Rogue Scientist Steven J. Smith Murdered?

by Wes Penre, Sunday, November 14, 2010 @ 9:45 AM
Updated link: March 31, 2016 @ 3:35 PM

I am sad to hear that Dr. Steven J. Smith, a rogue scientist, constantly attacked by the government for being a whistle-blower, passed away recently under suspicious circumstances.

During his lifetime, he released some very interesting information on the UFO issue, electrogravitics, free energy, thermodynamics and much more.

His information is still online here:

I strongly advise you to download the whole site in case this information will be wiped out from the Internet.

I communicated with Dr. Smith back and forth over the years since 2005, and he was a very intelligent, gentle person. Was he killed by the Power Elite?

You judge. Here is the info on his recent death:

Yesterday at 16:40
uganda.png Don Croft Gender: Male


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Post Re: Steven J. Smith Murdered?

Thank you Don, you have said much more, better than I.

He passed away in the most painful way possible. It was drawn out over
a five day period, rapid pressizuration and depressurization which
resulted in what can be described as the bends. The attack commenced on
October 3rd and continued until his expiration on October 8th. They
stopped microwaving him on October 2nd, then recommenced microwaves
after starting the new remote torture (RT) on October 3rd. Symptoms
included involuntary hiccuping, ear popping, nausea, inability of
internal organs to adjust, and possibly air bubbles in the blood stream.
As was his way to not ask for help, he did not until October 6th. I
think the NSA psychic that was used in the targeting process was killed
by the handlers, resulting in Steve’s death.



Thx, Matt.  I thnk we easily could have saved him and, also, if he’d taken an interest in distributing orgonite he could have easily neutralized all of the weaponry around him that was within range. Even if he’d just been wearing any orgonite on his body the attacks would probably have failed.  When someone has thoroughly gifted his town and/or area within five miles or so the towers are no longer of any use to teh corporate predators and parasites, so they’ll often send out vans that have weaponry in them and park them very close to our homes.   I think those weapons are too weak to do much at all except to alert some of us to their presence.  Going out to greet them causes them to drive away but I like to count a little coup by coming up behind them and tossing a towerbuster under the vehicle Wink

The worst  attack of that sort that I can recall was on two occasions:  in August, 2004, Don Bradley was assaulted from above while he was in his backyard in Los Angeles.   He had no orgonite on him but there was some on a table, nearby.  In that case, he got quite sick and the grass around where he was standing, for about a six foot radius, was killed and immediately turned yellow (we witnessed that a week later).  The rest of his yard was lush green, due to the sprinklers.  My wife was similarly attacked a couple of months later, near our home in Idaho,  while taking a walk.  She remembers a bright flash and a car went off the road nearby, into a ditch. The driver was evidently distracted by the sight.  Next day, we returnd to the site and there was a patch of dead grass around where she had been hit.  She felt nothing at all, we believe due to the orgonite pendant she was wearing near her heart.  I wish we could have convinced Steve to take this more seriously.

We gave him a bag of towerbusters when we met but he was hesitant to take it.  Carol and I figure that this was only becuase he was feeling very defensive.  He did take it, though  he never mentioned it after that.

We’ll attempt to help him and Debbie today in the chatroom.

Actually, I’d better amend my statement a bit to say that only the electronic/microwave weaponry would have been neutralized with orgonite; not the hi-tech voodoo they were using on him.  It may be, though, that the success of the voodoo depended on the initial succes of the weaponry.  Last year, a few months after we met Steve, a couple of our psychics were similarly attacked with that kind of voodoo and suffered badly.  If not for his helpful intel we might not have found the NSA jerks who were doing it and one or two of our friends might have expired.   None of the weaponry they lived within range of was working, of course, because they’re all consummate gifters.

We have the advantage of working in a group, though, so that when two or more psychics are not able to function, there are usually others to take up the slack. Steve and Debbie always worked together but not with anyone else.


#2 Today at 17:43
uganda.png Don Croft Gender: Male


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Post Re: Steven J. Smith Murdered?

