Jesus Bloodine — A Scandinavia Magdalenian Line

by “Buyer Beware”, April 27, 2010
Published here: Saturday, September 11, 2010 @ 6:45 PM

We wonder today if there are people alive today who have the same bloodline factor that Jesus (Yashua) was born with and I SAY YES. They represent about 10% of the global populations and can be found primarily in Northern Europe, the United State and on all continents as well.

These descendents apparently have a rare blood factor and have prehistoric ancestors that can be found when we track back to an area in the world known as the “Garden.” These original people groups on earth were what we refer to today as the original Scandinavian race.  Believe it or not, the oldest mummies all over the world had blonde hair, which also tells us that our original ancestors were Scandinavians.  I mean all of us.  It does not matter what color your skin is today, all of your original ancestors on earth were Scandinavian. When Jesus (Yashua) said we were all brothers he meant it literally.


Magdalénien era


Science can track this Scandinavian Bloodline from the exact location Jesus (Yashua’s) Nazarene tribes lived in Northern Israel to previous descendents that lived during the Magdalenian Era in Western Europe, long before Jesus (Yashua) was born.  These bloodline descendents can then be tracked back further to Scandinavia and even further back to the original earth generation where the ORIGINAL GARDEN of humanity existed, which was Hyperborea.  Today Hyperborea is associated with the North Pole region.

Jesus (Yashua) was not a Jew.  A very devious hybrid people group known as the “Serpent Bloodline Groups” have falsely been stating that Jesus (Yashua) was a Jews for VERY DEVIOIUS REASONS.  When even the Bible clearly says and shows us that he was a Nazarene who was born in the same Nazarene village where he ran his ministry from in Northern Israel.  The Bible clearly states that Jesus (Yashua) was a Nazarene by birth and religion.  he DID NOT PRACTICE THE JEWISH OR HEBREW RELIGIONS AND CLEARLY SPOKE AGAINST THEIR EVIL GODS.

The Nazarenes were Scandinavians who apparently had the PURE Rh Negative bloodline factor, which can also be tracked back in time to the original human race that were born on this planet in the “Garden of Hyperborea.” The Old Testament never speaks about the Garden of Hyperborea, instead it focuses on the Sumerian Garden of Eden that is associated with Genesis Chapter 2.

After the original human race incarnated in human flesh on earth, Cain’s bloodline was created. Cain’s hybrid bloodline has a long history of in breeding with different races.  Cain is actually a Biblical example of a human hybrid, so let’s start with Cain’s origins.

According to what Jesus (Yashua) taught in the “Sophia Pistis Story” which can be found in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge was the evil god of the Jews.  It was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge in Genesis Chapter 2 who was responsible for cloning the Jewish and probably Sumerian Adam and Eve There is a long-standing dispute as to who Cains father was.  Some Jews say it was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge aka Jehovah, while other records say that it was a satanic entity.  When you read what Jesus (Yashua) taught Satan was originally created to assist Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge until he created a mutiny taking 200 of the ORIGINAL WATCHERS with him who then became the “NORDIC ARYAN ALIEN “FALLEN ELOHIM WATCHERS.”

Jesus (Yashua) describes the evil Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, as a lion-faced reptilian entity.  As the story goes Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge cloned Adam and Eve and then put them into a secret location for their own protection.  It was called the “Garden of Eden” however there is good reason to suspect that “Garden of Eden” was inside the earth with opening to the surface in Mesopotamia.  Other openings can be found in places like the Himalayas Mountain region.

Mesopotamia is where the headwaters of the Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates rivers used to flow to the surface from inside the earth.  These riverbeds have since dried up but can be seen by Satellite.

OFFICIAL JEWISH WRITING say that Eve was not Cains actual mother and that originally Adam had a different wife named LILITH.  The stories are very convoluted, however the point is that Cain and his bloodline were hybrids from the start. Lilith is an extremely controversial figure within Jewish folklore. Lilith’s name is not included in the creation story of the Torah but she appears in several Midrash texts. Her symbolism, history and literature are debated among Jewish scholars, feminists and other intellectuals.  To find more information about Lilith you can click into this article:

Cains bloodline is clearly linked with the global Indian races through DNA and to the continents on our globe ancients called Atlantis. The various land masses Atlantis was linked to were the America’s, South Western Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.  Below are links to pictures on line where Atlantis existed.  After you click into these links look at the highlighted areas on the coastlines I mentioned above.

The Empire of Atlantis

Hyperborea was at one time located on the Equator until the earth experienced a global cataclysm or a set of cataclysms at which points the earth flipped on it’s access which finally placed Hyperborea in the north pole region today.  When this happened OUR ORIGINAL SCANDINAVIAN ANCESTORS living in the Polar Regions migrated South into Scandinavia and then down as far as to parts of Spain.

The first people group to leave Hyperborea was the hybrid Indian race that science refers to as the ADAMS.  They had been kicked out of Hyperborea for mingling their seed these evil gods, such as Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, his agent entity Satan and their evil forces who we refer to today as the Reptilians and the “Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers” led by Satan.

Keep in mind that at one time our earth was one large land mass so that migrating races may have traveled by land and over water.  See Neal Adams website called the “Earth is Growing” and the “Conspiracy of Science” on the various links below:

The INDIAN ADAMS migrated to areas that were not flooded. They landed in places like North America, parts of Asia, the Middle East and Africa as well as island areas such as the, Canary Islands, Azores etc. The “Adams” bred into the Middle East and became the Canaani aka the Canaanites. They were also called the Phoenicians and the  “Sea People.”  It was the “Sea People” who later transported the Tribe of Cain – Dan” into Spain, France and the British Isles from the Mediterranean Sea.


Another early in breeding took place between some of the Scandinavian people in Northern Israel that bred with a dark haired race of Turkish Semite peoples WHO WERE ALSO IN CAINS BLOODLINE. This is the same tribe we refer to in the Old Testament, as the Judah Jews that were originally a tribe of wandering nomads with out a home.  The Egyptians referred to this dark hair dark eyed tribe as the APIRU tribe.  Their pictures can be seen on Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Below is a link you can go to see the hieroglyphic picture of the dark haired Apiru and the blonde haired Shoshu people who worked together in Egypt.  After the inbreeding took place the descendents became the Hebrew people who were a mixed race of dark hair dark eyed people, red hair green-eyed people and the hybrid Aryan races.  Cain and Esau reportedly had red hair which science will tell you was not a human gene originally it was a Neanderthal gene.  When you combine all these genes you come up with a person who looks very much like Scottish-Irish person with a crooked nose and reddish or brown hair who has brown to green eyes.


This Scandinavian race was described in Egyptian records as having BLONDE HAIR BLUE-EYES with pail or pinkish skin tones. They were referred to as the SHOSHU in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. This in breeding took place so far back we have trouble tracking them.  This dark hair dark-eyed Apiru tribe of Cain who bred with the Scandinavians tribes is the same tribe we refer to (in the Old Testament) as the Judah Jews, who were described as tribe of wandering itinerant nomads with out a home who claim they migrated to Israel and Judea under the direction of their lion-faced reptilian god Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge to take up housekeeping and claim the land for themselves. The descendents of this in breeding became the Aryan Hebrew tribes of Northern Israel.  Those looking for this tribe among the various people groups said to have traveled with Moses you can recognize them as the Naptali tribe.

The Scandinavian Nazarenes were a well-developed advanced tribe that lived at the base of Mt. Carmel between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee, in Northern Israel.  This is the tribe in Northern Israel Jesus (Yashua) was born into, lived and operated his ministry out of.


As I mentioned above, the “Sea People” aka the Adams were the first people group who were forced out of Hyperborea for mingling with the gods where they learned to practice satanic and demonic rituals and beliefs. The first wave was the Indians races (the ADAMS), while the second wave were Scandinavians that DID NOT MINGLE THEIR SEED WITH THESE EVIL gods, who moved into the Northern Scandinavian countries as well as southwestern Europe before and BIG FREEZE and then back up to Scandinavia after the BIG FREEZE ENDED.

In my research regarding the direct bloodline links to the Scandinavian Nazarene Tribes Jesus (Yashua) was born into I have found little information.  Unfortunately the “Powers That Be” have all but destroyed these bloodline links and have rewritten history to fit the HOLY GRAIL VERSION OF FACTS long ago.  However we can pick up the trail today by tracking the bloodline of the Original ScandinavianS because it appears that they had a unique blood factor known as the PURE Rh Negative blood factor.  This bloodline factor is no secret to the evil POWERS THAT BE; they have been talking about if for a thousands of years.  Most all of us online doing bloodline research know that wars and animosities through out the ancient world were fought over bloodlines.  They were called “BLOODLINE WARS.”

HOWEVER: These HOLY BLOODLINE authors today aren’t telling you the truth.  They are not telling you that they are promoting the hybrid bloodlines that also had the Rh Negative bloodline factor.  They are hiding the fact that their HOLY GRAIL bloodlines also have copper based blood anomalies known as serpents blood.  This data can be found in the DNA of the bloodlines of the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Christian church founders and the other “Serpent Bloodlines” the church was at war with.  AS LONG AS PEOPLE DON’T GO THERE THEY WON’T DESCOVER THE SUBTRAFUGE and WHOSE LOOKING? MOST PEOPLE WHO READ THE HOLY BLOOD BOOKS, DON’T THINK ABOUT THIS INFORMATION AND ASSUME THAT THE RH NEGATIVE BLOODLINES FEATURED IN THE HOLY GRAIL BOOKS ARE PURE RH NEGATIVE SCANDINAVIAN BLOODLINES.  OOOOOOPS!


The HOLY GRAIL writers clearly boast of their connections to the RED HAIR GREEN-EYED “Serpent Bloodline of the Cain. The Merovingian Kings were a hybrid line of kings.  The Merovingian bloodline is not the PURE Rh Negative BLONDE BLUE-EYED Scandinavian bloodline of Jesus Yashua or his Nazarene tribe.  One of the ways the Holy Grail authors make this association is by claiming Jesus (Yashua) is a Jew and then tracking a Jewish bloodline to the Merovingian kings.


We know from the teachings of Jesus (Yashua) and in the Nag Hammadi Documents as well as from prehistoric records, legends, myths, archeology etc., that a SPECIAL ADVANCED BREED OF HUMAN BEINGS were created initially.  They were and still are being created and they appear to have the PURE Rh Negative blood factor.

The Hyperborea, legends tell us that the original breed of human beings were perfect in almost every way.  Jesus (Yashua) teaches us that the original human race were incarnated heavenly beings who decided incarnate, in earth’s dimension, for several reasons.

We know from the teachings of Jesus (Yashua) and in the Nag Hammadi Documents as well as from prehistoric records, legends, myths, archeology etc., that a SPECIAL BREED OF HUMAN BEINGS were created initially.  They were and still are being created and they appear to have the PURE Rh Negative blood factor.

This original group of human beings had some pretty amazing talents, which appears to have include talents we can’t even begin to imagine today.  Jesus (Yashua) stated that: “WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO MOVE MOUNTAINS.” We have been mislead by religion as to what that comment was really referring to.  Remember the word Mountains was a coded word, which meant that there was not much original man could capable of doing until these evil “gods of Eden” shut off our abilities making us more akin to a slave race of defectives.

Yet, Jesus (Yashua) also stated that at some point, we will be reactivated and will be able to use these skills and abilities again, That at that point, which appears to be coming soon, we will be reactivated and have even greater powers than Jesus (Yashua) used when he was incorporated in his flesh body.

What is so unique about rh negative BLOOD?

