Letter from the Editor #26: The Future of this Blog

Welcome to another short letter from the editor!

It may be too early for people to have noticed, because I can imagine that not many visitors have been able to read all the papers I posted yet — it’s a lot of information, but during the past 6-8 months, this blog has mostly brought up issues now discussed in the papers posted at http://wespenre.com, on October 11 (yes, 11. I did that on purpose).

The future of this blog will be myself posting articles that are directly or indirectly related to the published series of papers, OR they will contain information related to the next series of papers, which I am currently researching and putting together.

So, I just wanted you to understand how I am managing this blog and why certain articles, which at the moment may seem unconnected, in fact are connected, although it may not be obvious until some more papers have been posted at wespenre.com. If you are interested in learning more about what I’m doing, please follow this blog. I appreciate all your comments and feedback!


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