Genetic Armageddon: Humanity’s Greatest Threat, July 27, 2011
Posted here: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 @ 6:15 PM

Wes’ Comment: Alex Jones is right on and is making a great presentation of this incredibly important issue. What he doesn’t say, though, is that this is ET technology, stemming from the Anunnaki and other races who have participated in TTP (Technology Transfer Programs) with human Governments, foremost the American.

Watch out, folks, this is what we need to avoid at any cost, and we need to not be available for this kind of future, or it’s the end of mankind as we know it.

I will bring this issue up from another perspective than Alex Jones in my upcoming Papers, but this video is still very important. We all need to know that this is not science fiction – it is happening right now and has been going on for a long time behind the scenes. Alex has the evidence and it’s right in our faces.

We don’t need no Anunnaki and their machine technology. They have done enough damage on this planet. They say they come back here to bring peace and help us regain sovereignty as a species – don’t believe it!

20 thoughts on “Genetic Armageddon: Humanity’s Greatest Threat

  1. Wes Penre

    For the first time since I started publishing stuff I can say for a fact that I am under surveillance. I may just as well throw that out here, in case it’s getting serious. So far, they are just observing, it seems. Who are they? Someone who’s in control of highly sophisticated technology – read drones! I’m not kidding. How do they know? Easy. They know every word we type.

    1. carolks

      Well Wes,

      The positive side of the “peeps” observing your contributions to the betterment of the world is this.

      They just might get aboard the “freedom train” within themselves and stop the endless cycle of reforming others and maybe reform themselves while they absorb the work.

      Who knows???? Life is full of surprises!!

  2. Wes Penre

    Just to clarify; these will be the main subjects that my papers will include, divided into sub-sections (all revolving around humanity becoming multi-dimensional; or rather, regaining their multi-dimensional abilities. They will also discuss the choice we have at this point to become either multi-dimensional or part of the Machine Kingdom, where humans eventually will turn into half humans, half robots/machines; there will be (and this has already started big time) cloning, artificial intelligence, a world built on intellect rather than intellect combined with intuition etc. The PTB are of course teaming up with ETs, who themselves are half human, half machine. Nano-technology will be the near future for those who choose that route. What is just touching the surface of what I’m working on ) :

    1. Science
    2. Metaphysics
    3. Ancient Galactic Wars and Peace Treaties
    4. Human Origins and Genetic Manipulation
    5. Exopolitics
    6. Prophecy
    7. Soulutions (Our Multi-dimensional Future)

  3. To me Alex is more entertaining than anything. There is some truth to him, but you need to weed it out.

    It doesn’t matter who wins here. It plays out the same way every time.

    When you are finished here, you will move on. The ones that control the “PTB” here, will NOT leave when we do. They will remain here, until they are finished……which won’t be for the very very long “time”.

    1. Wes Penre

      Very true in regard to the PTB. This is also something that I am discussing in my Papers. Alex is bringing up a subject that is important, even if he’s only discussing a small part of it. This is important, because it is one of the reasons humanity will “split” – because of genetic engineering and manipulation going wild, and artificial intelligence stemming from ETs. One of the goals is to bring about a Machine Kingdom (speaking of zombies), and there are those who are willing to follow that path, and there are those who’d rather connect with nature again – something most people have forgotten how to do. I know which path I am choosing.

  4. BrothaMcJig

    Planet earth is too unique for conjecture. This is a serious problem. The testing has moved outside of the labs and it is only a matter of time and something is going to go seriously wrong. Even the “control” populations are not immune considering only a few generations of “inbreeding.” Not a subject for the faint of heart. The problem with TTP of this sort is that we do not know the full implications. A clever director could calculate a few species ahead of time and know which would be phased out. Do the insanely brilliant doctors working on this realize they could be offing themselves too?

    Like I said not for the faint of heart. I wish to retain my peace and dignity come hell and high water. Frog, Alex blacklisted me because I do not buy into his fear program. I believe humanity has to look this kind of thing in the face but not blink. In the end is it not our minds that will save us but our hearts. We will win because the sadists will never outnumber those who care for each other.

  5. What Wes says is true,

    We do not need help.

    Only advice. It has been said that what we seek is already within us. Just look and you WILL find it there. To see reality is as simple as to see one’s face in a mirror. Only the mirror must be clear and true.

    A quiet mind…..

    undistorted by desires and fears….

    free from ideas and opinions……

    clear on all levels…..

    is needed to reflect the reality.

    Be clear and quiet – alert and detached, all else will happen by itself. There is destiny to consider. The unconscious is in the grip of destiny; it is destiny, in fact. One may have to wait. But however heavy may be the hand of destiny, it can be lifted by patience and self control. Integrity and purity remove the obstacles and the vision of reality appears in the mind.

