Bizarre BBC Alien Commercial or “BBC News: It’s Out of This World”

Source: MediaMonkey
Published here: Thursday, October 14, 2010 @ 5:50 PM

Comment by Wes Penre: This is a BBC commercial! What are they preparing us for? Alien disclosure, fake or real? In one version of this commercial you see the “Zeta Reticulan” pop up in the beginning and at the end. This is manufactured by some private person, but the rest of the commercial is for real.

Sci-fi-style promo for season on corporation’s international news services looks astronomically expensive

“Greetings citizens of earth,” says the wraith-like alien creature hovering above the Earth’s orbit. “My people have developed technologies which allow us to throw off our physical forms and travel great distances in the blink of an eye. We are in dialogue with your leaders to help the human race survive its infancy.” Crikey! They’ve boosted the Doctor Who budget, haven’t they? Except it’s nothing to do with a Time Lord, rather the marketing campaign for the BBC international news services‘ season about the web, called Superpower. “We are an army a billion strong and we are growing. We are the people of the internet. Together we are shaping the future of humankind.” Yeah, or watching old clips of Peep Show on YouTube. The trail is one third creepy to one third dazzlingly impressive to one third “this looks so expensive the budget would surely have kept BBC 6 Music on air for months”.