An Open Letter to William Windsor and Kate Middleton: Stay Out of Our Country

by Rev. Kevin D. Annett, Citizen of the Republic of Kanata, formerly “Canada”, June 21, 2011
Posted here: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 @ 6:00 PM
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The Solstice, 21 June, 2011

Dear William and Kate,

I understand that you have invited yourself into my country. Since I was recently banned from entering yours, for reasons known only to your Home Office, it behooves me to say that, as representatives of a destructive foreign power, you are not welcome here.

In saying this, let me be clear that I bear neither of you personal animosity or hatred, but neither do I bear you allegiance. For you represent a criminal regime with centuries of blood on its hands that has no just, legitimate or lawful claim of authority over me or my country men and women.

My father’s ancestors left England in 1820 to escape the stifling oppression of the British Crown and its landowner-run government, which hanged poor children for stealing food to survive, and locked up my ancestor Peter Annett for publicly criticizing the Anglican Church. My mother’s family was driven from the Scottish Highlands by your soldiers, and my great-grandfather Daniel O’Neill saw his entire family starve to death on a coffin ship from Cork, Ireland, after your Crown stripped them of their land, crops and lives.

More recently, I have seen up close how the British Crown has inflicted the same Genocide on generations of indigenous people here, including by exterminating more than 50,000 of their children in the Crown-sanctioned “Indian residential schools”, along with the Church of England and the Vatican.

Last year, on behalf of grieving aboriginal families, I wrote to your mother Elizabeth Windsor, the “queen”, and asked her to identify where these thousands of residential school children are buried. She has never replied, even though she is legally responsible for their deaths.

Across my country, one in five children languish in poverty, while your “Crown” claims title to all of our resources and vast swaths of our land. Every year, millions of dollars are siphoned off our taxpayers to keep you in luxury. And what has the Crown given to us in return, besides gala pageants? Have you upheld our liberties and protected us from foreign enemies, as your coronation oath requires you to do? On the contrary.  And yet you really expect us to pay for the cost of your trip and expensive frivolities?

Neither of you chose to be cast in the role you are playing, but you can choose to stop doing so, and become aware of what it is you symbolize, and are perpetuating. I invite you to do so.

What you represent is not welcome on our soil. But as individuals, William and Kate, you can come here, provided you begin by asking permission to arrive on our land: not from your marionette government in Ottawa or the puppet Indian chiefs you pay to betray their own nations – but from the people of Kanata themselves.

You should know that we are a people who have never relinquished that spirit of liberty and justice that we sought when we came here, fleeing from the oppression of Crown and Church. We are still sovereign people, seeking to live in rightness and equality with the original peoples of this land.

We have realized that we cannot do so under the false jurisdiction of the British Crown, which has always been the architect of our misery. And for that reason, on July 1, 2009, the Republic of Kanata was proclaimed in my home town of Winnipeg.

I have included a copy of the Founding Proclamation of the Republic of Kanata.

As your Empire learned in Ireland, in India, and in America, a people determined to sever its allegiance to England will not be deterred. And more than sixty percent of my people want to end our ties with the British Crown and become a Republic, according to a recent poll.

It is in the spirit of that majority that I speak when I say, do not come onto our land as representatives of the Crown of England.

If you choose to do so, be prepared to face charges of genocide and mass murder: for that is the indictment being prepared against your Crown by an International Tribunal at this very moment in London and Brussels. And as legal representatives of that Crown, you can be held personally responsible for the crimes against humanity inflicted by that power on all the peoples of our land.

You can read the details of those crimes at the website , since I’m sure you weren’t taught the real history of the British Empire in your elite finishing schools.

Some of that history can also be found in the words of another of my ancestors, Phillip Annett, a farmer and blacksmith who was one of many ordinary people who tried to overthrow the British colonial regime in Canada in 1837 in league with William Lyon MacKenzie and Les Patriotes in Quebec under Louis-Joseph Papineau.

Their failure to bring about a real democratic Republic in Canada made all the subsequent crimes inflicted on our peoples possible. But the spirit of freedom in my great-great-great grandfather Phillip was never quenched, as this letter he wrote home to England in 1830, when he first arrived in Ontario, demonstrates:

“We live in a fine country, a land of liberty and plenty. Here you have no rent to pay, no poor-rates or workhouses, scarcely any taxes. No game-keepers or Lords over you. Here we are as respected as any of our neighbours and we are on good terms with all, even the savages. This is a land God meant us to hold in liberty for all, against every usurping power.”

This is Kanata as it was meant to be, and has always been in the hearts of its people. Kanata, which means “the village” in the tongue of the Mohawk nation: a community of equals, living in peace with the earth and one another.

