The Healing Begins NOW

by “Jonathan”
Published here: Friday, September 3, 2010 @ 8:10 AM

This video is long, but every second of it is a gem! I don’t know how the Universe, God and our entire existence can be explained any better than this. Folks, if you feel it’s time to take the next “scalar jump” or “leap” on the spiritual ladder, to do it BIG TIME and with great understanding, listen to this lecture. It’s truly amazing! Wes Penre.

Listen and download more of Jonathan’s sessions at: The Healing Begins Now is a great audio session from the “Reconnecting to Spirit” series by Jonathan (aka adampants). He shares his lessons from the creative spirit, and very clearly explains much about our reality, and how it works. Through the love of creative spirit, we will be reconnected to ourselves as life, even through all this manipulation. Before you judge some of what is being said here, try to understand what Jonathan is really trying to communicate.

One thought on “The Healing Begins NOW

  1. When you talk about 3d as a trap for your soul/spirit,do you understand what the universe is energetically speaking and what the spirit or soyl is and they operate and what is a hologram and how physical comes into existing .Have you ever loved or lost someone that you love,answer me that,before you tell me tjay you still support that crazy prospn ideas.Things are different than that and if you were at the top of an heirarchi and have some meaning and i am pounting you to search higher value within each experience and to initiate such that contain it.

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