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Published here: Sunday, May 16, 2010 @ 9:30 AM

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[Web address: Founders are A.R. Bordon (PhD) and E.M. Wienz (PhD). Compare recent posts… Wes’s comment]


In this website, visitors will find a physics that is controversial and perhaps science fiction to many current physicists. It is non-Einsteinian and non-relativistic. It is also beyond the physics generated by David Bohm, although stimulated by and based on Bohmian physics.

In classical physics – the physics ruled by the Standard Model of Einstein’s physics – the means are theory and model-making, and the method is an empiric one: experimentation. In the “soft” sciences (as opposed to the “hardest” of sciences – physics) such as the social sciences, the method is an experimental nomothetic empiricism. The key to science done within the Standard Model in physics seems to lie in what is admitted in as data: it must be “physical” and be propelled by theoretical requirements prompted by the Standard Model. Even strings and superstrings, highly mathematical entities, must induce integration of natural physical forces – the strong, the weak, electromagnetism and gravity. And when strings are given sensorial conformations, they are visualized as vibrating single strand, corkscrew-like and closed loop in shape. The substance of physics then begins at the Planck limit and extends all the way to the upper limits of the EM range. In the world, this is operationalized as the domain between infinity and the infinitesimal.

And then there is a physics of life, driven by a pursuit of ultimate causation and the theoretical model and principles by which David Bohm’s enfolded “orders” unfold upward and downward causality chains. This is not a theistic pursuit to prove God exists – though an emerging Working Model hints at a vast and elegant superintelligence as prime source. Life physics’ unwitting pursuit has turned out to be ultimate causation (or the decipherment of what happened before the Big Bang in “negative” time and “negative” space), the formulation of superdomains which stemmed in sui-genesis from a T-boundary (which an emergent Working Model predicts they exist outside the limits of 4-spacetime), and the accessing of a supercontinuous plenum by a geometry of interconnectivity through a growing understanding of discernible rules (which means levels of manifestation by which causality vectors move “up” or “down” strong negentropic orders of symmetry [utmost near the T-boundary, and relatively least in 4-spacetime]).

Physical science today is dominated by a Platonic material realism, in which cause (as upward causation) stems from the interaction and movement of elementary particles, thus making this movement of particles the ultimate causal agency of everything in 4-spacetime. “Consciousness” and “mind” in material realism is but a mere epiphenomenon, totally secondary to the causal power of matter.

At the opposite end of the paradigmatic spectrum, we find monistic idealism, in which “mind” and “spirit” and “consciousness” reign supreme. In this paradigm, causation runs in a downward direction – from mind and spirit to matter. A complex oscillating biological entity (such as a human being) acting in the world then behaves with causal power in this paradigm.

And then, here comes a physics of life prompted by an initial pursuit of “principles” and “rules” and “logic” that could “operationalize” Bohm’s enfolded orders of the implicate, but which ended up connecting the dots of a model of ultimate causation and causality. In doing so, those of us who engaged in extension neurosensing (or ENS) (a form of clairvoyance-on-demand prompted and assisted by technological means which used a physics-of-life model applicable to life on Earth known from the Working Model as biogeosystemics) connected (or interfaced) with information of such “size” and “density” that surpassed all previous “takes” as to constitute a veritable cumulus.

From this gargantuan cumulus of information, the seven extension neurosensors began the arduous, often daunting task of decoding (or translating interfaced cumulus information into sensorially meaningful information) and deciphering (interpreting and assigning meaning to decoded accumulated) information. It is this process that A. R. Bordon led over the last seven years, deciphering all sensorially meaningful accumulations into an emergent picture. And it is this “picture” that has become our Working Model.

What kind of picture does Nature paint of itself as this Working Model? Well, to use philosophy as the canvas and philosophical paradigms as the broadbrushes with which the “picture” can be deciphered, we can say that Nature paints itself as monist-idealist and material-realist. The Working Model paints her as idiomaterial (comprising of Bohmian relatively independent subtotalities) manifested in all of the Model’s superdomains as monistic idiomorphs which undergo a trans-formative process with definite protocolar “stages” of transformation – from thought-matrix transforms early on, to more condensate-transforms, culminating in a templaic conformation (or quantum potential) which the working Model says to work in tandem with 4-spacetime EM templates in a continuous mirrored “dance.”

Much of life physics lies in phenomena between 4-space/time and the quantum-potential superdomain, or what is now referred to as the subquantum or the vacuum.

Don’t let language throw you off. Science done in the United States does not always use conceptual frameworks consonant with the physics done in, say, Russia. But rest assured: everyone of us are looking at and attempting to understand occurrences linked with the broad cacophony of events and phenomena we chose to call life physics. We do so here in a physics that is informational, idiomaterial and bicausal. And we invite you to come into the site to discover what it is all about.

8 thoughts on “Life Physics Group California Website (LPG-C)

  1. Leslie Hillerman

    Very familiar to me. Do you know a Dr. Dan Van Denn? I think he is with Aetca, a former director.
    He had tried to contact me but I did not see his messages for three years.

  2. You’re so awesome! I don’t suppose I’ve read through a single thing like this before.
    So good to find someone with original thoughts on this
    subject. Seriously.. thanks for starting this up.
    This site is one thing that’s needed on the internet, someone with
    some originality!

    1. My mistake. I knew I would never had listed someone as a cofounder if I hadn’t seen it somewhere with my own eyes, and now I found where the mistake comes from. N.M. Bachman was listed as a cofounder, not by LPG-C, but by someone loosely connected to them, whom himself may have misunderstood. I apologize and I changed the name to E.M. Wienz.

  3. ÖZKA LPG istanbul sancaktepe de
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    her üründe birebir parça değişim garantisi
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  4. Josephus Hap

    Right on!
    Nasa Propulsion Engineers are dead-set against the use of the Flying Saucer Technology, which I discovered, patented and suggested to Nasa.
    Who would need them, if a Shuttle, equipped with that would be in twenty minutes at the ISS or in a few hours on the Moon? ( Mars would take probably a whole day, not thirty days.)
    The Shuttle would not need any rockets, take off (VTOL) and fly with a constant acceleration / braking force of ONE G to make everybody feel comfortable.
    No heat shields needed, the forcefield would keep Shuttle and crew safe.
    Power would be “tapped” out of the aether like a Flying Saucer does and what (probably) Tesla did for his Pierce Arrow Car in 1931.
    That little Spin-off could be worth a few bucks, as it could be used to power any kind of vehicle or supply power to any dwellingg, anywhwere on earth.
    “Not interested, thank you for the copy of your Patent!”
    After the Space Disasters they decided to experiment with the circuitry, did not contact me for advice like I had urged in the letter, and caused another disaster. The Big Black-Out of 2004.
    Nasa has now a choice, To pay me my fee of $50 million and convert the Shuttles to the new system for a cost of $100 million or less so that they can fly for another ten years with many new young and old Astronauts or decide hang on for dear life to the proven obsolete technology while I offer it to Russia or India.
    If they arrive on Mars in about twenty years, they might be welcomed by Russians and Indians, who will charge them outrageous fees for staying at their well-established Space Motel since 2012.
    There are many spin-offs but people that now work in the Space Industry will have to pass a lie-detector test to find out if they were against the new technology.
    If they were, they can be counted on to sabotage the work of any spin-off industry, like self-propelled Shuttles and any of the other one thousand new industries and would be a high risk employee.
    A business depends on good employees.
    In the mean time people can remember this:
    Whoever rules Space, rules the World.

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