    Ask yourself this, although what Alex says seems to ring true, is it creating patience and self control? You see, all that happens is the cause of all that happens. Causes are numberless; the idea of a sole cause is an illusion. So allow Alex Jones to be a cause behind what is happening to you and you will soon bear witness to a frightful realization. One, me thinks, that we are all hoping to avoid. That you can be/are the Anunnaki.

    I hope your delivery has soul Wes.

    LoneFrog out

    1. Like your comment, Froggy, but not sure about your last sentence:

      “I hope your delivery has soul Wes.”

      Is there any reason it wouldn’t, or am I misunderstanding you?


      1. Perhaps,

        Just remembering your last publication in which you had a writer named “Tom” helping you. His main objective I believe was to minimalize the Supriem story. His double speak cojured up the spell that penny stocks were a worthless commodity and “we” were left holding the bag billions of dollars later. In this current scenario I am concerned A.R. Borden is going to make an appearance and I simply do not wish to hear about the world through his filter. So, if there was a reason it wouldn’t have soul, that would be it.

        1. Well, as you remember, I withdrew the sequel to Supriem #1, and I explained the reason for that at the time. Regarding A.R., he is a source of information just like anybody else. If I am not allowed to use different sources of information to get my messages out, where he is one of many, many sources, well documented in my papers, that is more like censorship than it is helping. You see, everybody contributes with something, that’s how the Multiverse works, Then it’s up to us how we put the pieces together. I would never put my eggs in one basket – and in each basket I have there are many eggs. There are so many layers to reality – so many belief systems. The question is – are our current belief systems, whatever they may be, supporting us or destroying us? Do we need to be more fluid? How can we expand our reality and become multi-dimensional? How can I help in the process? What can I draw from experience and research to guide others in that direction? That’s what it is all about. Does that have soul enough?

          1. That’s soul aplenty Wes,

            I have never doubted your nature or intentions. You are very consistent in what you believe (helping/teaching others) and for that I commend you. I was specifically referring to the writing that “Tom” did in the last Supriem paper. It lacked the “intangible message” of impartiality that your view so effortlessly conveys. Thus, I was not alluding to the idea that using A.R. Bordon as a source was a “bad” idea, just that if he were to co-author, your work would suffer. That is my sentiment.

            Which brings me to another point. Your policy on the comment pages here at battleofearth, is a testament of your desire to cultivate the ideas of your readers. I have witnessed few places where readers are free to express their thoughts without the backlash of “Los Moderatos”. I know that I persistently “push the envelope” and IAm truly grateful for the opportunity to do so.

            Thank you Wes, for all that you do.

            P.S. – What was the reason again for withdrawing the sequel?

            1. Wes Penre

              Thanks Froggy. You also gave me a great opportunity to tell a little bit more about my papers. The Sequel was a disaster for the same reasons you mention. I withdrew it because it was very narrow-minded in its thinking, and I can’t blame “Tom” for all that – I was part of it too. Although much of what was in the sequel is true, it tells us very little about SDR’s real intentions and plans. I am so glad I didn’t continue pushing that version, because since then I have no doubts that there is much more to the story than the petty things (seen from the full perspective) that was published in the sequel. Now, when the truth about MNP is being revealed, I have yet another essay to write when I’m done with my papers. I also want to present Jarl’s part in this whole thing…I guess you know MNP (Michael Prescott) is in jail, right?

            2. Wes Penre

              Speaking of comment section, btw. My website, where I’m going to publish all this doesn’t have a comment section like WordPress and other blogs, so I looked and found a forum that is free and much better than the one I have here on this site (Bravenet), which is full of advertisements, unless you want to pay $$, which I can’t afford. The free forumI found looks good (no pop up ads) and will work as a discussion forum and comment section for the papers. I am looking forward to hearing peoples responses and comments once they are published…

            3. Wes Penre

              Sorry this takes so much longer than anticipated. It’s such a huge project, but I am coming towards an end. I have a little more than one paper to write (each paper is quite long, with a few exceptions), and then I need to proof read it all (about 800 pages or more). After that it’s time to go live.

            4. Wes Penre

              I notice that my self-content icon (automatically generated, not by choice LOL) is kind of lining up in the comment section :). Forgot to say one thing: I have no co-authors, and in fact, I doubt I ever will again. I haven’t even showed my work to anybody yet (not even drafts) except for one person, to whom I sent an excerpt in an effort to help in a particular situation that person was in. So, no AR or anybody else has any part in my writings. This is entirely my own work and my own choice of sources and references. In the science section I am presenting a brief overview of Life Physics Group’s “advanced physics” or “Working Model” as part of a new/alternative (gnosive) way of looking at the Universe in a way I am hoping is more comprehensible than the highly sophisticated scientific writings of the group. This is very important that I do, because it is of significance to what is going on on this planet on a much grander scale, and it includes the WingMakers in the mix. You will all see when you’ve grasped the concept I am attempting to communicate in the papers.

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