Lets now move to the blood factor theories.  Theory has it that the PURE Rh Negative blood factor is the blood factor of the Nazarenes and Jesus (Yashua).  The Rh Negative factor runs through the veins of approximately 15% of the global population today. The Rh Negative factor means that a person having this blood factor has pure blood, UNLESS IT HAS BEEN CONTAMINATED.  One NEVER TALKED ABOUT FEATURE of the Rh Negative blood factor is that those who have it do not carry the monkey protein known “Monkey Blood”.  Those who have “Monkey Blood” are Rh Positives. Rh Positive means that people with this blood factor are positive for Rhesus Monkey protein, that they are essentially hybrid humans whose ancestors were at one point bred with primate DNA. THE EVIL GODS DID IT, THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

Woman with the PURE Rh Negative blood factor have trouble giving birth to babies, who have the Rhesus Monkey blood factor, these bloods to not mix. A PURE Rh Negative mother cannot carry a hybrid fetus to term unless certain conditions are met such as a Rhogam shot.  Rh Negative blood has been mislabeled, on line, as diseased blood NOT SO.

Some Scientists, who are misleading people, claim they do not know where it came from. They tell us instead that an entities or entities known as the INTELLIGENT DESIGNERS created mankind in Africa when archeology, legends and science tell us that the race these scientists point to were bred and migrated into Africa. WE ARE BEING LIED TO SO OPEN YOUR EYES. These scientists do not track mankind back to the polar regions where our ancestors with the pure RH Negative blood factor came from, INSTEAD they track back to the hybrids in Africa which is where the Rh positive primate blood factor came from.  These scientists refer to the primate Lucy as an example of who our human ancestors were and do not tell us that she was a primate who’s blood DNA was used to create the RH POSITIVE MONKEY FACTOR.

These scientists forget to mention that these Rh Positive races were created as a slave race by the gods who manipulated and bred with them.

Ancient legends tell us that original man had Rh Negative blood which science is unable to track because it originated in the polar region and NOT IN AFRICA,


OUR ORIGINAL ANCESTORES CAME FROM HYPERBOREA not AFRICA.  They were Scandinavians with Rh Negative blood factors.

The Rh Negative bloodline factor is the blood factor being promoted by the HOLY BLOODLINE.  They claim that Jesus (Yashua) had this bloodline factor.  They claim that they can prove this because Jesus (Yashua’s) blood was taken at the cross.  They claim that when Jesus (Yashua) was bleeding during the Crucifixion, his blood was taken into a cup for safekeeping.  The cup came to be called the HOLY GRAIL CUP.  The blood in the cup proves their claim that they have the DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE THE WORLD because they hare the Rh Negative bloodline factor.  What they don’t tell us is that their bloodline has also been contaminated with other contaminants, such as the copper based serpent bloodline anomalies.

Jesus (Yashua) was a Scandinavian Nazarene and what is so forgotten and not talked about is that this Scandinavian Nazarene bloodline, which jesus (Yashua) was born into, that still exists today. is this original Scancinavian people group who had the “Divine Right To Rule The World,” until it was stolen from them by these evil entities and their hybrid bloodlines who are bring in the new world order today.  They are referred to by many names today such as the rich and powerful “global elite.

If you have this blood factor you are special and under attack today.  You are being targeted in many many ways, not to mention by the Bilderbergs who intend to target you firsts by claiming that you are terrorists.

In the last Bilderberg meeting they decided to chip implant all blue-eyed blond people with Rh Negative blood.  Chemtrails are designed to target those with the PURE RH Negative blood factor. Alien groups appear to abduct Rh Negative woman and us them as incubators in which to plant human alien fetus’s.  These HYBRID BABIES are born with reptilian copper based blood.  Blonde blue-eyed babies are used in human sacrifices.  Those EVIL HIBRID ELECT who sacrifice these babies us the ritual to become high.  It seems they get high from sucking the blood of their terrified victims at the moment of death. Jesus (Yashua) told his followers that they had POWER IN THEIR BLOOD.  So DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  THE LIST OF VICTIMIZATIONS GOES ON.

Those who are unknowingly the descendents of these hybrid bloodlines with the Rh Negative Reptilian and copper based Serpent DNA are then abducted over and over again and used for any number of reasons, most of which we don’t even want to talk about, you can only imagine why.


These high ranking bloodlines are referred to by many names and operate at the top layers of organizations such as the FREEMASONS, ILLUMINATI, TRILATERAL COMMISION, CLUB OF ROME, SKULL AND BONES, KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, BILDERBERGS, and the LIST GOES ON.  They are also known as the ASHKENAZIM JEWS and SHEPHARDIC JEWISH GROUPS, ZIONESTS, NAZIES, TRIBE OF DAN, CAINS BLOODINE, AND HAVE BECOME THE GLOBAL BANKING FAMILIES WHO ARE TRYING TO BRING DOWN TH WORLD TODAY who we know as THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING CARTEL who Jesus (Yashua) threw out of Herods Temple back when they were referred to as the Money Changeres.

They are the Rich and Powerful “Global Elite” who are behind the NEW WORLD ORDER movement.

They are also the evil bloodlines at ware in the “Holy Grail” books who are attacking the Catholic Church and the White and Black Pope.

Those promoting the hybrid bloodline of “Cain” aka the “Lost Tribe of Dan,” claim to be tracking Jesus Yashua’s family after his crucifixion into Europe, through France into the British Isles.  What they don’t tell you is that these countries are also the same countries that the “Serpent Bloodline of Cain” aka Dan entered where they begin to inbreeding with the local Scandinavian indigenous people before and during the Dark Ages.  Once you study DNA you will learn this.  The earliest people living in these areas were Scandinavians.  You will also note that these dark hair and dark-eyed, red hair green-eyed people were transported in to these France, Spain and the British isles by the people group science refers to as the ADAMS that history calls by many names such as the Phoenicians, the  “Sea People” Canaani etc.

Once they entered these areas they bred with the indigenous Scandinavian people.  After the last BIG FREEZE ended most of the Scandinavians migrated back to Scandinavia leaving behind hybrid descendents that were the result of the inbreeding.  Those people groups that remained carried both the Rh Negative bloodline factor and the Serpent Bloodline Copper Based aquatic blood anomalies.


What I have learned from my research regarding the description of Jesus (Yashua) is that he was a BLONDE BLUE-EYED Scandinavian arch-type.  Pontius Pilot described Jesus (Yashua’s) hair as being similar to the color of a walnut shell or chestnut shell.


Below is a copy of a letters written by Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar and the President of Judea, who both described Jesus (Yashua) as a Scandinavian. He was not a dark eyed dark haired Judah Jewish type that we think of today, NOR DID HE HAVE THE RED HAIR AND GREEN EYES FEATURES FOUND IN THE TRIBE OF DAN.

The Orthodox Jewish and Roman Catholic Church founders have also misled us regarding the religion and nationality of Jesus (Yashua).  They continue to claim Jesus (Yashua) was a dark hair dark eyed Judah Jew when even the Bible states that he was a Nazarene.  Did you know that the Nazarene’s had their own separate religion, which was also very different from the Jewish religion we find in the Old Testament which is actually the Hebrew Bible that has nothing to do with the life and times of Jesus (Yashua)?

Jesus (Yashua’s) Nazarene tribes worshiped a DIFFERENT GOD in separate temples, from the Hebrew tribes of Northern and the Judah Jewish tribes in Southern Israel.  THE NAZARENES ALSO HAD THEIR OWN SEPARATE SCRIPTURES.  Jesus Yashua never called his God Yahweh Jehovah or as El or the Elohim, In fact he clearly referred to the gods of the Hebrews Israelites and Jews as Satanic entities and knick named them snakes and scorpions etc.  Jesus (Yashua) referred to our GOD as FATHER and instructed his followers to do the same.

The beliefs and customs of Jesus Yashua’s Nazarene tribes were very different from what we have been taught in our Orthodox Jewish and Roman Catholic Christian Church’s.  For an example, did you know that Jesus (Yashua’s) Nazarene tribes believed that human and animal souls came from the same basic soul pool as we did and as such animals were precious.  Nazarenes did not kill and eat animals and it was forbidden to sacrifice them like the Hebrews and Jews did to appease their evil gods.

We have to remember here that several different tribes were considered to be Hebrew and Jewish during the time of Jesus (Yashua’s) ministry.  All of them had similar, yet at the same time, very different beliefs.  Jesus (Yashua) came to minister and reform those people who were living primarily in Galilee and in Northern Israel.  Records show that he may have only gone to Jerusalem once or twice in his lifetime.  This is clearly ignored by the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church also.

The northern Hebrew Israelite tribes worshipped the gods known as “El” and the “Elohim.”  I refer to them as the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” As I mentioned above, the Southern Jews of Judah worshipped Ildabaoth the Demiurge aka Yahweh Jehovah who Jesus (Yashua) described as a lion-faced reptilian entity.  This reference can be found in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls in the “Sophia Pistis” story.

The Pharisee, Sadducee, Scribal, Talmud, and Torah Jews led the Hebrew Israelite using hidden doctrines and mystical teachings. Once you realize this and understand who Jesus (Yashua) really was you will also realize that the Nazarenes were very different from both the Hebrew Israelites and Judah Jews in both their nationality and religion.

WE HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND THAT JESUS (YASHUA) CAME TO REFORM THESE SATANIC GROUPS, NOT TO JOIN THEM. KEEP THIS IIN MIND as you read the Nazarene, Essene and Gnostic sites on line.  Many of them incorporate SATANIC PAGAN doctrines.  Some of them are endorsing the satanic bloodline versions of the HOLY GRAIL facts.

Here are the letters I pulled off the web that were written by Pontius Lentullus and the President of Judea describing Jesus (Yashua) as a Scandinavian.

The Description of Publius Lentullus

The letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius

This is a reprinting of a letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar describing the physical appearance of Jesus. Copies are in the Congressional Library in Washington, D.C.


A young man appeared in Galilee preaching with humble unction, a new law in the Name of the God that had sent Him. At first I was apprehensive that His design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews. One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between Him and those who were listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions! Unwilling to interrupt Him by my presence, I continued my walk but signified to my secretary to join the group and listen. Later, my secretary reported that never had he seen in the works of all the philosophers anything that compared to the teachings of Jesus. He told me that Jesus was neither seditious nor rebellious, so we extended to Him our protection. He was at liberty to act, to speak, to assemble and to address the people. This unlimited freedom provoked the Jews — not the poor but the rich and powerful.

Later, I wrote to Jesus requesting an interview with Him at the Praetorium. He came. When the Nazarene made His appearance I was having my morning walk and as I faced Him my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as a guilty culprit, though he was calm. For some time I stood admiring this extraordinary Man. There was nothing in Him that was repelling, nor in His character, yet I felt awed in His presence. I told Him that there was a magnetic simplicity about Him and His personality that elevated Him far above the philosophers and teachers of His day.

Now, Noble Sovereign, these are the facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth and I have taken the time to write you in detail concerning these matters. I say that such a man who could convert water into wine, change death into life, disease into health; calm the stormy seas, is not guilty of any criminal offense and as others have said, we must agree — truly this is the Son of God.

Your most obedient servant,

Pontius Pilate

The following was taken from a manuscript in the possession of Lord Kelly, and in his library, and was copied from an original letter of Publius Lentullus at Rome. It being the usual custom of Roman Governors to advertise the Senate and people of such material things as happened in their provinces in the days of Tiberius Caesar, Publius Lentullus, President of Judea, wrote the following epistle to the Senate concerning the Nazarene called Jesus.

