LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Extremely Important! A Dire Warning to All Americans: Leave the Country Now or You May Not Survive!

by Wes Penre, Friday, May 7, 2010
Published here: Friday, May 7, 2010 @ 6:20 AM

I wrote an announcement this morning which may be the most important thing I have ever written!

If this is true, we are all in deep trouble and need to take IMMEDIATE actions to survive. I am not trying to scare you, but I have had an Insider tell me things I can’t ignore.

Please follow the link and read the full message. Don’t ignore this letter!

Here is the link: http://multiverse.wespenre.com/leave-america-now.htm


42 thoughts on “LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Extremely Important! A Dire Warning to All Americans: Leave the Country Now or You May Not Survive!

  1. ynot

    My first time on the Blog but I have been reading/watching Wes for almost 2 years now. Thank you for all that you have givin us Wes…
    There is Tons and Tons of info out there to be decerned and swollowed. I am the man wearing the tinfoiled hat in my circles of life.
    Yes, I do see it coming and I am heartbroken that I can not help those closest to me besides my beautiful wife whom stands by me no matter what life throws our way. I have seen many tribulations in life and have come to the same roads end each time with the same question lingering in my head. When will it happen ??
    I have prepared for the worst but always hope for the best possible outcome and I try to keep my spirit in good standing with anything that may come and everything that has passed.
    My Dad told me that “they” have been saying the world will end since he could remember. Well he is 70 yrs old now and he’s live a good life so if it ended tomarrow he would die Happy. I told him good for you Dad but I have my Surfboard and im ready to ride the waves. I hope many of you have your surfboard as well.
    Feeling Alone in Florida

  2. Beth

    Just had a few minutes to go over all of the comments posted in my absence.
    You’ll rock, and I loved the Lonefrog lite…
    The whole point that she missed was that I believe in a universal positive force, and that we can all find it within.
    I’ve run into many like her, and there’s nothing else we can say. She’s got her own journey.
    I’ve got bigger fish to fry…
    Thanks for all the support!

  3. A

    While everyone is conversing, worrying, arguing on the internet, gossiping or talking with people where ever you may be..the world is going to hell in a handbag because Everyone is conversing, arguing, worrying, and gossiping about Pointless, Needless things, instead of Getting Your Asses Up And Out of your safe little bubbles.
    Humans Need to group together, getting out there, helping each other take back your power and take Responsibility for each of yourselves – and Quit handing your power out like halloween candy, before ALL is lost and your bubbles are popped.
    But then….that is their plan isn’t it? To get people Not to get up and go out there doing things and taking responsibility and changing this life here for the better?
    Don’t you know how to say NO?
    God or no God; each of you have a brain, and you don’t share just One for a reason. Use it.

  4. Dear Beth, I hope you are feeling better. I am sorry to hear that your medical stuff has caught up with you and that you had to go to hospital. I am praying for you that God will touch you and give you strength and ease your pain. God bless you. In Christian Love Annie

