Fake “Good Intended” Pleiadian Ambassador in Missile Drama!

by Wes Penre, Saturday, November 13, 2010 @ 8:55 AM

Colleen Thomas, self-proclaimed Pleiadian Ambassador, whom I quoted in the article, “The Pleiadians: A Strange Series of Events”, is a Sirian Agent?

I am not sure why I didn’t connect the dots right away, but Ms. Thomas is telling us in the first video that she is of the Pleiadians, but in collaboration with the Sirians. She is even using the SSS (snake) terminology to describe the Reptilian Orion Queens, just like Robert Morning Sky did in his “Terra Papers”. These are a suggested read for everybody, because they contain a lot of good information that is crucial if we want to understand the many important events happening today, especially within exopolitics.

Colleen Thomas claims to be coming here as an Ambassador to the Pleiadians and the Sirians, to overthrow the Orion Reptiles and the Dracos and create peace on Earth. I am re-posting her video below, and this time, listen carefully how she uses terms like the “SS” repeatedly when describing the Reptilians on Earth–“SS” being the term for the Reptilian Orion Queens (the SSS-T in Morning Sky’s Terra Papers). The Sirians (The ASA-RRR in the Papers), are the “dog” people, the warrior race from Sirius, who later turned into the Sirian Anunnaki.

The Sirians and the Orions have been in power struggles for perhaps billions of years, in our terms (we call it The Wars in Heaven), and these wars and conflicts, in an ancient past, were brought to our young solar system, and eventually down to EArth. Parts of humankind was created by the Sirian Anunnaki, who were also master geneticists.

These beings are also mentioned in the Bible. ANU, the king of the Anunnaki, had two famous sons who fought each other–ENLIL and EA/ENKI. ENLIL also goes under the name YHWH or YeHoWaH, while ENKI is Lucifer, our geneticist and the one who through secret societies taught the early humans the truth about themselves and the Universe.

ENKI had to flee to the Pleiades after lots of struggles with his brother, ENLIL/YHWH, for supporting us humans. Me knowingly, he’s been living there since then.

EArth became, after a series of events, inhabited by Sirian and Orion bybrids, ruling over mankind (today we call them the Illuminati, the Power Elite or the Shadow Government). And up in the Heavens, the struggle for power still goes on between the Sirians and the Orions. Both are bad news, because they are both warrior races, conquerors and slave masters.

Ms. Thomas is representing the Anunnaki part of the conflict, apparently. This means the Sirians are coming back, in an attempt  to take over EArth and wipe out the Orion hybrids, in charge of much of our planet today. With other words, she is bringing down the Wars in Heaven to EArth again, just like in the past. And we humans are caught in between, but are the losers whomever wins, unless WE win (perhaps with a little help from the real good-intended aliens).

Seems like we are in the middle of a giant space war, and that’s what the Los Angeles missile was all about, from what I can see. Everything fits perfectly into that picture. And listen to Ms. Thomas–she doesn’t want peace, she is promoting war!

We need to remember that these beings are much older as a species than we are, and they know and understand our human psyche (the mass consciousness), because they can read it. This is how channeling works as well–the entities read our mass consciousness. Due to their knowledge, they know how far we have advanced spiritually on the planet. The only humans who are of concern for them are those who have advanced spiritually and know what is going on from a metaphysical, quantum mechanic, and pure spiritual level. Hence, they take that information (this is exactly what Colleen Thomas does), use it to make friends with us so that the spiritually advanced people say: “Hey, these Pleiadians know what it’s about, just like we do. They are our friends!”

No, they’re not–they are just “the new boss, same as the old boss”.  Watch out for deception when comes to the alien agenda and the upcoming Disclosure. Nothing is what it seems and don’t be naive! We need to use our discernment and intuition before anything, or we are lost! Who is the good guy, who is the bad guy? If we can’t distinguish, we are easy targets.

To Ms. Thomas’ defense, she seems to be used for this by the Sirians without understanding whom she’s in bed with. I looked at her website, http://wildcolleen.com, and quickly came to that conclusion. She probably believes she is working for some benevolent alien race, but nothing could be further from the truth, in my opinion.

Listen again to what she is saying in the video. She is telling us she is working with a branch of the Pleiadians and the Sirians (the Anunnaki), and when speaking about the Reptilians, she uses SSS terminology, which is a code for the Reptilian Orion Queens!

