother, it’s all good!

          As you alluded to, there was a bit of a sizzle and I’m the one who turned up the heat. I beg you to allow me my transgressions and simply point out that as the Christian doctrine states, all who wish to enter the kingdom of God must first accept his Son as Lord and Savior. That leaves a whole lotta people off the guest list who are genuinely worthy of acceptance. I also know that Christians are required to spread the “word” and part of that “word” is what I just mentioned. So again, please forgive me for my transgressions.

          I wholeheartedly agree that we are all connected, I guess you could say that “that” is my religion/belief system. Upon reflection one could honestly state that there is no divisiveness in the understanding that We are one. This cannot be said for all belief systems. Painfull as it may be to realize, it is true.

          As for no cape needed for having a heart, true again. But I will tell you this, A sense of humor is required to make it through “the proving grounds”.

        5. carolks


          Well said !!!

          It is really very very simple. Truth always is.

          Well spoken (written) explanations are like a garland of flowers around the neck!!!

    3. Keith

      The True Patriot: I appreciate your blog(s).
      We need to share love,dialogue and we need our country back.We need to help all people.

  26. LF it is good to hear from you again. I do find it interesting on most of the talk about enlightenment but I guess it’s which enlightenment you consider the truth. The enlightenment I search for may not be the same as someone else looks for. I really don’t know much about some of the stories I hear in regards to star children who recieve messages, or the world of one, or if I would qualify as someone who is awakened. I do realize that the bible was written from devine revelation and not by human thought which to me is just as important as any star child or book of one or the story of Alantis which was written by a play write. I seek not to argue but to enhance by exchanging thoughts. Although I am no Einstien, I too want to know the thoughts of God.

    1. IAmLonefrog

      It’s always a pleasure exchanging thoughts with you too Pat. I’ve been creepin’ through this rabbit hole for quite a while now, I guess long enough to know better than to label anything the truth. As far as you being awake, I believe it’s safe to say yes. But that’s just me typin’ out loud ;)

      Check out this article, I’m pretty sur you might enjoy it.

      1. The article was interesting and as far as the climate scandal goes it makes you wonder how, just as they have thier claws in us with this thing, that something out of the blue yonder throws a monkey wrench in it just like the God machine. For years they’ve had trouble with that thing, and if I am not mistaken some of the scientist involved felt that it was sabatoging it’s self. Maybe things are being delayed for a certain reason so the timing just isn’t right. Things must come to pass first. Thanks for the link.

  27. Susan Maureen Brandt

    I agree with you, Iamlonefrog, that we should live our life in the present moment from a spiritual perspective, absolutely. It took me 15 years to learn the basics of body/soul/brain and how to cope with where my higher self was guiding me. It took less than a year to get the gist of the Atlantean conspiracy. (Conspiracy theory only reveals about one-sixth of the truth, in the same way each religion only reveals about one-sixth of true spirituality, and science only allows people to understand one-sixth of the nature of the universe by limiting to their five senses plus whatever ‘comes to them’ in naps. In this way, normal people are prevented from putting together their innate ability to understand life. Even the occult or dark magic is a one-sixth slice of the whole story.) Arguing over details is a waste of time, but understanding how we’re misled every day to waste ALL of our time servicing the Atlanteans is very important to educate people about.

    I think the true significance of this article is to relieve a bit of pressure off of Jesus. If there truly was a man born Lucius, renamed Yesho, rewritten as Lud, then mass-corrupted into the Jesus phenomenon, I think it’s a nice relief for that entity soul to finally have the truth come out.

    Yesterday I saw the words to ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ written out, and it suddenly struck me what an obvious reference it was.

    Mary had a little lamb = Mary had a baby.

    The Atlanteans refer to their children as lambs, Jesus is called ‘The Lamb’, holds a lamb

    It’s fleece was write as snow = Jesus’ hair was white

    Either this is bragging about Lucius having light coloring, thus a well-disguised Atlantean,
    or it’s saying that he passed as an ‘innocent’ religious leader,
    OR it’s a clue that ‘Jesus’ lived to be an old man

    And everywhere that Mary went = Lucius’ mother, Julia, was banished to an island in mid-life

    The lamb was sure to go = Lud ends up king of Britain. Was that the island she was sent to?