  5. Hi, Wow! I just read the comments about Jesus and the Bible on Wes’s Religion section for the first time. Good grief! I did not know that he thought those things. No wonder there are some here thinking the way you do. Wow! You know folks. It is not about Religion. Again it is about a relationship with God through His holy Spirit by accepting Jesus. That one you cannot fake. Jesus is no myth. I know His love and Holy Spirit abides in my heart and He has set me free from illusion. You know folks. Satan “comes as an angel of light ” Jesus said. So anything that points to Jesus being a myth or fake or anything else is from him sending deceptive thoughts. The Bible says he is the father of lies. I see that. He has spun so many it is no wonder people are confused. There’s many voices in the wind, but only One who frees a soul from sin, Jesus is the answer, He’s the Light that shines, there is no other name so given to save us from our sin and the delusion which the enemy of our souls propagates. He is the ultimate conspirator. “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood , we wrestle against powers & principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. the Bible says. Yes and there are degrees of wickedness in people with the enemy egging them on and sending out telepathic thoughts to deceive them. To be sure. That is why we need the Word and HOLY Spirit to guide us and give us strength to do what is right. The fact is folks honestly Christianity in its real and pure form is really the only thing that does make sense. Everything else just goes around in circles. Nothing else explains evil in humans or imperfection or physical death. The ultimate Catch 22.You know we can do a dance with the truth but it is a dance nevertheless. It has been proven historically that Jesus lived and died. He split time in half for goodness sake. A.D. and B.C. I know religion has used God and the name of Christ to propagate and control others. Also to do terrible things but that just proves they were not Christians at all. You know Jesus asked a question when He was here on earth. He asked “When the Son of man returns will he find real faith on the earth?’ A rhetorical question. However that is what we are seeing. real faith in Him and our true God and father is fading and almost gone. How sad is that? Then as the enemy of our souls takes people on a dance around the floor dancing with myths, illusions and worship of false gods including themselves and their own theories. The world is going to hell in a handbasket. If it were not for the presence of the Holy Spirit in this world holding back the forces of evil this would be a bigger hell on earth than it seems. There is still much beauty and truth left if we seek it while there is time.Please do not fall for this lie. Serach your heart and ask the Lord to reveal Himself in your heart and spirit. I asked Him that many years ago when I felt that need for Him and wanted to know the real Truth. Jesus also said “behold I stand at the door and knock If anyone answer I will come in and dine with them and they with Me.” Please at least answer the door and see. he will show you that he is real and Hiw Word is true. “Let God’s Word be true and any man who says it is not be shown to be a liar.” You have nothing to lose except to stop dancing around the mulberry bush.He loves you. It is that simple. That profound. God bless you all. Love In Jesus Annie

    1. Larnhr

      You say that all your faith is in “God” and Jesus and not in the bible. Where was it that you learned about both of them? The Bible?

      The sad thing is you really do not have any idea who you’re giving YOUR power away to.

      This will be my last post to you Annie.

      Look inside YOURSELF for the truth….you will find it.

      1. carolks

        Annie is right where Annie is supposed to be.

        How did she end up here anyway??? She must really be desperate for the way out for the way in to the real Kingdom WITHIN!!

        Not sure she will catch my drift!!!!

    2. IAmLonefrog

      Enjoy your time dancing around the mulberry bush my friend. You are not wasting your time, you need to do this. Knock-knock indeed.

  6. Dear Mr. Lonefrog, Sorry I did not realize your notes were to me as you did not address them to my name. I just read them now. Well firstly Mr. Lonefrog I was not trying to “force” anyone into believing anything. I was just replying to Beth and sharing my heart and beliefs with her b3ecause she commented to me on my first note. I hope we can all do that here. Secondly I do not believe in a Book. I have a relationship with God who is a Person with the guidance of His Holy Spirit backed up by The Bible taken in context. How can we know what is Truth if we have nothing to measure it by? Yes religion has muddied the waters but that does not mean there is not an original. Jesus Himself quoted from the Scriptures and said the “Scriptures cannot be broken.” Also that they are “God breathed.” I believe Him. He is and was a reliable source. Good enough for me. Better than any other source I have read of. Due to Whom He said He was and what He did. If my Faith is wrong then I have lost nothing. However if yours is wrong that would be a completely different ball game would it not? Therefore in caring if I believe someone may be headed toward a cliff and does not know it is there I would be amiss and uncaring not to at least let him know it is there. What they do from there is entirely up to them. I addressed my reply to Beth. Why you took it upon yourself to answer for her I am not sure. If this does not “resonate” with you then I am sorry. The trouble with “resonations” or feelings is they have nothing to measure them against and could be coming from anywhere. That is why God gave us His Word. How could you recognize a counterfeit bill if you do not have an original? It would be impossible don’t you think? I don’t know who told you who wrote the Bible or why you chose to believe it. That is your choice to be sure. However that does not make it fact. Only something you put your faith in as well. Jesus would not lie. Why would He? Makes no sense. And as Judge Judy says “If it makes no sense then it isn’t true. ” Absolutely! I don’t use “colourful little catch phrases.” I don’t need to. The Truth speaks for itself loud and clear. I have more intelligence than that. You know Mr. Lonefrog you can’t “research” God or love for that matter. Do the math. He loves you and Beth and me. He wants a loving relationship with you and Beth and me.You can choose not to go there. He does not force us. Who that wanted true love would do that? No-one. So again it is up to each of us. Instead of “researching” Mr. Lonefrog why not just ask Him. He’s not hiding from you. Quite the contrary. You seem to be trying to hide from Him. But you can’t you see. So you see sir all the research and theories and resonation in the world won’t lead you there.However we do need to go to God with our hats in our hands. No other way. I pray that you will. Then you will “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. ” God bless you still. In Christian Love & Truth