Ms. Collen Thomas is bad news! Instead of depending on aliens to save us, we need to save ourselves. We can only do that by developing spiritually from inside ourselves. Please see, http://wespenre.com and my upcoming book, which hopefully will be finished in the first half of 2011. It will be announced at wespenre.com.
Ms. Thomas is hardly a hoax. She even knew in advance about the November 8 missile in the Pacific’s. I watched her video on November 6, so I know first hand she had “inside information” on what was going to happen two days later. This whole thing has way too much symbolism in it to be coincidental. And I would never support an agenda like the one Ms. Thomas is representing anyway–if her people were good intended, they would know better than to meet violence with violence. No, they are up to no good!
Lastly, keep in mind that the Pleiadians Ms. Thomas claims to represent are not the same group channeled by Barbara Marciniak. The latter are here to help, the former are not. There are at least hundreds of star systems in the Pleiades, and their different races are not necessarily connected with each other.
Love in the Light of the One Creator,

22 thoughts on “Fake “Good Intended” Pleiadian Ambassador in Missile Drama!

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  2. aloha dear soul,

    Thank u for this message. this seems to be an On going theme I have been noticing a lot lately.
    No only on you tube, on blogs and in my everyday life. Which I feel is creating a fog of thought pollution in our world. We have ALL worked so hard to get to this far, we can’t afford to have those who are finally able to awaken be mislead.
    We are winning the battle, but we haven’t won the game yet!!!
    We must not forget the important rules that have led us this far, discernment is the key to feeling and knowing Truth.
    receive the information through your heart and you will know the difference from what you feel is true. All else recycle it back into Gaia and fill that space with an emerald ray of love.


  3. aloha dear soul,

    Thank u for this message. this seems to be an On going theme I have been noticing a lot lately.
    No only on you tube, on blogs and in my everyday life. Which I feel is creating a fog of thought pollution in our world. H

  4. Michael

    True light comes from within. Beware of the false light. Fact is, we are all part dark/part light. Balance is the only way.

  5. i have seen a et that most likley was a orioin queen about 10 yrs ago stood before me like wow !so the fact is that all things being has they are i belive the fact that a power struggle contuines between sirius and orion .due to the lenthg of time in the spacal univese would they not agree by now.a physcic whom i trust told me in a past life .i was from sirius b.

  6. TrueKnight

    This Colleen is NOT Archangel Michael’s twin flame. This must be cleared now.
    His Twin Flame is indeed in human form – BUT IT’S NOT COLLEEN THOMAS!
    Channelers are notorious for making gross mistakes because they are oft the target of malevolent spirits/impersonators/bad ETs, discrediting the otherwise accurate work they did. It has nothing to do w their good intentions, but that alone is not enough.

  7. The Sirians were at war with the Orion Empire ages ago, but they tried to invade the Empire and failed…. afterward they made a treaty with the Orion Empire for an alliance.

    Something else most people don’t know…..the Sphinx. It’s head is not of a man…but a woman…..and the body is not a lion…but a dog. Proper interpretation is the female(Orion Queen) is “the Head” of her Sirian allies (dog body).

  8. question marl

    wes Robert Morning Sky stated that terra papers are wrong. so why are you promoting them? he clearly stated the characters the time lines are all wrong. Again wes why are you promoting a book that has been deemed wrong/incorrect by its author? And as for the terra papers. robert morning sky clearly stated there was ‘one rebel queen with the Hent-T lizards’ who rebelled against the other orion queens. but again and i will say it THE TERRA PAPERS ARE WRONG!.

    1. I have talked to Robert quite recently…

      They are not wrong–just like everything else, they are not perfect. Robert was attacked after his papers started getting well known – to such an extent that he left the public area for about 10 years or more…

      Now, getting to the real point – the group Ms. Thomas is promoting is not here in our best interest.

  9. thinkwise

    Mr. Penre, it is possible that you may have prematurely judged her.

    At this point, it seems very suspect and bizarre that she delivered credible information regarding certain events prior to those events unfolding. Although she is abrasive in her verbal communications and obnoxious and crass in humor, her language suggests that she APPEARS to support peace.

    Moreover, I do not agree with your present assertion that she is openly or secretly supporting the Annunaki or Dracos/Reptilians. In fact, she APPEARS to command a very accurate understanding of the nuanced differences between certain ET factions, particularly those factions comprising the ‘Pleidians’.

