David Icke- Who Built the Moon..(interesting interview)

RedIce Productions
Posted here: Friday, September 1, 2011 @ 3:45AM

Editor’s Note, SEPTEMBER 9, 2011: According to the old Sumerian scriptures, our moon is a satellite (moon) that Nibiru dropped when it passed through the solar system a long time ago (Nibiru has 11 moons). That’s one plausible explanation why our moon seems so out of place. The questions are: due to that factions of the Anunnaki are still here, are they, just like Icke says, controlling us from the Moon? Was our moon artificial in the first place, even when it orbited Nibiru? What’s up with all these planets (Nibiru and the ones in our outer solar system) having so many moons? What about Phobos, Mars’ moon? It’s obviously artificial, too. Who did not let us land on Mars? Lots of questions, a lot to research… Wes

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