Dialogue with Illuminator13 – The Plan for the United States of America

by Wes Penre, April 8, 2010
Published here, Saturday, May 8, 2010 @ 10:22 PM

To get the most out of this article, you need to know who “Illuminator13” is. I have posted a previous article where he had a dialogue with the members on the ATS (Above Top Secret) forum.

Illuminator13 is a “Wanderer” and a “Walk-In”, which in simplified terms means that he is a “6th Density Spirit” who made an agreement with another spirit inhabiting a body here on Earth to, at some point in that person’s life, take over the body from the previous spirit to do some light work here on this planet to help us through these hard times.

A Wanderer in general is someone not from this planet, usually of higher density, who volunteered to come here in times of need to do light-work on Earth and assist the human race. A Wanderer may or may not remember who he/she is once they incarnate here in 3rd Density, but more often than not, they are having amnesia just like humans do and have to figure out who they are and what their mission is as they go along. Some never manage to find out and get caught up in the material world and won’t return to their origin after death. Instead they get stuck in the reincarnation cycle here – something they all know could happen. Others learn quickly who they are, while a third category slowly remembers and start working on what they were sent here to do.

Just like another Wanderer of high density before him, “Hidden Hand”, Illuminator13 appeared on the forum to answer questions from the members. I took the opportunity to edit both Hidden Hand’s dialogue with this group and Illuminator13’s as well. You can read both articles here on this website:

Hidden Hand: http://www.illuminati-news.com/00363.html

Illuminator13: http://wespenre.com/illuminator13.htm

Illuminator13 contacted me with some disturbing information just recently, which resulted in my releasing this announcement: http://multiverse.wespenre.com/leave-america-now.htm. It looks like The United States of America is in real trouble and it’s going down fast.

In addition to my article, Illuminator13 decided to go on the ATS forum again to reach even more people: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread569077/pg1 . I have now edited the whole thread for easier read, so here it is.

I feel I can trust this person – we are both Wanderers and feel our soul connection. If his Intel is correct, the following is what we’re up against in a nutshell. There are things he can’t even tell me, but he says his Intel is very good – unfortunately in this case.

This man has been trained in the military – this is his field of operation, while the spiritual and educational fields are mine. There are millions of Wanderers throughout the planet in these so-called End Times, and we are represented in many different fields. Illuminator13 may use military means to fight the Powers That Be in the next few months, but that is not my path. Everybody does what he has to do…

My intention is that in the next few of days or so, write an article I will call “How to Work with Negative Energies“, which I hope will be to some help – especially for those who can’t leave. If the time frame is correct, the clock is about to strike 12, but it’s never too late to work on your own energies, because Universal energies are instant. So come back to this page at least once a day for a link to my new article!

And for the record – I am staying in the U.S. despite the danger. I realize my work is here, whether it’s time for me to die now or not. But I, too, am working with the energies I am going to explain in the upcoming article. It’s very powerful.

Q = Questions or comments from ATS forum members. I am not naming each forum member, so be aware that the questions come from several different persons.

A = Answer or information/comments from Illuminator13.

A: Good afternoon to all who will listen, I feel obligated to inform you of something.

As I am sure you know, the US Economy is about to crash very soon. This event will have catastrophic effects on the American People. There will be many deaths due to what is going to happen. I will, to the best of my knowledge, give you the Timeline of events as I see it, some of these things you know are going to happen, others you might not know about. If you leave the United States within the next Week or so, you will be spare this fate. If you do leave, do not go to Canada, it is not safe. Go to either South America or Africa. Move near the Equator Everywhere else will eventually succumb to the events that are about to take place. You thought ‘chemtrails’, ‘population control’, ‘nwo’, ‘Planet X’ and ‘illuminati’ were the most of your troubles, you are sadly mistaken. I am assuming most of ATS posters are American, so this WILL affect you. Hoarding food, Gold, Silver, Guns act. These will not save you from this fate. I write these events to save those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to listen so please do not bother with petty comments. Thank you and here is The Plan for the United States of America. It will unfold in time.

1.) US Economy Crashes. Dollar becomes worthless.

2.) Americans panic. Looting, murder, stealing, riots happen.

3.) Martial Law is declared. Military steps in, Borders close, all of America stops. Your ‘freedom’ is now null and void. All Guns are banned and Gold is banned (This may happen immediately after #1.)

4.) Americans are put into camps (not concentration camps.) to maintain order.

