Fulfilling Prophecies with Japan as Part of the Plan?

Source: Richard Koshimizu, Tokyo, Japan, March 18, 2011

Wes’ Comment: Yes, it’s definitely true that there are Elite forces that are trying to fulfill Biblical, Mayan and other old prophecies in artificial ways for their own purposes. The following was emailed to me by a Japanese blogger, who is experiencing the disaster first hand.

Here in the West we can’t even start to imagine how it would be like living in the disaster area. Contrary to us here in the West under even remotely similar circumstances, the Japanese people are extremely stoic and gentle. Instead of going out looting and engaging in criminal activities, they support and help each other wherever they can. No one is stepping on another person’s toes to get what they want. If someone has water, they share! The doors to their houses are open. If there is anything to eat or drink, they share. SERVICE TO OTHERS seems to be a natural trait amongst the Japanese people. I think I dare speak for most of us, saying we are very impressed here in the West. I really hope what is suggested in this article is not going to happen!

Interesting note: Consider that the earthquake happened on a day which has very powerful numbers in it:  3-11-2011, and compare this to 9-11. The number 11 is very symbolic and important for the Power Elite.

This is what Richard has to say about the earthquake:

Look at This Clear Evidence of ARTIFICIAL QUAKES

Click on the image to enlarge

3-11 Seismic terror : Look at this clear evidence of ARTIFICIAL QUAKES in Japan.

Point A,B,C and D are the actual hypocenter of the current earthquakes. The mountain surrounded by 4 points is Mt. Fuji. The mastermind is indeed trying to let Mt. Fuji get errupted. How crazy are they?

David Rockefeller and his CFR clans are the real enemies to human speciies. They have already murdered more than 20,000 Japanese with TSUNAMI and are still trying to materialize the world of 2012 movie.

Please spread this info. as much as possible in order to stop those fanatics. We will never forgive them. We will not.

Richard Koshimizu from Tokyo



3-11 Seismic terror : Daily quakes at exactly same latitude and longtitude in Tokyo Bay. Different only in depth. God is not in charge of such “INDUSTRIAL QUAKES” but only human can create such. What are the seismic terrorist trying to do there?

They repeatedly attacking the same point of Northern Tokyo Bay Fault with small Hydrogen bombs, hoping to trigger a Great earthquake in Tokyo.

Earthquake records : Hypocenter : Tokyo Bay, North latitude ; 35.6, Eastern longtitude ; 139.9
2011.3.13 15:14  Depth 40km
2011.3.14 5:21   30km
2011.3.15 1:36   30km
2011.3.15 4:59   40km
2011.3.15 9:51   30km

The similar same latitude/longtitude quakes can be found in Shizuoka, too. These are definitely man-made quakes. D. Rockefeller and his CFR clans are gulty. Even the evils would hate them. Adolf HItler can be a humanitarian if compared with D. Rockefeller.

North latitude ; 35.3, Eastern longtitude ; 138.7 or 8 (Eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture)
Since midnight of March 14 till 17.

3/15 22:31 35.3 138.7 M6.0 10km
3/15 22:43 35.3 138.8 M3.6 20km
3/16 02:14 35.3 138.7 M2.8 10km
3/16 10:33 35.3 138.8 M2.7 20km
3/16 10:44 35.3 138.8 M3.2 20km
3/16 16:30 35.3 138.7 M2.3 10km
3/16 17:02 35.3 138.7 M2.3 10km
3/16 17:53 35.3 138.7 M2.5 20km
3/17 16:28 35.3 138.8 M2.2 10km
3/17 19:18 35.3 138.7 M2.8 10km


David Rockefeller and his boys totally forgot that they are under scrutiny of Japanese. We are not the moron like themselves.

Richard Koshimizu from Tokyo

10 thoughts on “Fulfilling Prophecies with Japan as Part of the Plan?

  1. Wish!

    Small ‘hydrogen nukes’ are probabaly not the cause – this is not to say that it wasn’t man made made, or deliberate. It is far more likely from a logistical and secrecy point of view to use some form of scalar/energy weoponary.

  2. Paul

    I’m sure you’ll bawl me out for being a puppet, brainwashed – or similar for disagreeing here but – surely the epicentre of the japanese earthquake was 130km off the Japanese coast – nowhere near Mt Fuji… Hence the tsunami…??

    1. Dude

      I don’t think that’s the only place they targeted. They tried to sing the entire island but the tsunami was deflected/lessened by I guess ETs.

  3. LaVerne

    We must forgive and not hold a grudge. No matter who is responsible for this horrendous disaster. the Lord will take care of it.God is in charge. He will exact swift judgement on the perpetrators. It is not up to us to do it. Our job is to pray. The weapons of our warefare are not carnal( physical). but we are called to be warriors in the Spirit. After all if we fight them with wahta will we fight? Don’t they have all the weapons? NO! It is better to fight on a spirit level. They can’t go there because unless you’re saved, you can’t go into the spiirtual realm.

    1. IAmLonefrog

      You keep turning the other cheek LaVerne, oh, and pray. They have trained you well with their dogma.

      Best of luck to you milk-toast.

  4. realistic

    If this last earthquake was caused by the HARRP from the pariah Elitist, then they should be eliminated by whatever means.
    China should take note of this before considering to build any nuclear plant lest all the future plants be exploded and your population be eliminated!

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