Skeptics Question Osama Bin Laden Death, Asking for Proof

Source: ABC/Associated Press, (comments by Fred Burke,, May 2, 2011
[News From Behind the Scenes, Wednesday, May 4, 2011 @ 7:40 PM]

As elated crowds celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden after Navy SEALs killed the al-Qaida chief in a weekend raid in Pakistan some are asking, “Where’s the proof?” Photos depicting a bloodied and bruised face appearing to be that of bin Laden began appearing on Twitter and Facebook last night soon after news of his death spread across the Internet. According to Reuters, an archive photo of bin Laden at a news conference proves that image was a fake. Now people are asking to see the evidence proving bin Laden is dead. From Pakistan to the U.S. people expressed their skepticism about the death of the man who is perhaps the most infamous terrorist ever known. Officials said today they are “99.9 percent” certain that bin Laden was shot dead in Pakistan. They also cited CIA photo analysis matching physical features such as bin Laden’s height. Rep. Mike Roger, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told the Associated Press that more than one DNA sample was used to identify Osama bin Laden. After Adolf Hitler’s suicide in April 1945, conspiracy theories for years suggested Hitler was alive and in hiding. The Russian secret services came forward with a skull and jawbones. DNA results eventually showed the skull was that of a female.

Note: For two BBC reports suggesting that bin Laden may already have been dead, click here and here. Why would bin Laden’s body be buried at sea? Could it be to prevent an proof of identity?

24 thoughts on “Skeptics Question Osama Bin Laden Death, Asking for Proof

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  4. pollywog1

    Umm wow all I have to say is why didn’t people notice the mouth and beard in the same condition as photos seen before wow…

  5. Joshua Phillips

    If you want the real scoop I definitely would check out While Alex Jones may not always be 100% accurate on some of his conspiracy theories he’s CLOSER to the truth than mainstream media. Remember who owns and controls most of mainstream media. If there is any doubt like Wes said always do your own research!

  6. Paul

    Hmmm. Whether true or not – does osama’s death actually achiee anything – other than some
    Type of justification – for thousands of civilians and allied soldiers dead?! ‘see we told you it was worth it’ –

    I can’t help thinking that defeating global terrorism could be achieved more effectively than individually hunting them down or invading the countries that they may or may not be living.

    I also can’t help thinking that the whole terrorism thing gace justification to us in the western world to erode human rights and freedoms, as well as perpetuate the endless blood money creating hate filled cycle of war.

    Would it be possible that this incident has been manufactured by current administrations in order to easily back out of these various situations – after realising they are doing more harm than good? Particularly with the insurgency that has been spreading across the middle east…

    1. IAmLonefrog

      Defeat global terrorism? Your’e joking right? If “we” were in the business of doing so, don’t you think we would have gone into Mexico by now? I mean, 35,000 deaths in four years. We could get two birds with one stone – War on drugs, War on terror.


      1. Paul

        I agree. That’s really my point. That you can’t defeat terrorism. Only make it worse. It’s kind of a misnomer anyway isn’t it? There will always be a minority wanting the opposite of everyone else. – some of those will
        Be militant.

        Unrest in many areas has been created my long term global mis management – and ofcourse the west’s attempt to monopolise resources.

        The term ‘global terrorism’ is a handy catchall that enables the military powers to justify almost any actions – to almost any end they want.

        Also that the unrest and any anti-western sentiment cannot be defeated by violence. I reckon it’s about time some people started recognising that.

        Btw mr lonefrog – just interested to know why u always reply to posts as If everyone other than yourself is an idiot. Hehe. Nothing wrong with having differing opinions, eh? And noone has the monopoly on wisdom.

        Violence breeds violence. Time civilisation (so called) grew up and recognised that fact.

        I reckon mr lone frog that u didn’t read my post properly ;p.

        1. IAmLonefrog

          Perhaps I didn’t read your post properly, perhaps you are an idiot, perhaps I will never know who is a “good” person behind those words or a “bad” person. But one thing I do know for certain, you will always get straight from the Frog’s mouth.


          1. Paul

            Perhaps we are just a reflection of your psyche. So the idiocy you see is actually your unconscious expressing itself…

            Perhaps you SHOULD see the good behind the words. If all you seek is bad intentions that’s all you’ll ever find :)

            1. IAmLonefrog

              Been at it far too long to listen to some drivel that the “current administration” may be covering it’s tracks or even some oddball anti-western NLP. This is not the time to use the mirror metaphor, that brief window of opportunity has come and gone. (Though it does show that you have some training in the introduction to the awakening process of the true self)
              But to continue surmising what the left is doing as opposed to the right is negating ANYTHING that you may have picked up along the way.
              I see the good behind the words when they are there. You friend, are only succeeding in fooling yourself, because that’s all there is.

