John Kaminski, WorldChanger and the Anti-Jew Movement

by Wes Penre, Thursday, July 8, 2010 @ 6:15 AM

I know I’ve said that I’m not going to continue updating this blog, but it tortures me to see how everything is speeding up around us, and more and more confusion is added to the mix.

It’s true that there is a mass awakening, but it’s counter-part, the Global Elite, are desperately working on confusing and misdirecting truth-seekers and those who are rapidly starting to wake up.

Therefore, I have decided I need to continue updating this blog, although it may or may not be as frequently as before.

One area in which the confusion is pretty widespread is in the Anti-Jew movement. We hear about quite a few groups who are actively spreading propaganda that the Jews are behind all that’s evil in the world — they are the roots to it. If we only could pull up evil by those roots, everything will be fine and dandy.

Unfortunately, these people attract followers amongst the awakening people and even truth-seekers. The reason they are successful is that there is some truth in what they are saying:

If you’ve studied the Global Elite on a planetary level for a while, you have probably run into the fact that many of them, on top levels, are Khazar Jews (I have written about this on Illuminati News several times). They have nothing to do with the Biblical bloodlines, but are instead descendants of the Sumerian people, and at one time, at about 740 AD, the King of Khazaria, King Bulan, adopted the Jewish religion and the whole nation did the same.  Among them was a family that later down the line became known as the Rothschilds. The Khazars consist of up to 90% of the people who today call themselves Jews, and have no connection whatsoever with the State of Israel — or shouldn’t have.

There is a lot more to say about this, but the Khazars are the so-called Jews that you run into when you are researching the Global Elite. You can say that ironically they are “God’s chosen people” in a way that they are chosen by Interdimensional Entities to run the show down here on Earth — the God(s) of the Khazars. Still, the Khazar Jews are only puppets for those who are pulling the strings in the unseen world — the are only the prison guards, who get rewarded with riches and fame and whatever worldly things they want, so long as they keep themselves on task.

This is why I have been stressing so hard that we have nothing to gain by trying to physically fight the Khazars and the Global Elite (they are not all “Jews” though). It’s been tried thousands of times and it always fails.

I know the general population outnumber the Elite by thousands to one, but here are the main reasons why an attempt to overthrow them would fail:

  • The Global Elite have the Military and a well-structured organization behind them, with weapons the world has not yet seen. They have only showed us a fragment of what they actually possess. What’s frightening is that they are like little kids in some fashion — kids that have all those fancy toys stored in the garage, and their fingers are itching to start using them. They just wait for a reason…
  • To even have a slight chance to succeed, we’d have to overthrow the governments in all the most powerful countries in the world at the same time, to be able to protect ourselves against the rest of the Power Elite governments in the other countries of the world, who desperately would fight the resistance. Seems like a pretty overwhelming task.
  • Let’s pretend that we managed to overthrow the U.S. government and arrest all the ones who belong to the Power Elite and those who helped them. Would that solve the problem? Even if we managed to arrest all Zionist Khazar Jews in the world, would that bring peace? No, it wouldn’t, and I will explain why with the following allegory:

Pretend I am a black slave in the 19th Century America. I am living on a rich man’s property together with other slaves. I was born into this situation and don’t know much about how it is to be a free man — I’ve only heard rumors about how that would be. I have no realistic idea how to break out of my prison, and to some extent I am even afraid to, because I’m not sure how to survive in the “free world”.

Every day, fifteen slave drivers — and in this allegory, they are all Jews — come to the slaves’ area and beat us all up by whipping us bloody. Day in and day out, to keep us in fear and in check.

It works, until one day, when I get really mad and say to my fellow slaves that we need to do something about our miserable situation. I come up with the idea that we should think of a plan to kill the Jewish slave drivers and that would set us free, because after all, they are the ones who make our lives miserable.

After a lot of convincing talks, I manage to unite my friends and next time the slave drivers come around, we manage to kill them all.

So what now? Does that mean that we are free? No, because behind the slave drivers are the slave owners! And they are more than one, working within a hierarchy, although there may be one slave owner who owns me and my particular group.

Now, what does the slave owner do? Well, let’s say there are no more Jews to hire for the slave driver’s job, so now he instead hires another group of people to do the same job, and it starts all over again…whip-whip.

