Dr. Helen Caldicott on Severe Consequences All Over the World From Japan Fallout

Source: Soot.net, April 24, 2011
[News From Behind the Scenes, Thursday, April 28, 2011 @ 4:45 AM]

Editor’s Note: Our serious problems as a human species started with the split of the atom. Even Einstein warned us! In our stupidity and addictions to electronics, to being told what is best for us, watching TV, playing video games, and letting the few control the many, we are now destroying our planet, and it may even be too late to reverse our stupidity. How could something like the fallout in Japan even happen? How come the Elite are allowed to build such monstrous things that, in an instance can create effects that will slowly but surely kill off a large majority of the mass population, which it probably will now? Answer: because we’re lazy and turn our backs to consequences, brushing them off because these consequences normally lie in the future. Surprise: the future is NOW.

When Japan happened, I told everybody I know: “It’s like they copied and pasted the Swedish newspapers from 1986 about Chernobyl all over again. In 1986, shortly after the Russian fallout, the Swedish media said, ‘No problem. Sweden and Finland will not be affected by the fallout; it’s quite local’. Then the reindeer, moose, and other animals in Sweden fell dead after had eaten from the grass and drunk the water. People got cancer after a while. Those who were awake and had brain cells left, started blaming it on Chernobyl. The authorities (Media), replied and said there was probably a small amount which hit Sweden, but we didn’t have to worry. Cancer rate continued going up and finally they had to admit that it was probably worse than expected.”

In Sweden, we voted on whether we wanted nuclear power plants in the country, or not. People voted for “Option #2”, which meant that we should build them, but only use them for 20 odd years(!) and then tear them down. First of all, how stupid is that? Secondly, this was in the 1970s. It’s now 2011, and they still have the power plants up and running — even after have been exposed to Chernobyl! It’s quite stunning. And besides, what would they do with the waste, anyway? Wouldn’t be surprised if they dumped it in the Baltic Sea.

Same pattern here; the United States is only affected “a little bit”, and it’s such small doses that it’s laughable. People read the news, sit back, have another beer, and think: ‘thanks God for the news. They know their stuff. No need to take iodine. Darn these conspiracy theorists. Phew!”. 5-15 years down the line, people are starting to get cancers and no one even thinks about connecting the dots. ‘Oh, s/she had cancer due to bad eating habits, and this girl had breast cancer at 15 because it’s probably in her genes, three generations back. By the way, why are there so many miscarriages all of a sudden? Hey, my baby is not looking normal!’. And we, in our stupidity, accept this. The Powers That Be and their prostitutes, the Media, know this. So, they say there is no danger, because they KNOW that down the road, when people get sick, no one is going to blame the fallout or even be smart enough to connect the dots! So, the authorities are safe and once again avoided to create mass panic. Instead they let people die. In summary: the majority of the population went back to sleep again.

Some people ask me why the good ETs don’t land, embrace us and invite us to their communities in space. Think about it! Put yourself in their shoes. Would YOU invite us? Hardly. I would look at us as a dangerous species, prone to war, controlled by a few who are extremely busy killing off the population and destroying our planet for all eternity. I would also look at us as loving and decent beings (for the most part), but extremely lazy and dumbed down, in that we let us be led by the nose, like obedient bulls. We rather watch reality shows on TV and twitter ourselves through the day, or perhaps sit for hours on FaceBook talking nonsense about our day at work; like if someone really cares. If I were an alien, I would put a quarantine around this planet, until we learn to behave. If we would be allowed to mingle with the them, we would create such havoc that they’d have to quickly transport us back down into the quarantine again before it’s too late. Prison Planet? Perhaps we deserve it.

It doesn’t look good, and I don’t blame the Global Elite. They, in all their viciousness, are our catalysts. If they, by being as vicious as they sometimes are, are not able to wake us up, don’t expect a future that you and your children even remotely want to live in. It’s only going to get worse if we don’t start saying ‘no’! and educate ourselves.

In addition, the majority of the population is also going to be overwhelmed by the intense information flow in form of gamma rays from the Sun and the Galactic Center, and typically go insane, commit suicide, kill each other, get physically ill, or have an extremely hard time in general. I, and others, are paving the road for others to travel, or at least walk on for a while, until people pave their own roads. It’s free, except for the fee you pay to go on the Internet. If you don’t care, at least take responsibility for your children!

I know I may be preaching to the choir here in some cases, but hopefully other people, addicted to Reality Shows and similar, may once in a while accidentally surf into a page like this. I’m still naive enough to think that people may not laugh it off. Please let me continue living with that illusion; I’m doing my absolute best to hang on to it!  Watch Dr. Helen Caldicott’s speech by following the link below. Thanks, Wes.

Nuclear Facts. A very clued in professional who will not be bought or intimidated into silence. Watch the video here: http://www.sott.net/articles/show/227616-Nuclear-Fallout-You-won-t-hear-this-on-any-mainstream-news.

Dr. Helen Caldicott, true to style, tells it as it is. As she sees it, you wont usually hear the truth so listen up.. Nuclear fallout from Japan and Canada, You won’t hear this on the news.

9 thoughts on “Dr. Helen Caldicott on Severe Consequences All Over the World From Japan Fallout

  1. In addktion to that you could usee it to water your hore or water yourself.
    Thhey willl suggest further tests to make sure that they
    are on the right track. This happens most often wiuth
    cancer of thhe pancreas, stomach, esohageal and
    lung cancer.

  2. IAmLonefrog

    I remember back when all the discussion surrounding Supriem was basically “What side are you on?” Like you could choose and perhaps that will allow you to “get by” some how, you know, if you chose correctly.

