Musical Cult Control: The Rockefeller Foundation’s War on Consciousness Through the Impostion of A=440Hz Standard Tuning

by Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, DNM(hon.)
Published here: Friday, October 22, 2010 @ 5:43 AM

Wes Penre’s Comment: This is much more important than perhaps people who are not musicians realize. It’s about mind alteration, manipulation and keeping our vibrations distorted in a successful effort to disconnect us from the Multiverse and Cosmos in general.

Everything is vibrating, and the more we can vibrate with the Higher Cosmos, the closer our connection with our Higher Selves and God, if you will. It’s the key to ascension. All you need to do to prevent people from being able to “tune in” to the Higher Cosmos is to keep them trapped in  either low vibrations or vibrations that don’t align us with the Higher Cosmos. This was successfully done by the International Bankers around World War II, by introducing the Standard A=440Hz tuning!

I am a former musician myself, and interestingly enough, a few months ago I took my whole pop/rock music collection of CDs and threw them away — easily 500 CDs. The more spiritual work I’m doing, the more torturous the music I hear on the radio and elsewhere. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I didn’t know it then, but years ago, when I was playing, I never tuned my guitars in a standard A. I randomly chose my own A which sounded better with my voice and where the chords rang more pleasantly. Now I know why…

Go out in the street and take a look around. What do you see? Teenagers, people walking their dogs, sitting around tables, having one thing in common — iPods or MP3 Players! Ingenious, isn’t it? The Powers That Be are successfully lowering the vibrations of not only the young generation but the rest of us as well.


This article details events in musical history that are central to understanding and treating modern psychopathology, social aggression, political corruption, genetic dysfunction, and cross-cultural degeneration of traditional values risking life on earth.  This history concerns A=440Hz “standard tuning,” and the Rockefeller Foundation’s military commercialization of music. The monopolization of the music industry features this imposed frequency that is “herding” populations into greater aggression, psychosocial agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illnesses and financial impositions profiting the agents, agencies,  and companies engaged in the monopoly.  Alternatively, the most natural, instinctively attractive, A=444Hz (C5=528Hz) frequency that is most vividly displayed botanically has been suppressed. That is, the “good vibrations” that the plant kingdom obviously broadcasts in its greenish-yellow display, remedial to emotional distress, social aggression, and more, has been musically censored. Thus, a musical revolution is needed to advance world health and peace, and has already begun with musicians retuning their instruments to perform optimally, impact audiences beneficially, and restore integrity to the performing arts and sciences. Music makers are thus urged to communicate and debate these facts, condemn the militarization of music that has been secretly administered, and retune instruments and voices to frequencies most sustaining and healing.

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20 thoughts on “Musical Cult Control: The Rockefeller Foundation’s War on Consciousness Through the Impostion of A=440Hz Standard Tuning

  1. Jack

    That article needs some serious rebuttal. It’s basically a buncha “connecting the dots” by people who clearly know very little about music, music theory, scales, vibrations, or tuning, and so speculate wildly with the little they do know. He can fool the laymen because of all the fancy, terminology-laden sophistry he is able to weave.

    The piano tuner he quotes is saying a buncha of gobbledygook. He claims that a string tuned to 440 does not vibrate as well, and he “proved” it with his piano. Yikes. I’m a piano tuner. Worked for both Baldwin and Yamaha, and independently, for years. This is non-sensical. Every musical instrument is different. The frequency that vibrates best on one piano (or any other instrument) is never, ever the same frequency that “vibrates best” on another piano, even if it is the very same make and model. Any tuner could easily prove this with an oscilloscope and two identical pianos, lol.

    The main problem with this idea that A=440 was an evil plot is that they are stuck on the ignorant-of-music notion that just one particular note is able to wreck havoc. It presumes that individual notes effect all things equally. That is like saying all gurus affect all people in exactly the same way, every time.

    Instead, as far as “effect on human consciousness” goes, it is intervals, (i.e. 2 or more notes combined at the same time) that we need to pay most attention to, not individual notes. And every single tuning standard – of any scale, from any culture – is capable of producing an unlimited amount of harmonious as well as deleterious intervals. Thus, far more important to this guys basic argument are scales, chords, and musical intervals, not any particular tuning standard. Vibrations just don’t work that way.