    Her knowledge of ET interactions in humankind’s history also appears to be fairly accurate. In one of her videos, she explicitly acknowledges that the Annunaki were a faction of Pleidians that detrimentally manipulated humankind, causing massive suffering and pain on OUR species. Whereas other intelligent species of ET have taken a more non-interventionist approach, she states that the Pleidians are now taking a more overtly open interventionist approach because:

    (1) the Pleidians feel responsible for humankinds plight because it was a faction of their own kind’s manipulation that was a significant cause of humankinds suffering; and

    (2) a significant (minority) percentage of the population’s consciousness has been sufficiently raised to a higher vibrational awareness regarding the reality of the ET existence and involvement in humankind’s history, thus enabling them to ‘de-cloak’ their ships and intervene in a more visibly obvious way.

    Let me be clear and restate that I DO NOT have enough information to make a determination as to her authenticity or underlying motives at this point.

    However, I do not see how she is promoting violence in any way. She is merely calling for people to be aware of the present situation, claim their sovereignty, and defend themselves if necessary. She also warns people not to worship any ET or board any craft thinking they will be saved.

    Naturally, she could be a working asset of any number of intelligence agencies or ‘black’ organizations. However, if you do a thorough review of all of her interviews and videos (as I did), her message is consistently clear and does not promote violence. In contrast, her message seems to urge listeners to STOP being complacent and apathetic, which is a major reason WE find ourselves collectively in OUR predicament.

    I agree with your view and other people’s commentary that she makes some very far-fetched claims about her association with the Pleidians. There appears to be lots of ‘ego’ contained in her communications. However lots of honest and credible whistle blowers have demonstrated much more egotistical and strange behavior, but still delivered reliable and accurate data, which has ultimately helped US become more aware of Exopolitical developments.

    I am attempting not to judge the messenger too harshly (yet) without having enough data. My intuition tells me that she is authentic and her intentions are good. But this initial assessment still very obviously leaves open the possibility that her source is NOT benevolent.

    1. IAmLonefrog

      Not that it matters……

      But if these guilty members of our ruling oligarchy don’t voluntarilly report to these FEMA camps and something bad happens……

      “They will find themselves dead where they stand, without even falling over”.

      I admit, by today’s standards it seems a little subtle but it is still violence no matter how you package it.

      Just in case you missed anything in your thorough research thinkwise, her twin flame Michael will be coming for “Mop up” on the 28th of February. Again, subtle but violent.

      Maybe I can work out a deal with her and the janitor Flame to see if I can call dibs on the 5.3 mil of those who won’t be needing it.

      Mwaa Haa Haa Haaa

      Splash=Frog out

      1. RealityCheck

        Whatever this woman’s real origins, they come through the filter of a fearful, religious (though obviously not catholic) fanatic neocon republican. Her political and religious bias is totally transparent even cloaked by the alien story, and it has right-wing government disinformation written all over it. If you really want to wake up, take a hard, unflinching look at your own fear and see what it is really about. See what it causes you to align yourselves with.

    2. A messenger is just that — a messenger. You need to listen to the message behind the messenger. Who are the Sirians she is promoting? Which branch of the Pleiadians? Certainly NOT the Marciniak branch, whom I know too well. She is attacking the reptilians and the Dracos – the reps being the Orion Queens. The Sirians are the ASA-RRR Warriors, later the Sirian Anunnaki, which is the branch who is assisting Supriem as well.

      She claims the Pleiadians have changed their attitude and are now going to intervene. This means, same old, same old war between Sirians and Orions that has been going on above our heads for millions of years – the control over Sector 9. This is what she is REALLY saying in the video above, and it’s not news I want to embrace.

  10. Maarten

    Interesting post. Yes, she could be potentially harmful. I don’t like her tone and some of her vids seem ‘staged’. Thanks for this article, and the link to these Terra papers, and Frog, thank you for the link to Steven J. I will absorb these two links too..

    But yes. Something strange is definately going on. This has to do with harvest 2012/ ascension, does it not?

    I just hope we can, as humans, connect to each other before we connect to aliens, whether they are ‘good or bad’.