    1. IAmLonefrog

      You can just call me IAm, no need for the Mr. and stuff. Waaay to formal for me.

      This is usually how it ends up, a person with your point of view takes the high ground and ends up with poop on their shoes because they never bother to take their head out of the clouds and look at where they are walking. How is it that if your faith is wrong, you have lost nothing and if my faith is wrong (which I might add you do not know) I have lost everything? …. Simply amazing.

      As for colorful little catch phrases, you are full of them(it). Counterfeit bill, Headed towards a cliff, A completely different ballgame.

      While you were replying to Beth I must remind you that this is a public comment section, and just like “God” we all can see what is going on here. So, if it is my ettiquette that you have an issue with, remember, this is a public comment section. Check your ego at the door and be prepaired for public comments. Or do we go by the LAW “Thou must not speak unless spoken to”

      God bless me still?

      I would surely hope so. Or do you get to make that call?

      1. Carol Sweatman


        Just like the frogman to bring in the BALANCE. Sure hope the Annie’s and whoever reads your reply. The balance is a lot more interesting than the “SURE BET” Christian approach.

        Just like most ideas in the illusion. They are always right because of their “ocean of emotions” and then they must go out and hammer and do mean hammer the truth into the peeps. OUCH go away now!!!!

        1. Hey Carol, No actually I won’t “Go Away.” Sad to read that you were so supportive of Lonefrog’s not so friendly reply. Illusion? Do you get to detrmine what is or is not an illusion? Where does that power come from? Because I say something you do not like that means I am under an illusion? I think not! We cannot prove anything as a “Sure bet” Neither can you. Everything is a matter of faith. But Whom is your faith founded on? That says a lot. “Through Him (Jesus) the hearts of many will be revealed.” It is that simple and that profound.Also I do not have an “ocean of emotion.” I am speaking as the voice of reason here. It sounds more like you and Mr.(oops did not mean to be polite, sorry)Lonefrog are the ones acting in an ‘ocean of emotion” here. Look again!Also I am not “hammering” anything. Maybe it just feels that way as the truth of what I am saying is getting to you and convicting you. Which is good. Hmm? Well my dear I will keep you in prayers as well. As I mentioned to Lonefrog if you don’t like what I am writing then don’t read it. Simple isn’t it. I did not share my faith and such for it to turn into the “great Quaker debate.” I just pray Beth reads my notes as she is the one that they were expressly written to . The Lord has her on His heart and I believe she is open to that. We shall see!God bless you too.

        2. Carol Sweatman


          I’m impressed! I am convinced. Your prayers are working.

          Jesus touched my heart. I will be just like you from now on.

          See, it really works. Jesus spoke through you.

          What a glorious moment. Cannot wait to spread the word.

