A Different Slant on Globalization: How Can It Benefit Us?

by Wes Penre, September 18, 2010
Published here: Saturday, September 18, 2010 @ 4:30 PM

What is Globalization?

I know that this article is quite controversial due to that I have spent 12 years on the Internet working against Globalization and a One World Government. It is self-evident that the world right now is in turmoil due to the financial crisis, earth changes, people feeling more and more insecure and many losing their jobs and their homes; we live in a very stressful time where things around us change rapidly.

Those who have followed my journey over the last 12 years, or just occasionally browsed in to check out what’s new, know who the Global Elite are and what their purpose is; at least on the surface. I don’t want to bore the reader with going over all the details about this issue again; it can be studied extensively on my website, Illuminati News and on my blog, News From Behind The Scenes, so I will not bother to go into the basics of it, but instead concentrate on the bigger picture. However, to be able to follow the logic in this article, the reader needs to be fully aware of the following: http://illuminati-news.com/moriah.htm. So please skim that article first to make sure you understand what it’s about before you go on reading this.

I am convinced that the Top Global Elite families who have been so intensively scrutinized by people like me are not the top of the Pyramid, but only puppets for higher dimensional forces, put in charge here on this planet to execute the Bigger Plan to be able to interact with us in the physical. And we’re actually in for the ride by our own determination, even if we don’t remember it. The conspiracy is multi-layered and can only be understood if we have a grasp of what the Multiverse is. Not until we are truly regaining our multi-dimensionality can we understand how the Game is played. Although we are evolving quickly, we still have a long way to go until we get the whole picture (if even necessary), but in the meantime it’s still possible to get valuable insights and perhaps learn how to gain from them.

There seem to be at least two different prototypes for a One World Government that are currently pushed. Then there are several sub-agendas being worked on behind the scenes by smaller groups — some of them are breakout group of discontent Global Elite members and offspring secret societies who want it done in a slightly different fashion. Still, the two main prototypes are:

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John Reckling Detested Me Because I Feared Him

by Jack Williams
Published here: Saturday, September 18, 2010 @ 8:50 AM

Wes Penre’s Comment: This is a perfect example how we attract the energies we put out — The Law of Attraction. And even more importantly, Jack Williams is telling us in the article that if we confront and conquer our fears (the earlier the better), we will stop attracting them.

For more on this subject, please visit http://wespenre.com/ask-and-it-is-given-the-teachings-of-abraham.htm.

Keep on a Comin’
John Reckling was a bad-dude. He was also a good-looking guy, who was ripped with very chiseled muscles, a lantern-square jaw, piercing blue eyes, and was, maybe, the meanest a-hole on the whole Florida Gator football team.

Reckling had been a Golden Gloves boxer and he always had a bad attitude. Never once during the three years of me trying to play college football did I ever see Reckling smile. Never. Not once.

I never once spoke to Reckling, I merely tried to stay away from him. Continue reading “John Reckling Detested Me Because I Feared Him”