2 thoughts on “All Human Cattle to be Microchipped by 2017

  1. V

    Why should anyone microchip people? That’s expensive and only leads to preoblems. Besides, who observes the data? We would need 3 observers (8 hour shift) for every chipped person and someone needs to observe the observers. Isn’t that expensive and inefficient?
    There are better methods: the best slave is the one who thinks he’s free.
    Panem et circenses preoccupy the people and new discoveries makes them excited (3D movies for example). If we feel bad, retail therapy improves our mood. We have lots of supermarkets filled with wares, lots of TV programs with entertaining shows, superstars to worship and false religions to bow down before.
    Guess what? It works! It works better than concentration camps and it even generates profits for the global elite.
    If we ignore their brilliance in manipulating humanity and even worse, fall for their tricks, we’ve already lost.

    1. IAmLonefrog

      On the contrary “V”,

      Just think of it as one of those ankle bracelets one is issued when on house arrest. Make sense now?

      Refuse the chip!

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