BP Investigation Blocked by Senate

Source: YouTube, User x4167
Published here: Monday, August 30, 2010 @ 5:35 AM

I was going to comment on this video, but then I noticed that someone else had commented on it on YouTube, and this person said it very well.

Yes, there are very, very few politicians who are really working for the people, but don’t count on them to make any changes to our benefit — they are either voted down or harassed.

Here is the comment I like:

Smoke and mirrors people. Wake up and realize that both the D’s and R’s are playing a game of good cop bad cop, and all of them are on the take. This is like a play, and they’re all actors. Everyone is bought and paid for. Presidents are puppets, and the corporations run this nation, and have for decades. We the people, are expendable pawns in the game, which if you follow the money, ALWAYS leads back to JP Morgan, World Bank, Halliburton, Monsanto, Bechtel’s, and Bilderberg.

One thought on “BP Investigation Blocked by Senate

  1. V

    It’s good to have money. Money = power. Too bad I don’t have so much cash which means that I have to obey the rules.
    Luckily, planet earth has a thick hide and it is always astounding how the planet regenerates from the many wounuds we have inflicted to it. It still believes in us, I guess.

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