      2. Dear Lonefrog, No mister Ok? Just trying to be polite. Wow! You criticise everything. You are the one who seems to think you have all the answers sadly. You misjudge people and what they say and how they are saying it when you could not possible know my motives at all. If that is what your “looking inward” has done then I rest my case. You are truly a case in point that we all do need a Savior indeed.You are cynical, sarcastic, negative, judgemental and critical of someone who is just trying to share an objective truth. Bordering on nasty. That must prove I am on the right track. If what I am saying was so wrong it would not be irritating you so much. “Methinks thou doth protest too much.” I do not have an ego. Anyone without one could discern that from the sweetness of my messages.Also the more we think we do not need a Savior that is evidence that we indeed do. That is the point.”All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. ” I am the one admitting that not you. Or did you fail to grasp that? I wrote my notes on here to share my faith in good faith and you have turned it into a not so friendly debate. Sad! You took what I said in truth and love and took offense over the content of what I said instead of taking it the way it was presented. But then the Bible says the Gospel of Jesus is an offense so there is no surprise. My head is not in the clouds It is right here on planet earth.Believe me. Also I am well aware that this is a public comment section but since when do you answer for others. For your information I believe that Beth is open to the Lord and that is why I addressed the note specifically to her. If you don’t like what I am saying. You or anyone else. Then stop reading my comments. Or did I force you to do that too? Come on Lonefrog get with it! However if you or anyone else chooses to write to me on a note I addressed to another at least have the courtesy to keep the same kind ,friendly spirit that I have in my comments. Otherwise please refrain from writing.I and anyone else have a right to ask that. I spoke respectfully so have the decency to do the same to me. Or keep quiet. Someone who acts the way you do disqualifies themselves from the discussion. So I hope this “resonates” with you this time. If you choose to speak with me again please do it properly or don’t comment at all. Okey dokey? God bless you still In Christian Love & Truth

        1. IAmLonefrog

          Anyone who has been here for any amount of time will testify that you got the Frog Lite version.

          You are following your programming well my christian friend, and I quote; “You are truly a case in point that we all do need a Savior indeed.You are cynical, sarcastic, negative, judgemental and critical of someone who is just trying to share an objective truth.

          Objective: not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased.

          I presume this is how you intended the use of this word. Fail. Now I’ve got a word or two for you…Cognitive dissonance.

          Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, or by justifying or rationalizing them.[2] It is one of the most influential and extensively studied theories in social psychology

          A powerful cause of dissonance is an idea in conflict with a fundamental element of the self-concept, such as “I am a good person” or “I made the right decision”. The anxiety that comes with the possibility of having made a bad decision can lead to rationalization, the tendency to create additional reasons or justifications to support one’s choices. A person who just spent too much money on a new car might decide that the new vehicle is much less likely to break down than his or her old car. This belief may or may not be true, but it would reduce dissonance and make the person feel better. Dissonance can also lead to confirmation bias, the denial of disconfirming evidence, and other ego defense mechanisms. (Um, yes you do have an ego by the way my friend)

          If you are interested in some disconfirming information, take a look at this: http://celticrebel.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/jesus-box-event-horizon/

          Hope I was proper enough for you my friend.

          Remember, God even suffers the fools, for awhile anyway. Good luck to you and your waking journey. Your’e on your way.(that was sarcasm by the way)

