Ascending With Planet Earth

by Wes Penre, July 24, 2010
Published here: Sunday, July 25, 2010 @ 5:29 PM

What’s Wrong With Planet Earth?

I know there are a lot of websites and books out there talking about our ascension to higher densities and dimensions. Many say we are going to leave this planet and go to a “much better place” where souls travel when they vibrate on higher frequencies.

I personally disagree with that concept. I think it stems from the fact that people who live on this planet feel trapped and controlled and therefore think “the grass is greener” somewhere else in an attempt to escape from a challenging environment. Also, thinking that we can escape by going through stargates and wormholes or being beamed up by space aliens are many times based on the same principle. But let’s think about it.

First of all, Earth is an extraordinary planet. It’s beautiful, full of resources and a wonderful place to be, minus the control freaks. Why would we want to leave a planet like this? I am sure we have to look both far and wide before we find something that is remotely as beautiful.

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One thought on “Ascending With Planet Earth

  1. carolks

    I appreciate the point you make:
    Slow and steady wins the race. Not to go searching for the escape hatch of wormholes and stargates!
    Behind the darkness of the third eye stillness one can find THE STARGATE and More.

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