Of course, the black slaves in this allegory are the common people, the slave drivers are the Khazar Jews, and the slave owners are the Interdimensional Entities running the show. Even if the slaves were able to kill all the Jews, the slave owners would just decide to use some other group of people — they don’t care, they’ll just use those whom they can attract and talk into doing the job. Still, it would be much easier for those slaves to also confront the slave owners than it would be to confront the real Interdimensional Entities, whom we normally can’t even see.

Hopefully this explains the situation we are in.

Now, let’s go back to the Anti-Jew movement. The Khazars on the top know, of course, that there are people who have seen through the first layer of the veil and noticed that the majority of them are Khazars. So, they decide to confuse people. They have organizations like the Anti Defamation League, who accuse everybody who is talking badly about Jews as anti-Semitists, but that’s just the beginning. They also hire people of their own kind to infiltrate the truth movement, to disperse them and to build up a rage against the Jews, so that they can use this rage, energetically and by force. Eventually, if the infiltrating “Jews” manage to convert a reasonable amount of truth-seekers into a raging movement against them, they can hit back, kill them off, jail them and then let Mass Media take care of spreading propaganda against this furious anti-Semitists who become stronger and stronger in this world and need to be stopped once and for all. New laws will take effect and strangle the truth movement at its core, so that not only can’t we talk about the Khazar Jews, but we can’t even criticize the government or the Global Elite at all anymore. They will effectively see to that this happens! Hence, it’s very counter-productive to join such aggressive anti-Jewish groups that have become greater in numbers out there.

One of these groups is run by a man called John Kaminski. He has an unknown number of followers, who dedicate themselves to furiously and very aggressively spreading anti-Jewish propaganda over the Internet. Kaminski’s right hand seems to be someone calling himself WorldChanger. I have had quite a few encounters with him over the last few years, and I’ll copy and paste at the bottom of this article the latest communication him and I had a couple of days ago.

WorldChanger says that all Jews are evil, no matter if they are sitting in positions where they run the governments or if they are Jews on the street — no exceptions! So his goal is to arrest all Jews in the world, castrate them and put them on an isolated island, where they slowly can die out as a race. Not very pretty, as I happen to know a few “Jews on the street”, who are very nice, helpful and loving people. When I tell WorldChanger that, he says that it’s only on the surface, and when it comes down to it, Jews stick together.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to bother him that John Kaminski, his “mentor”, is of Jewish descendant, which I pointed out to him perhaps a year ago! Kaminski has even admitted to this himself, when once confronted with it. So we seem to have a certain double standard here.

By the way, here is another double agent in this movement, whom has been exposed as well:

Although I don’t have any evidence, Kaminski is very suspicious in my eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he actually works for the Khazar Government himself to create this raving movement, like I describe above. True or not, this man sits in the background, pulling the strings of his followers, and is pumping up their adrenaline to a fury. WorldChanger, for example, usually cc: Kaminski when he writes me an email, and I suppose he does the same when he is writing to other people. His “mentor” needs to know that he is doing a great job, I assume?

However, if WorldChanger and people like him are really serious in helping the world, they are truly blind to what they are creating by spreading their negative energies over the Internet. They are making great damage for those of us who have looked further and realized that the only solution to the problems in the world is to raise the frequency by doing spiritual work. There is, in my opinion, no other solution. Physical resistance has been tried so many times throughout history and has never succeeded. The Power Elite is still here!

I can’t tell people what to do and what not to do — I can only make suggestions. My advice is to not have anything to do with these people. They are a horn on the side of all the people who are working to raise above the negativity in this world. We can’t beat the Power Elite by creating even more negativity.

Here follow the last few emails between me and World Changer. Note that his correspondence is normally either in CAPS or in exaggerated large font:

WorldChanger to me:


Wes Penre to WorldChanger:

Please do me a favor and delete me from your email/contact list.

When are you going to realize that what you are doing, the attitude you have, and the venom and hate you spread, is actually destroying for the rest of us who are working on raising the energies on this planet? If the Jews were the source to all that’s bad in the world and beyond (and that’s an extremely limited viewpoint), you must be their mentor, because you’re worse — you are infiltrating and distracting serious researchers and spiritual warriors… What do you think you accomplish by doing what you’re doing?