    Consider just this alone: The human ear, through what is called “additive and subtractive tones”, caused by each individual ear drum shape, makes certain that every single human perceives A=440 (or 334, 441, 445, etc) at a slightly different rate, with different harmonics, by the time it has impressed itself upon their consciousness. This is part of the reason why every one of us “resonate” to different notes, and there is not one or two “good” notes and other “bad” notes that affect all humans the same way. That right there ends the argument.

    And his claim that musicians feel more comfortable tuning to a=443 or whatnot is just not true. Ask any musician! Like me! lol. And if we did feel that way, well, duh, there is utterly nothing whatsoever stopping us from tuning to those notes. Most instruments can make that change in about 1-3 minutes, no problem.

    This A=440 tuning argument reminds me of the other popular “modern music is evil” idea that has come and gone: Just intonation vs. equal temperament.

    To the layman, the argument we never should have abandoned the Pythagorean scale of perfect fifths and fourths can make a lot of sense – until you understand the rationale and geometric beauty of “even temperament” which is now in use, and see that in nearly every way, from the mathematics right on out to the holographic nature of it – it is the more metaphysically perfect and balanced choice. Just intonation really does get on one’s nerves, and causes all kinds of disharmonious intervals, such as the Wolf interval they mention (and then misrepresent) in that article. If “they” were “out to get us through music” they would have forced upon us that method of tuning, the just intonation, not A=440.

    “Archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed, so far, are largely tuned to A=432Hz.”

    That is just categorically untrue. A quick look around the net shows me that – once again – the New Age and alternative “researchers” picked up on a completely bogus idea and now cross-reference and quite each each other as their “source” in one big feedback loop.

    Just like gamalang instruments here in Bali, every single one of those ancient instruments were tuned to a different note, depending on the whim/ear of the maker, and in the case of ancient instruments there is no way of knowing precisely what note they were originally tuned to anyway because of the physical and chemical changes in the structure of the instrument that occurs over thousands of years. (stiffness and dryness, esp.)

    He then goes on to write more fancy sounding gobbledygook based on mathematical relationships trying to show that a=440 is morally, spiritually wrong, lol. Sacred numerology and all that. I’m a believer in numerology, and math too. And……. What he fails to mention is that A=440 is just one of TWELVE notes he could have chosen for his analysis, when you’ve tuned a piano to A=440. And those other notes, just as important in the scheme of things as the A note, will give you a completely different numerological argument. And this is also true of A=443! And there is not one good reason why, out of those 12 notes, you would need to use the “A” note. C, D, E, F, G, B would be perfectly good choices to base the analysis on.

    “A proponent of natural healing, Dr. Horowitz has been honored as a “World Leading Intellectual” by officials of the World Organization for Natural Medicine for his revelations in the musical mathematics of creationism that are impacting the fields of metaphysics, creative consciousness, sacred geometry, musicology, and natural healing according to his life’s mission―to help fulfill humanity’s Divine destiny to actualize world peace and permacultural sustainability.”

    I don’t care how many fans he has, Harvard degrees he claims: his analysis and arguments about this are just wrong, would never fool an expert (it says his degree is in “media persuasion” lol) and based on a very limited understanding of sound vibrations, combined with a lot of wild speculating and misleading statements.

    1. Jerzy

      Hey Jack… have a peek at “Sonic Geometry” on Youtube. I agree that how you “slice” an octave could be a “further” improvement but the most important thing is where you place the fundamental notes. Tune your piano to A=432 Hz, play it for six months, then come back and tell me again that it had no effect on your health and consciousness.

      1. Owain

        This makes me understand why I’ve always hated music that goes A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A…. Oh, wait – no music does that, so the 440 thing doesn’t matter anyway. Christ, there’s some bollocks on the Internet

  2. Reggie

    It shouldn’t be too hard to import all your music CD’s into something like iTunes, then change the playback sample rate from 44.1 KHz to 44.5 KHz which would change an A from 440 to 444 Hz while preserving all the overtones proportionately. It’s a slight change really, less than 1% and I’m sure not a dramatic enough change to make the vocals sound like chipmunks at all.

    It should also be possible to re-clock a CD player into playing at 44.5 Khz without too much trouble.

