The Anunnaki are Returning, Not Invading – Insiders Expose Psyop

October 16, 2011 @ 11:45 AM

Editor’s Note: Those who have read my Papers ( will understand what this video is really about.

There are psy ops within psy ops; anything to keep us confused. Here they say that the Anunnaki are returning (which is correct), and that they are our ancestors (yes, correct), but that they come in peace (did anyone watch the tv-series “V”?) and are very benevolent and should be embraced. They are emphasizing that the Anunnaki are not bad for us in any shape or form. They must have totally forgotten about how they treated us the last time they were here en masse…

So beware of more of this disinformation to come. I haven’t seen any signs that the Anunnaki are coming in peace (although they are working hard to make us believe they are by creating relationships with selected humans who then can tell the world that they are a nice species, coming in peace). Speaking of bullshit detector…I don’t trust the imperatives of this species at all. I am not afraid of them, and neither should anybody else. They put us in a frequency prison, but we’re breaking out as we speak. More so than we may realize. So don’t fear these beings; know they are coming, but don’t get involved and don’t “take sides” in their conflicts. There is only ONE side to take, and that’s your own. Use your inner guidance, trust your intuition and work on your OWN spiritual development. That’s the way to cruise through these confusing times, as I see it.

(The text below the video is copied and pasted from the YouTube site and is of course not my writing). Love, Wes.

The gods are returning, not invading. They have started with a trickle, with both random and carefully planned mass sightings. Soon the “event” will be upon us, and the Anunnaki will be returning en masse. We will meet our makers, we will meet our ancestors. And the world will wake from the dream of orphanage to remember our parents, our guardians.

These are not invaders. They have been coming here long before we existed. And they are truly benevolent, unlike what television and movies program us to believe. And they exist.

The elite humans of earth are not faking the existence of UFOs and aliens. However, their aim is to manipulate us to fear and hate the returning gods rather than embrace them for who they truly are: our saviors. For they will destroy the New World Order, as the gods oppose deception. And they will come and destroy key military bases, especially underground bases. And the elite-controlled earth governments will declare that we are being invaded, and that we are being warred upon. But the truth is that it will be the insidious international bankers who are being warred upon, and all of their puppet governments destroyed.

The power elite will be completely annihilated, and the meek – people like us – will inherit the earth.

21 thoughts on “The Anunnaki are Returning, Not Invading – Insiders Expose Psyop

  1. Midnight Writer

    Hi Wes.

    I am confused. First you state that the Anunnaki are malevolent. Second you state that the Anunaki are benevolent. Which view are you proposing?

  2. Orbital doom

    Dude, are you like retarded or something. Our creators out already on the earth dude the elohims never left… To be honest in fact, there will be an invasion. The pure heavens are bad dude. Pure light is bad, the 12 councils never left. You know why there coming back in to get there gold and destroy te planet.this god is the one that is deceiving you. He is a fake a phoney Jesus is already on the earth and so is the 12 counsels. They never left, they are still here. Their will be an alien invasion, but the counsel will protect all of us. Their coming back to so the same shit they did. Mine gold, destroy us and leave.

  3. lui

    ide personly prefer aliens to a mixed bag of high tech cave man like us humans . due to so many seeds of genetically modifications we are the result. its so abvious that some one didnt get it right .the gorilla has 48 strands dna and the human has 46. some one has been medling with genes . so open your eyes and minds instead of fear and youll see the truth.

  4. Christopher

    I dont understand. You say in a later article you think they are invading now. So what is it now, invading first, then returning, and now invading again?

    1. Orbital doom

      The ancient Elohim te already on the planet they can 2012. Te actually invaders, the foneys are coming to act as gods, be peaceful, and all treaty when in reality they were the one that actually created us to mine gold. Hints why they created the, “cash do gold.” Your guys are nothing by tools. They give to shits about you.

  5. Hil! All

    Just some input. Giving for granted we (human beings) are “living” (not l-i-v-i-n-g) in some sort of virtual environment, … in fact we-are-not-here, but in some sort of “stasis capsule” with our psychic, mental and physical capabilities heavily reduced; a state-of-the-art concept for ‘jail’; in other words, we’re prisoners of some sort of advanced race (E.T’s or E.D’s though I’m pretty sure they’re E.T’s) who mix high-tech + high psychisme level to keep us tied. Of course I have had my own experiences in order to say this.

    In this Scenery in which we move as involuntary actors, … … I’m starting wondering whether Alex Collier’s Andromedans, Pleyadians, Annunakis, so on and so forth aren’t just but deep level virtual ‘distractions’ for us in the same way Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Tiny Toon, Family Guy, etc. are a great distraction for kids in order to avoid us to awake from this nightmare.

    I’d be unable to understand some of my experiences without haven’t seen Matrix, 13 level, Cargo and others.

    So, … … anything we can perceive within the poor and limited range of our senses, ‘is not there’ and my most vivid experiences were felt and not catched by any physical sense.

    We’re living within “something” imagined and induced … again the Oakland theory :-)


  6. There is a lot I could comment on in this article, but I will not….

    I will only say this… not trust any “alien” race. When I say “alien”, I mean non “Earthers”

    ALL of them have an agenda. They are jealous of us and are envious of our courage.

    1. kyenikinene

      Well, the earthers are bad enough without even broaching the subject of aliens, when you look at their (earthers’) genocidal deeds throughout history, especially within the last 1000 years: crusades, inquisition, mass murders of native peoples in North & South America, Australia, and now Afrika…. Surely these aliens couldn’t be worse??

    2. Paul

      just like we can trust most “earthers” as u call us.whats the difference? Our own governments making us ill with chemtrails,water flurination,chemicals in our foods.brainwashing our kids through the education system…on and all left for us suckers is go to work pay your taxes and shut your yap.bahahaha

  7. Lisa

    Wes, I know I have read about Annunaki on your websites, I think it was on the Supriem Rockefeller pager. Could you post the ones you find are most relevant to this article? Thank you!

      1. I should rather have said: “I have dedicated ‘The First Level of Learning’ on that website almost entirely to the Anunnaki issue.” The next level will bring up a more variety of subjects…

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