The Crash – Coming Financial Collapse of America

EconomyMeltdown, YouTube
Published here: Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 6:58 PM

[Very good video! It tells the truth. Be prepared, but NOT afraid!!! See also: Extremely Important! A Dire Warning to All Americans: Leave the Country Now or You May Not Survive!]

3 thoughts on “The Crash – Coming Financial Collapse of America

  1. IAmLonefrog

    I was doing good right up until I felt like I was at church.

    I would like to know where it is written that one must align and pronounce themselves to follow the christian way before they can be considered a decent person.

    Yes this video has truth in it. By all means learn a trade besides crunching numbers and making debt collection calls. Take the initiatve and turn the earth so that you can grow your own veggies. Make somebodies mortgage payment for them. Call your congressmen!!!

    But it is the seclusive nature of your club that frightens me.

    –Fade in–

    A wet cobblestone path scarcley lit by the moon. Water drippnig as the wind rustles the rain soaked trees. We see a shadowy figure aproach a large and roughly hewn wooden door. She produces two loud knocks which seem to echo down a vast corridor. In what seemed to be half a blink of an eye, a small doors snaps open. It reveals menacing eyes that are accompanied by a stern voice.

    That asks……

    Eyes – “What’s the password”?

    Shadow – “I forgot”.

    E – “Don’t have the password ya can’t come in”!

    S – (mumbling to herself) “shoot what was it”?

    E – “Nope that’s not it”.

    S – “I know that”. (mumbles again) “jesus christ”.(back to normal voice)”Can ya gimme a minute”!

    E – “Ok, come on in”.

    S – “Huh”? “Cool”.

    Hinges grind and moan as the solid door is slowly opened.

    –Fade out–

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