  7. Hi Everyone, Wow! Lots of words are here.Well, the Bible predicts many things such as are going on now. But the Good News is God is still in ultimate control and charge. Thank God. Whether anyone likes it or not. It is a good thing that God has big shoulders and is merciful after all the ways He is misrepresented and mocked and denied by so many. Otherwise we would All be in a little pile of dust on the groung Illuminati included. Human beings are so arrogant. That is so true. The pride of life the Bible calls it and the root of the original sin which separates us from a personal relationship with God.Thankfully, God Himself even took that upon Himself and Jesus died for all our sins and pride & arose to bring us back into relationship with Him IF we will humble ourselves and accept His gift and admit our sins and pride and turn to Him through Jesus. Then we will have His Spirit abiding in us and IF we lay aside our arrogance and not go back to it and follow His Word in the Bible led by His Spirit in balance. Then we will be able to begin to understand and to see things clearly through His eyes and heart. Putting the Bible in context and living and acting out in love. Not fear. For Him & through Him to others.God is not about religion. That is man made. He reaches out in love to us. And Truth. That is what he desires. Us to love Him because we choose to not because He makes us. That is a free choice.Many will say to Him Lord Lord and He will say depart from Me I never knew you. Meaning many can say they are Christians but are not. By our loving acts and words we will be known and our walking in His Spirit with His guidance through His Holy Spirit. It is that simple yet that profound. If any of you have been hurt by so called imposters of Christianity I am sorry. Please don`t throw the baby out with the bathwater though. Just because one doctor is a quack doesn`t make them all quacks. WE may have to go through many things but then so did Jesus. However God is still in charge. Hard for us to get our minds and hearts around that but therein lies Faith.`Faith is only faith when it`s all you`re holding onto. Indeed.`So please hold on.Don`t be moving to other planets and such. We will just mess themup too.LOL.Don`t worry, God will redeem all things. We must just trust Him. He offers you an invitation.Yes He means YOU! He loves you. I pray that you will accept it because of love. Wes has a wonderful site here and is showing us many things. The Bible did & does too. It predicted all of these things many thousands of years ago. Incredibly accurately. In the end though God wins and all those who will trust in that and in Him will too. We need a righteous King as we see. There was and is only one Man for that job. Jesus. There is no religion about it. It just is what it is. Èvery knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.The question is shall we bow now in our hearts from love respect and honour with our pride laid aside or not. You decide. It is a loving invitation but a sober choice.I pray that all here will recognize the truth of that and accept His loving invitation and get to know Him closely the way we were created to do in the first place. God bless all of you. In Christian Love

    1. Beth

      I respect the things that you have to say, but I don’t necessarily believe any of it.
      I was raised having this stuff shoved down my throat, and up my butt, and since I grew up, and started thinking for myself, several things have become clear to me.
      One of those is that Jesus told us that we had everything that we needed within ourselves. We don’t need churches, or anyone else to tell us how to nourish our relationship with anyone. They are all liars, intentionally or not. Those aren’t the exact words, but I found that to be one of the most believable parts of the bible.
      The bible doesn’t say what we think it does. We’ve all been lied to all of our lives in order to keep us as perpetual slaves…
      I believe that there is an ultimate positive force for good. I do my very best to pass that on as treating others as I would like to be treated.
      I just don’t have enough information on what’s really going on, and we have squat for information about the real deal, because it was intentionally destroyed, and intentionally kept from us.
      I believe that there is a way out of this hell for us, but the truth is hard to filter from the rest of the BS that it’s immersed in.
      I don’t claim to have the answers… I just have a very sensitive nose for waste products, and am still trying to separate crap from the real deal.
      I wish you well Annie, but really, do you know anything about the real translations of the bible, or have you ever read any of the apocrypha?
      There’s far more going on than the stuff that you wrote, which all sounds just like all of the other crap that I had foisted on me from the pulpit when I was a child, and recognized as not quite right even then…
      I understand the need to believe all of it, as otherwise, what’s the point? I’m just saying that it’s not that simple, as much as we would like to wish that it were.
      Please, if you don’t care enough about the truth to look for it yourself, don’t mislead others when you don’t know any better than the rest of us, ot take it to church, where the truth has never been terribly important, or much cared for…

