Letter From the Editor #16: This Website is Now Completed

by Wes Penre, Sunday June 20, 2010 @ 12:19 AM

To All Readers and Visitors at “News From Behind the Scenes”!

The Illuminati News website (http://illuminati-news.com) and its successor (which is this blog), are now considered being finished and complete.

Illuminati News was launched in late 1998, and has at the time of this writing been online and brought news within the alternative field for almost twelve years,. This website — the successor — launched in April 2009.

I have now decided that I have done what I intended to do in regards to educating on what’s going on behind the scenes on this planet and beyond, and feel no need to continue. I have said all I have to say in that respect. For you who want to keep themselves updated (and I hope all of you do) have plenty of other great alternatives online you can check out on a daily basis.

The reason I am doing this is because I want to concentrate only on the “spiritual” aspects from now on and leave the “conspiracy” part behind me when comes to posting on the web.

My only website online from now on that will be updated is WesPenre.com (http://wespenre.com), which also will be reconstructed to some degree in the near future for easier navigation through the site, and to better fit my current purpose. I hope I will see some of you there every now and then — it will be updated with my own writings, and perhaps also articles I like from other authors.

This website, News From Behind the Scenes and Illuminati News will stay online in its current state, and will not be updated from today on. This will be my last post here.

The only genuine sources I will have online from now on are:

I want to thank all of you whom have followed my research over the years. I know some of you have stayed with me from the beginning, which feels very rewarding!

Thank you also to all of you random visitors who are browsing in to take part of this vast database of information. Although there will be no more updates, Illuminati News, and this one, both have an enormous amount of info, and I suggest you search through them. There are quite a few rare gems mixed in there, carrying very powerful information.

Love to you all!

7 thoughts on “Letter From the Editor #16: This Website is Now Completed

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  3. Susan Maureen Brandt

    UPDATE: Censored Blog Battle

    Susan Maureen Brandt has now been blocked from commenting on Chet Raymo’s blog Science Musings, and all her previous comments on several entries have been deleted, as well as comments pertaining to hers.

    This is CONCLUSIVE PROOF of the cult behind science writing as an encoded form of Atlantean history. Here are the postings as they appeared before they were deleted.

    Can someone please re-post them on sciencemusings.com ?!? There are many people going there to see them. If we work together we can keep them up for all to see. This could be a huge breakthrough in revealing the true HIDDEN HAND behind world conspiracy and the Atlantean fraud.

    Bro. Bartleby

    I see that you, also, like to speak in metaphor. Indeed, I’ve taken no wrong turn. I’ve read some of your past comments and so I do understand that you come to this site to partake in the craft, rather than be fooled by it. Am I a woman? Yes. Am I a mother? Yes. But I was raised by men, brothers, and male teachers, and that makes me your worst nightmare, because I can think circles around someone still trying to hold onto a narrow, segregated, exclusively male worldview.

    It is, of course, your right to speak as you wish to, but the amount of traffic I am at this very moment directing to this blog may make you think twice before posting your next comment. Every post, and comments like yours, are easy proof that what I’m saying is true.

    I have been looking for some time for the right opportunity to begin to enlighten ordinary people as to this whole racket of antient/Atlantean history disguised as intelligent science, which is neither innocent fun nor victimless tradition. Chet’s short entries are like a primer for the art of modern-day ‘majickal science’. I encourage anyone who wants to look innocent to start acting innocent, rather than elitist, right now. The word ‘whistleblower’ comes to mind, as the encoded ideas on this blog and elsewhere are directly connected to a tradition of rape, murder, child sex, torture, and appalling acts of cultural and genocidal destruction.

    You’ve got blood on your hands and it shows, and the masses are moments away from showing up at this doorstep to see it for themselves.

    Part One

    The ideas in this post, the basic construct of the names of living things and the numbers of years being used, originates from a historic code used to describe the history of a group who survived the destruction of Atlantis, or Ros as it was more likely called. The basic story of their continent getting hotter around 40,000 BC due to a polar shift (thus becoming a hell), then 30,000 years during which the place declined, was partly destroyed (becoming a wasteland, ruin, desert), then met its end in 10,000 BC, likely by inside sabotage) can be laid side-by-side with ANY prominent scientific theory for the parallels to be clearly seen. This is the most shocking thing I’ve ever learned about. Einstein, Hawking, they all do it. That’s why they’re rewarded, for combining actual science with heavily encoded tellings of their secret history.