“There appeared in these our days a man, of the Jewish Nation, of great virtue, named Yeshua [Jesus], who is yet living among us, and of the Gentiles is accepted for a Prophet of truth, but His own disciples call Him the Son of God- He raiseth the dead and cureth all manner of diseases. A man of stature somewhat tall, and comely, with very reverent countenance, such as the beholders may both love and fear, his hair of (the colour of) the chestnut, full ripe, plain to His ears, whence downwards it is more orient and curling and wavering about His shoulders. In the midst of His head is a seam or partition in His hair, after the manner of the Nazarenes. His forehead plain and very delicate; His face without spot or wrinkle, beautified with a lovely red; His nose and mouth so formed as nothing can be reprehended; His beard thickish, in colour like His hair, not very long, but forked; His look innocent and mature; His eyes grey, clear, and quick- In reproving hypocrisy He is terrible; in admonishing, courteous and fair spoken; pleasant in conversation, mixed with gravity. It cannot be remembered that any have seen Him Laugh, but many have seen Him Weep. In proportion of body, most excellent; His hands and arms delicate to behold. In speaking, very temperate, modest, and wise. A man, for His singular beauty, surpassing the children of men”


Science and religion have misled us as to the real person of Jesus (Yashua) his teachings and his bloodline.  Today we can track the Nazarene bloodline of Jesus (Yashua) through our Scandinavian genetic DNA.  We can see that the descendents of the Nazarenes are alive and well today and that they are not the same bloodlines being featured in the Holy Grail books, which is in all reality the hybrid bloodlines of Cain.

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  1. Do people really think that your blood (or even your body or skin color) defines who and what you are? When the truth finally reaches you and you see that the body is but a temporary vessel for what you REALLY are, all of this will seem trite, mundane, even uninteresting to you.

    You ARE energetic beings, pure spirit, and you are the facets or splinters of the Creator. The memories of who you really are have been suppressed, and when you wake up to the reality of your existence, none of this will matter to you, in the least. Instead of thinking of the body you inhabit, concentrate on the energy field that centers on your Heart and extends out as far as 3 or 4 meters in many cases (which you can extend much further, almost infinitely for specific tasks). This energy field is shaped like a Torus (a doughnut). THAT is what REALLY defines you. You ARE energetic, CREATOR beings.

    I routinely show 6 and 7 year olds how to physically manifest changes in this place we call Earth, all from setting their intentions and picturing a completed goal, and THEY do it without a single thought about their blood or their skin color (and I have taught children of ALL colors – even a light blue one). And that is how it should be, and how it WILL BE for all of us in the very near future. Your emotions, desires and intentions radiate from you like rays from the sun, and these energies are more powerful than you can even imagine, right now.

    Unlike so much you read or hear these days, I can SHOW YOU that what I am telling you is true. How many people telling you things can say that to you, and mean it? It is real science, science that has been hidden from us for a very long time. Why don’t you prove it to yourselves and try a simple test of your energetic powers? It is just a simple feat of manifestation that proves that YOU (each and every one of you) radiates and directs energy from your body through the Source field (the Ether, Aether, or whatever your favorite name is for the almost limitless energy field in which EVERYTHING exists). It is a simple test I give to those 6 and 7 year olds that physically changes the state of matter right before their eyes, for all to see). ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE IT A TRY? If so, first I will give you some science background so that you know what you are doing (no, it’s not magic, you really can manifest changes in states of matter here on Earth).

    Science has many theories on what suspends clouds in the sky, but what is important is that clouds are made of water, and they are the moisture in the air condensed from invisible water vapor into visible water droplets. A small cumulus cloud, white and billowy, just 30 feet across can contain dozens of gallons of water, and each gallon is about 7.5 pounds, so they can weigh a fair amount (all things considered). What I teach these children to do is EVAPORATE small clouds, usually in 4 or 5 minutes (6 at most, sometimes much faster). And EVERY ONE OF YOU can do it, too. Here is how: On a day with slow winds and a large number of white cumulus clouds in the sky, pick a small cloud off by itself or very loosely touching a larger cloud. Make sure it is moving slowly so it will be in view for at least 6 or 7 minutes. It’s best when you have 3 or 4 small clouds in a row, and you select one of them (selecting one in the middle is most convincing for a demonstration, if you have an audience). Gather your patience together (i.e., get ready to concentrate for 3 to 5 minutes), and SET YOUR INTENTIONS for your selected cloud to Evaporate, to disappear, to change states and become invisible. Make sure you tell it that YOU SEE IT ALREADY evaporated (I say it allowed, repeatedly like this” Evaporated!, Dissipated!, Disappeared!, Evaporated! Gone!, Evaporated!…” – all past tense as if it has ALREADY happened). I say these words over and over while staring at the cloud I picked. If I am alone, I usually whisper so the neighbors don’t fit me for a straight-Jacket. I ASSURE YOU that the cloud WILL disappear. Some people call it “Cloud Busting” – which is not a great name, but I guess it works. Also, think about how long and how much energy it would take to boil a dozen gallons of water into steam on your stove – YIKES! – yes, you ARE powerful beings..

    The science behind the disappearing cloud is something you radiate from your energetic body, from YOUR energy field. it is called a Longitudinal Electro-Magnetic Field or “LEMF” for short). The energy is radiated from your focused eyes, and from the Crown of your head which is one of the energy points of concentration in your energetic body (a Chakra). LEMF is a vibration carried within the Source Field. It is how ALL things travel in the Source field (energy, information, potential photons or light, you name it). My friends, you are all Vortex Energy Generators (as are all energetic beings). So TRY IT. Then come back and tell us how you did.

    As you perform this feat of manifestation, you will see the cloud begin to thin (at around 3 minutes) and you will start to see through parts of it. At that point it is all over but the crying (for the cloud, that is ). This has worked for all but ONE of the last 50 people I have taught this to, and he was a very depressed person, and I saw his eyes drifting away to the ground, into the trees, and only once in a while would he actually look AT the cloud (I am still trying to help him get his life back). All the rest worked fine, and so will you! Now, go BUST some clouds and prove to yourself that you are far more than you ever imagined, and you are NOT defined by your skin color or the genetic attributes of your blood.

    Also, think about this: ALL THINGS THAT YOU CONCENTRATE ON receive energy from you, be they good, or bad, and distance is no issue (they could be on another world). If you continuously think about bad things happening to you, then you are supplying energy to things that will end up harming you. Likewise, if you concentrate on GOOD THINGS for you or others, you supply your energy for the goodness of those you think about. It is really that simple. YOU ARE BEINGS WHO HAVE THE POWER OF LOVE and can radiate it to others. My computer’s screen saver is a quote from a woman named Mollie Marti – it says:

    “Helping others is not only a responsibility of life, it is what gives meaning to life.” (I like Mollie)

    So, why not go do some beautiful radiating (Creating) for those around you, and give some beautiful meaning to your life! .
    The Lion Hearted

    1. Richard…Its all in the blood my friend…If you are a RH NEGATIVE the PTB will track and follow you and keep tabs on you..If they want to use you and you refuse they will attack you..Ganstalk you and mess you with…ANTI WHITE INSANITY and ANTI NORDIC insanity is running wild now…Tell you what..why dont you go `to Africa in many places and see what its really like or go to Liberty City in Miami or Oakland CA or Stl Louis or Chicago at night and see what happens.
      Evenutally you will get mugged or car jacked….Race factors are real…Problem is their is so many RH Positives now and Ashkanazi Zionist Control that its a Planet of The Apes Now,..Notice how the evil PTB pushed LGBT crap now..They shove it down our throats…Plus these sicko libaturds reject the PEDO CULT and Queer Mafia and say its not real.. only abuse..Mel Gibson is right..most the Movie Actors are blood suching vamnpires who love to drink blood of kids…

      1. Curious

        Damn bro there is so much disinformation, hard to sort through it all. I’m a white nationalist till death but I cannot figure out if I am of the white bloodline or not, although I am very sure I am 0- rh- I haven’t been to the doctors in over a decade so I might be wrong.. Most important thing to me is EVEN IF I AM NOT I support the cause and will die for it. Do you have any information on how to find julie mitchell’s info because I can’t find it anywhere, even on bitchute..

        1. CURIUOS….Julie Mitchell has some articles on Before Its News……STORIES CONTRIBUTED BU JULI MITCHELL Before Its News ….She had a long article a few years back and its copmpletely removed on net…Also check out twishort Julie Mitchell..has some of a quotes etc,.Keep in mind The RH negative subject is most cemsored and watched by PTB…On their is many articles on this subject..but when you tryo to look at it..its blocked..some articles are up on cache..Eventually the PTB will censor all the info on this subject..Just use your RH Nerg abilities and you will know the truth…..

      1. I believe that the Lucifer Lillith DNA Genetics is in all races by degree thru hyridization thru the eons of time…This DNA always dominates…The White Race is heavily infiltrated by this DNA…What about Noah and how he kept his DNA pure…Are we in this very state today…like the Days of Noah again…Many say if you take the test for C 19 or Corona with the Hydro Gel it tracjks you forever and you cant remove it..Also the Vax will have a CHIP plus the DNA Borg Changing stuff to make you turn into a Cyborg for the Lucifie Lillith Controllers..Evidently at this time in history their iw very few pure bloods…Most are Hybrids..the Controllers love Hybrids because they are easy to control…Some say the test is for find what genetics you have by the DNA Collection data for Controllers…9-11 took many freedoms away Patriot One and Two and DHS whi8ch is those Black dressed ones in the airports…How does RH Negative fit into all this today..To me all the evil riots l;ooting killing and burning is from the Elites for their Agendas…We gave to ID who these Controllers are…We have to come up with to protect ourselfs from 5 G freqs and beams of all sorts and be in a safe place and ready at the upmost..Like the Ark…Yes they are Aliens…The whole A I thing and Computors Lab Tops and cell Towers and Cell phones is from Alien tech…It for our total ensslavement…These Aliens the Fallen Angels Lucifer Lillith DNA carriers..they want a World GOV with total control of evertything../.

  2. meeby

    Just because you’re a Norse Rh-negative doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a pure descendant because there are tons of black, jew, asians Rh negatives! You guys could EASILY be a descendant of a non-white who was RH-negative.However, if you are a descendant then you’re definitely going to have blue eyes and an RH- blood type.

    I wonder how reincarnation works into all this? If pure adamites are indeed vessels meant for souls to experience life in this realm, then what’s we these other bodies? Maybe we impure non-whites were souls that were tricked into incarnating into these bodies and now we’re trapped in this place until we get a hold of an israelite bod.