5.) Some succumb to Starvation*, other people also will be murdering themselves.

6.) The Chinese and Russians cut off ‘Power Grid’ to the United States of America.

7.) The Chinese Invade the USA, maybe the Russians also.

8.) Because nobody will be armed except for the ‘Peace Keepers’ the USA will fall.

9.) All of America is destroyed and split up between the nations who conquer it and most Americans are killed.

10.) The United States of America ends as we know it.

Now as far as I know, this is the ‘plan’. I hope it does not happen, but I am sure it will. If you can leave the US within one week I suggest you get out. I have given instructions on where to go earlier. The US Economy should collapse within one month which will set these events into motion. Also expect some natural disasters to happen also.

This is a grave time for the USA. Leave if you can and be spared this fate.

*There is a food shortage in the US that has not been broadcast in the Major Media. Some sites have covered this. When the Dollar collapses the price of everything will rise due to Hyperinflation. This will make most of the American People panic and thus Martial Law will be initiated, and then comes in China’s takeover.

If you plan on staying in America or can’t leave, good luck. If you do decide to leave before Martial Law is activated, do so within the next few days-week. When Martial Law is active, the US Borders will close and you will be stuck. Plane tickets only cost about $1000-$2000. If you are short on money, sell whatever you own and buy a plane ticket out, even if it’s your Car. Which do you value more, the Car or your life? If you don’t have a Passport, try to get one rushed to you immediately by googling ‘fast passport’. Also, if you get overseas before the US Economic Collapse, change currency immediately as the Dollar will be worthless.

I hope some good was done here.

Good luck.

Q: I do not see a urgency.

A: Thats because you are discount the food shortage. I am sure it will cause the economy to collapse. I say you have from now until Mid-June at the latest.

Q: I am preparing my family for this type of scenario already. I am not leaving the united states either.I will just have to stick and stay and see what happens.

A: Well do not be afraid. If these things I have written come to pass do not panic, fear is your worst enemy. Besides even if you do die, dont we all have to go someday?

Q: well I think your plan is far fetched for one reason, there are 300,000,000 Americans, and only roughly 2.5 Million Miltary personel. Good Luck with your martial law because I will not heistate to kill a soldier if he thinks I or my family are going to the Gulags.

A: Local Law Enforcement/SWAT teams will be also used and if not then that means China will cut the power and attack immediately then. I did not consider that.

Q: Care to share WHY you know and the rest of us don’t?

A: No.

Q: Auditing the Fed will do this nicely and will push people to support a one-world financial system that will very quickly lead to a one-world government. This is why I believe Obama now supports this.

A: I believe you are misled and Obama is a puppet.

Q: Many people on here think that banning guns will be easy. There were measures put into place within the Constitution that basically says nobody can take away those rights.

This is not to say they may not try — it just isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. Further, one that I feel will be unsuccessful.

A: Martial Law Usurps the Constitution. If the ‘Peace Keepers’ are given a direct order to take your guns, they will.

Q: Camps for 300 million people? They would have to already have been built. Care to share where they are all located. 300 million is a rather large number.

A: They have been bulit and some old military installations will be used.

Q: Murdering yourself is called suicide and yes, that will be a possibility as people run out of hope and become more and more desperate. This is already happening on a small scale when people lost buckets when the market tanked last September.

A: The coming situation in America IS hopeless. There will be no economic recovery and the health care bill was designed and passed to keep the public distracted. It is no secret that the US Government cannot afford to fund that bill.

Q: This is a contradiction. You can not hope against something you already know is happening.

A: I can ‘hope’ regardless. Maybe something will happen to alter this situtation….I ‘hope’ something does but I dont think anything will.

Q: For those of us that don’t know, care to tell us where you think we should all go? This is rather a huge declaration to make and is sure to get some people to panic.

A: If you believe, leave. If not stay. You will find out if you made the right decision by the end of 2010.

Q: And you are going to arrive in a foreign country penniless? You have now just become a FOREIGN homeless guy? How is THAT safe?

A: You misinterpret. If you sell everything immediately you should end up with more money than can be spent on a Plane Ticket. If you cannot afford to leave, well I guess your stuck.

Q: If the goal was to come up with the most fear-mongering thread yet, then yes, it was good for that.