    Part Two

    The final king, Atlan, apparently decided it was time to destroy the ruins of Ros and start anew, so the royal family, leaders, etc., were put on a boat (Noah’s Ark, And in ARKadia go I), officially moving their home base to Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc. This was a huge deal for a very egotistical race of people, to finally accept that the former glory of their native continent was never coming back. The problem was that they were SO widely hated around the world for their aggressive selfishness and greed, and their penchant for slavery. So along with relocating their capital and destroying by some means the remains of their continent, they also had to change their very appearance by breeding in a carefully planned manner with the other four races. By abducting and raping Africans and Asians (who had different original names – anything that starts and ends with A is an Atlantean co-opting, as A is their symbol for OGUZ or OX, their most sacred god, a picture of an ox head upside-down, or an bull standing and staring you in the face – as above, so below) they only had to wait twenty years or so to send half-African and half-Asian offspring back into those lands as imposters claiming, probably violently, a right to rule. (All people who are happy to rule over equal human beings are Atlanteans or under three years of age.)

    Part Three

    Their preference was to make themselves look like native Nordics and take over that land as though they belonged there, but the reddish undertones to their black hair and brown skin caused the telltale freckles and red hair if they did a straight Ros-Nord mix (as had happened in the westernmost parts of Europe, where the Ros had likely done a lot of raping and pillaging over the years). So their clever plan was to set up their new capital as a breeding farm, and mix their DNA with abducted blond princesses (how Europe got its name) as well as the pure brown pigments of the Mur people (Peruvian with a round face, high small piercing eyes, a nose that is pinched at the top and rounder and wider at the bottom – very different from the hawklike Ros nos and the huge Ros eyes and lips), resulting in the new Europeans, some even with blue eyes and black hair, along with the Arab or darker mix that was tall, slim, and not hairy and would rule Northern Africa and the Middle East, and the Semites, who were the undesired results of such extensive breeding experiments (and thus they were given fierce instructions to stay in one place, follow a huge and cruel list of rules that kept their personal power very low but kept their bodies very clean. This let the Atlanteans, the “royal” descendants of Atlan, have a standing army of cousins, ready to either use or abuse.) These three groups were sorted, and are the basis for the three sons of Noah, and the prominance of the number 3 and letter E.

    Part Four

    Anyway, the connection to what Chet has written is this. Brace yourself if, like me, you’ve spent more than a few decades believing science is science. It’s some science, mixed with or put into a framework of the Atlan history, which can only be told in code so that no one innocent figures out what they’ve done.

    He says, No, it’s not all green…

    Well, Nordica was all green in the sense that green represents the true natives of Europe, the aboriginal blue-eyed blond-haired Nords or Wods. Just as red is the symbol for pure-blooded Ros or Atlanteans, and Purple represents the Mur. (These colors are based on an understanding of the chakras that were dominant in each original race, harmonized with skin color and even soil! A creator, yes, a creator, seems to have made a rather beautiful set of first humans, each type on their own continent. That’s not racist, that’s lovely!)

    So when Chet says, No, Europe isn’t all green, he then tells you what has been mixed with the pure Nords. The RED ROSes, mixed with the WHITE skin of the Nords who were abducted or tricked into breeding with them, and the PURPLE of the pure-brown Mur, who derive their spiritual vision from their dominant chakras of indigo and violet.

    Part Five

    Then he says, Soon, yes, soon, the raging ORANGE. Orange represents the sexual chakra or reproduction and creativity. So now he’s telling you that once the Atlanteans in Egypt, Mesopotamia, or on Crete had finished creating their new monster, the barbarian knights who would attack and fool the Nords, a mix of RED Ros and the YELLOW hair of the Nords, then this new offspring was ready to attack Europe like a RAGING ORANGE WILDFIRE. Last Christmas I started crying at a church service when I realized all those hymns about angels singing are describing the Nord victims wailing after so many were slaughtered.

    This almost makes me sick, because I live in Canada and have seen yellow fields of what we call canola but used to be called rapeseed, that he says he’s thinking of those ENDLESS WAVES OF YELLOW RAPE across England. Even the WOoDS are now SUN-dappled, as the sun is a key symbol of Atlantean power.

