Life Between Lives Part 3: The Afterlife Programming

by Wes Penre, September 23, 2010
Published here: Thursday, September 23, 2010 @ 12:22 PM

Activation of the Light Body

Before you read this article, it helps if you are familiar with Dr. Michael Newton and his book, “Journey of Souls”. His work is discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of this “Life Between Lives Series”. Dr. Newton has spent many years hypnotizing people to find out what happens after we die. He found to his amazement that the big majority of the stories were very similar to each other.

We are not going to discuss Dr. Newton’s work in any more details in this article. We can now with quite certainty establish for ourselves that souls do survive physical death and move into the ether, or the astral planes. Most people who have been able to either come back to life, regained memory, or been hypnotized, are talking about how they come to a much less dense place where they still have their “light body”, but not a physical body like the one we’re used to here in the 3rd Density.

While “on the other side”, people talk about how they meet their dead relatives and friends; even those who may still be alive on Earth. The latter is possible due to that we all only use a small percentage of our energy when we reincarnate; as much as we consider necessary for the task we are preparing ourselves for in the next lifetime — the rest is distributed to other parallel lives, but the main part is usually left in the “between lives” area.

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3 thoughts on “Life Between Lives Part 3: The Afterlife Programming

  1. Dr. Newton is close in his writings of what happens after we leave the physical world. You can visit with others that have gone on before you, whether it’s relatives or complete strangers. Well…not really “complete” strangers… one is a complete stranger. Where he is off is that you don’t come back. You wait there or “other” places for the rest of your “experiences” to join you there. Then, once you are “totally” there…you can move on.

    There are things to do there to occupy your time. That’s funny….”time”…there is no time there…that’s takes a while to get use to.

    Anyway…he is right about something else though….you should not fear death. Birth is a much more traumatic experience than death.

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