The Link – Extraterrestrials in Near Earth Space and Contact on the Ground

by A.R. Bordon
Published here: Saturday, April 17, 2010 @ 6:38 PM

Editor’s note: This is extremely interesting material, but I should add that it’s an incomplete work or  “work in progress”. What’s in this e-book is all that’s available at the moment. If the author completed the book, he kept the rest of it hidden from the public. A.R. Bordon is a pseudonym. For obvious reasons, he wants to stay out of public view.

Only because it’s incomplete, don’t let that stop you from reading it. It’s a very important piece of work! Wes Penre.

…I begin with the questions: Who are we? And, why are we here on Earth?

The cuneiform tablets derived from the Sumerian civilization report that human kind was a piece of genetic engineering. The genetic engineering was performed by the Anunnaki, the humanoid from planet Nibiru. This planet Nibiru orbits the sun in a period of 3,600 years. During the perihelion, they came to Earth, landing in what is now Kuwait (their E-din), as a point of refuge for Alalu, their former leader.

The Anunnaki call their period of orbit a Sar. During their perihelion (near orbit), they come near the inner planets of our solar system. They need shielding in their atmosphere from the radiation of the sun and other stars. This coming particular orbit finds then encountering a sun with 230% more magnetic energy than it had in 1901. They need more gold. Where will they get this gold?

If you read the document by David Guvatt ( the Third Reich accrued and accumulated very large hoard of gold, which they transported to Argentina in submarines. Some of it was held in four Argentine banks; it was subsequently discovered and hence removed across the Andes to a community in inland Chile. We refer to David Guvatt’s text on the path of this gold. The question is: Was this concentration of gold inspired by the Anunnaki for subsequent collection?

Read and download the whole e-book here:

11 thoughts on “The Link – Extraterrestrials in Near Earth Space and Contact on the Ground

  1. Eleazar Shlomo ben Yakov Goldman

    It’s an interesting synchronicity that I should find this material online a day after the summer solstice, and after my gf and i have experienced multiple viewings of various aerial phenomena (UFO activity) during the last month and a half over the city of GUANAJUATO, MEXICO. The “LINK” makes much more sense to me than STREIBERS material, or practically any of the material currently online re: extraterrestrial acivity.

  2. Joseph Hiddink

    In a previous life I was Ishmael. the first son of Abraham.
    When I was at age three or four Abraham was visited by the “Angels”, the Sodoma an Gomorrah story.
    Abrahams countenance was like that of Tim Conway with a sparsew long srtreing beard
    Therer were not just three Angels, , there were about ten, who came in a big Flying Saucer, which was kept, hovering about three feet from the ground.
    Four “‘angels” made sure that I did not come too close to the vehicle.
    On the outside of the Saucer I noticed the sign of the Swastika.
    When the three Angels came out of Abraham’s Tent, I asked them how that “thing” worked.
    The Head Angel beckoned me and pointed at the big spheres underneath.
    I remembered that episode when I wondered in 1967, how Flying Saucer would work.
    Realiizing that it had to be electrostatics.I found the system after two minutes of thinking.
    The date was April 20, 1967 (Hitler’s Birthday).
    Hitler had been told that the secret of the Swastika , that would make a Flying Disc fly, would be found on his Birthday and would come from a small town called DE GRAAFF in Holland.
    After that he and Germany would rule the world for one thousand years, according to the prediction in Chapter 12 of the Revelation. (it was wrongly translated, I got the proper text from a scholarly Rabbi in Toronto)
    The prediction was not for him.
    I was born in that small place.
    It was overrun by German “Tourists” when Hitler came to power.

  3. Oh, on the previous article J.W. Barber and I wrote, it is J.W. Barber who should be the second author, not Roy W. Gordon, who has done a lot to abscond and marr the efforts and work done by LPG-C and JETS (journal of end time studies).

    Could you change the author listing, please? It would make J.W. quite happy, and take past concern regarding the aftermath of Gordon’s campaign against us to some level of rest.

  4. Greetings, Wes.

    My godson Carlos made me aware that you had set up a forum concerning THE LINK. This is a book that now is going to become three separate entities, as there is a great deal of information to be included, and a single one would be downright unwieldy. The term “link” is nothing but a moniker, a name for something that truly does not have one. It is also a referent term to line-of-sight, gnosive, and email experience with people who are not from Earth. The trouble with acceptance of this work is that it does not fit the Strieber mold: zeta-type sauroids with large black eyes and 3+ feet in stature. Our experience, especially in the upper midwest and northwest of the United States, has been that if one of “them” sat across from you at a Denny’s or Marie Callender’s, you would not recognize him/her as being not human from Earth. Many look exactly like us, some a little bluish of skin and perceivably evident Meissner field emanation (auric field), other greenish, and others silverish-white. Some are extremely tall (6’10+), some are like us (6′ or less) and some pigmy-like (some Asian-looking, some large round head Afro-black-like) some with skin near pink to red. Then there are people with very advanced biomolecular capabilities – abilities that include biomimic of the ambient environment and the ability to shift in form without changing size, abilities to migrate to electrostatic/energetic avatars that look very much like biological forms/bodies, abilities to migrate through what we can at this juncture only grasp as “moving through a microwormhole that naturally occur on Earth-surface spacetime, and finally, people who can become manifest right before your eyes and desynchronize and disappear in the middle of a conversation (quite disconcerting!). Yes, there are zeta-types with abilities quite advanced from our current viewpoint. However, it is possible to interact and interface with any of them, provided one has some working knowhow of topological thinking and one can follow a conversation at all possible levels of meaning and one does not yield to fear (i.e., 64 beats per second, high alpha/low beta, and other skills).

    You now know my email address, Wes. Stay in touch.

    Also look at the discussion people interested in life physics are having at our forum, or at the blog, A great deal of what we are now placing in the public domain stems from assists we’ve received from people who are not from here, including the basic technology to set up extension neurosensing (ENS) to leave the body with a sustainable avatar and a pov that is useful in moving spacelike (moving in time) as well as moving timelike (going to places where spacetime is similar to ours, and to others that are not).

  5. Jedn Bordón

    A lifetime ago I was married for 6 years to Angel Ramon Benitez-Bordón, originally of Asuncion, Paraguay, and recall that we were both interested in what I will term the paranormal. I read some of A. R. Bordon’s The Link on another website and thought the author might be the same person. On that site, he was referred to as Dr A. R. Bordon–which suggests that he has a Ph.D. Can you shed any light on this for me. Thank you.

    1. María Nicolette BOSC

      I am looking for a Benitez Bordón Ángel Ramón for we where school mates and we will having a party plegase ir you can contact with him I will be ver y happy thanks

  6. wiseone

    The PDF book by The Link was highly informative. It cuts off just before the authors delve into taxonomies of various biokinds of star systems represented at The Link. Wes, can please you share the full version of the book? Thank you!

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