Letter From the Editor # 21: Protection Against Radiation From Japanese Fallout

by Wes Penre, Wednesday, March 16, 2011 @ 4:55 AM

Dear Visitor,

I just posted two good articles which I highly recommend that you read:



It’s very important that as many people as possible get these products. They are proven to help against radiation and could be a matter of life and death if you live in Japan, the U.S. and other countries which can be affected by the Japanese fallout.

Normally, Iodine can be bought in many grocery stores which carry vitamins, and DMSO I think you can get in health food stores and similar. However, don’t be surprised if they are all sold out like they are in my town; many people know about this and are preparing themselves. If there is a shortage of these products in the area where you live, order them at amazon.com or other bona fied websites which carry them. They may cost a little more there, but who cares right now? Some sellers at amazon.com offer “next day delivery”.

Too many people listen to the news and believe what they say. I have read several articles from mainstream media which say we shouldn’t worry here in the United States. Don’t trust them! Whether we are safe this time or not, these products should be on everybody’s shelves at any time, so it makes no difference: get them! And get some extra for friends and others who may be in need if supplies will be even harder to get.

If the U.S. West Coast will be hit by radiation, it’s the second time in my life I’ve been exposed. I happened to live in Sweden in the 1980s, when the Chernobyl catastrophe happened. It seems like I came out of that incident quite intact, but this time I’m going to be prepared. The Swedish and Finnish Media at the time reassured us that there was no reason to worry and that the Chernobyl reactor was too far away for Finland and Sweden to be affected(!) Well, all of a sudden a large number of reindeer and moose and other wildlife died in Finland and Sweden and people eventually started getting cancer and other radiation caused diseases. Citizens in both countries began adding two and two together and blamed the media and governments for withholding information, but of course that was never admitted by the same authorities.

The moral of the above story is: don’t trust what you hear from politicians, media and so-called “experts” who say we’re safe. If we are – fine! But be prepared!


2 thoughts on “Letter From the Editor # 21: Protection Against Radiation From Japanese Fallout

  1. IAmLonefrog

    My President, Barry, just said yesterday that I don’t need to be prepaired. All I have to do is watch T.V. and stay informed. What a great guy, I love him.

    There is terror at the airport, terror in my fridge, terror at Wal-Mart, even terror at the public school, but when it comes to anything tangible I am asked to just look the other way.

    Anyway, I thought for a moment I saw A.R. standing in the backround during the “president’s” speech.

    Was that you buddy?

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