We are pledged to re-establish such a nation, and by our proclamation of July 1, 2009, we have re-asserted our natural sovereignty over the land you know as Canada. Consequently, when you arrive here it will be in the status of illegal trespassers on our land.

I pray that you will look past the paid or naïve crowds of flag waving sycophants who will greet you, and seek the real Kanata and its people. I am more than willing to escort both of you as individuals to the parts of my country that you will never be shown, including the urban slums, poor mill towns and reservations where natives and non-natives alike suffer under the stagnating, over-taxed and dependent society we have become under the British Crown.

That old society is ending, as our new Republic is arising on its ashes. May God save that Republic and its people.

In its name, I am,

Kevin Daniel Annett – Eagle Strong Voice
Citizen of Kanata and adopted member of the Anishnabe Nation
Member of the Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata

The Proclamation of the Sovereign Republic of Kanata
Made in Winnipeg on July 1, 2009

Pronountionis Unitas Kanata

We hold it to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, and are endowed with an unalienable liberty and sovereignty in order to love and protect one another and the Earth, free of oppression, greed and violence.

When any system of government, real or imposed, is destructive to this state and purpose, it is the natural right and duty of free men and women to throw off any political, moral and legal shackles and impose a just and free social order to safeguard their sacred life and liberty.

Therefore, we the sovereign men and women of Kanata, with solemn respect to the Office and Obligations bestowed upon us by our Divine Creator in accord with De Pronountionis Deus and by right of Natural Law, do hereby command this Proclamation be promulgated to all men, women, persons and foreign agents who presently occupy our Sovereign Lands:

We firstly state as fact without dispute that for centuries, a predatory foreign power called the “Crown of England” in alliance with its sponsor, the Vatican, has imposed itself as an occupation force on our peoples, raped and drained our lands of their vast wealth and vitality, conducted wars of aggression and genocide against our nations, murdered the innocent, restricted and subverted our rights and liberties, and kept us in a state of colonial dependency and impoverishment; and

Official Documents of claimed ownership promulgated by the Crown and the Vatican, by asserting the false right of Terra Nullius and other concepts found within the Papal Bulls Romanus Pontifex and Inter Catera, displayed complete and utter contempt for natural law against indigenous peoples’ full title to their own lands; and

As the natural rights of all these peoples have never been legally extinguished nor ceded, the Crown has habitually dishonored Due Process of Law and continued to abrogate native title and rights under duress; and

Secondly, we state as a fact without dispute that the same Crown and Vatican and their Chartered Companies and Agents have imposed the same regime of oppression on the settler populations brought to this land, denying them the Rule of Law and responsible Government in order to dispossess these populations of their rights and lands, and steal the wealth of the nation for a small minority, an oppression that continues to the present; and further,

Where agreements and treaties have been made with the Crown and Vatican, the Crown and Vatican have in return demonstrated only bad faith and duplicity, and instead acted consistently in violation of the Right of Jus Cogens by deliberately instituting documented genocide, mass murder, warfare, enslavement, land theft, kidnapping and destruction of property and culture, such that Pacta sunt Servanda cannot possibly apply to those historic instruments and agreements that Crown and Vatican rely on for their legitimacy; and further,

This same tyrannical regime has shown an equal contempt and disregard towards the land and its creatures, ravaging and despoiling them for its own profit and that of foreign interests;

This mercenary and pirating behavior of deception and contempt for Due Process has been the hallmark of the Crown’s occupation of our Lands, corrupting the operation of the Courts and its Officials while denying the operation of just remedy and relief, including evading criminal justice for the deliberate genocide of countless hundreds of thousands of native born men and women, and the abuse of our children for reasons no more important than private profit and personal pleasure; and

Thirdly, we completely reject the assertion that the present form of Society and Government of Canada in any way represents a free and fair democratic society, but is in fact nothing more than a charade and fraud using the outward symbols of freedom, fairness and justice while denying the fulfillment of a truly free and equitable society and protecting the selfish interests of the Crown; and

Fourthly, by their status under their oath of allegiance as the legal agents of the English Crown, all Members of Parliament, government officers, judges, soldiers and police officers are obligated not to serve and protect the people of Canada and their rights, but instead the wishes of a foreign monarch and power, and that consequently, the politicians, courts and government of “Canada” are part of an illegal and destructive occupying force on the lands of our peoples, and are therefore our enemy. Accordingly, there remains no present institutional remedy for such a condition of slavery, since every level of legal and political authority in Canada is the servant of the very architect of our oppression; and

Through the control of all the lands and resources of Canada by the Crown, and the reduction of all of its people to the subordinate legal status of “subjects”, that is, landless slaves, of the Crown under the legal authority of its single representative, “Canadians” remain nothing more than modern-day serfs in a neo-feudal society, and paupers in our own land;

Finally, because of these undisputed facts, the time has come to establish a Free, Responsible and Just Society of sovereign men and women in Canada as a Republic of Equals who accept their Sovereignty by consenting to freely associate according to Common Law and Due Process.