    1. Their is Rh Neg False Fake Royals who stole and killed the real Nordic Rh Negs Royals of Europe…Yes some other races in very small percentage have Rh Neg in them from race mixing just like the Fake False Royals of Europe have…Most Whites who are Rh Positive as well as RH NEG WHITES have the Whigger Golem Hive Mind Zombie Gene Virus created eons ago that makes them killers and fanatic lovers of ZOG…The First and Original Race of Earth is Nordic Rh Negatives..The Celts and Germanic Slavs…Many are now saying that a Pharoal Elite Race in Switzerland rule the earth thru high tech mind control and hypnotism…Some say they came from Draco..these Serpentines thru a Star gate in the Great Pyramid…The Ancient Egytian Empire Ruling Race has ruled world by moving to different locartions like Dan Raleigh says…

    2. The First and Original Race of Earth is Nordic Rh Negatives who had blond and Red Hair…with blue and green eyes,,Down thru the eons of time thru race mixing and created beings made of Primate Genes and Aryan Nordics Genes..they mixed with this contamination and you have all the Mystery Meats of world today..DIE-VERSITY is death to Nordic Rh Negatives..,Now we live in a RH POSITIVE Dominant world..Pure RH Negative Nordics are rare..I agree with Julie Mitchell their is no Aliens..Reptilians or little Green People etc…its just the opposite..its the RH Positive Mixes…Most Whites are Rh Positives..The Ancient Nordic Israelites had strict race laws..Only take Virgen of pure Rh Nordic Israel Blood…They did this to keep race pure..but they mixed anyway…and did not follow the race laws to keep the race pure..All the other races with Rh Neg are not pure Nordic Rh Negatives…They are fake false Hybridized Rh Negs like the Royals of today..Their is countless articles which are OK by the Elite Controllers on this subject on the net to discredit the the pure Rh Neg Nordics like the article above The guy who wrote this is Anti Celtic.., The Serpent People website and Memo to the 144.000 Heberew Remnant – Two Bloodline War Volume 24..Plus tons of you tubes about Rh Negs being Mutants and Aliens..when its the exact opposite..The Rh Positives are the Mutants thru race mixing thru the eons of time..The Controllers who are Aryan Traitor Overlords Council of 9 and the Kahilla Jews who the Aryan Traitor Overlords use as their open leaders of the Rh Positives who are Golem Zombies as their Weapons of Mass Destruction to destroy all pure Nordic Rh Negatives…The most dangeroius threat to world is not NUKES or Climate change..its the over breeding Rh Positive Mutants..The true Arisocractic Race of Earth is the Nordic Rh Negatives..History of the world proves how their has been wars to destroy and kill off Pure Rh Neg Nordics..Genocides Hunt them down and chase them for destruction..Like The Ancient Gnostics..The Druids and the Cathars.and women and men accused of witchcraft in middle ages known as Witches and Warlocks because they had PSI Abilities and then Controllers feared they burned them and drowned them Plus look what happened tothe Irish and Scots, The targets for destruction in the wars have been to destroy the pure Nordic Rh Negatives..The Elite Controllers fear the O Negative Rh Neg Factor Nordics because when they get together they have powerful powerful PSI ABILITIES…At the current rate of DEVOLVING their will soon be no pure Nordic Rh Negatives left unless drastic powerful, action is taken to save the pure Nordic Rh Negatives..Devolving and race mixing will make world turn intoi a super crap hole in the future..Genocide of Pure Nordic Rh negatives most stop..So how did Nordic Rh Negs get here first..they came from the heavens and are not made out mud..If you believe you are made out of mud..well thats your problem…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE FOR A PURE NORDIC RH NEGATIVE CONTROLLED WORLD…14-88-5

    1. Warren Scott Williams

      This is what I believe: Adam was white and God made the other races before Adam. The serpent was not a snake like they teach you in Sunday School but the serpent was someone from another race and that Cain’s father was not Adam but the serpent. Jesus ancestors were White and he was killed by Whites, romans and jews. Fifty days later the very first converts, were the very ones who killed Jesus. Jesus died for the White race and for all races. All races are made in the image of God.

      1. Warren…Nordic Rgh Negatives are Original Race of earth on all land masses…Evil Renegade Aryan Overlords who turned on their own race created all the evil Kikes and then made Darkies using Ape Family Genetics mixed with Aryan…The White Marshmellow White Mayonaise Rh Positives have the chimp genes in them..Thats why they hate their own race.and have no race instincts or racial consciousness..They are not pure White Aryan Rh negs…Its all in the blood…Read material by Nicolas De Vere on Dragon Court to get a clue.. the Kikes of course and the hidden Evil Turn Coat Aryan Overlords..they use the Kikes leading the Darkies to genocide all true Nordic Rh Negatives..all thru history…look what happened to the real Druids, Witches and Cathars. Always hunted for destruction…So in todays world every thing real Pure White Aryan Nordic is being erased by them…again ITS ALL IN THE BLOOD…

        1. Warren Scott Williams

          Why I’m a White Nationalist
          1. I believe in our right to exist as a distinct people and take pride in our identity, as I do for all races
          2. The beauty of White women must not be allowed to perish from the earth.
          3. The idea of White children being vastly outnumbered by non-Whites in their ancient homeland breaks my heart.
          4. I fear extinction more than I fear being labelled ‘racist’ ‘bigot’ ‘fascist’ ‘nazi’ etc.
          5. I want my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to look like me.
          6. I am sick of having European identity stolen by outsiders.
          7. All cultures and people are not equal, some pose a direct threat to my people.
          8. I hate feeling like a foreigner in my own country.
          9. I hate seeing the ethnic replacement of all European people in our ancestral land.
          10. I owe it to my ancestors to safeguard what countless generations of our people fought and died to defend.
          11. I have not fallen for the anti-White propaganda that is pushed by media, schools, government etc.
          12. All unique species and sub-species need their own territory to survive. White people are forbidden to have their own living space, we are forced to have ‘Diversity.’
          13. I reject the New World Order of a single race, single government, John Lennon styled dystopia.
          14. I love my family and my race is my extended genetic family, I will always put the interests of my people first.

          1. Warren: Check out what Pastor Martin Lindstedt says about WHIGGERS…They look like us but are not us…A Whigger is not only a White who acts and dresses like a nog…Its Conservative types to who love ZOG and will die for ZOG…and hate their own race…They will turn on you and stab you in then back and will be the first ones to get the rope to hang you…Any Aryan who does not have racial instincts or racial consciouness or racial soul…and love of Aryan not trust them…Most Whiggers will not morph back into being White..they will die in Civil War 2 or Tribulation or will be bred slowly out of existence by dark Mystery Meats if no implosion or Civil War 2 and all White nations will be like India today..little brown men running around worshipping rats in Temples..which will be the Skyscrapers that will be slowly falling down…..These WHIGGER Kwan Marshmellow White Mayonise Traitors love and worship their Kike Masters and they are the GOLEMS of ZOG…LONG LIVE THE TRUE CAUSE 14-88-5

  3. Vitriol

    When one say that RH+ comes from monkeys, well, that’s great. Monkeys as other animals on this planet probably belonged to Living Library and like high-evolved humans which ware corrupted by Annunaki and their companions used to be RH+?
    So, what if all that “Intuiteve”, “Magick” and other “occult” ability are just “abominations” from one true Gaian bloodline? What if all that considered by some of “RH- comentators” as some superior aspects in real are just nothing more than “evil Alien” part taht, gives them some ability in “occult”, but it want let them to pass in evolution; evolution that was mentioned for Living Library “members”. And, if that’s in question, they need another reincarnation here on Earth as a must if they want to asscend?

    I’m not saying this is true, but…what if it is?

    Suprirority of the race? Of Bloodline? Story about Jesus as a true story? Well, that sort of “comments” only show how spiritualy (and evolutionaly, of course) their authors are.

    93 people ;)

    1. Angellica Goodson Lord is anti Celtic…Disinformation agent of ZOG to hide the real truth about Nordic Rh Negatives being Original Race of the earth…Julie Mitchell was hinting and giving clues to this and now is banned on net…The Rh Positives are the true Mutation Hybrids ..Julie Mitchell was right..Rh Negs should only marry Rh Negatives…The Fraud Fake Royals and Elite Rh Negs are mutation hybrids also…They consider all true oure Nordic Rh Negs their greeatest threat..thats why they gangstalk them and want them and want them dead…Their is an On Going War against Rh Negs..Immigration flooding of Europe and USA and all white countirs prove it…The War of the Bloodlines is real…You will notice on net their is mostly and I mean mostly disinformation about the Rh Neg Factor..from New Age Outer Space stuff tp Nephilims to the Tall White Nordics..etc. etc. and even say Rh negs are Demons…People like Stephanie Relfe with her stuff about Nordics Dont Get On Thee Ships to Lisa Renee with her New Age View and the list goes on and on…The Rise of the Pure Rh Negatives is in the making..Genetic Entropy is occuring with the Rh Positive Planeet of theApes..Autism and Opiodd Abuse proves it…Devolving Rh Positives and fake fraud Rh Negs is real…As far as proof..look at all the wars of Fratracide of brothers..most killed were Rh negs..then look at how the DRUIDS weree slaughtered and the Burning of Witches was mostly Rh negs and then the CARHARS who were wiped out by the Catholic Church…The truth bout RH negative Factor will not be stopped……

      1. Lucchio

        I really oppose the namecalling and dividing people into hair and eye colour and the one being good and the other bad.Hitler wanted an aryan race of blue eyed and blond haired people look to what it lead .When i was born i had completely white hair and green eyes which could change from gras green to grey and blue green, When i was 7 years old my hair started to change into beautifull golden hair and when i was 15 i had beautiful red hair… i am an empath, i can not see most movies because they are extremely bloody to me, if i am witness to somebody being hurt i feel the pain also, i can not be in a room full of people, i love animals so much .People have always behaved very hostile towards me from whenever i was a child. I was a very open person and very loving ,now i live like a hermit shunning a world i hardly believe exists.People have become so hard and cruel, from every haircolor and eye color you can imagine. Love is important not your F..g hair or eye color or your RH status. Sometimes we forget that it’s just a body we are in, it’s the equavalent of a dress. All the fuss about it just says one thing, that he who identifies with his /her clothing is a superficial ass and i don’t need any higher force to know that my soul is important and not my hair, nor my eyes, nor my bloodgroup. I pity you all who think like this , Jesus was much bigger than his walnut or chestnut hair ( fyi if it was chestnut than it was reddish brown). I know in my inner sanctuary of wisdom that my place here is a temporary one so is my body with all it’s attributes its just a vejhicle it’s not me and it will never be more than a dress or a car to me , my soul is everlasting and things like wisdom and knowledge and love to me are the most important and are my treasures dont be fooled into hating each other over blood and hair and eyes…… you are much more than that.

        1. Kike Nordic Mixes are everywhere every place..They are the true Sayanims of the Chabad Libovitchers,..,,.These KIKE NORDICS MIXES are inflltrated into everything..They look Nordic on the outside but inside they are KIKE..,Judges Politicians CEOs Top Military Brass and Top Cops etc. etc..,The Kike Kehilla Klan is in all countries of the world and use their Sayanim Kike infiltrate Monitor, Control and Neutralize and get their Agendas done…Kike Kehilla Klan controls Judeo Masonry also…Kikes using Space Based Weapons to fry California to get their Agenda 21….Alot of people wearing the TIN FOIL HATS to get protection from the Mind Control Beams seent out by the Kike Controllers….,Merry Christmas . good laugh Black Santa coming soon…

  4. This is incredible. I happened to stumble upon this article after much research into the persecution of the Rh negative bloodline and tribes. Recently I connected with God shortly, however the more I read of the Bible the more it gave me my instinctual “sick” feeling in my stomach. Once again I felt lost and alone.

    The more I read your article, the more it blew my mind. I am 23 yo Rh O- (the only one in my family), have blue grey eyes and sandy/dark blonde hair with pale/pinky complexion. I was vegan for 3 years and have regretted eating meat ever since, but reverted after being convinced it was the “Godly” thing to do. I often have horrific dreams of grey aliens and Reptilian royalty trying to force me to obey them. Everyone has always hated me for no reason whatsoever, even amongst my own family (objectively speaking).

    I cannot wait for the Coming, and I pray it comes hastily. I miss my true family, this life has served me nothing but pain, loneliness and suffering thus far. I would love to connect with others who have experienced similiar to me.

    1. RH Negative Nordics are original race of earth..Julie Mitchell is right..what the PTB says and preaches and shoves down our throats is really the opposite…RH POSIVES are the MUTATIONS not the RH NEG NORDICS…Why did Rockerfeller make the RHOGAM shot for? Figure it stop pure Rh Neg Nordics from making true RH NEG NORDICS..Julie Mitchell is right..only RH NEG Nordics should marry RH Neg Nordics…Their is an On Going Genocide of Rhy Neg Nordics.All the Wars of history prove it.and flooding Rh Pos critters into White Lands..Most killed in wars were RH NEG NORDICS..Its the true WHITE SUPEMACY RH NEG NORDICS and the PTB fears the Rise of the Rh Neg Nordics…Their is much disinformation about Rh Neg put out by PTB on net..only aliian reptillian crao and new age crap is allowed…on net…so much for free speech…Being ANTI CELTIC is not correct…Celts and Germanic Slavs are the True RH Neg Nordics..