  3. Joseph Hiddink

    THe real story of changing it to A440:
    Philps had in thel late thirties already a recorder. and made recordings over the radio from Concerrts in Holland, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and the USA.
    One musician, emploryed by Philips, noticed something strange.
    A concert would not be in the same key when it was performed by various orchestras.
    The different places were contacted. What key did they play that particular concert?
    THe answer was that it was played in the same key..
    It was just that every orchestra had their own standard pitch. The A was anywhere between 435 and 444 c/s.
    It was proposed that all the countries would send a representative to Geneve in 1940 to set a standard for the pitch of A..
    The war broke out but still representatives went to Geneve.
    On basis of these recordings it was proposed to set the standard pitch for the A between the hiighest and the lowest in frequency and let us make it an even number: A 440
    It was accepted by everybody.
    That is the reason that you can now play a piiece that comes over the radio with your piano.
    You will be in the same pitch (That is, if the piano tuner is a real professional and tuned your piano to A 440. Unlike a handy man, who will tune it up to a note lower, as they might break a string and they would not have any spare parts with them anyway.)
    Yes, . I am a Pianotuner/Technician and the inventor ot f the Tuning Felt

    1. “On basis of these recordings it was proposed to set the standard pitch for the A between the hiighest and the lowest in frequency and let us make it an even number: A 440”

      For some reason this makes me think of the Council of Nicaea.

      1. “On basis of these recordings it was proposed to set the standard pitch for the A between the hiighest and the lowest in frequency and let us make it an even number: A 440”

        Also reminds me of when people become sober after a long period of inebriation. They say it’s like the world is fresher, more colorful, richer.

    2. Bill Getas

      Sorry, but what’s your basis for this claim? Where’s your source? _Any_ source? Horowitz lists dozens. You provide zero. Hmmm. Tough choice you present.

  4. V

    I would like to criticize part of your introduction concerning your theory that low frequencies are negative.

    Have you ever heard of binaural beats?

    Short summary: Binaural beats are created when someone listens to 2 different frequencies via stereo headphones. The difference between the 2 frequencies influences the listener’s brain, so he can hear tunes he normally can’t.

    Left ear – 100Hz
    Right ear – 108Hz
    Difference -> 8Hz (you normally can’t hear this low frequency)
    8Hz is part of the theta waves which are known for their creative increasing abilities.

    Other low “negative” frequencies in the delta, theta, beta and alpha range can help you to sleep faster, to meditate, to heal, to be focused etc.

    You can find YouTube videos with binaural beats, often in combination with light effects and/or fractals. It seems to have positive effects on some people.

    I don’t know enough about music to comment on the main issue of the article, but in it, I stumbled upon the frequency 528Hz which genetic scientists use to regenerate DNA. It’s part of the Solfeggio Frequencies, which are supposed to be very beneficial.

    However, I agree that modern music is mostly industrialized, bland bullshit to dumb down the masses while the “performers” generally have no talent and only exist to present the newest brands. Money makes the world go around.

    I do not agree with the claim that rock music is harmful in general. Some of the music I listen to (Japanese Rock) is very inspiring and energizes me.

    The question if 432Hz or 444Hz is better could be answered by altering a piece of music via sound editing software and presenting two versions (432Hz and 444Hz) to the people. Might be worth a try.

    1. IAmLonefrog

      V, (more on your name later)

      Wes clearly states..”low vibrations OR vibrations that don’t align us with the Higher Cosmos”. I don’t believe he was being literal when he said lower vibrations.

      Quoting from the article

      Not coincidently metaphysically, the interval between A=440Hz (equivalent to F#=741Hz in the ancient original Solfeggio scale) and A=444Hz (C(5)=528Hz in the ancient original Solfeggio scale) is classically known as the Devil’s Interval in musicology, due to its highly aversive disharmonious sound made when these two notes are played simultaneously. (this ties into your name)

      So, in general, all music tuned into A=440z is harmful. Even your beloved Japanese rock.

      Still not convinced? Well, you basically said it yourself. If scientists can use 528Hz to regenerate DNA , doesn’t it stand to reason that there is a frequency to do harm as well.

      OK, what’s in a name?

      Britain’ s legendary World War II Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, made the “V” sign famous. It was standard for the cigar-smoking, paunchy politician; he flashed the “V” sign every chance he got, and news photographers captured hundreds of photographs of Churchill giving the sign. It was generally thought that in doing so, the pugnacious Churchill was signaling confidence in eventual victory over the Nazi foe across the channel. So, the sign of two fingers pointed upward in a “V’shape became universally accepted as a sign for victory.

      But what the majority of people believe to be conventional wisdom is often wrong. Such is the case here, too, for this sign, in reality, is of ancient origins. It is, in fact, a sign of Satan, of malediction, of the horned God, Pan, and worse.