I’ll tell you – you accomplish to create even more hate, more anger, more disaster and you don’t even see it. I don’t want to have anything to do with your kind – and tell your puppet master, Kaminski, that I have seen through him a long time ago. When are you going to do the same???

You are doing this world a HUGE disfavor by spreading your filthy language amongst truthseekers, and it’s time for you to wake up.

I find it very hard to understand how you’re thinking.

If you really ARE serious in what you’re doing and actually want to help mankind, you’re actions don’t make sense, or you’re so filled with hatred and anger that you don’t see what you’re doing.

On the other hand, if you are working for the Government to infiltrate and disperse the research community, I definitely understand how you’re thinking and you’re doing a great job…

How hard is it to grasp that the way you are communicating and the fashion in which you spread your “message”, the Jews (at least the ones in top positions) are laughing their butts off on your expense. I’m sure they would pay you lots of $$ just to keep this going. You are probably one of their greatest assets, hopefully unwittingly so… You are playing right into their hands. The more hate and bile the “truth movement” spreads, the better for the ones you are accusing. It tunes right into their own energies and helps them big time. If they could, they would reward you for it.

You’re a WorldChanger alright, but certainly not for the better. It’s people like you who make it so hard for the rest of us to get things done…

I truly hope you will come to your senses.

And don’t bother sending me more articles, it’s a waste of your time. You have nothing to gain in case you try to “convert” me.

There was this great British female writer, who used to write articles for my website. One day she contacted me and spread the same bile as you do, and of course I understood that she was in contact with you and Kaminski. So I warned her from you and I think it hit the spot and she wake [sic] up. Good for her!

I will warn everybody I can from you and those affiliated with you.


WorldChanger to me:

ps. THE JEW CHECK IS NOT IN THE MAIL.  You are  a traitor to mankind.
This was written by a person with a lot more brains than you.  I bet you won’t post it.

Wes Penre to WorldChanger:
Fair enough… That was exactly what I expected you would say…With this we have both said what we had on our minds, so perhaps now we can leave each other alone.Thank you,
WorldChanger to me:
Your Touchy Feely crap cannot answer the facts especially the facts on  the ground right now.

Those who do not name the enemy by name,  Jews, are complicit in their crimes.

I did not respond to his last email.

One of my readers sent me the following three universal laws, which all apply to this particular situation. They are very important to understand, because every time we neglect them, there are consequences we have to pay — as single persons, as groups, and sometimes as a whole humanity:
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy:
This Universal Law states that all persons have within them the power to change the conditions in their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change.
The Law of Resonance
The Law of Resonance is the Universal Law which determines the various vibratory patterns or frequencies which are determined and projected based on various thoughts, beliefs and emotions and the resulting projected frequency which activates the Law of Attraction ensuring that this resonance or projected energy can only harmonize with energies that vibrate or resonate at a similar harmonious vibratory frequency which determine and create your physica

The Law of Non-resistance
The Law of Non-resistance teaches that you should never fight against unpleasant circumstances and events in your life, because by doing so you will receive even more of them.


12 thoughts on “John Kaminski, WorldChanger and the Anti-Jew Movement

  1. zyżak. – Obecnie obecnie suknem rifting leją,
    znacznym, czerwonym. Aż spośród Gdańska sprowadzałem,
    nie zna
    to egzystować, żebyś skonał, damy, na z tej przyczyny suknie,
    na którym mieszczan ścinają… – Otóż to

  2. Penre: Might I suggest if you are so goddamn psychic then give us the names and addresses of the so called Illuminati. Jews do not take orders from Goy. In the meantime it would behoove the world to try one time the elimination of the Jews. remember all Jews contain the Jew genetic DNA strands to produce more Jews. All Jew DNA must be removed to the point of burning out ALL Jew graves since the beginning of time so that no future Dr. Frankenstein casn ever CLONE another parasitic Jew Race.
    Might I also remind you that at MY suggestion you once renamed your website Jew News . com from Zionist News . com.
    You are indeed a weak reed and the Jews now have played you into their hands. Good luck with that. LOL Now lets see some Jew type censorship for this post.
    Thanks for the promo of course. LOL.
    World Changer.