A: Sometimes the facts are scary. The main thing to do is not to panic and logically figure out a way to leave. If the Nanking people were warned of the impending genocide of their people, would that have been considered ‘fear-mongering’? Or would it be Reality. Americans do not want to accept the truth that their country in finished and that will cost them dearly.

I noticed you selected certain parts to reply to. What is your stance on the Spring US food shortage? or Chinas planned attack? or How the Russians and Chinese Spies hacked the US Power Grid? Why do you not question these?

Q: We know the Russians and Chinese will kill us, no use surrendering to die starving in a camp / gulag.

A: The fact is that you do realize America is finished? Don’t worry, I’ll fight with you. I am in America right now and will be here for these events. I will take up arms with you all and die with you all. :)

Q: I have nothing to be afraid about anyway. I am preparing for the worst just in case. Besides,I know that God is on His throne and Jesus is by His side.

A: Thats good, have ‘faith’. I am not afraid either, just warning those who can still get out.

Q: The military we have could not even HOPE to contain, corral and send people to concentration camps. A military of 4 million trying to deal with a nation of almost 300 million, shooting at them from every corner, rooftop and ditch?

A: 1.) This is an overexaggeration. 300 million people do not have guns in the USA. Nor are they all trained marksmen capable of such a thing.

2.) You also doubt the skill of the ‘Peace Keepers’. I was training attempt to be a Special Operations Solider (Pararescue) and have researched the military/swat teams/us marshals. They are highly skilled and can take on Americans.

3.) You underestimate the power of fear. If one is killed in front of others, resistace can be quelled. There will be ‘Freedom Fighters’ or ‘Partriots’ who stand up to this but they will all die.

Q: I’m sure you may believe all that in your heart of hearts right now but I just dont see it playing out quite that way,
not at all.I wont elaborate but there are neighborhoods I wouldnt go up against let alone entire states.You under estimate the response.

A: You simply don’t understand. You have not even referred to the FOOD SHORTAGE in the USA! Or the impending attack by the Chinese or the Power grid being hacked. You are missing the Big Picture.

Q: You said China and Russia are going to kill most Americans. Why would they murder hundreds of millions of civilians and how?

A: I REALLY hope I am wrong about that part. But I was told the ‘plan’ will be a suprise attack. I think it will come from the West Coast. I hope I am dead wrong. If you cont know the chinese have already planned and practiced this:Link Here From the Air Force Times

Only they wont clash over Taiwan

Q: Oh good lord. A HUGE flaw in your thread is why on Earth would the US government just play tetris with 300MILLION people? Why not just seal off the cities.

A: You are probably right. I did not state that EVERYONE would be moved. If you have a house and food you will stay. Although they are going to take your guns. If you live in a rural area, you should be fine.

Q: Not to mention law enforcement and SWAT and military all have families here. Do you really think every single police officer and soldier are all brainwashed enough to turn against their own parents, wives and children?

A: It’s not about that! They aren’t going to go around slaughtering people, all they are going to try to do is maintain order after this system collapses. They are not savages, they are honorable men. And again I never said every law enforcemetnt officer is going to follow orders. I am sure a quite a few patriots are going to fight this. And you are taking this out of order. 1.) Collapse 2.) Mass Panic 3.) Martial Law: This will happen only after people start going crazy. “Order Out of Chaos” Remember. If nobody panics and everyone sticks together and supports each other after the dollar collapses, they things should be ok..for a little bit.

Q: That’s easier than relocating them to camps for no logical reason. You do not understand the order of magnitude of THREE HUNDRED MILLION. That is a LOT of people. So how are they logistically going to support the mass relocation of that many people? There are not enough trains, busses, APCs, troop transports, or even enough troops or law enforcement in the US to carry out that kind of relocation. Where are they going to get the food, water, clothing, beds or even find space for that many people?? And please tell me WHY are they going to move EVERYONE in the US into camps? Why not just keep them in the cities?

A: I did not say EVERYONE will be moved. There will be relocations though, but alot of people will be able to stay in their homes. That is why it is important to have food on hand…and tihis is even if you discount China/Russia. Besides, have you even read whats in the Martial Law plans? Do you know what the Government will be able to do LEGALLY when it is inacted? They can take over everything.

Q: If the dollar is worthless how do you expect the US and the military to afford all this? Gas, trucks, maintenance, food, bedding, clothing, medical care, ammo, guns, water: these are all expenses that the military has to spend DOLLARS on. Where are they going to get the funding for that kind of operation if the dollar is worthless?