    2. You are not alone : ) Stay grounded in nature. Stay close to animals and children as they keep us connected to the innocence of our essence. Meditation has helped me stay connected and calm in a very chaotic world. Everything will unfold. Go to Lisa Renee web sight. Her last blog post is about RH negatives and all the challenges we have endured. She writes about how we can rid of all hijacking and control by ending contracts made in the past. Stay beautiful. Stay Open. Keep Shining Your Light : )

      1. Hopefully soon their will be an AWAKENING OF ARYAN NORDIC RH NEGATIVES…We live in a Matrix of the NWO…Micahel and Stephanie Relfe of METATECH site have interesting info. I only disagree about who the Tall White Nordics are…The Cainite Kike blood is a blood when mixed with other races..Its always the doiminint blood. In the insides of the mixed hyrids its always KIKE inside…Nordic Kike mixes are everywhere now..They have blond and blue eyes are are super Nordic looking..but inside they trotal KIKE. Janice Barcelo has info on what Jews are doing in Israel with Nordic Sperm…They wnat blue eyes and blond hair…Their is many theorys on Rh Negatives…Some say that Rh Negatives come from LILLITH..then their is the endless articles how Rh Negatives are ETS and from fallen angels…etc. etc…Nordic Aryan Rh Negative..The Celtics and Germanic Slavs are the Original Race of earth on all land masses…Then the Cainite Kikes began their tampering using Aryan and Ape Family primates to create the different races.. these creations became their Weapons of Mass Destruction to destroy White Nordic Aryans…This WAR has been going oin for eons of time…The Kike Nordic Mixes and Kikes fear the PSI Abilities of Rh Negatives..They try to get the PSI ABILITIES by mixing with RH Negs like the Royals have…but they are not the pure Nordic Aryan Rh Negative blood…Also be strong and get in a safe place and ready and hope you survive..Keep faith in God and pray for protection…

          1. Its not a hobby..its the truth…Kike Nordic Mixes everywhere passing disinformaation out.and infiltrating everywhere….,Read Rh Negative Assension Glossary of Lisa Renee…The New Age is spreading false info about Tall White Nordics..The Kike Nordic Mixes what about them? and its real..Pentagon is loaded with these critters.What about Janice Barcelo and what she says about Sperm Banks in Israel and how Kikes want Nordic Blue Eyes? Funny but the Kike Nordic Anglo Hebrew Mixes are infusioning with the chinese now and moving their wealth their…Kike blood is always the dominant blood no matter who they infuse witth…Also The Kikes went Hunting for Rh Negt Nordics many many times in history to exterminate them..look what happened to the Cathars and Celtic Druids…Preston James in his Secret Space War 7 has some interesting info also…All the Royals are Kike Nordic Mixes ..they are not pure…real Royals…

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  6. Wes, and buyers beware,

    I found this from the emerald guardians which both Wes and I agree they are one of the Et groups whose info and intention towards us humans are the most purest and have our best interests out of the only three whose are on our side so to speak, and I find their info stubbornly resonating with me. Without further addue , here you are:

    The Azurite Council knew that in order for the races to be prepared for the mass ascension wave of 2017 AD, the integrity of the Sphere of Amenti must be restored by realigning the Portions of the Sphere trapped within the D-2 [Dimension-2] Earth morphogenetic field. The Alcyone morphogenetic fields of Templar Melchizedeks and those that received the Templar-Axion Seal during Akhenaton’s reign and were stored in Sirius B, also needed to be reintegrated into the Sphere of Amenti.

    Despite the failures of Akhenaton’s campaign, he had successfully reintegrated the Annu peoples into the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field, so a similar arrangement was made in reference to the Templar and Templar-Axion Sealed race families. This time, not only would the races be restored to their place within Amenti, the entire Sphere of Amenti would be realigned with the original 12-strand DNA pattern.

    Realignment of the Sphere of Amenti would allow all of the races to heal their genetic distortions in preparation for the opening of the Halls of Amenti, and would restore the integrity of the Sphere of Amenti so the Halls of Amenti could be opened. This realignment project would require the services of a 12th-level avatar, whose energetic imprint contained the alignment of 12-dimensional frequencies. This 12th-level avatar was to realign the Sphere of Amenti and Alcyone morphogenetic field of the Templar Sealed Hebrew and Annu Melchizedeks, and he was intended to bring together the factions within the Essenes that had developed within the Melchizedek and Hebrew Cloisters. He would also re-enter the original egalitarian Templar creed back into the teachings of the Essenes..
    Under the direction of Azurites of the Ra Confederacy, in 12 BC, the 12th-level avatar, a pure Taran Turaneusiam-1 soul essence was born outside of Bethlehem in a private residence, to a Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hebrew Essene mother and a Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hibiru Cloister Essene father. It was not an Immaculate Conception, but rather orchestrated via traditional means through a couple chosen and prepared by the Priests of Ur.

    His mother’s name was Jeudi, his father Joehius; both were leaders within the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essene sect. The child’s soul essence was born of the HU-4 [Harmonic Universe-4] avatar Sananda, and the child was named Jesheua-Melchizedek (herein Jesheua-12), who later became known as Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph. The personages of Mary and Joseph were not the parents of this avatar child, they were the parents of a ninth-level avatar soon to follow. Jesheua-12 was born to descendants of the house of Solomon, and taken in infancy into the custody of the Priests of Ur.

    In 7 BC the Elohim orchestrated the birth of a ninth-level avatar, who would serve to integrate the Templar-Axion Sealed souls of Sirius B, back into the Sphere of Amenti and restructure the patriarchal Templar creed to be more reflective of the Law of One. This child was named Jeshewua (herein Jeshewua-9), and the stories of his birth to the Hebrew-Melchizedek Essene’s Mary and Joseph are recorded as the birth of Jesus in contemporary Christian doctrine.

    Jeshewua was not born of an Immaculate Conception either, but rather through the visitation of an ET Nephilim, who, like King Melchizedek had been, was part of the entity named Jehovah. The entity Jehovah, who was one of the original contributors to the creation of the Sirian-Anunnaki races of HU-2, had worked with the Elohim since the time of the Treaty of El-Annu 848,000 years ago. Jeshewua’s mother Mary was also born of Nephilim conception.

    Following the events of Akhenaton’s reign, the Elohim did not want knowledge of ET ancestry available to the general human populations, so the truth of Jeshewua’s birth was hidden within the story of the Immaculate Conception. Through the centuries that followed the two avatars, the life stories of Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9, plus another man who was not an avatar, became consolidated into one personage called Jesus Christ.

    With the birth of Jesheua-12, the 12th-level avatar, the Hebrew Melchizedek morphogenetic field in Alcyone was reintegrated into the Sphere Of Amenti. Through Jesheua-12 the integrity of the Hebrew Melchizedek genetic imprint was restored, and he became known by some as the “savior” of the Jewish peoples for this reason. The portions of the Amenti Sphere that had been trapped within Earth’s D-2 morphogenetic field, as a result of Akhenaton’s reign, were realigned and the integrity of the Sphere of Amenti was once again restored. In a greater sense, Jesheua-12 became the savior for the races, for through his birth the Halls of Amenti could once again be opened.

    The realigned Sphere of Amenti was kept in storage within the UHF bands of D-3, now under protection of the Azurites of the Ra Confederacy. At age 20 (8 AD), following his study in Persia and India, Jesheua-12 was taken to Egypt by the Priests of Ur. At the Great Pyramid of Giza, while Jesheua-12 was between 20 and 33 years of age (8 AD through 21 AD), he and the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essenes secretly orchestrated ascension for various groups, directly through the portal passage of the Arc of the Covenant. (Ascensions conducted while the Halls of Amenti were closed could only be done through the energy field of a 12th-level avatar, whose bio-energetic field could carry the energy fields of others through the seals on the Sphere of Amenti. Through the energy fields of the avatar, people could pass through the Arc of the Covenant, into the Blue Flame of Tara’s morphogenetic field and into Tara.)

    Through Jesheua-12, the Hebrew Essene races that followed the Blue Flame Cloister Melchizedek Essenes were appointed by the Azurites of Ra, to share guardianship of the Arc of the Covenant with the Melchizedek and Hibiru Cloisters. The descendants of these groups presently carry the full 12-strand DNA package within their gene codes, as this group was one of those chosen in 1972 AD to receive full-genetic realignment through interaction with the time traveling, hybrid Zionite race (see Voyagers I, p. 38).

    The Zionites were created during the present-day Zeta infiltration and were sent back in time to realign certain ancestral groups with the 12-strand DNA imprint, in order to accelerate the evolution of present-day humans. The followers and descendants of the Jesheua-12 Essenes were one of the groups chosen for this realignment. Groups involved with Zionite genetic restructuring are considered to be of Celestial Human lineage as they carry the full 12-strand DNA Silicate Matrix within their operational genetic codes, regardless of their primary racial line. (The Silicate Matrix appears within family lines as a recessive gene composite, which remains dormant until it is called into activation via opening of chakra centers 8-15.) Various groups within Root Races 3-5 and Cloister races 3-6, along with several other hybrid race strains, were chosen for this genetic realignment, so the Silicate Matrix is distributed at random throughout present-day human genetic lines. The greatest concentrations can be found within the Hebrew, Melchizedek, Aryan, East Indian and Tibetan racial lines.

    During the period that Jesheua-12 practiced in Egypt (8 AD-21 AD), the second Christ, Jeshewua-9, grew in popularity among the families of the Templar Melchizedeks and Hebrew Melchizedeks who were not aware of, or interested in, the birth of Jesheua-12. Jeshewua-9 was also taken to Egypt for initiation, ascension training and ordination as a Melchizedek priest, and portions of these rites were conducted by Jesheua-12.

    Prior to his ordination in Egypt, Jeshewua-9 had traveled throughout Nepal, Greece, Syria, Persia and Tibet, training in various inter-faith doctrines. Jesheua-12 studied primarily in India and Persia before coming to Egypt at age 20 and his Templar teachings showed a stronger eastern orientation than those of Jeshewua-9. The training and ascension activities of Jesheua-12 and the Blue Flame Essenes remained primarily hidden and practiced as a secret “mystery school” within Egypt at Giza and in various other locations. The teachings of Jeshewua-9 became more well-known, which caused him progressively more persecution from Roman influence and also within some factions of the Hebrew and Templar-Melchizedek race lines who did not accept deviations from the original patriarchal Templar creed as set within the Jewish religion by King Melchizedek.

    When Jeshewua-9 was 32 years old (25 AD), with the assistance of supportive Templar Melchizedek Essenes, the Elohim exiled Jeshewua-9, his wife (the woman who came to be known as Mary Magdalene in Biblical reference), and their three children to the territories of France, to avoid political persecution.

    Another man, by the name of Arihabi, who was a Jerusalem-bom Hebrew-Annu-Melchizedek, was led by the Elohim, through a series of visions, to believe that he was the true Jeshewua-9, and this is the man who was crucified. Neither of the avatar Christs [was] crucified, and both of them left genetic family lines within the Hebrew-Melchizedek races. The sacrifice of Arihabi was orchestrated to divert attention away from Jeshewua-9, his family and his lineage. The resurrection of the “body of Christ”/Arihabi, was orchestrated by the Elohim through the use of holographic inserts, but Arihabi was indeed resurrected following the holographic display. In return for his assistance in diverting attention from Jeshewua-9, the body of Arihabi was restored to life by the Elohim, even though he was not an avatar. He was then taken to India, where he lived for another 30 years. Upon his natural death, Arihabi’s soul essence was ascended to Sirius B through the Third Eye of Horus portal bridge. After his ascension to Sirius B, the Elohim granted him special favor and adjusted his energy field so he could ascend to the Sirius star system in HU-2 via the planetary core of Sirius A in HU-1.