      1. Dear Beth, Again I am so sorry that you were misled or mistreated in any way by anyone trying to propagate anything upon you. That is unfortunate. Yes Beth I actually do know about the original Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic words of the Bible. I never give just my opinion on things unless I believe I know what I am talking about. You can be sure of that! Others you may not have been able to trust but you can go to the bank on what I say. Well maybe not the Banks these days as we all know what is going on there. But figuratively speaking you can. The point of the Bible even though there are quite a number of translations still comes out the same. The Word and the Holy Spirit must balance the Truth though Jesus said. That is why there is so much misinterpretation and confusion at times over it. Jesus Himself said “The Scriptures cannot be broken.” IF interpreted through honesty of heart through the power of His Holy Spirit. You see Beth my dear HE is always the KEY. You know Beth, Jesus either is and was who He said He is and was or He is the biggest liar of all time and would be quite evil. I think we can all agree He certainly did not sound that way. So what are we left with? And we know historically even outside of the Bible that He truly lived. You sound hurt and angry at God and others Beth and to be honest I don’t blame you. I have felt hurt and angry at Christians too. Many times they act as if God has bypassed their brain. That is sad too. But again I ask you… No He asks you. Please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. That would be a tragic mistake. Ask Him if what I am saying is true or not. He will back me up. Of that I am 100% sure! He will show you in your heart and spirit if you ask with an open and honest heart laying aside your hurt and anger. For just a bit. You can always pick it up again. But I believe you won’t want to. He said “You shall seek Me and find Me IF you search for Me with all of your heart.” God’s promises are yea and Amen. You can go to the bank on them too. I am not trying to mislead anyone. I would never do that. Period. I am sharing my faith which has been tried through experience and telling you of a relationship that is real.Yes it is that simple Beth. That is the point. That is what is so awesome. Even a child can know it even more easily than we can Jesus said. Please don’t hang on to hurts and prejudices Beth. Look again!! Look closer!! You will see. The Lord has said “See I have not forgotten you I have you etched in the palm of My hand.” I am so glad I came on here for so many reasons but especially so that I could share these things with you and others here. With Wes and all you Truth seekers. I know he led me to do so and believe that because you truly are Truth seekers you will find Him indeed. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,” Jesus said “No-one comes to the Father but by Me.” That’s a narrow way I know but God said it, He meant it & now will we trust Him and believe it? He knows that is a risk and a sacrifice. He asks us to make it. Let’s throw off our excess baggage because it can’t fit through the “narrow way” that leads to HIM. God bless you once again Beth I have you in my prayers. God bless Wes & all of you here. I thank you for posting my letter. Something other venues would not do. You are truly a man after God’s own heart as well. Bye for now. In Christian Love

        1. IAmLonefrog

          There was a time when I would have delighted in dissecting your letter and all of your colorful little catch phrases. Now I simply only feel the need to tell you that you made your point and that it is something that we have all heard before.

          If I may be so bold as to presume what Beth was trying to say is that it does not resonate with her, and no amount of force feeding is going to remedy that.

          You have to realise, that your path may not be the path for others. I appreciate your concern for fellow travelers but all to often I have witnessed this same concern turn into scorn when it is not readily accepted.

          Or you could just be one of those people who continues to beat on the door and yell, “I know your’e in there”!!! “Come on out and meet Jesus, your savior”!!!

          Just continue to spread your cheer and people will respond to that. (as long as it is sincere)

        2. Larnhr

          I know this post isn’t going to change your mind, but maybe it will make you think a little.

          The book that you put all your trust and faith in wasn’t written by who you think it was. I’m not talking about the many different translations of it either.

          Do you even know about the books that were left out from the original…and there were many?

          But that’s beside the point.

          The things you try to share in the posts are already known by most who post here. We’ve done the research and have found there’s more to our existence than just believing what a single book says. ALL religions were created for two reasons and those reasons are to divide and to prevent you from seeking the truth.

          I could tell you so much more, but it would be better for you to found out on your own.

          Don’t look outside of yourself for guidance to the truth….just look inward.

        3. Carol Sweatman

          Annie, Annie, Annie—-

          One hint! Change the “Word” Christian to UNIVERSAL Love when you complete your posts. It’s a start in the right direction.

        4. Beth

          sorry annie, as far as I can tell, IamLoneFrog, and Larnhr, make the most sense to me so far, and Carol has an excellent suggestion.
          I do wish you well.