      1. Your approach to this “Jew problem” is in my opinion extremely narrow-minded. What you don’t realize is that the so-called “Jews” that are the main part of the top Global Elite are just puppets for interdimensional forces. Go ahead and wipe them out and get rid of the innocent too, but the same interdimensional forces don’t care. They just choose another group of people to continue the job. In the meantime lots of innocent people on “both sides” will die in the fruitless effort. Those who are REALLY in charge would to some agree even welcome your attempts. You create even more chaos, confusion and disaster instead of peace and harmony.

        1. Interdimensional “Forces” have coopted you as their Shabez Goy works well also. Get rid of Jews and you eliminate the Andromeda Strain. To get to enemy number two you have to get rid of enemy number one first. There will never be peace and harmony with Jews let loose to run amok which is your plan. As far as “Interdimensional Forces.” goes that is above your pay grade.
          Funny, you never mention the “good guys.” HMMMMMM?????

          1. You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them. – Albert Einstein

            The above Einstein quote summarizes everything I’ve tried to communicate to you regarding the “Jew situation”.

            The above quote also summarizes precisely the reason why I am not an advocate for fighting the Global Elite with force. It explains in one sentence why spiritual work is the so[u]lution.

            The only way to solve the problem is to connect with Source/our Higher Self, OUTSIDE of the Matrix, like I’m stressing over and over at … It’s not science fiction, it’s quantum mechanics and metaphysics, World Changer, and it’s not some “New Age” pie-in-the-sky doctrine either — it’s extremely hard work.

  3. Hey Wes,

    John’s not so bad, I don’t believe he heads a group, just an guy that got infected with anti-semitisim.
    You can’t fault his Talmud quotes, there there. Factual, no
    atlantis, no interdimensional entites, though he does have spiritual flights of fancy, just like you and I.

    I was born knowing things should be better, something was wrong with the world, and looked for answers out there, as my own brain gave me none.
    I haven’t found any idea that will answer this problem, and suspect that ideas are to small, considering their source. So it’s something else, something bigger.
    something that contains me, which when I stop and look is obvious.

    If this something is bad I’m screwed anyway, so when I look for evidence of goodness, and act on that, that feeling of aloneness leaves, and it’s all good enough.

    I have talked with John and he is scared sometimes, like all of us, scared for us, and believes he is doing right to the best of his ability.

    I suspect we are all Little deluded dupes of ideas, which take on a life of their own, from the Fundy Christians who want to bring it on, to the Jihaders, to the chosen who believe they will own the world (their gods promise).

    No answers from me, find your own, or be content with none


  4. IAmLonefrog

    In order for evil to prevail, good men must do nothing.

    Not so, me thinks.

    Remember folks, 3rd Density is designed specifically for evil to prevail.

    Therfore, the most harmful action of all is to be at war with yourself.

    In general it could be agreed upon that we are getting wiser every day, we tolerate less, the ideas of the priest class, (as Celtic Rebel likes to call them) and re-learn the skills of thinking for ourselves. When striving for peace within yourself you will soon become aware of the changes that it creates around you. Hiss at the illogical tyrants and their scheming ways. Be compassionate with your fallen brothers and sisters yet firm in your convictions. This in turn will allow you to weather this density and become a beacon to others.

    Thank you for the light you provide Wes, Susan and others.

  5. Hi Wes,

    I 100% aggree with you again.

    The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy:

    This Universal Law states that all persons have within them the power to change the conditions in their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change.

    The Law of Resonance

    The Law of Resonance is the Universal Law which determines the various vibratory patterns or frequencies which are determined and projected based on various thoughts, beliefs and emotions and the resulting projected frequency which activates the Law of Attraction ensuring that this resonance or projected energy can only harmonize with energies that vibrate or resonate at a similar harmonious vibratory frequency which determine and create your physica

    The Law of Non-resistance

    The Law of Non-resistance teaches that you should never fight against unpleasant circumstances and events in your life, because by doing so you will receive even more of them.

  6. Susan Maureen Brandt

    I agree that it’s important people understand about the Khazars. But why stop there? You can go back further to find the real reason WHY they’ve done all of this, Wes, and why the whole world is such a strange mess. Which I’ve noticed conspiracy theory never seems to explain, so I found it out for myself by researching history, myth, religion, and languages for the past 18 months. It’s best to get to the ROOT if you want to get rid of the WEED, right?