    The story of Jesus Christ as it is known in contemporary times, evolved through the mythology the Elohim used to conceal the identity of their avatar, Jeshewua-9, and to perpetuate their patriarchal slant on the Templar Creed. The distortions of the true facts of history were used to protect the lineage of Jeshewua-9 from political persecution, making it appear as if the Christ had no descendants, thereby allowing those descendants to remain obscured from the public view.

    The teachings of Jeshewua-9 and the Templar Melchizedeks became the primary foundations for both the contemporary Jewish and Christian faiths, but the Jewish religion did not acknowledge Jeshewua-9 as their savior. In truth, Jesheua-12 was the true savior of the Jewish peoples, for he re-entered their race morphogenetic field into the Sphere of Amenti. Few people knew of Jesheua-12 and his Blue Flame Melchizedek Essene ascension school, so the majority of the Hebrew people did not realize that their foretold Messiah had, indeed, arrived. Even though Jesheua-12’s accomplishments went unnoticed by the majority of the Hebrew people the restoration of their genetic development was valid – an unseen gift to the Hebrew peoples for which Jesheua-12 did not receive credit.

    Between 8 AD and 21 AD, while Jesheua-12 practiced ascension rites at Giza, several expeditions were made by Jesheua-12 and the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essenes. They traveled throughout Egypt and Nubia and into Jerusalem, promoting the original Templar teachings of ascension and gathering together groups of people to take to Giza for ascension.

    Plans were made to perpetuate the Jesheua-12 lineage, which carried the full 12-strand DNA imprint, and six women of various Melchizedek Cloister sub-races were chosen to bring forth the children of Jesheua-12, the First Christ. Couples were chosen to serve as guardians of these children. Each of the six females to receive the seed of Jesheua-12 was matched to a male Blue Flame Melchizedek who would serve as adoptive father to the child of Jesheua-12. Jesheua-12 did not interact directly with the raising of these children, nor did he serve as husband to any of the six women chosen to carry his seed. The children were created through sacred procreative rites for the sole purpose of perpetuating the 12-strand DNA pattern within the human races.

    Descendants of these children spread throughout the various regions, some appearing within the French Aristocracies, others within the Celtic, Egyptian and African genetic lines. One line of the descendants of Jesheua-12 now resides within the continental United States. Of the six families of Jesheua-12 that were seeded between 18 AD and 23 AD, five of the children survived to bring the 12-strand DNA lineage into the contemporary human gene pool.

    The lineage of Jeshewua-9’s three children also prospered and spread throughout various nations to the present day. In his later years, Jeshewua-9 traveled to Tibet, where, with the help of the Elohim, he ascended out of matter in 47 AD to HU-3 [Harmonic Universe-3], through the portion of Tara’s morphogenetic field stored within the planetary core of Venus. (This ascension passage requires a tenth-strand DNA imprint, and is thus not available to most humans, without direct assistance and DNA reconstruction by the Elohim, Azurtes or other HU-2 guardian groups.)

    The teachings of Jesheua-12 were highly censored by Templar Melchizedeks who later came into political prominence, and were kept alive through the secret mystery schools that evolved throughout Europe, Egypt, the Middle East and in certain parts of China and Indonesia. The teachings of Jesheua-12 were originally included in the manuscripts that became the Christian Bible, but were distorted or edited entirely at various times, to suit the needs of the power elite within the evolving political-religious machine.

    Eventually the teachings were banned by the early Christian churches, for they disclosed the identity and tactics of the Elohim and other ET groups, and told of the divisions within the Melchizedek Templar Creed. Very few of the original Jesheua-12 teachings have survived into the present time, though there are remnants of these teachings secretly preserved in France, that will one day be discovered. The original teachings of Jeshewua-9 were also distorted and misrepresented through political and religious structures of various times.

    The teachings of contemporary Christianity, though they provide a basic structure upon which social organization and spiritual initiation can be built, reflect little of the depth, content or meaning of the original teachings of the avatar Christs.

    Following the establishment of Jesheua-12’s lineage (18 AD – 23 AD) the avatar had completed his work on Earth. The Blue Flame Melchizedeks carried on his teaching legacy and became the primary keepers of the secrets of the Arc of the Covenant and the Sphere of Amenti. Various groups were assigned various portions of the whole story, with no one group having the entire chronology of the teachings of Jesheua-12.

    Jesheua-12 left Earth through the Arc of the Covenant at 39 years of age in 27 AD. He did not die, but rather bodily ascended to Tara, and has since evolved far beyond the confines of physical matter. The Arc of the Covenant was resealed within the UHF bands of D-3 following his ascension, awaiting the time when Earth’s grid rose high enough in vibration to allow for the return of the Sphere of Amenti, which was scheduled to occur before the mass ascension wave of 2017 AD.
    The Azurite Council, Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds and their many supporters maintained a stance of non-interference following the success of Jesheua-12’s mission. They allowed the Elohim and other Host Matrix Families to direct the course of earthly events as they desired, knowing that the truth of the Templar and the Law of One, as upheld by the Blue Flame Melchizedeks and Priests of Ur, would eventually come to light within the evolving human consciousness. The Azurites planned to wait until the return of the Sphere of Amenti to Earth’s core before bringing this knowledge back into the public domain, and in the meantime hoped to unite the Melchizedeks within the teachings of the sacred Law of One.

    Though Jesheua-12 had successfully aligned the race morphogenetic field at Amenti with the original 12-strand DNA imprint, most of the races still carried traces of genetic distortions from the Templar and Templar-Axion Seals, which would need to be cleared prior to the opening of the Halls of Amenti. The Elohim, Templar Melchizedeks, Blue Flame Melchizedeks and many other unrelated Host Matrix groups have assisted, and continue to assist, many individuals in clearing their genetic codes in preparation for ascension.

    All present-day ideologies that teach conscious evolution, and DNA activation and transmutation, are geared toward this purpose, including the new information currently being provided by various guardian ET and metaterrestrial forces. Jesheua-12, the 12th-level Turaneusiam avatar from Tara, fulfilled his purposes on Earth. Through him the Sphere of Amenti was made ready for re-entry into Earth’s core, following which the Halls of Amenti would eventually be opened. The race morphogenetic field had been reunited, so following the opening of the Halls of Amenti, all souls could again ascend through Amenti, once their genetic imprint had evolved to assemble the fourth and fifth DNA strand. The plan for preparing the races for the 2017 AD ascension wave was put back on schedule. Since 27 AD, when the avatar Jesheua-12 ascended, the races of Earth evolved under the primary influence of the Elohim and various other Host Matrix groups not associated with the Christian and Jewish perspectives.

    Through the achievements of Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9, the primary morphogenetic imprint for all of the races was returned to the Sphere of Amenti, and the Sphere of Amenti was once again made whole. These accomplishments set the stage for mass ascension, but the races still had a long way to go in healing and evolving their consciousness and genetic codes.

    The Frequency Fence quarantine (UHF D-3 seal) still blocked Earth from open relations with the inter-stellar communities. The Arc of the Covenant D-5 security seal kept all but the Melchizedek race strains from bodily ascension. The races still carried portions of the Amenti Seal (DNA strands one, two and three mutation, anti-particle “death” seal), the Palaidorian Seal (DNA strands two and three mutation, D-4 seal), the Templar Seal (DNA strands two, four and five mutation, D-6 seal) and the Templar-Axion Seal (DNA strands one, five and six mutation, D-7 seal); the “666” seal) within their genetic codes and the memory of the human lineage still remained locked away within the Sphere of Amenti in the UHF bands of the third dimension. These conditions would have to evolve and heal before humanity would be prepared to face the ascension wave of 2017 AD.

    Throughout the evolution of the races, guardian races attempted to awaken humanity to the reality of its evolutionary destiny. All of the major Earth religions were seeded at one time or another by guardian groups, to help the races prepare for their eventual ascension out of HU-1. Though the teachings are often quite different or seemingly contradictory and all religions have suffered manipulation and distortion at the hands of man and covert intruder ET forces, they are united through their original purpose of achieving ascension and freedom from the illusions of matter.

    1. Jeanette

      Greetings, Hasegawa,
      This is very interesting to me. Can you please tell me what is the exact source for all of this information?
      Also, is it possible that you could email to me your comment here ? As I am not able to take a screenshot with my device at present, & I really would like to be able to save your comment. Thank you very much. Jeanette, email to

  7. Warrior... Gods chosen.

    The fact that white people are still trying to say that Jesus is/was white is truly an abomination.
    Jesus came from the bloodline of Israel. Therefore, to understand how he looked, is to first identify how the Israelites looked. They were dark. Not white. They were strong and very fertile, white men and women arent. They were also put into servitude. White ppl were the catalysts of placing dark ppl into servitude.
    The curse that laid upon the Israelites do not match up to the fake white jews that are in Israel today. Even the bible said tht these ppl would pretend to be Israel decendants but are the synagogue of satan. Follow the curses that the GOD of Abraham put on his children. He said that the Israelites would be scattered about and they would be hated by everyone. He said that the Israelites would be borrowers and not lenders. He said that they would be placed into servitude/slavery but he wouldn’t allow it to happen again after that… Thats Black Americans. Even Africans dont claim blacks or like blacks. The point is, Abraham descendants arent white, they are brown and dark and they arent African. One of the curses that should remind you “wishful thinkers” that the Israelites are dark; God said that he would deliver the world to the evil. Thats white people. They have tormented and killed blacks for centuries. So stop trying to appropriate the Israelites identity just so that you can claim Jesus into your race. Besides, its a sin to have up false pics of Christ. Read the bible and stop trying to take a God that belonged to the Israelites first. The end.

      1. Belinda

        Ok so I am not black, have light hair slate blue eyes, I have many distant great grandparent that came from nordics, the Danes, they were viking kings, and also, English kings, but my blood line is o positive. Does that mean that I don’t fit in Jesus’s plan? Does that mean that I come from evil, even though I love jesus with all my heart? I am confused.

        1. Lucchio

          Belinda, there is more B.S. on these pages than in most bad B -movies with a semi spiritual semi mystical semi SF type of shitty story line> Dont let anybody tell you you are bad cause of bloodtype or hair or eyes. there are alas good and bad people from all bloodtypes, cause we are just a body down here, having an experience, we’re not talking soullevel anywhere on these pages and to me thats the real thing…. not color or bloodtypes.

  8. Just to add to my first post it is true there was an earlier migration out of Africa before the Ice age Homo Sapian, but this was thought to have become extinct or unsuccessful, its possible that some could have survived the ice age and they gave rise to RH- blood we can only speculate on this.

  9. Kyla

    Facto Jesus by all accounts had Curley Ginger or red auburn hair and freckles was hairy with red skin so probably green or blue eyes as well. This is the reasons Muhammad died his hair beard red to look more like Jesus and some Arab tribes still do this to this day for this reason! Europeans have 1-4 % Neanderthal DNA inbred while sub Sahara blacks are 100% Homo Sapian, also Denosvians inbred and their dna can still be found in the Blond black faced Malanasian people today. I’m also Rh – but this article above in mostly made up wishful thinking.

    1. Angellic Goodson - Lord

      No Jesus Yashua did not have red curly hair by all accounts. That data comes from the Merovingian legends that compromised the true identity of Jesus Yashua as they lied about his marriage to Mary Magdalene. They also falsely claimed that Jesus Yashua and Mary had children whose decendents later bred into the Merovingian Copper Based Aquatic Bloodline.