        5. Beth

          I’m back…
          Severe stenosis, neurosurgeon in my future…
          As far as you go Annie, all I can say is typical fn xtian… You’re the only one that can possibly be right. I wish you well, but I’m done. Your way or hell…
          I made the decision a long time ago that if that’s the way it was, I’d rather roast.
          Be well.

  8. Beth

    Thanks for the heads up Wes.
    I gotta tell you that I mean that in more than one way. It was through reading the Illuminati News that I first became aware of the colossal con that’s been run on humanity since day one in order to keep us as slaves, and deny us our spiritual heritage.
    Of course everything was much more subtle, and I had to reach that conclusion for myself, but you laid out the pieces for us…
    I’ve been following the web-bot reports (also known as Alta reports, based on predictive linguistics), that can be found here http://www.halfpasthuman.com, and also George Ure (who is also involved in the web-bot reports) here http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm, and they’re reporting the summer from hell for us, with it becoming pretty clear to humanity by the end of summer that not only are we not alone, we never have been.
    I too am here for the duration. You couldn’t pay me to miss it.
    I know it’s not going to be anything nice, as I’m seriously handicapped, in constant pain, and am trying to get by on SSI, which means that I have next to nothing set aside as far as emergency supplies are concerned, and have a nasty habit of calling ’em as I see ’em.
    I’m pretty damned irritated about all of the crap that’s been pulled on us though, I mean I was raised in a southern baptist church with all that entailed including being molested on church grounds on a regular basis. I woke up though, and realized that if our God was the one portrayed in the old testament, I didn’t want squat to do with christianity.
    I know that the higher ups that pull the strings for the illuminati have pretty much led humanity down the path of self serving, selfish, heartless, screw you before you screw me mentality, but I also know that we have free will over how we treat one another. I don’t have much hope for humanity as a whole…
    I know that 2012 isn’t the end for humanity, but it will be for the vast majority of us. I can’t help but hope that it’s the right part that’s left, and hope like hell for extermination for the rest. I know that that sounds cold, but if you’d lived through, and seen the things I’ve seen, you’d understand.
    Coming from an old, broke, broke down,old hippie broad that never wanted anything more than the hope that we could all learn to treat each other the way that we wanted to be treated, I wish you all the best Wes, wherever you turn up. Kinda hope you hang with the rest of us, just out of sheer orneriness, but understand if you bail.
    Someone’s got to keep keepin’ on while the stuff is hittin’ the circular thingamajig…
    May you and yours continue to be safe, well, and blessed.

    1. Larnhr

      “I woke up though, and realized that if our God was the one portrayed in the old testament, I didn’t want squat to do with christianity.”

      It’s not just Christianity, but ALL religions. You may be shocked to find out who the “God” of the Old Testament actually is.

      1. Beth

        I’m aware who the god of the old testament is…
        I’ve been seriously researching all of this stuff for years, many hours every day…
        The bible has been so edited, and mis-translated that it should be a joke, but no one wants to believe that anyone would be deliberately evil, much less that it’s rampant, and not just isolated individuals.
        I just don’t talk about any of it with hardly anyone because they just can’t wrap their heads around the real truth. Hell, the vatican is the biggest group of hard core satanists on the planet…
        There is far more going on than meets the eye, or the imagination either, for that matter.
        I just tell people to research it themselves if the truth about their spiritual lives are important to them. I got tired of being looked at like I was certifiable, and avoided, …etc.
        I’m really hoping that the vast majority of us get wiped out. Most of humanity isn’t worth the resources that they use on a daily basis, and it will be good riddance.
        About the only thing I have a lot of faith in anymore is karma, and that at the end of the day, we will all reap as we have sown, and that is what keeps me going.
        We have been lied to, and manipulated all through history to keep us from freeing ourselves from a cycle of slavery…
        Any doubts? The information is out there. Much of it can be found through Wes’s websites…
        Find the truth for yourselves.

