How to Work with Negative Energies

by Wes Penre, May 8, 2010
Published here: Saturday, May 8, 2010 @ 10:35 PM

This article is written as part of a solution to the previous one I posted, “Dialogue withIlluminator13 – The Plan for the United States of America“. Still, it’s working great all by itself and out of context, as the following energy exercise is something everybody should do regularly to stay positive and literally create good outcomes in general and when faced with tough challenges.

We live in times where many people feel unsafe, insecure and uncertain about their future. So much seems to be at stake. Some are unemployed, threatened to lose their house, others who have jobs perceive them as hellish and extremely stressful.

It doesn’t matter what situation we are in — we are probably close to where we’re supposed to be, like it or not. Like I have explained in other articles on this website, this 3D reality is all about learning experiences and life lessons. Before we enter a new body, we set goals for the upcoming lifetime and plans how to reach them. Of course, as soon as we leave the time/space continuum and enter space/time, amnesia kicks in. The reason for this is that if we remembered it all, there would be no game. There has to be unknowns for a game to go on.

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3 thoughts on “How to Work with Negative Energies

  1. Larnhr

    Great article Wes!!! Makes one think.

    But…consider this…if linear time only exists here in 3D on this planet, then we truly do not have one life experience after another. They are all happening at the same time.

    My life experiences from 1942 Germany to Atlantis to 1320 China to this one that typing these words are ALL occurring at this moment.

  2. carolks

    Well Wes,

    You have done it again.

    Amazing how you keep it so simple. There is not much else to know after reading this post.

    What a marvelous journey IN time and space and you always stay on point and you always leave the mind with interesting tidbits to ponder as we prepare for the BIG BANG.

  3. Darius Revelation

    My Friends,

    My concern is that too many of Your People remain misguided, confused and divided on The Nature of This World and The Elite Council that governs it. As a result, oppurtunites to save much can easily be lost.

    My direction to You is to immediately commence deep research into every possible aspect of The Emerald Tablet, including its present location. Also, investigate any lead on an Ancient Artifact in the Symbol of A Star and even historic interpretations of the symbology of The Star.

    Enlist as much help as You can get in this task. If many of us work on this Objective, Great Secrets shall be revealed. Do not be mislead by falsehoods or tricks of The Chaos Force. Should You need further information, contact Me.

    Time is running out.

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