      We have to realize that these Merovingian’s are part of the Evil line of royalty that ruled parts of Europe. Their Sephardic Brothers created the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church. The third Semite line became the AshkeNAZI Zionists who rule America as the Rothschild’s etc. They are the AshkeNAZI Zionists New World Order, the Sephardic Jewish Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christians Church and the royal line of Semitic Merovingians aka the A.S.M.’s.

      1. Lucchio

        Hope that wherever Jesus is, that he has a sense of humour, for he probably never had imagined that with the legacy he left behind, his haircolour would be so hotly debated!!

        1. Many years ago I read an article that was in the NSRP newspaper Thunderbolt about a Roman Soldier who wrote a letter about Jesus…The letter is in the Vatican..and Roman Soldier said Jesus had Aurbun Hair with Blure Eyes…Their is two Jesus..Their is the Hippy Judeo Christian Jesus and their is the Nordic White Aryan Jesus…I come not to bring Peace but the SWORD…of course the Black Racist say Jesus was Black and Santa Claus is black and their was Black Vikings Black Cowboys…and RH Negatives are the Satanic Seed…and are Aliens…Julie Mitchell writes in her articles the GNOSTIC view of hiistory…Anyway todays world is full of Mystery Meat Kike Mixes…Everywhere….Forgot to mention that the RA Sun God Worshippers Black Racists says the sun will destroy all whites on earth…,..

  10. required by who

    So please do explain how it is then that most behind the military, wealthy organizations, govn’t, saudi arabia -yemen (lucifer’s children), the trickery and deception going on in this world just happen to be NORSE, yes sweden, norway, finland, etc.?? Let’s just look at one, who is connected to both saudi and scandinavia (and of course they created france, ANGLND), Rex Tillerson, rex means “king”, which we know comes from scandinavian Norse vikings, koning, koening, etc!! and look at that surname, tillerson, as in A TILLER’s SON, get it, CAIN! The red heads are esau’s line, and before you spew more shit, KNOW, many of us do the research rather than listening to man, because MAN LIES!! And that was when I stopped, paragraph 5, “jesus is not a jew” no he is the sun god!! Ever wonder about the mexican name?? Iesous, or even better, the french are your scandinavian KAIN’s as well, so Je’ means “i”, and sus, well I SUS as in I zeus!!
    Lie after lie, LIKE evil’s grotesque children!! Research your maks too, WE HAVE, long time ago and you are so transparent to those who know truth, it’s almost entertaining, if one were entertained by evil!!

  11. Mohata Malefane


    I would like to get news letters on this topic of holy grail, DNA and bloodline. So far i have gotten different stories on the new world order and its enforcers. Today i throw a towel because i find myself at the the junction of differing information. One minute jesus has been covertly given drug on the cross by the essene member to pass him out half dead inorder to declare him dead as a means to facilitate his escapement to France thereby dying as the bloodine of the Merovingan. The next he has blood connection to Merovingans. Now Wes Peres claims Illuminati works for the good of mankind and has just found that the powers that be had infilltrate the real Illuminati to destruct its real mission. David Icke’s books make sence especially when explaining the nature of realities and the hidden evil and babarism of the powers that be. You all make sense by common sence when one absorbs your information and edited it in mind’s eye but so frustrating when there is no connection to your stories. Come on people. A’nt we supposed to be on the same page if we are working for the spiritual and physical freedom of mankind?

    I think the evil ones get a step ahead of us by capitalizing from the confusion born of our conflicting written pieces and medias such as internet.
    Until hearing from you.


    1. There was a time where the illuminati, and masons were good and wanted to help, i think now there are two evil has to do something to keep us confused right? David ick is a pawn and gives us a little truth and a little confusion david ick will be the one who starts the genocide against my kind because so many elites and powerful evil people share the royal/reptilian/jesus/angelic/demonic blood line. We are supposed to be confused that probably won’t change , but at least were still looking, and trying to be discerning were not stuck on false facts and are seeking the truth. Thumbs up to you all .

  12. Erin

    So if THEY (the PTB) are RH-, why then are they persecuting their same blood types, if they feel so supreme, as we (RH-‘s) are, too? Makes no sense…

    1. Erin…The Kikes mix with Nordic Rh Negs to get the PSI abilities and the Metagne Factor..Also they want to mix with Norrics to get the Blue they can be Master of the world and replace the true Rh Neg Nordics…Janice Barclelo explaijns this well how in Israel in the Sperm Banks their..they are wild for Nordic Sperm to get bthe blue Eyes…The Kike blood no matter who they mix with is always the dominant DNA…Inside they are KIKE…After the Kikes try to get the PSI Metatech gene..but got news fror them its not like the pure Nordic Rh Negs abilities..They have a little but not all..After they get the Nordic Blues as much as possible..they want to exterminate all RH Neg Nordics world wide…All thru history they have been exterminating Nordic Rh Negs…The Celts, The Druids The Cathars…Their is many articles on net how Rh Neg Nordics are being targeted…Read what a Black Supremists says on STORIES CONTRIBUTED BY WAKEUPMYPEOPLESPIRITRAIN…read the articles,,explains how PTB will seperate Rh Negs etc. etc..Read the newest post of Jan 13 2018…on Before Its News…….

  13. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!|

  14. Julie Mitchell explains it well–The RH Negative vs The RH Postives. She is being blocked, censored oin Before Its News and Facebook and in many other ways. She is into the Gnostics and says Archons created the RH Postives. Check her articles out on STORIES CONTRIBUTED BY JULIE MITCHELL Before Its News. Check her article WHITE PEOPLE, The Children of The Light. Alss check Reregade Tribune–The Long Road To Hell…

  15. Shannan

    I am blonde,,blue eyed, Rh negative. My ancestors come from Sweden. I was reading about the Kensington Runestone, and came up with your site. Yes, I have had to have the Rhogam shot for my births.. This is an interesting read.

  16. Ron J

    Im blond Rh B- and have been gang stalked & harassed as long as I can remember, going back at least 40 yrs. These evil entities love to synchonize events on a daily basis.Im strong and find them a joke full of amusement. God has strenthened me . For yrs. they were covert and for the past 6 have begin to become very overt in there stalking/harassment. It has to be hyperdimensional beings working for satan and the elite.They are many. They control the minds of humans to stalk.
    numbers 11.11, 444,etc , They try and play with your mind with synchonized events. meet you at intersections, side streets and on and on and on.not once, but hundreds of times. Gets old after awhile. They have primitive minds with plenty of money,manpower,technology but unable to conclude sucess thnaks to God’s help.

    se ya !!

    1. Erin

      I can relate. I used to think I was just paranoid, until I read all these blogs. I could write a book on my life’s experiences. I’ve been stalked by the government, (IRS, law enforcement, etc.) and persecuted, prosecuted for 25 years, yet have done NOTHING wrong. Rather, I am a successful entrepreneur/healer and psychic truth seeker with a high IQ. I just always sincerely tried to help everyone I could. Yet, I am seemingly targeted for some unknown reason. (There can’t be this many “coincidences”). I only found out I was O- in ’84, while pregnant with my daughter and that’s when it all began. Nothing notable until the age of 25. Makes sense now. Events that transpired are unbelievable to most and still occur today, although on a lesser level, due to my heightened awareness. I used to think the electrical interferences, watch stopping and amazing intuition were irregular, until the “incidents” began. Innumerable and inexplicable. My question is “WHY”???

      1. Erin..The Millennium Report and State of Nation websites has interesting article on why Rh negatives are being Targeted…Read the CAVEAT and be aware thats in the article..Just put the sites on google serch and you will find the article..RH NEGATIVE AND DNA CORRELATIONS by Kate Kaiser is another great site…Also Lisa Renee has interesting new age info about Rh negative..RH NEGATIVES Lisa Renee…she calls them the Oraphim Chistos.. Race or Starseeds…She has info how Celts and Druids and templars were wipeed out also…

      2. Erin…All Nordic Rh Negatives are targeted by controllers…Read The Millennium Report website article on Why Rh Negatives are tracked…All history proves how Rh Negs are Hunted Chased and stalked to killing ..The Vatic Master had alot of articles on Rh Negative..Then she got Lukemia and died..She was targeted because of telling alot of truth Julie Mitchell is black balled on net and censored because giving info on Rh Neg..and how GNOSTICS were Genocided…Almost every thing you read on net is wrong about Rh Neg..Its all disinformation from Alien Crap to Rh Negs being Mutants when the RH POSITIVES are the Mutants..The Rhogam Vax shot is to stop Rh Neg Women from having Rh Negs…..The Controllers fear Rh Negs because of their PSI ABILITIES…Kate Kaiser has good info in her DNA CORRELATIONS and RH Negative article on her website..We live in a RH POSITIVE MATRIX which is the true Planet of the Apes..You can see how they respond in comments…They have built in radar to sense us out..and then attack us..They are the true ZOMBIES of ZOG BABYLON….

  17. Buyers Beware

    I am the author of the article. I just clicked in to view the blog comments today: Tuesday, February 14, 2012. Thank you for the positive feed back. Yes we are all brothers and as Gunar stated on Sept. 22, 2011 our souls are the (real man-woman) inside our bodies that direct our course in life. Yes we have all been lied to and more people are becoming aware of this every day. It simply takes time for some people to realize this. Take care and God Speed to all of you who are waking up and to those of you who simply don’t understand yet. You can contact me directly at:

  18. Lisa

    I dont’ know about the alien part, but I studied Biological Anthropology at university and the program covered the different humanoids such as Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. Some lived at the same time as one another and could have produced various tribes with differing blood types. Whether one blood line is superior to the other is not something I can comment on.

  19. Buyers Beware


    I am the author of this article above “Jesus Bloodline – A Scandinavian Magdalenien Line”. I go by the identity Buyers Beware to protect myself. I briefly read some of the bloggers comments here today. A couple of you obviously did not read my article and when that happens you then misunderstand my intent. My comment to all is that WE ARE ALL BROTHERS, that we all share the same mitochondria DNA from a race of what once was a highly advanced race. When ALIENS CAME TO TOWN, they down graded the human race by changing our DNA. To change our DNA they removed 97 percent of what is called our ACTIVE DNA and replaced it with their DNA or Other DNA which is why science calls it ” E.T. JUNK DNA.”

    They created human hybrid races to do their bidding for them and these races became their victims. These hybrid races worshipped them and at the same time were terrified of them. These hybrid groups include the “SERPENT BLOODLINES” the BLACK EVES, INDIAN ADAMS, ORIENTALS, etc. Today we all have contaminated DNA however what we do have in common is our mitochondria DNA. This is what Jesus (Yashua) meant when he said that we are all brothers.

    This is not a race issue it is a hybrid factor. The entities responsible for changing our DNA are the enemies of mankind. They did not create our mothers they tampered with their DNA after the fact.

    They are evil beyond words and need to be exposed.

    I have published several articles on line that are on the top or first page of many Goggle searches. They have been so popular I decided to place these articles in books and sell them as E-Books. I signed my online articles as Buyers Beware, however my pen name is Angellica Goodson-Lord. To find my books at Kindle Books you can click into the link below or type my name or the book titles into the Kindle E-book subject line.