    2. Papa Smurf

      Beth…so glad there’s anoyher old hippy out there who plans to ride it out. I’m retired on SS alone also and my wife of 45 years is bedbound. But we aren’t going down quietly. I am going to do everything in my power toget us through this, ’cause I wouldn’t miss this party for anything. Hope it works out good for us.


      1. Beth

        Where’re you at Papa?
        I’m in SoCal, so I expect things to be especially interesting here…
        I have a good man that does whatever he can to make things as easy for me as he can, but because I’m so cantankerous, sometimes all he can do is stand back, and hope for the best.
        As I stated in a previous post, the only thing that I really have any faith in is karma, so one of the reasons I want to hang out is to see folks receive some of their just desserts.
        I really wish I were significantly better off physically so that I could be front and center for a lot of the action. I’ll have to make due watching from the sidelines though…
        Bless your heart Papa, and the heart of my Honey, for loving, and sticking by those that can’t properly care for themselves, and may or may not have anyone else. You and my Honey are prime examples of the only kind of people that I care to see left standing at the end of the day.
        Does your lady know what’s up?
        Hang in there Papa, and know there are a few decent folks left…
        Irregardless of how it all works out, it should be one hell of a show.

        1. jen

          I echo your sentiments – RE: “I just tell people to research it themselves if the truth about their spiritual lives are important to them. I got tired of being looked at like I was certifiable, and avoided, …etc. ” I’m surrounded by brainwashed individuals & have made the error of trying to discuss these sort of things with so-called “spiritually minded” people..thinking I’m helping & have found it better to rather walk away…and keep findings to myself.
          Evidence IS everywhere – some just chose not to see..
          Thx Wes for your work & others like you Beth – you restore my faith in humanity!
          Truth seeker (in this dumb community – a truth seeker who doesn’t listen to the man talking about revival at a pulpit – while he builds fountains in the church – is called a ‘heretic’). I’m in the Southern Hemisphere – wish it was on another continent..

  9. Josephus Hap

    The Shuttle to the Moon leaves at 6 AM sharp.

    The other Shuttle to Mars leaves at 9 AM. Do not forget to bring extra blankets.

  10. IAmLonefrog

    I have no choice really. Besides, I’ve made it this far so IAm going to see it through no matter how the chips fall.

    Oughta be a blast regardless.

  11. paul

    Hi Wes- We have corresponded a few times and shared information- this doesn’t sound like you- I wonder what has shifted and have you checked your inner guidance- it feels not quite aligned – this coming from deep reflection in my heart–knowing that we create our reality and you , from my experience, have focused on you own spiritual path and I would ask you- what is it you want to create- what your friend suggests is but one possibility- I would hope that you base any life decisions not on what someone else believes, no matter how well connected and believable. I hope you will move deeper into your higher self connection and I will continue to support you and know that we will create, in alignment with Source, the destiny many of us have committed to by choosing to incarnate now- love and blessings- paul

  12. dolphin

    Damn Wes, I just became aware of you two days ago and have been exploring your website only to find your announcement this morning.

    The only reason I found this was because your other website has been down all morning and I got impatiant and did a search to try to access your other pages.

    I am not new to your philosophy. I have come to know a great deal of your way of thinking over the years. As a likeminded brother I found myself intrigued by all your hard work.

    Here is the RIP. I have been worried enough over the last few years to actually want to get a passport which I finally got only a couple months ago with out even having any plans to use it.

    Send me an e-mail at trismigistus@msn.com

    Perhaps we can figure out a way to buddy up as a group.

    That is if your going to leave the country.

    Ecuadore perhaps. Maybe even the Federated States of Micronesia; as you can live there indefinately as an American without any immigration issues due to the Treaty.

  13. Larnhr

    Thanks for the warning Wes.

    Most people that follow websites such as yours and do their own research, know something is coming just not exactly when.

    I know that my time left in this experience is short, but I will remain here until 2012, when it will end. I’m not saying that the world will end in 2012, just my experience here.

    Enjoy what is left of your experience Wes, whether you choose to leave or not.

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