    Well, here we are faced with another decision, and I do believe if one were to make the “healthy choice” they will somehow create a positive outcome for themselves as well as others. Don’t get me wrong, as long as you are here you will always be tested (it’s the way of the world) so I’m not trying to say there is a light at the end of this tunnel, just a way to carry yourself. Personally, I chose to start with my family and a few close friends. Are they aware of the world in which they live? Not really, but they could be.

    By example, I intend to introduce them to the pathological agenda smothering our natural state of being. So far it has proven to be challenging and tiresome because of all the obstacles and distractions provided by our spiritual adversaries. The key is just to remember “they” are only doing their job. Like I first told Susan when she introduced us to “The Atlantean Brotherhood”, they are only doing what they were meant to do. Don’t let it muddy the waters and dilute your compassion for those who truly need it. Your energies/vibrations are being corrupted and few things outside of a solid frame of mind will see you through. Balance.

    Thank you Wes for all that you do, now, about that book.

  3. Bob F

    Why can’t we dig up the uranium, use it, deplete it-making it less radioactive than when we dug it up, and just put it back where we found it? I’ll tell you: Because to make it work we essentially had to set it on fire. Before we did that it was safe. Now its not. Not for 100,000 years. But we can manage to safely store something that long, right? But why should the people that guard the waste for the rest of the time, have to do that for the people who benefit now? How many generations will have to guard the danger we create, for our own benefit, right now?

    That question aside, assume that the future generation WILL still be safeguarding the waste 100,000 years from now. They’ll probably be using nuclear too, right? I mean is safe, so we’ll probably also still be using this form of power 100,000 years from now, right? 100,000 years from now we’ll still be using it, and managing the waste. I wonder how much waste we’ll create during that time. 100,000 years of nuclear power production will produce a lot of nuclear waste I bet. Or will we reach a point where there is too much waste and we change our minds?

    Of course changing our minds doesn’t excuse us from managing the waste we’ve already created. But supposing we do reach a point where its too much waste. Will it be in 40 years, 100 years, 1,000 years, 10,000 years? That would still leave 990,000 years of waste to manage. When do you suppose that time will come that we have too much nuclear waste?

  4. carolks

    How refreshing and nourishing the comments today!!

    {sign of the times} Now off to the Royal Wedding-One needs more distraction.

    Hey Wes, what is with The Black Pope business??? Jesuits etc.

  5. Lisa

    A TV-weather forecaster, Curry Melin, here in Sweden, refused to lie to the population about the radioactice cecium, that it DIDN’T come in over Stockholm, but “miraculously” took a turn up to the middle of Sweden.
    I Swedishm but anyway. I was 16 when Tjernobyl happened.
    Sometimes I wonder if the global elite haven’t been evil enough. If people choose to continue to sacrifice people, animals and nature like we do today, WHAT is needed to happen for people to change their way of life? I can hear the elite’s desperate voce: “We can’t do more evil! Stop us please, NOW!” Or something… Fukuskima, 4 melt downs, totally open for the radioactivity to leak into the air and water, no end in sight. It’s gotta be much worse than Tjernobyl. We kind of have enough radio activity as it is anyway, due to all nuclear tests, nucleas bombs and current leakage from nuclear plants. With GMO and all other toxins, what are we going to look like in a generation or 2? What do the babies look like now i Fallujah???
    I’m growing my own crops for the second year now. I’m planning to move to a real small house with my children and become as self sufficient as I can. I’d love to live in a small communitie where we work together, using the green technilogy that is available, and doing the rest by hand, so much nicer to work out in the lands, than going to “work out” in some indoor room. I hope people will realize that less IS more. The chemicals, time and money used to make the boiled ham taste smoked… why not just go out and smoke the ham! Well, I’m a vegetarian so that particular example was not for me. ;)
    Well, well… I’ll stay clear…

    1. Wow! You’re a forerunner, Lisa. I loved to read your comment. I remember Curry Melin! Brings back memories. I presume you’re Swedish too, just like me. Anyway, keep it up and I look forward to more in a line of insightsful comments from you in the future! :-)

  6. We have been given all the tools to make good lives here on this planet, yet we constantly want more than what we need. In doing this we screw the whole system and it fails.

    Tesla offered us free and endless power, however it would never have made any money, so it was destroyed.

    Oil was discovered and all along it has been free, abiotic from the Earth’s mantle, yet again money could not be made from it and now it is the root cause of so much trouble in the world, simply because of greed.

    I really hope the world wakes up. That is what we have to fight for. My spiritual side hopes for mankind to evolve to be able to absorb all the bad stuff that is now in the atmosphere all over the world. This has happened before throughout the history of the planet, animals that were land based move to the water. Now we have to live in a polluted world with unnecessary wars that are also started to make money for the already rich, greedy oligarchs and bankers.

    Time to merge with nature folks and get back some of the good stuff we were given to make our lives successful and happy.

    1. Yes, humanity is going to split in two: those who stay addicted to technology and artificial intelligence, and those who “return to nature”. We all have our “local universes” inside of us and, in certain terms, around us. We need to take a look at ourlocal universe, which is the environment and lives we’re living. Is this the life we want? If not, throw out what you don’t need or want and keep what you want and what you wish to build on.

      Be extremely clear what you are available for. Don’t negotiate that! By staying clear, you are helping the world around you to learn how to stay clear as well. We create our own lives and our local universes. No one man can change the world, but s/he can change his/her local universe by thought and emotion. It spreads from thereon…We need to throw out the clutter from our local universes and stop having sloppy thoughts and quit sloppy talking. We need to be mindful and think before we speak. Be clear!

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