Dooney is one of the psychics who was nearly murdered, last year–intensely frustrating for her mate, Doc STevo, who is an incredibly skilled physician and has cured a lot of incurable folks over the years.  We believe they were intent to erase her on account of all the help she’s provided to so many people, teaching them to defend themselves from the various agency psi corps’ assaults.  The psi corps and the associated poisinings are in league against absolutel;y everyone who is in a posistion to improve humanity’s lot, even against infants and children who have the clear potential to someday do that.

When enough people (accountable people with consciences) will finally face how rotten this ancient world order is, I doubt the parasitic world order will last another week or two.

This might relate:  Dooney and STevo were meticulous about flipping every single death transmitter and weather weapon within hundreds of miles of their home but a couple of transmitting facilities, capable of sending out the radionics and filthy voodoo assaults against these two, were obviously located underground and it was a sort of shell game.  It’s hard ro conceive how much capital and personnel the NSA and other sewer rats are capable of deploying against some of us, really, and I”m sure the same was done to Steve all along.

Carol and I ar acquainted with an Indian gal from Montana who is a clerk in a crystal store in Spokane and we often discuss our work with her.  She advised us that there might be a big underground base under Trapper Creek (at the base of 10,000′ Trapper Peak–southern end of their valley) because when she was in a Job Corps training center, there, she saw some pretty bizarre and telling stuff.  She’s pretty observant and savvy, so it’s fun talking to her.

D and S were hit pretty hard with radionics a few weeks ago, so I sent them a dozen earthpipes and they nailed that underground base, also the old base under Hamilton, Montana (closer to them), where the ‘Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever’ bioweapon and endemic originated, years ago. The radionics assault dissolved immediately,  after that.

See how it’s important to gather all the clues that The Operators send us to guide and  protect us?  People who rely only on themselves operate under a handicap and are easier targets for the sewer rat agencies.  As Steve and Debbie demonstrated, one of us really is more powerful than a hundred of them but they’ll easily send thousands against one or two people if they’re desperate to erase someone.  It’s problematic for them when a group of people get together to oppose them, though, and this informal group is growing each month as more psychics and boosters (like me) who are relatively mature and stable join this effort, here and in other groups.  This is a grassroot effort that’s separate but related to gifting, just like curing sickness and healing the body are separate but related activities.

Carol and I, along with many others, want to survive the demise of the corporate world order.  I think that by the grace of God, which might be to say, ‘by taking our cues,’ we’ll prevail fairly easily as long as we don’t isolate ourselves.  So will our companions around the world.

Steve’s health was not good when we met him.  Carol and I had fairly poor health a few years ago because we weren’t taking care of ourselves properly.  I think that getting involved with the folks associated with David Wolfe and seeing what they’ve done for their bodies inspired us to get healthier over the past couple of years and it’s really paid off in terms of recovering from frequent poison attacks.  Those assaults were really dragging us down since about six years ago and we probably would be dead, by now, if we hadn’t changed course with our diet and a couple of other things, now including regular exercise, finally.  We’ll never be food nazis, don’t worry, and I don’t think it matters what one’s diet consists of as long as it vitalizes the body.  Keeping clear of corporate food is probably a survival skill, these days.  I think they intentionally poison everyone who eats it, hence the recent explosion of obesity, at least in America.  That poison component won’t ever be indicated on food labels.

We’ve got our home environment so jacked up with orgonite that I don’t think they can do much else to us except the poisonings and it may be that the more we talk about it, the less willing the NSA and other crimial cabals will attempt it.  Hawthorne hasn’t been poisoned in months, for instance, since she finally posted something about the Wingmakers.  I thnk we’d be stupid not to include some creative but honest reporting as part of our survival/victory strategies, don’t you?


5 thoughts on “Rogue Scientist Steven J. Smith Murdered?

  1. Don! Carol! Hawthorne! I can’t ever truly fully express my feelings for your efforts as psychics. I’m not certain the opportunity to share in your vast practical knowledge is still open but thanks for all you’ve done. It is the way forward that we share as much as we can. If the doors to sharing or tapping from your vast resources is still open, I look forward to it. Regards!

    1. Karen

      I understand this is replying to an old post.However, new to this I tried to download the Dr. site and I can not get to it.Would someone send me the download of his site? Thank you

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