What Happened to Project Camelot?

by Bill Ryan, Project Avalon/Camelot, 2010
Published here: Sunday, April 11, 2010 @ 2:48 PM

Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan (former "Project Camelot")

[UPDATED APRIL 18, 2010: See link to Kerry’s version of what happened at the bottom of this article. Wes]

Project Camelot was founded by myself and Kerry Cassidy in April 2006. The original site has now been archived – unchanged and in its entirety – as a library. For the library overview and index, please click here.

In addition, a general portal page (click here) gives one entry to several new sites, including Project Avalon and Kerry Cassidy’s new personal site, Project Camelot Productions.

For the original, extensive, Camelot site, featuring free access to over 200 hours of comprehensive video and audio interview material, click here.

For the Camelot YouTube channel, featuring over 100 full-length videos, click here.

I will write more in due course about the chain of events – not yet reported in one place – which led to the separation of the two sites and the decision to archive Camelot as a library.

Of course, Camelot was taken down. That decision was made certainly by the end of summer 2009 – after our video conversations with Pete Peterson and Steven Greer, our stand on the vaccinations issue, and Henry Deacon’s three public appearances culminating in his statement on stage at the Barcelona Exopolitics Congress that he had visited the Mars base.

Not only that, but we significantly angered the Church of Scientology with our Dane Tops interview exposé. And back in 2008, we had irritated the Illuminati after our interview with Leo Zagami and our contact with the Norwegian Politician (Khaqan Khan).

Then in October 2008 we met Jake Simpson. The evening I spent with him in which we encountered the highly-classified Anunnaki-sourced AI surveillance system is documented on our Jake Simpson report. We were both affected, but brushed it off. Nevertheless, we may then have attracted the attention of some powerful off-planet adversaries.

The effect of all this was the accumulation of anything between three and seven powerful groups of enemies – and Camelot’s fate was probably sealed. There’s quite a bit more to say about all of this, but the above may at least start to answer some questions that many have understandably been asking.

Our work, of course, continues – and the opportunity is that the two sites which now replace one, in addition to the archived library, will do even more to spread important information that people need to hear and understand, while permitting both Kerry and myself to focus on aspects of our mission that strongly resonate with each of us.

UPDATE APRIL 18, 201o @ 8:10 PM: Here is Kerry Cassidy’s version of what happened before they split up: http://sbeckow.wordpress.com/2010/04/17/kerry-cassidy-and-bill-ryan-split/

13 thoughts on “What Happened to Project Camelot?

  1. After viewing the interview again after many years, I can say that the ‘fall’ of Project Camelot was due to ‘Kerry’s’ lack of professionalism, immaturity, and her own confused mentality. I am not beinb negative, just plain observation

  2. Bernard P.

    How can Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy, or Wes Penre, or anyone else who supports Icke and New Age nonsense have any kind of credibility? They have no more credibility than people who say nothing can be proven or who are UFO skeptics or antigunners or feminazis. And no truer words were spoken than: ”It’s the ones who say that all heterodoxers are crackpots who are the crackpots.”

  3. Michael

    The illuminati is under a highly-classified Artificial Intelligence Surveillance System, paying attention to Genetic Manipulation, and Secret Societies like the “Hidden Hand.” They’re insiders of the illuminati, and have a base on Mars.

  4. Some one

    I don’t think they are an example of integrity.

    Watch this ( specialy at 6 min and 30 sec )

    “At the same time, I want to state here that the recent statements of Bill Ryan with regard to Illuminati takeover of Camelot are not only completely unfounded but a subterfuge to cover gross errors in judgment” – Kerry Cassidy

    I dont think so…

    1. Stacey

      While no one can vouch for anyones authenticity, given the information they have helped put forth, I wouldnt be looking into such simple ‘slight of hand’ gestures so harshly. Have you seen David’s hand? In a video, he clearly shows his ‘half clap’ as he calls it. Give the man a break, and take a deep breath. Regardless or not if they’re being ‘ALLOWED’ to inform us by the ‘elite’, The truth is the truth. Im not vouching for the authenticity of everything provided, nor am I reflecting my personal beliefs. Its up to each one of us to do the research and find out the truths we are ABLE to accept (because believe it or not, there ARE still alot of others blind to this..).
      Considering most whistleblowers or truth-seekers have been silenced, let them do their research and present their evidence, and leave everyone make their own decisions reguarding what resonates with them.

      In short, they shook their damn hands. Even if it resembled an occult hand-shake, such a statement could really undermine the amount of work they have already put forth. ALOT of which I would have been blind too, as MANY others, had I not stumble across them. Everyone needs to find out the truth for themselves; do your own research!!! Love and Light <3

      1. Stacey

        I should have clarified *David seems to have a slight abnormality in the shape of his hand, that makes him clap awkwardly,which he showed in a video clearly, and thus gives me the impression that he couldquite easily and unintentionally shake someones hand in a manner that resembled an occult hand shake. It honestly think it was completely unintentional and done subconciously, and shouldnt be read into with such severity. BUT my hats off to whomever who noticed it. We’re all just trying to figure out the truth here. I just had to throw my personal opinion out there.

        1. David Icke has very bad arthritis in his hands. This has been misinterpreted as if he is making occult signals with his hands or “mysterious” handshakes. He is in horrible pain, but is still working hard on revealing the truth as he knows it.

          People may think what they want about Icke’s research, but he is not a plant. He is genuine and many people have been woken up by reading his books and attended his seminars…

          1. Minnie Hallman

            Wes Penre, David Icke, Kerry Cassidy are all scientology nutcases. the worst is Icke who thinks he’s Jesus Christ.

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