    Then Chet says it is NATURAL SELECTION that is the genius behind mixing every color or the Chakra-rainbow aligned races. He’s from a cult or religion or tradition which honors the leaders who planned and executed this racial project, NAT as in native, nature, and nativity is an anagram of ATLAN, therefore encoding all these words. He even says dabs of PIGMENT, referring to skin.

    Part Six

    And here’s the kicker, if you’re not passed out from the horror of discovering that we good intelligent people have fallen for this crap for all these years, hundreds, thousands of years of their manipulative mean-spirited greed. He says the GREEN had the planet (TERRA, Nord, Wod, original Europe) all to themselves for millions of years. The word zero literally means cipher, or code, which is why he named his book Walking Zero, and why it jumped out at me on the library shelf when I had just learned this fact. So the zeros in all these scientific dates are just a code, literally. The date for the dinosaurs (reptiles and birds of prey are favorite Atlantean symbols for their pure ancestors and heritage, along with the color RED) going extinct has been manipulated to be the SAME DATE, when the zeros are removed, as the date the Masons, Jews, and traditional Christians agree on as the date when GOD (a code for the Atlantean king or any Atlantean descendant who bosses around other groups with fear and intimidation) created MAN (less than gods, or pure Ros). Adam means Man of the RED clay. And Chet’s dates are the same game. He means for a few million years, or maybe hundreds of thousands, the Nord lived on their original continent, just like the original Asians, Africans, Ros, and Mur all lived on the lands they were created to occupy. Geology shifted, Mur sank beneath the Pacific ocean, Africa, Asia, and Nordica became joined, and eventually Atlantis ended up beneath the Atlantic ocean too.

    He even lets us know that back when the Ros were still on their homeland, they could only rape Nords if they got in a boat and used the WIND and WATER to do so. Yes, he’s using plANTs again as an anagram of Atlan. I quote, “…to unite male and female germs.”

    Part Seven

    Then, about 100 million years ago, or without all those zeros thrown in to fool us, 10,000 years ago (actually 12,000 years ago, because they’ve been marking time by it ever since, that’s why we call year one now the supposed birth of Christ, because it was the 10,000 year anniversary of the final destruction of Atlantis/Ros, and the BIRTH of the new Atlantean nation. Christ has always referred to those who pour chemicals on their bodies so they don’t rot at death, such as the Atlantean tribes/cultures of Egypt, which Jesus still followed in his story) Angiosperms (looks like Anglosperm, and Angle is a modified anagram of Antle or Atlan) allied themselves with insects. Hmm. This is a reference I’m not too sure about. He may just be actually referring to the actual science. Yet the Grisham family that founded the Bank of London has a grasshopper as their emblem. One of their decendants is Harry Potter, or rather, Daniel Radcliffe, who can clue you into much of the Atlantean culture, as they see themselves as wizards fighting invisible enemies. They’re playing chess with each other and us on the chessboard of the world. And hORSe is a symbol of the ROS (also HORuS) and Daniel was in that play about being in love with a horse and showing everyone his phallus, as in an Egyptian phallus monument. They’re all over the world, of course, including skyscrapers that are a Roman Numeral II, for the second Atlantis, and, oops, fall down and kill thousands in their beloved reenactments of the destruction of Atlantis. Also the Titanic was a planned disaster reenactment, that’s why they planted the story about the mummy’s curse, to encode the event and connect it back to Egypt, and the new homeland of the followers of Atlan, also known as the Titans.

    I’m truly sorry if anyone reading this can see, now or in the future, that what I’m saying is true. It is a horrible thing to realize, but maybe it’s time for us innocent fools to get a bit upset and set things right.

  4. Susan Maureen Brandt

    If anyone wants to know what’s really behind all conspiracy, here is a fairly short explanation, by way of comparing modern scientific theories with encoded historical information.

    This is a science blog that is supposedly pure science but is, like most published writing on science, full up to the hilt with references to Atlantis.

    blog.sciencemusings.com It’s in the comments, in seven parts, for the most recent entry, as of today, July 7, 2010.

    It’s worth getting down to the roots when you want to pull the weed.

    – Susan Maureen Brandt

  5. Lisa

    I will miss looking forward to your blogposts, but I understand and agree with that you should focus on the spiritual aspects. I’ll be visiting your other sites. Thank you and bless you.

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