    With the reference to it following her to school, school is the first place we’re sent to, to be away from our families on a long-term basis. That it points out it was against the rules for the lamb to go to school, seems to be underlining that Lucius was being disobedient in following Julia to the island of her banishing. That his mother and a ‘prostitute’ were given the same name, Mary, in the modern perception, is a little unsettling. There is already the connection between Maryamne, Herod’s virgin Jewish bride, having a name which means ‘rebellion’ but is similar to ‘prostitute’, thus giving rise to the Jewish opinion. But was there truly a Mary Magdalene? I have a feeling that he did have a true love, but that she killed herself when she saw him crucified, because no one had told her it was fake. This is what Romeo and Juliet would have been based on. Maybe the reason the powers that be let us all hear the Da Vinci Code version is because it preserved two key things, that Jesus was super-human in some way, (rather than merely royal) and that we can feel totally good about how he behaved in life, i.e., that he had a wife and children, rather than being an Atlantean product of, or proponent of, incest.

    And yet here is one of the most common English children’s poems/songs, which every child learns at such a young age. And it seems to be taunting Lucius for being naughty and following his mother around instead of staying where he belonged, in a sheep’s proper home (wherever the Atlantean rulers were currently living). Maybe Gaius and Lucius followed her to Britain when they ‘died’ in their early twenties. Leonard Cohen sings in Suzanne: “Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water.” Is a ‘cohen’ secretly explaining that Lucius was able to easily travel the Mediterranean in his own ship, ‘walking on water’, making numerous trips back and forth between Rome, Galilee, Britain, and points in between? The French Christmas song says “I saw three ships come sailing in…Twas Jesus Christ and his Lady…on Christmas day in the morning.”

    Why does the Lamb love Mary so, the little children cried?

    Why, Mary loves the Lamb, you know, the teacher did reply.

    Unfortunately, I just read the story of Nimrod. I hadn’t realized there was a connection to the Tower of Babel involving the embarrassment of an Atlantean king over producing children with his own mother, and thus having to declare his mother’s child a magical Virgin birth. Julius Caesar’s only offspring, Julia, is documented as having married her grandfather, though no children are recorded. Grandpa’s name is Gaius. Jesus’ mother names her firstborn Gaius. When do ‘virgins’ or very young girls become pregnant? When their fathers are having sex with them for too long, and they become fertile before any sign of menstruation. And it’s Julius Caesar who shows up on the shores of Britain to play out a tense family drama with Gaius and Lucius in 55 BC. Maybe we’ll never know for sure, but the general themes are certainly striking.

    To return to the comments of TruePatriot and Iamlonefrog, understanding the history isn’t life-or-death important. It’s just a useful key to getting the planet back from these tyrants. Maybe we can start ‘creating’ a human culture that isn’t based on the Atlantean’s petty ridiculing of their children who failed to follow their great plans, its glorification of its descendants who did what they were told and killed lots of people and brainwashed the masses, and its current demands on the living members. (Especially for those of us who are stuck with their new ‘European’ genes and a total lack of indigenous heritage.)

    I have an official family tree of the British Royal family’s inbreeding in the last century. Now they make very clear that the current crop of young wives are all commoners. Really? The trick with Atlanteans is they’ll use anyone’s womb to keep their desperate hold on their precious 1/32 of true Atlantean blood. Bad news is, you never really know which 32nd you’re getting. That’s why people win a race ‘by a nose’. A ‘Roman’ nose, and red hair and freckles, are the only provable Atlantean traits. But the whole point was to hide the red. Remember it being said that Prince Charles took one look at the infant Prince Harry and said, ‘Ugh, he’s got red hair.” ? And everyone thought it was because Diana had that red-haired lover? Prince William has both Diana’s large, bony, ‘Roman’ nose and her large ‘Egyptian’ eyes. Along with her blonde hair, guess why she was celebrated as the “world’s” greatest beauty? And then sacrificed in Paris accordingly to Babylonian sacrificial law?

    Is it too much to dream that the actual HUMANS suffering from the extreme pressure of being born into this family could be freed? Which of us doesn’t want to live a low-stress life with some laughter and days off, and work we love because it’s what we’ve chosen based on our own interests? And marrying the person we blissfully fall in love with, and having children with people outside of our own family…

    Think of it as a human rights issue. When Jesus said ‘love your enemy’, maybe it was a cry for help. These people are forced into lives of disgusting, horrifying ritual as little children, sexually abused by family members, then forced to glorify the egos of the dead. Maybe we should cover the planet with signs that say, ‘Free the Atlantean Children’, and ‘End Atlantean Rule”. If anyone gets upset, then I guess we know it’s true.

    1. IAmLonefrog

      Thanks for the review.

      So let me take 1/32 of the 1/6 that I know and impress upon you that the people with the “noses” and freckles and red hair are merely playing their parts. Might I also suggest that they chose these roles as did we with ours, so freeing the Atlantean Children and ending it’s rule would be misleading. Unless of course that is your purpose. Anyway, those who can stay true to their original choice before manifesting into this “physical/material plane” will eventually earn what is necessary to continue on to the next. That has to be true for both sides.

