About Trees & Nature: Listen With Your Heart

Source: Oribeldivine.com
Posted here: May 29, 2011 @ 8:15 PM

We often hear of people around the world who protect, rescue and grow trees.  And we wonder why they do this.

I co-created this video in June 2009 to share with you the reasons why The Trees are important to planet Earth.  Using information found in Dianne Robbins latest book called Tree Talk published in 2008, this video contains a very small portion of an edited excerpt of the complete information shared by the Trees themselves.  The Trees are magnificent beings who not only provide us shelter and shade and are homes to our animal friends, they too play the role of caretakers and stewards of this planet and much more.

2 months after posting this video on Youtube, I was communicating with a wise old tree in our local botanic garden. At the end of our conversation I asked the tree if it has any message for me, and the tree replied, “The Trees thank you for sharing our story with the world.” And my heart did a somersault and I was in tears. To receive thanks and acknowledgement from another species is my greatest reward. I hope you too can experience this and share your stories with others.

Today I reach out to a tree, touch it, hug it, love it and talk to it. And the tree loves me back. It’s about connecting from the heart center and the common language we have is LOVE. All life forms respond to LOVE. That’s the way it is.

I dedicate this video to all the trees of this world, the tree huggers, the tree growers and the tree rescuers. Please sit back, relax and enjoy their story!

For the complete story of Dianne Robbins book Tree Talk pls. click on this URL:

For a free excerpt of the book Tree Talk, pls. click on this URL:

We often forget to give thanks to the things that have supported us in our human and spiritual evolution. Let us stop for a while and observe what they are.  Our home, the dirt that helps create the foundation for our home, and all other life forms that feed us, clothe us, keep us company and provide us beauty in its existence.

As we learn to support and love the very things that support us, we learn that we are ALL ONE. I invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy viewing.

In appreciation and gratitude to All That Is.  Enjoy this wonderful rampage of appreciation!

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