    Angellica Goodson-Lord aka Buyers Beware

    1. Belinda

      Something has been driving me to find the truth and on the subject of the fallen angels sense 1984. I don’t know what it is but it wants me to find the truth. I have experience some very odd and scary things in my life that if I told many they would think I was crazy. One strange event was a creature that was standing over my husband as he was on the floor in front of the TV, I was reading the bible to my child, when I looked up I saw a tall naked muscular ugly being, bent over my husband. It’s like I could read it’s mind and that I was not suppose to be able to see it, it turned it’s head toward me gave me the most evil look I have ever seen and with it’s mind to mine without speaking, it said” you Bitch your not suppose to see me”, I turned my head away in fear and when I looked back it was gone, My brother saw it months later standing in the middle of the road near my house. It looked like a snake in the face and it’s flesh looked rotten. Evil entered my house after that, 2 weeks later my 3 year old son and a seizure that almost took his life, he suffered severe brain damage and functioned as a 3 to 4 year old until he died at age 30. My husband and I divorced a few months after seeing that thing and I have encountered many odd and bad things sense seeing that thing. My youngest son years later started acting really bad and (evil). At age 7 something entered him and spoke through him, He lifted a table that 3 adults were holding down and said ” I hate humans” and told me he has hated me because before I was born I loved God and it told my son’s father ” I am going to drag you to hell by your feet”. The voice was not my sons and it’s strength was unreal and my sons eyes did not look like his eyes. I have seen 3 different ufos in the sky in the area at different times and a farm down the road has had mutilated cows taken to the University of IL, I think we have all been lied to about a lot of things. And I know that this drive inside of me about finding the answers to creation and all it involves is something other then me urging me to find the TRUTH!

        1. Rinus…books by Pastor William Lester Blessing…INNER EARTH AND OUTER EARTH PEOPLE and Theodore Fitchs pamphlet SECRETS OF ENOCH….To the black guys HELLENE and Choas site….

          1. Grace

            I have had MANY surreal experiences all of my life too. I am AB- and RH-. I have written down most of my experiences…..just had another one today. Sometimes there are witnesses to what I am experiencing. Other relatives have had strange occurrences too. I totally believe you! I wish we could talk.

      1. If we are all one blood like Judeo Masonry believes..then why all the anti white insanity and targeting whites and Rh Negs? Allso you say people with Green eyes are evil..You are anti Celtic…Their is two branches of Nordics,,The Celtic Red Hair Branch and the Blond Germanic Slav Scandinavian Nordics… Look at the Kike Nordic Mixes..they look Nordic but are not Nordic..they are Jew inside…These Critters are infiltrated everywhere in the world today…They are the perfect SAYANIMS of the Chabad and Kehilla..Freemasonry is full of them and they are al lANTI WHITE ARYAN NORDIC..By way. you attack Aryans to….Their will be an awakening of the true White Nordic Rh Negatives…You are against Druids and Cellts bloods…Read MYSTERY OF THE SERPENT by B.F. JACKSON…Look you have some good stuff..but the anti celtic stuff is not better reearch RH Negative Factor closely..will you say its the Evil Blood to like the PTB promotes? If another Race respects me I respect them..but if they want to kill me and my race its different then…

  20. I am rhnegative and believe Im different than alot of people have had alot of spirutual experiences thruout my life and dont feel there are any coincidences in my life. I only recemtly stumbled on these websites about the rhnegative blood.I dont fe iel Im a reptilian hybrid I have green eyes!! But a pureblood descendent of jesus but know were all brothers. You have the choice to be evil or good we all do.

  21. Buyers Beware


    I have been writing about how alien hybridization has affected the human race and what that has to do with Jesus Bloodline and the Holy Grail series, which have been falsely identifying his bloodline with the HYBRID SERPENT BLOODLINE MEROVINIGAN LINE.

    Many of you have seen my articles on line and are being discussed on blogs. Because they have been so successful online, I have decided to place some of my articles in a book and sell the book at Kindle Books. The titles of my books are:


    My pen name is Angellica Goodson-Lord. My books are being sold at Kindle E-Books online store for $9.99.


    Buyers Beware

  22. Buyers Beware

    Once again, I am the author of the article JESUS BLOODLINE – A SCANDINAVIAN MAGDALENIAN LINE. I just dropped in to read some of the positive comments regarding my articles on some of the websites that post them and am pleased that you are all enjoying them.

    Some of you who make negative comments obviously do not read the entire article. Some pull the race card, while others seem to be disinformationalists who are trying to distract the readers so that the states quo remains the same. The rude ones swear so I don’t bother reading them at all. Then you have the religious right wing who throw out “Out of Context Scripture Verses” which have many meanings, or whose meanings are in doubt for many reasons.

    My comment to ALL OF YOU IS THIS. What I write about is not a race issue it is a bloodline issue and what you must realize as you read my articles is that ALL OF OUR MITOCHONDRIAL MOTHERS WERE SCANDINAVIANS. It does not matter what color you are today, your DNA shows that your original mitochondrial mothers did not come from Africa, which is where the hybrid Black Eve slave races were later cloned and created, they came from the north as all ancient legends, archeology, geology etc., show. It was our mitochondrial mothers who were raped and it was those hybrid descendents that were used as incubators to make the Indian ADAMS, the Black Eves, etc. The main goal of these demonic entities was to also create a hybrid race that can walk among us with out our knowledge that they can puppet, mind game, hypnotize and do their bidding for them.

    Today all of us have contaminated DNA. It doesn’t matter what color we are. However, Jesus said we are all brother and he meant it because all of us are related through blood, to the same mitochondrial mothers. So toss out the race cards and shake hands with your brothers instead.

    Buyers Beware
    Sunday, January 9, 2011

  23. Thank you again for publishing part of my article regarding Jesus Scandinavian Magdalenian Bloodline. I usually do not follow blogs or comment on what people say regarding my articles. The comments I read above are one of the reasons. People like to DESTROY THE MESSAGE AND THE MESSENGER with their negative SLAM DUNK comments. Most of these people DO NOT DO THEIR HOMEWORK which makes it hard to talk to these people. We have also been lied to for so long that these lies have become truths over time. People just have a hard time wrapping their brains around the fact that THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM.

    If you are interested in posting more of my articles please let me know. You can also send comments to me directly. The comments I would be interested in reading are from those people who are also doing the same research as I am doing and writing about what i write about. I am really not interested in the negative comments.


    Buyers Beware

  24. Rather intersting to see that this article brings up many negative comments. As I understand it, the point is not if some people have a certain bloodtype or another. If someones are superior or not. This is just a new and refreshing way to look at some aspects of history and the world today. Take a look around and ask your selv if you are satisfied with the way we run our planet ? Can we be sure about the accuracy of informations that are available to us? Maybee you agree with the author about something afther all ! I will not tell anyone to belive in something and personally I really do not belive in much…

  25. A-Vril

    Jesus and reference to Yahweh, by the Book!
    “O Yahweh, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. Out of the mouth of babes and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.” Psalm 8:1-2
    “But when the chief priests and the scribes saw the wonderful things that he did, and the children crying out in the temple, ‘Hosanna to the Son of David!’ they were indignant, and they said to him, ‘Do you hear what these are saying?’ And Jesus said to them, ‘Yes; have you never read, “Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise”?’” Matthew 21:15-16

    My DNA as a blond haired, green eyed french canadian Catholic grandson of a man named RED;
    Any questions? Say your prayers children!!!!

  26. Gina

    Good lord are you nuts? I think its possible that your f-d in the head!
    I stumbled on this site out of interest in dna/Scandinavian i am Norwegian and Swedish by descent on my dads family line. you really had my interest until you brought in talk of monkey blood and aliens!
    I have a positive blood one of the most common blood types for Scandinavian peoples!
    So i guess i supposed to believe i have monkey blood? If i had rh blood type i would be some kind of pure Norse human and superior?
    Dude you need help!

    1. jennjenn

      It is scientific fact. Rhesus positive gene are found in monkeys and in positive blood types of humans. it is scientific fact that the negative gene found in human blood types cannot be traced to animals. I couldn’t carry my human positive baby in my womb without a rogaine shot or I would kill the foreign virus which was my baby inside of me. My grandmo (ther was from Norway, grandfather’s were from France and my other grandmother was from Genoa, Italy. I have blond hair, blue-green eyes and I am o negative. I have studied and taught religion and different cultures for several years and this article is spot on. The article is stating that Jesus taught love not superiority, This article is also stating that the evil doers which have been documented (the Bildabergs, Skull and Bones, The Masons, Luminate, etc) control the media, the federal reserve and our belief system, I has been documented in the bible that the watchers are basically aliens as you say from heaven. Why is it so far out there??? The bible and many other religions believe in prophets/ believe in their dreams/ believe in visions etc.. but; mainstream religion down these very powers that have been written about (I mention this because negative blood types are very intuitive which I am}. Do some research Gina!!! You would be surprised who are in these cults that I mentioned and who rule the world. These cults are full of satanic practices, then you can call this article nuts

    2. Gina you are a complete idiot. But then again leave it to a monkey to not grasp what we are talking about. Stop making a fool of yourself. All of this about rh(-) and RH(+) is true and scientifically documented. Not only are these things beyond your mental grasp, they are beyond your DESIRE to even attain as mystical knowledge. This is the problem and the gap between us and the monkeys. I am not trying to be mean, you were the one lashing out calling names when you are coming from sheer ignorance. I would tell you to go and research it all and educate yourself, but I know you won’t, and cannot- because these things have taken years to learn with an intense passion to dig deep into the archives of the universal knowledge.

      1. Julie Mitchell in her articles..STORIES CONTRIBUTED BY JULIE MITCHELL Before Its News and her comments on Twishort and Twitter has it down pat about Rh Negative Whites being Original race of earth on all land masses. She also discuesses the GNOSTICs and the Archons….Also read the article THE JEWS ARE THE LITERAL VAMPIRES WHO REQUIRE THE LITERAL BLOOD OF OTHER HUMAN RACES TO PERPETUATE THEIR RACE on Truthseeker website..then you will see the role that RH Negative plays and keep in mind their is two Rh Negatives, The Iron Based and Copper Based. The Evil OInes target Rh Negatives that ioppse them with Chemtrails…..

  27. mamkaaz makumbi

    This is a familiar flogging of old superiority myths of Jesus being ‘pure’ and therefore blond and blue-eyed, whereas the ‘impure’ are the ‘unattractive’ others, among whom ‘slave races’ are found. Really, one would have thought that in these days of knowledge, the illusion of ‘superior races ‘ had died out….

    1. Marlon

      I agree Mamkaaz. This is also what I got from reading this. This article is stupid and I don’t think I would even care much for it, even if it was true. Guess black people will always be inferior, eh? Whatever.

      1. mamkaaz makumbi

        Black people will never be inferior, unless they swallow whole and believe the ignorant discourse of the white races, which is born of their deep insecurities. People whose objective is to murder the people they’ve branded ‘inferior’ through biological and military warfare, theft of their land, of their mineral wealth, cannot, and will NEVER, be superior to others, even if they are (they wish!!!) descended from Jesus.

  28. Paul stated this long time ago to his “Son” timothy that many people will come wit different teachings and cautioned him be it a man or an angel, preaching another gospel apart from the one they were preaching, then timothy was not to believe it and thet is why I chose to disagree and not believe a thing you try to teach here.

    1. IAmLonefrog

      You play your socially engineered part well. My only question is…How is it that you have strayed so far from the flock?

      Collective nouns for animals are notoriously arbitrary, Moothoni (pun intended). We have flocks of sheep, herds of cattle, gaggles of geese, and tintinnabulations of starlings.

      Both flock and herd come from earlier words meaning ‘group’, flock from early German, and herd (presumably) all the way from Indo-European.

      Rather odd in this particular instance, since flocks of sheep are supervised by shepherds (‘sheep-herders’)!

      Quickly now, back to the safe place before anyone knows you are gone!

      1. What a wonderful blog! I forwarded this to everyone in my network. I am sorry some of the responses here have missed the mark. This research is only meant to bring truth and denounce an obviously corrupt science that has mislead us for centuries. Why fight the truth? The sooner humanity wakes up from their collective cognitive dissonance, the better. After all, it is our souls that really matter, not the suit we wear in this life. Never the less, we must embrace the pure truth regardless of how painful it can be.

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