          2. Paul

            One more thing – the phrase ‘I’m a straight talker’ is just another way f saying ‘I’ll
            Say what I like and damn everyone else’. That has no impact on me btw yet you will naturally rub everyone up the wrong way. Friends family colleagues etc … and on Internet sites… I feel sorry if that really IS your approach. Anyway. Off topic – peace

            1. IAmLonefrog

              To thy own self be true.

              I could use the flowery connotations you so desire, but truth be known, if you had something to say other than the regurgitated memes of the conspiracy world, I would. Until then your’e gonna have to accept that the balance is divided between a slap in the face and someone holding your hand to show you the way. (Which one do you think has staying power?)

              For a moment there I thought we were going to have a substantial exchange of ideas, but YOU went ahead and apologized for MY approach. How convoluted is that?

              Hope you have what it takes to hang in there. Seriously.

          3. Paul

            Run out of room to reply anywhere else. Haha.

            I read and re-read what you have said – and I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said. The thing that confuses me is that what you’re arguing against / about – are issues that I havent even mentioned….

            You say ‘thought we were gonna have a good debate’ but that’s very difficult when you misrepresent much of what I have expressed.

            I don’t think we are polls apart. I certainly understand more about true reality than most. I don’t see the point in rallying against govts. Etc. I learn and gain experience for me. I understand about ny own subjective reality. I understand the nature I’d the universe at a quantum level and hence a spiritual level… I understand that there are plans to control
            Money supply and wealth that date back to N E Rothschild in 1700 and beyond… I understand that the media is largely controlled by governments – I try to learn for myself as well as pick things up from the ether….

            But because I choose a reasoned ‘shades of grey’ approach – and a peaceful and positive style – i think that annoys you my dear frog.

            Well. ‘lone’ frog. No one is alone. We are all connected. No one exists as an island. Life is not a battle unless you make it so. :) peace

            1. IAmLonefrog

              “anti-western sentiment” is Neuro Linguistic Programming, as is “global terrorism”, along with “current administration” I could go on but I hope you get the point.

              If you learn and gain experience for yourself it would be beneficial to steer clear of anything that smells like $#!t, but then again you were probably socially engineered to think that poop smells good and find it difficult to discern the difference.

              Like the fifference between a DEBATE and an EXCHANGE OF IDEAS.
              And you tell me I’m misrepresenting?

              Look Paul, you may have used a “shades of grey” approach but there was no reasoning involved. That’s what annoys me Paul. That and the sad fact that we are not all connected. We came here to learn how to connect and not arbitrarily accept that we are.

              Until then I will be chillin’ on my own little lilypad hopin’ that the zombies won’t ever learn how to swim.

  7. You asked the question. Why would bin Laden’s body be buried at sea? It could be to prevent a shrine from being built (on land), if the location was known.

    As for the first photo….this site explains it all:

    Man…this is fun!!!

    1. Hi Larnhr,

      The commentary to this ABC/AP article was not made by me, but by Fred Burke (easy to miss, because it’s in the top section, where the references are). Not that it matters :)

      Although Froggy is correct; if we still want to elaborate on pictures, Obama said that they don’t want to release the real ones, because they are too juicy (like in bloody, brain-splashy). I found that quite funny, when Hollywood is releasing movie after movie where body parts are flying all over the place and brains splash in people’s faces. I think people can handle Osama’s death pictures by now. The problem is, there may not be any. He may have been dead for a long time already….IF they show some kind of picture, let’s hope it’s not a female skull this time LOL.

  8. IAmLonefrog

    Sounds like zombie mentality to me.

    “The first photo was a fake! We demand to see more, then we will believe you”

    All the while never even aware of the creation of a distraction in the first place.

    Little test for yourself to see if your’e a Zombie………

    Can you effortlessly moan and groan about one subject simply to moan and groan about another when directed to? Completely forgetting what it was you were limply marching towards not just two days ago?

    Let’s substitute the word “brains” with “photos” in this situation.


    They are coming for you Barbara.

  9. Joseph Hiddink

    The US could offer anyone who doubts it, to give them a free ride to the dumping place, give them a swim mask and drop them from a helicopter. P.s. Do not forget Not to pick them up again

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