      I humbly suggest that where you are now – today – is where you are meant to be. In “the know” or not, understanding or asleep, this is the proving ground after all…third density baby! Where the lessons are plentiful and the time it takes to comprehend them is not. Unless of course you have been developing your intuition, in which case it is easy to discern between what ACTIONS are of a higher nature and which are not.

      The air is getting thick these days with the elements of suppression pertaining to our higher selves. Some newly awakened may fall back asleep, others may never “open their eyes” to begin with. Then there are those who realize that there is no technique known to man that can force an individual to rouse from their slumber. It is what makes the whole game worth while.

      Perhaps loving thy enemy is a form of compassion that is required of us. Shit I don’t know, but one thought does come to mind…..

      It’s kinda like being the guy at the parade who follows the elephant with a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Nobody really wants that job but it is recognized as necessary by everyone. Only in this situation our “enemies” are the ones dropping “shit” in our way for the benefit of higher learning. I will not harbor a black space in my heart for them, instead I will be wise to the subtleness of being lured back into the matrix/sleep.

      In time, perhaps I will even learn to love them.

      (while never succumbing to thir agenda mind you)

  28. I agree that Christmas isn’t the exact story we’ve learned as children with Santa Clause and all, but for Christians it is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus whether or not it is actually his birthday. Just more disinformation about the bible. The origins of the old testament were written long before the romans took control and if you read and understand the bible and the origins of SATAN you will see that it goes way back to the Babylonians, then the Persians, the Greeks and finally the Roman Empire. I found and ordered a very interesting book by Larry D. Harper from Mesquit Texas called simply Anti Christ. It contains two seperate works on the subject of the Anti Christ and the second coming of Jesus. The first is by Father Irenaeus 120-200 AD. and his deciple Hippolytus 170-236 AD. Irenaeus was the deciple of Polycarp who was the deciple of the Apostle John. They were very concered by the end of Hippolytus tenur as to the heresies ( shcool of thought ) that was changing Christianity which was not a school of thought but rather an apostolic tradition that was devinely revealed to the Apostles. So in other words it was not the product of human thought. I can’t explain it all without starting from the beginning and ignoring the copy right laws. They are free so order one.

    1. PS. I am not a scholar so all though it sounded like I was stating that I am, I am soooooo not. Just learning everything I can about it. Just one more note on the book and the original deciples of the Apostle John state that 666, which is the name of a man which is also stated in the bible is basically a confirmation. When those things that are supposed to come actually happen then we will be able to take the 666 into action but is basically useless until then. Some very interesting things explained about the Anti Christ.

    2. Susan Maureen Brandt

      In your third sentence you say that the origins of Satan go all the way back to the Babylonians. I completely agree. If the Babylonian rulers later moved to Greece and then to Rome, can you understand how it was the same as if the Romans DID write the Old Testament, or is the connection beyond your comprehension? It was the same family following the same plan, just six hundred years earlier and living a few hundred or thousand miles away. We’ve been brainwashed to see these cultures as not connected, because the moment we, the innocent, realize there has been ONE ruling group for the past 6000 + years, and terrorizing the planet for tens of thousands of years before that, then a simple truth appears: they’re the bad guys, and they’ve always been the bad guys.

      1. So are your saying that Babylonians, Persians, Greek, and the Romans are all the same people? Don’t get me wrong, I am 100 percent convinced that there is a World Order that has progressed for years and totally controlled by Satan. We all know the story of the Babylonians and how God changed thier tongues and sent them off in every direction. I have to go for now but I wouldn’t mind exchanging thoughts later on this.

        1. IAmLonefrog

          “If it doesn’t ring true to you, please just discard”. – W.P.

          Not really wanting to delve any further into the wither to’s…..or the why fors, I am still curious as to why we keep allowing ourselves to get mired down in such aspects of differentiation.

          Hell I don’t know.

          On one hand I see the need to comprehend that the Babylonians ended up in Rome, ergo it was the same as if the Romans wrote the Old Testament, but why even place that much weight on borrowed knowledge anyway? We can now see with our own “new understanding” the way things are today.

          :Reflective Note: Upon awakening, One has learned to utilize their intuition with continued effectiveness.

          I humbly suggest that we move beyond the semantics of tyranny and develope our new gained abilities. Lord knows we could spend all of our time dissecting this “Evil Agenda”, but to what end? The time for enabling our “higher selves” is upon us.

          Can WE do it?

          I know we can!

          “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” – A. Einstein.

  29. Rose

    I already knew this. Not the facts exactly but that Christmas was a sham. My holiday in December is the Winter Solstice. What can I say. I woke up to this about 25 years ago. It doesn’t surprise me one little bit…:)

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