      In the Jewish cabala, (or Kabbalah) rabbis teach that the meaning of the Hebrew letter for V (Vau) is “Nail,” and nail is a secret title for Satan. (Its corrupt meaning comes from the nails driven into the hands of Jesus crucified.) Vau, or V, is the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and, of course, the Book of Revelation reveals that the name of the beast, or AntiChrist, is coded with the number of triple 6, or 666.

      Perhaps in the future you will not just go with the flow, but actually take the time to consider what it is that surrounds you.

      1. V

        About the name:
        “V” represents a famous movie character teaching a fascist Christian regime a severe lesson while liberating the people.
        The movie “V for Vendetta” is one of those rare, precious gems and its hero V fights for justice and revenge.
        That’s my meaning of V and if you stumble upon a red v with a circle around it, you can be sure there’s someone unhappy with the current conditions and it’s definetly not a satanist.

        The “evil” number 666:
        666 stands for Abraxas, the true god of Gnosticism (in contrast to the Christian god which gnostics regard as satan and which is more plausible if you look inte the bible. That’s not a benevolent, but an evil and lunatic creature playing god.).

        666 also stands for the sun, light and Lucifer (the lightbearer). Again, Gnostics have no problem with those. It are the Christians that fear 666 and the concepts presented by Gnosticism, so they claim it is the number of the devil.
        Who is the devil? People who dream of a meritocratic future where everyone can be the best he’s capable to or the ones who blindly bow down before an external tyrant claiming to be god and loving war, violence and hate?

        1. We are not here to combat dark forces, we are here for the awakening…The rest is just information. People wake up by approaching the phenomenon from different angles. Some by first reading ‘conspiracy theories’, while others go right onto the spiritual work.

          Still, we all need to know at least the basics of what’s going on behind the scenes – the work of the dark forces. Darkness is needed to bring forth the light – without darkness, there would be no awakening.

        2. IAmLonefrog

          Thanks for the clarification Wes, you summed it up pretty nicely. Although I still feel the need to show “V” how simple it is to be socially engineered to believe the dark ones are your heroes or her-o.

          So, your namesake, V, is a genetic anomaly with unusual blood properties, he also develops unusual mental and physical abilities and lightning fast reflexes, becoming a new person who “could no longer remember who he was or where he was from,” as Doctor Delia Surridge from the Center notes in her journal. All of this brings to mind the government sponsored MK Ultra/mind control black ops projects and satanic ritual abuse where children of certain bloodlines are brutalized and traumatized until they form alternate split off personas and new identities.

          Don’t get it yet?

          V later engages in a similar torture/reconditioning treatment on Evie, taking her against her will and imprisoning her in a cell — all for her own good, mind you ;) – so that she can learn to overcome her fear. When Evie first emerges from her cell and realizes that V was behind it all, she has an emotional breakdown. But she not only gets over it, becoming the fearless warrior, but she later returns to V to help him, and even falls in love with him. I thought that was a bit twisted in some ways, and reminded me of the “romantic entanglement” between victim and handler.

          Sinking in yet?

          So, keeping in mind in V’s masked visage, with his emergence from Larkhill – the abuse, torture center – in a huge fire, with a new personality that could no longer remember who and what he used to be, here’s an excerpt from Fritz Springmeier’s “The Illuminati Formula to Create a Totally Undetectable Mind Control Slave” which says:

          “Fire/burning torture is used in the porcelain face programming….The memories of abuse are then hypnotically hid behind the masks…..This means that these alters have via torture and hypnosis lost their own faces!”

          Remember the mask?

          Agent Provocateur programming. V also has the agent provocateur attitude as found in Fight Club, stealing, killing, blowing things up, and instigating disobedience, wanting to destroy the corrupt society he sees around him through violence and force.

          As the Celtic Rebel would say…..There is more “truth” in the daily “truth movement” expunged from my bowels than there is in all of the alternative and mainstream media. But, as I keep repeating, most in search of “the truth” will never come to this realization, and never look within, instead perpetually focusing on the latest round of her”O”es and “V”illains.

          In conclusion, it is your choice who you wish to bow down to. Personally I think you are smart enough to understand that you should bow down to no one. Even if the Gnostics put a better spin on “The Lightbearer” than the Christians do.

          Luck to you “V”, on your awakening journey.

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