    When the real people behind the Noah’s Ark story, likely King Atlan and an elite group of survivors of Atlantis (more likely called Ros – the name Atlantis is honoring the last and arguably most horrendous king a land could have – He blew it up!), resettled their kingdom in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Crete, etc., they launched a huge breeding project in which they interbred with other races until they could sort hundreds or even thousands of their grown children into groups/tribes by appearance, then dressed them differently and gave them new encoded languages and strict rules to never intermix. This would have broken apart families, lovers, and parents from their children. All based on looks and traits, in a successful attempt to sneak their way into ruling positions on every continent by fooling the original occupants, created to live there, into becoming confused by half-breed cousins claiming the right to rule over them due to violence, abuse, and (faked) supernatural powers.

    The Bible, one of the Atlanteans’ encoded texts, says specifically where the three sons of Noah and their descendants travelled to and what groups they became.

    Ham’s sons went to Ethiopia, Libya, and Palestine (Canaan), and stayed in Egypt, so obviously there were dark-skinned offspring, now referred to as Arabs, Palestinians, Ethiopians, etc.

    Japeth’s sons became the Tartars (Ashkenaz), Russians, Aramaeans, Greeks, Muscovites, and Turks (Anatolians), so these were the lighter-skinned kids with a body and face type that was similar enough to the native Nordic race for them to pass as new Europeans, some even blond-haired and blue-eyed, yet with a hawk-like Atlantean nose to prove their true origin, also the large bug-eyes and thick wide mouth/little chin combo only Atlanteans/Ros had, or, less desired, the red hair and freckles that comes from orange undertones in their original black hair and reddish-brown skin.

    Shem’s sons ended up as the Semites, Hebrews, true Jews (of Judah), and went to Sumeria, Ninevah, Lud (Lydia, Lod), Syria, and Phoenicia.

    That’s what the Bible documents. Is it true? Other stories in the Bible, which I doubt someone just wrote as a bunch of babble, but rather, they proudly encoded all their clever secrets in, other stories talk about sons being too hairy and thus being rejected from their inheritance. I have seen other proof that the Semites were essentially the group of Atlantean mixed-offspring that were unwanted, maybe they were too short (from their Mur or Peruvian genes) or still looked too clearly Atlantean, had acquired the Nordic curly hair, beard and body hair, but their hair was still black, rather than the desired fair or blond color that would have let them wander into Europe as imposter Nordics, like the Greeks, Turks, and others in the Japeth group.

    My disagreement with your explanation, Wes, is this:

    These people CAN be brought down. If we all know the truth, we’re going to ACT differently, and no longer be their gullible pawns!!! If all the innocent people in the world, those not in on the secret Atlantean history of the modern world and whatever they have planned and manipulated for the past 12,000 years since becoming homeless, if all of us who are NOT in on it simply became informed that ALL these groups’ LEADERS are Atlantean Ruling Class insiders, whether it’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt taking their kids to Venice (phoenix) to learn about pyramids in their nursery school art class (a photo was published of them leaving and stepping onto a boat with the projects in hand), or the Jewish leaders who wanted “Jesus” to incite a war over taxes because they were Atlantean Ruling Class first, Jews second, the common factor is that some people on this Earth have been raised to know very clearly who they are descended from. Every movie, every tv show, every book is encoded with clear signs. Most of us are clueless, even though we are a product of their breeding too. We just didn’t stay on the inside, but became the ignorant masses, their happy slave population. In the same way, the Jews are the result of one group of royal cousins being set aside, lied to and told they were the chosen ones (chosen for what?), then clearly separated apart from the Royal Atlanteans by being told specifically NOT to do any of the Atlantean power rituals (drinking blood, eating meat with blood in it, having sex with a woman heavily menstruating, having sex with intact genitals to allow for maximum pleasure, having sex with family members, stealing, killing, asking many gods/spirits/demons to do your bidding), and instead to follow hundreds of rules or God would punish them. The rules were impossible to follow, so the Royal Atlanteans could come in at any time and attack them for sport, and the Jews would believe it was God punishing them. So they’d try harder to follow the rules. The twist is that their Royal cousins wanted to keep them from spreading the Atlantean seed (hence their name Semites, or Semen-ites, of Atlan’s semen) while for convenience, keeping them a very CLEAN population. This meant their royal cousins could walk in and start raping them without having to worry that they’d pick up diseases or that their own semen would create mixed offspring. That’s the meaning of God declaring in the Bible that people could only live 120 years and Gods or Giants or Angels (or aliens, a coded alteration of Atlanteans or Antients) couldn’t mix with the daughters of men. The native Atlanteans, or Ros, back on the original continent of Atlantis, had shot themselves in the foot by raping other races for thousands of years, leaving their mixed-offspring behind. Thus, every other race knew at one time what half-Atlanteans looked like, and hated them for it. The only way the Atlanteans were going to be able to pull off a campaign of disguise through breeding, after they became homeless, was if they first cleaned the world of all half-Atlanteans (such as red-haired, freckled Nordics on the western coast of Europe, closest to where Atlantis/Ros had been) and wiped clean the world’s memory and records of Atlantis having ever existed. This is the basis for myths about killing half-beasts, and why they’re seen as so terrible, and the knights who did the killing so brave. They were killing their half-brothers, and half-cousins, the product of their forefathers raping other races. And also why Alexander, a Greek royal and thus of the Atlantean Ruling Class (remember, the A.R.C. all looked different too, but had the exact same allegiance, and still do), built so many cities and ports, to gather BOOKS. For the record, Alexander WAS related to Ptolemy. Ptolemy’s mother was likely one of Alexander’s father’s harem. Remember the scene in the movie Alexander where his father was killed at some sort of family celebration? What they didn’t mention is that it was a wedding for Alexander’s sister, Cleopatra. She was marrying her uncle. The A.R.C. worship incest, child sex, blood rituals, and disaster reenactments (9/11, the Titanic, fake earthquakes and floods made by CERN, named after Pan, an Atlantean horned God and the basis for the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, which are all just made-up characters with encoded names meaning spirit, opponent, and light-skinned Atlantean, respectively). The world is their chess board, because good innocent people with fully-functioning brains actually trust one another and want to work together for the common good, so are easily fooled by total jerks whose whole life purpose is to set up elaborate cons and scams. They have no conscience or empathy because they bred it out of themselves, which is why they think evolution/survival of the fittest is such a clever metaphor! They’ve damaged their brains so badly through inbreeding with family members and selecting for horrible traits that they’ve literally lost the ability to understand why they’re wrong! Many modern scientific theories are encoded with a second hidden meaning that reveals that what they’re really puzzling over is why so many humans outside of the A.R.C. actually believe in love and trust and warm relationships as more important that materialism and wealth. They’re even scared that the pure Atlantean genes are going to go extinct because loving people tend to have more children and actually nurture them, rather than torturing them from infancy onwards to create a predictable set of characteristics, with the little side effect that many go insane or commit suicide. So they’re looking into CLONING themselves, or perfecting child torture. Because these are people who literally can’t figure out why you wouldn’t traumatize your children if it gets a convenient result, because they are unable to perform the mental gymnastics necessary for us to empathize with the suffering of others while still looking after yourself. Doesn’t that explain SO MUCH?!?

    So Jew, Ashkenazi Jew, Abenaki Indian, they all have the same Ros ancestry, just like Japanese, Chinese, and Mongolians all have original Shian ancestry. There were five original races created on five separate continents. Geological shifts happened. And when one group, the most egotistical, violent, and aggressive, ruled by the red and orange chakras of survival and reproduction, suffered through their homeland progressively becoming too hot for comfort (40,000 BC), then crumbled into half a wasteland (30,000 BC), the remaining psychotic and already horribly inbred leaders likely decided to blow the rest of it up (10,000 BC), after safely ferrying enough mating pairs of the A.R.C. to Egypt, Crete, Mesopotamia, or wherever. (The dates line up because they marked the original event in 40,000 BC as year one of their new hell, and on the 10,000 year anniversary, probably launched their first attempt to blow it up, which only destroyed half or so. On the 3rd 10,000 year anniversary they succeeded, and their original continent was gone. Ever since, they’ve timed up events with 1000 year markers, which is why the 10,000 year anniversary of them succeeding in blowing it up was marked by the shift from Egypt as their capital back to Rome and Byzantium, and the whole birth, death, and rebirth of Christ scam, meaning “the re-birth of the Royal Atlanteans who can’t handle death when it happens to them, so they soak themselves in chemical preservatives to mummify themselves, or anoint themselves”, the “kristos” or Christians. At the next 1000 year mark, they began to shift away from Byzantium and into western Europe, which they seem to have accomplished by breeding brain-damaged Barbarians to wipe out and screw up remaining Nordic tribes, just like Julius Caesar had worked hard to wipe out as many Nordics as he could a thousand years earlier. They celebrate with massacres. That’s why 9/11 happened in the first year of the next 1000 year period, 2001. And why the Deutsch Bank had moved into a good viewing position a few years earlier, and why the World Trade Center building was a Roman Numeral II, meaning Atlantis II, and why Deutsch Bank means Second Shore, and the German name of Germany, Deutschland, means Second Land. And why we call the people of the Netherlands, where the New World Order headquarters seem to be, the Dutch. The Second Atlantis. Pretty soon the whole world will probably have a new name, meaning, in some language, “the descendants of Atlan have taken over EVERYTHING to replace their one small lost homeland which used to be perfect before the world shifted and the weather turned too hot for their liking.”)

