Time is not Linear – Cyclical Time and Free Will

by Wes Penre, September 21, 2010
Published here: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 @ 2:38 PM

The Pleiadians and the Tampering With Cyclical Time

The theory that time is cyclical rather than linear is not a new concept; it’s been “known” since antiquity. The theory goes that we are stuck in a “time loop”, which is cyclical. This means there is a beginning and an end (an alpha and an omega), a cycle which then repeats itself (and has done) over and over until we will be able to break out of this otherwise endless pattern of birth and rebirth in form of reincarnations. The reason we don’t notice we are in a loop is because we don’t live long enough in one lifetime to go through the whole cycle. One cycle may be tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of years, or more.

The Mayans had this concept of time as well, and according to them, we are now living in the end-times where one cycle ends and everything starts all over again from the beginning.

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One thought on “Time is not Linear – Cyclical Time and Free Will

  1. Interesting thoughts Wes.

    The Pleiadians were one of the races that “adjusted” our DNA. I don’t really believe or trust anything they say.

    It’s good that you let your “Higher Self” lead you, everyone should do it. A lot of mistakes could be avoided and the journey of the current experience shorten. I converse with my HS daily, sometimes it is not what I would like to hear, but in the end it is best.

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