Ancient Aliens [Part 1-9] on History Channel

History Channel, 2009
Published here: Sunday, April 25, 2010 @ 5:00 PM

We are getting prepared! Google “Project Bluebeam”. As you may have noticed, aliens, UFOs, alien invasions, alien origins of the human race etc. has gone very mainstream lately, just like we have predicted for years. However, what they normally are not telling us is that the aliens are already here. They want us to look up in the sky rather than to look around us (and beneath us, perhaps?) Wes Penre.

One thought on “Ancient Aliens [Part 1-9] on History Channel

  1. Agree with this very much. Shame the vast majority of world public is too preoccupied with other mundane activities. Having read Hindu scriptures and heard stories too, it all fits in with the idea that we have already been visited by aliens many many times in earth history and in many many places.

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