A: They already have those things, why would they need to, everything would be rationed. There will be no need to buy anything…this isnt some little state, this is the Government. Martial Law gives them the power to take over ALL RESOURCES!

Q: As a patriot mama and a gun owner. I would rather die fighting back, then hiding away in another country like a coward. Now, if yellowstone erupts…bye, bye!

A: Its not about that. People will be fighting each other because almost nobody is prepared for whats about to happen. Do you have food stored up and a gun? Because after the Dollar Collapses people will try to take your food instead of not panicking and working together as a community.

If yellowstone erupts now, the whole earth is in trouble. But I dont think that will happen.

Q: It just won’t happen. The only way they can win is through biological warfare. And they know that those bugs can mutate and take them out as well. That is why they haven’t done so on the planet already.

A: That is EXACTLY the reason why Biological attacks by Governments is a Hoax. This is why Swine Flu did not do what the media propagated. It was contained, as all Bio-attacks would be.

Q: And how do you think that China or Russia is going to shut down the power? We took care of that issue back in the late 90’s. All our power is generated within the US and the individual states.

A: They hacked the grid back in 2008 and you can be sure that they did not stop then. It was 2 years ago when they hacked the Pentagon. If they can hack the PENTAGON’S SECURITY SYSTEM what makes you think your town cannot and has not be infiltrated. If you don’t believe this, Google: US electricity grid hacked. China and Russia deny this but of course they would.

Q: And as a former MP and law enforcement, I can tell you that most of them will join our side and restore the constitution, which is what we all swore to protect, and take the country back. I have spoken with many of them

A: I am sure that some will try. The Michigan Milita just tried a coup and failed. I am not saying that the soldiers and ‘Peace Keepers’ are evil. No, they are some of the most honorable and selfless people I have ever known. I sure hope they win if they try.

Q: The people that are planning to take guns? If everyone I know takes 2 or 3 out for every time they try to take guns from a home, there won’t be anyone left to finish taking the other 120 million guns.

A: As a former MP you know full and well if an armed suspect points a Gun at you, you would shoot them in a heartbeat. Anyone who raises a Gun to the people trying to take it will be shot. This is common sense. You know scenarios are practiced like this. Hell, I would shoot someone if they pointed a Gun at me. If you are told to drop your weapon and you raise your weapon at them, KYAGB.

Q: I don’t recall the Admirals name in WWII that said this, “All we have done is awaken a sleeping giant”. That is the American people. And another statement I recall was when he was talking about invasion of America. He said,” There will be a gun behind every blade of grass”. That is how Russia and China see us as well.

A: That is a myth. There is not a Gun literally or figuratively, waiting behind every blade of grass. Only about 40% of people in the US own Guns, and maybe 5-10% of those are highly skilled marksmen, imo. Do you have higher numbers?

Q: Yes I just created this account, I’ve been lurking for maybe under a month. I’ve had no reason to step forward but when I saw this thread I thought it would be about time.

For a second, let’s just say martial law was declared, the borders would be closed and all hell would break loose. The economic collapse of the dollar would cause riots and violent acts.

Now let’s say the glaciers were to suddenly melt, the sea levels would rise and most of North America would be underwater. If one wanted to avoid such a disaster it would be a good idea to get somewhere high up- in the mountains would be your best bet.

And lastly I would have made a reply to his previous thread but by the time I discovered it Illuminator was inactive.

A: I am trying to get these people to safety and all they want to do is argue. I am glad you are with me. And also ATS posters are apparently ignoring the climate problems on a Global Scale. Tennesse just flooded the other day. There are many Natural Disasters happening now. Like I stated before “Do not worry about 2012”. You need to get to where you will be in 2012 NOW!

Q: I really laugh and say with confidence there is NO WAY another country could invade the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, we have the best trained armed forces in the world. and alot of those with the training are National Guard and Reserves.

A: That is how alot of people think. Arrogance will be their downfall.

Q: And yes there are Special ops soldiers “Rangers and Green Berets” that are civilians just waiting to be called up or defend in a moments notice. aside from the notion we will be invaded any invasion will have to be a ground assault. any air will be dealt with with extreme prejudice

A: I know this. I did not say that America would not fight. All I said is that they will lose. Also, You apparently don’t know about how the Chinese/Russian hackers compromised the power grid. If the Power goes out, then what? I know what, you will ALL be taken by surprise. “Hit them first, fast, and hard.” This is the reason why Hitler’s Blitzkrieg was so sucessful.

