Chromoscope – From Radio Waves Through Visible Light to Gamma Rays

by Wes Penre, September 19, 2010. Source material: Chromoscope Website
Published here: Monday, September 19, 2010 @ 6:22 AM

"Invisible light". Click on pic to go to website

If we look at a picture of the Milky Way, or even better — the whole known Universe, we notice something very interesting. We see all these galaxies and stars out there. They seem to be infinite in numbers, and we are in awe about that. Still, not many people look at the blackness and say, “Wow! That’s awesome! There is so much blackness out there!” We have a tendency to focus our attention on visible light, which is the density/dimension we currently live in (the 3rd). Or better put: in the density will live, the very small frequency of what we call “visible light” is all we can perceive. We notice the blackness, but don’t pay as much attention to it as we do the light we can see.

Have you ever thought about that although it’s amazing how many galaxies are out there, most of what we “see” is blackness, or “space”.  Well, you probably have given it a thought every now and then, but have you really pondered what that means? Is space really “nothingness”?

Yes, on a sub-quantum level it is — that’s where First Source (God) and ourselves originate — but much of the “dark matter” is light as well, but outside the range of what the human eye can see, and what we can perceive with our extremely limited five senses.

We are often talking about different densities/dimensions these days, but all in all, when comes to visual perception, it’s just a matter of how we are able to perceive and decode light, and how we perceive light depends on what frequency we vibrate on. It’s like tuning in to different radio stations, to simplify it. Therefore, “space” as we see it is not black, but “invisible light”. Those entities we call “inter-dimensional” reside in different densities than ours where they see light differently and can experience spectra of it that we can’t. What we consider black space becomes light for them.

This can be shown very easily with the technology we have today. Visit Chromoscope’s website by clicking on the picture above and you will probably understand what I mean. You will also notice that visible light (for us) is a very small frequency. Most of the Universe(s) is/are invisible for us here in 3rd Density. It’s quite mind-boggling.

Then, ultimately, there is no Universe out there at all — it’s all a projection from inside of us; a hologram. But that’s another subject which you can study further, and in context,  by visiting my website,

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