    And if everyone in the world knew THAT story, and could see the telltale signs on our own faces that this is true, and could see the way the A.R.C. have infected not only what we believe, read, and see of life on Earth, but the very languages we speak (they invented each language through anagramming or distorting older languages – it’s actually quite a childish system that’s easy to learn, because they’re idiots with genetic neurological disorders that have left them unable to process the large amounts of information necessary to understand other viewpoints or empathize with the experiences and feelings of others, the basis of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome and the nerds and geeks they rely on to figure out their codes and technologies, as well as the reason they need slaves and maids and butlers and nannies and cooks and chauffeurs, because they have hand-eye coordination defects also so have trouble dressing themselves or looking after details outside of their special interests, and resulting in a constant level of high-anxiety which they are not able to perceive until it explodes as temper tantrums, and which is why they have no choice to be anything other than selfish, immature, greedy, and demanding, because they are neurologically unable to mature past the emotional level of a nine-year-old, so they stay neurotic, self-absorbed, and obsessed with gadgets, codes, technology, and other object-based aspects of life, and unable to form lasting, warm, reciprocated, intimate relationships) THEN maybe we could all wake up to the truth.

    This wouldn’t conquer anyone, or disarm them, or even change a single system. And nothing will ever reform them or teach them to act differently, because they are genetically lacking the ability to learn anything beyond that which can be memorized as data.

    But it would sure take the wind out of their SALES if everyone knew that EVERYTHING celebrated in the world IN ANY WAY (other than good old nature, pure and simple and uncommercial) must be a product of, or a glorification of, the Atlantean Ruling Class. They put the same simple storylines in every story, all metaphors for their history. They keep magazines full of faces that brag about their success at breeding look-alike Nordics with Atlantean features. I hunted through an entire library once for two days looking for photos of original Nordic faces, and could only find three. But they are sure common in movies that need a Scandinavian-type villain or an “albino” freak. They’ve fooled us into thinking only people with white skin, brown hair, large noses, and large eyes can run the world, except for all those Spanish cousins they let run third-world countries.

    I’m posting much more documentation on the message board that is linked to this site.

  7. Lisa

    Thank you Wes. I’ve been thinking in these lines for a while. When I try to educate people about the hidden elite, I’m often accused of being in the anti-jew movement, which is very far from the truth. When I ask whatever I have said that makes them say that, they usually can’t tell. They jump to conclusions, and I’d like to find out why. I think there has been so many tv-programs that paint the truth movement as being anti jewish, and they have successfully portraited people like WorldChanger as “the truth movement”.

    I feel that the Illuminati represent themselves, and noone else, no religion or race. As you say, not all the names are jewish in the Illuminati bloodlines. But to be accused of being an anti-zionist shuts most people up, as they don’t want to be judgemental of an entire group of people. That usually ends the discussion, and we don’t get past the prejudice of what we think we know.

    And how many of the Illuminai bloodlines are jewish anyway? It’s not relevant, really, as they don’t belong to any earthly moral, what ever religion they may have, I just want to know.

    Glad to se you are posting stuff when you feel you should. I think we need you a bit longer here.

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