Q: Those forces will have to enter via West coast (Cali,OR.WA.) East coast (N.Y. D.C. S and N carolina Georgia) Gulf coast (Texas,LA.Ms.Ala.) when they hit one of these 3 coasts here is a short list of folks they will encounter

Gangster Disciples, Bloods, Crips, Black Disciples, Hells Angels, Latin Kings, The 18th Street Gang, Vice Lords, Black P. Stones, Tiny Rascal Gang, , Friends Stand United, Armenian Power, Trinitario, Outlaws, and Bandidos, criminal organizations including the American Mafia the Irish Mob, the Israeli mafia, the Japanese Yakuza, and various white supremacist groups including the Ku Klux Klan

Thats not including Armed law abiding citizens and national Guard

A: Excluding the national guard and ex military people. I highly doubt any of these groups have the training required to defeat any military group. Gangsters will not be the heros of America. They do not care about America, they care about themselves. They will probably try to kill you for your food. Besides all China needs to do is have an emergency draft. They could have 500 million soldiers. They would just keep throwing bodies until you guys are finished.

Q: OHH i think that kinda kills the rounding up part as well..some of your other things i may buy but not a invasion foreign or domestic thx for the good post and the heads up

A: Well, I honestly hope you are correct.

I’m out of time. Thanks to all who posted, I wish you all well. Oh and BTW I am not wes penre although I am the one who has been communicating with him. I was only going to try to help him out but i decided to help as many as possible. Good luck with everything.

In Life, Love, Light and Truth, Namaste


True-life here are your questions:

Q: 10. What is the duration of the initial event?

A: I honestly do not know.

Q: 1. How do you address the dilemma that we create our truth as we go along in this world.

A: Find what resonates and pray to The One.

Q: 2. Why would we have to physically run away when we should be addressing the fear within ourselves instead.

A: Leaving a dangerous area is the smart thing to do. I said do not fear and do not painc, just leave.

Q: 3. Is the group that you come from helping us learn by putting us through these negative events?

A: Different group. There are thing I cant say regarding this, sorry. Just get to where I said. Life will be tough wherever you decide to go, but survival is the main thing.

Q: 4. Does taking one’s life have negative spiritual ramifications?

A: I would think not because you arre not harming anyone else, but I honestly do not know for sure.

Q: 5. Will non-violence (as in Ghandi) en masse provide a solution or would just speed up enslavement?

A: It does not matter.

Q: 6. Do you believe that things happen to us for a purpose and that our faith is sealed?

A: Yes I believe everything has a purpose.

Q: 7. Is America the only place where all these events will transpire?

A: No, this is a World Wide event.

Q: 8. Since equator is 26 miles wider than the Northern, during the shifting of Earth crust which is about to happen – with all the recent Earthquakes as a good indicator, the worst place to be is at the Equator – do you concur?

A: No. The worst place to be, imo, is the Northen Hemisphere. A lot of people are going to freeze or drown to death. But when you are in the equator the BEST place to be is in the mountains. High, like 2300m above sea level. You may have to hunt for food, but you will survive

7 thoughts on “Dialogue with Illuminator13 – The Plan for the United States of America

  1. marizLea

    No funny lines, no funny sight gags either although they did try especially with , This one isnt that fun, with the exception being Sam Jacksons final , After seeing the trailer, everyone can pretty much get the idea of what to expect

  2. IAmLonefrog

    Per Benjamin Fulford:

    Over one million North American Satanists are seeking refuge outside of North America sources with direct access to a former US president, a source close to David Rockefeller and a member of the Japanese cabinet say. The reason they are seeking a refuge is that they fear the reaction of the American people when they find out what was done to them. So far the Japanese, Philippine and Israeli governments have all refused to give the Satanists shelter.

    1. Larnhr

      He has also said.

      “The traitors at the Bank of Japan have promised unlimited funding to the Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate.

      The Bank of Japan Monday promised to hand over unlimited amounts of hard earned Japanese money to the Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate.”

  3. Larnhr

    I went back and reread what Illuminator13 said in this his latest post and the previous one. While he may appear to be trying to help, he is still our opponent and can’t be trusted.

    He speaks of oneness and of this harvest BS. (Just like Hidden_Hand) He is not of the planet, therefore he has an agenda.

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