Ascension in 2012-2013?

by George Kavassilas
Published here: Sunday, September 12, 2010 @ 8:08 AM

George Kavassilas

Are we to ascend to a higher density, together with Mother Earth, from Winter Solstice 2012 to Spring Equinox 2013? According to George Kavassilas and his math (if it is correct and interpreted accurately), we might be. Whatever the truth of the matter, we live in exciting times, don’t we? Wes.

Please take a minute or two and check this out:

Part 1:

Part 2: .

(Here is George’s website for those who are interested in learning more:

5 thoughts on “Ascension in 2012-2013?

  1. Marjo Hopeakivi

    How nice that you have found Kavassilas.
    I´ve sent his video “Our Jorney & The Grand Deception”
    to the Swedish government, parliament, departments, etc.
    700 mails.

    So now they know
    that we know
    that he knows
    what they know….

  2. larnhr

    I read about George last year. He has since come out and said that the he was under the influence of some dark entities, during the time he wrote about the harmonic equations.

        1. Larnhr

          I also see that he has added some more content to his website, since the last time I saw it. I think, I might check out what George has been up to lately.

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