In this pursuit, we therefore proclaim as self-evident that all men and women are endowed by Creation with unalienable rights, including Life, Liberty, and the Free Enjoyment of the earth, and are established to care for and share equally the earth and its resources. The Land, the sea and its wealth are not the property therefore of any person or group, but belong equally to all the people, and are held in common by the people as a visible sign that the Natural Law of Peace, Justice and Equality is honored and safeguarded.

With equal devotion to equality and the Natural Law, we proclaim Kanata as a Federation of Nations, indigenous and settler alike, whose beliefs, sovereignty and traditions will be safeguarded and enshrined constitutionally.

Upon this Pronouncement, warranted by our Sovereign Right, upon necessity, We invoke the considered judgment of all peoples and the blessing of our common Creation, and do hereby proclaim the establishment of the Sovereign Republic of Kanata, which has sole legitimate authority and jurisdiction over the lands and seas formerly known as the “Dominion of Canada”, and disestablishes the authority of the English Crown and the Vatican, and annuls any allegiance or service to these foreign powers.

In Witness thereof, We pledge our lives and our sacred honor, and have hereunto set our hands and caused the Seal of the Republic of Kanata as a Free Society on the Land.

Done and Duly Noted as of this First Day of July, 2009 by We, the Provisional Government of the Sovereign Republic of Kanata, at Winnipeg, on the traditional lands of the Cree and Anishnabe Nation, by we,

Caoimhin Ui Niall

Interim President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Kanata

Jeremiah Jourdain

Interim Foreign Secretary of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Kanata

And fifty four other men and women constituting the Council of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Kanata


For so long as there shall be but one hundred of us who remain alive, we will never give consent to being subject to the English Crown. For in truth, it is not for glory, nor riches, nor honors that we fight, but for liberty, for that alone, which no honest man surrenders but with life itself.
The Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland, 1320


Read the truth of genocide in Canada and globally at:

This email is hosted by Jeremiah Jourdain on behalf of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice (adopted May 2004 into the Anishinabe nation by Louis Daniels – Whispers Wind).

Kevin can be reached at or .

7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to William Windsor and Kate Middleton: Stay Out of Our Country

  1. jim

    It is now official the remains of the children are being dug up and analyzed by an independant Lab for dna,and other forensic specialist according to (ABORIGINAL PEOPLE’S TELEVISION NETWORK )…APTN..Here in Canada the Harper government does not want this released to the general public or the mainstream media.That is why this forensic investigation is being done by the Mohawk People, so that choose to keep it from the Canadian Government because the government wants this issue kept out of the public ,and more than likely tamper with what evidence that is presented.

  2. The savage queen is a big deal up here its her diamond jubilee and the propaganda machine is working overt time to make her look like a decent and caring person ; meanwhile her imbred kid prince charlie and his classy wife are coimng to Canada to promote her reign of terror and supeirority over us commoners.I wish they’d leave us alone and dissapear.

  3. I know that we all suffered greatly,and that Kevin has bought this out into the open for all to see.I am a natie herein “Canada” and I’d rather fight for my rights and all those that really believe in freedom.Not democracy,democracy is as believable as the “easter bunny,and santa clause”.Right now we all on the earth are as free as caged animals.

  4. Paul

    It’s true – since the early days of history, the richest, the strongest bullied te commoners of the world. The feudal system in the uk – essentially bullies that payed mercenaries to control the populous, and demanding a tax for protection. On what grounds?? And although the monarchy over the pat few centuries has become more a figurehead – devolving power to parliament – I suppose it is strange that the descendants of those feudal lords, the war mongeters, still hold power and prestige.

    I certainly don’t hold any personal grudge – and enjoy the historical context – maybe it IS time for a change. But it is not the royal family that holds sway, is it? that’s a genuine question.

    I feel as downhearted about the governments of the western world that seem to exist simply to make the powers that be more powerful an more wealthy. Why should I pay nearly 50% tax? What do I really get in return? There is a better way but that relies on a complete paradigm shift…. Oh well At least William seems to share the ideals of his mother… Maybe there’s hope there??

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