  11. Absolutely spot on Mr.Penre! If you remember I sent you a photo attachment via e-mail highlighting a human eye in the reflection of a black marble stone and above it was one with a reptilian vertical slit pupil eye!
    This to me was a obvious sign that our time of deception and discretion isn’t over till the last very moment of ascension and enlightenment.
    The space wars are complex, vast, mind boggling and even now are played out in different quadrants of our Galaxy from some very common ancestors?!
    Most of the time it includes various factions of Pleaides, Sirius(A&B),Orion Belts and Draco Constellations. Trust me the effects of 2012 won’t stop at that timely date. It will extend a few years onwards. We have to stay on the surface of the planet no matter what?! Ships will arrive en mass. We will be offered services, karma negation, affectionate mating and a ride to one of their planets, yes all underneath cloaks of beautiful looking Nordic blonds mesmerizing us with their unearthly charm.
    Disclosure and Gesara will happen whether we like it or not and they will be full of riddles. I hope I pass through the eye of the needle just like the camel before Lucifer tempts me once more to stay back in Eden!

    1. IAmLonefrog

      A wonderful source of information has recently been taken from us. Assasinated? Who knows, but when you get close to the truth you feel the heat. His name was Steven J. Smith. http://www.whale.to/b/steven_j1.html and he has information that needs to be passed along.

      Now my comment to Admin……..

      “and now is the time to face your true reality and the existence of us”? This is your modus operendi Mr. Admin?

      Full scale molestation of the brain is more like it, I hope all who visit here, are on their A-game. Wes has been cornering the truth for quite some time now, and diversions are to be expected. I will call your shit out in a heartbeat if need be, while doing my best to keep it real (whatever the fuck that means). All I’m sayin’ is that you can never be to sure.

      Anyway, back to this admin goof.

      Sirian= the not so good guys, use phrases like “through thick or thin”, and also found on the link when clicking Admin’s name. You call him SaLuSa. After reading what Wes had to say about trusting WildCollen and her SSS friends you have the gumption to try and push yourself on us here by giving Wes words of praise?

      All while stating that you hope to pass through the “eye of the needle” once more?

      Not with the baggage you are carrying my friend, and I quote….

      “Hollabalie and howdy Do? Hippadie Pie and hippadi Poo Musty Prawns in Timbuktu Kick em in the dish Pan, HO HO HO”…?… and then you want to site Al Gore’s provoking documentary? Are you on crack?

      Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to click on this blips link, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      Frog out

      1. With all due respect to Mr. Penre. Sorry for using your Comments Section to make my stand in this manner. Please make it clear if you do not wish so for this from my side, and now to address “IAmLonefrog”, I say

        “Go back to your pond, silly amphibian, you will not survive the harsh winters of the outside world with your impertinent actions! Tell your masters, the ones tugging your strings hard, their time is Up. Yes they can continue this in some other “quadrant of this galaxy” and maybe they will sent them to another abyss in some dark corner of the shadows that exist there.

        My site is more than you could ever draw up creatively from your frog brain and your tongue is too sharp for the next Golden Age of man, so cut in my way and I will trim it(PHYSICALLY).
        There is nothing awesome about foul mouthing without discretion.

        Be careful and remain silent you fool lest you be swept by the tides of growing light and love upon Our beloved World for when the Light does Shine, it truly Does so with dazzling brightness, banishing the shadows from their corners in this Realm and none other than Lucifer is brighter than the rest in beholding the Glory of God, He who is the Fairest of Us all!

        Thank you and may Peace be Upon your misguided Soul…eventually and Upon all of Us, harmony, Love, Peace and Joy for another thousand years or so as the Scriptures say.

        1. IAmLonefrog

          Thanks blip,

          I haven’t had that robust a laugh in quite some time. It seems you are just like the rest of the misled/follower/zombies I encounter on a daily basis.

          You need a father figure, a guiding light, someone to tell you what you need to do in order to be a better zombie, and in your case it is lucifer.

          I find myself wondering if your cupboards are full of pop-tarts and ramen.

          Anyway, after a short swim in your pond I felt the need to give a heads up to others because it took some effort to get the slime off. So in effect it was not without discretion that you recieved the wrath of the Frog (the mild version mind you).

          It always amuses me to see the “harbringers” of the new golden age of man threatening (PHYSICALLY) to harm others and sling their shit as if it is totally justifiable to do so.

          and yes, I do comprehend, but, I will never understand the likes of dumbasses like you.


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