by Wes Penre, Tuesday, October 18, 2011 @ 3:45 AM

Utu, son of King Nannar

Note from the Editor: First of all; this is an authentic message! I was contacted yesterday by Utu Shamash (see, who is the son of King Nannar of Nibiru, and brother of Inanna. He has returned to Earth with a message from his King to put on what the King considers “friendly websites”.

Utu found my Papers at and found them surprisingly accurate regarding Ša.A.Me. (Nibiru) and Ša.A.Mi. (the Nibiruan people). He emailed me and asked for a service. His King wanted me to post the following statement here on my blog.

I agreed to post the message Utu brought down to Earth, but said I want to put a note along with it to give the citizens of Earth (Ki) a heads up! He took my message to King Nannar, who agreed I could do that. So therefore I want to say the following:

The Ša.A.Mi. (better known as the Anunnaki) are returning! They say they want no harm to be done to us “lulus” (humans); they say they owe us and want our forgiveness for what happened in the past (to understand this you really need to read my Papers at, or Zacharia Sitchin’s books). The way to do this is to come down to Earth and fight the Anunnaki who are stationed on Earth since millennia (those who followed Marduk in his rebellion against the Ša.A.Me. Kingdom). Marduk and his cohorts have ever since been pulling the strings of most of the Global Elite, and the Ša.A.Mi. are returning to Earth to take care of business, overthrowing both the disloyal Anunnaki and the human Global Elite, by some called The Illuminati (

We don’t want history to repeat itself! I do NOT want humans to take sides in this upcoming battle of the ‘gods’ and once again be used as cannon-fodder and foot soldiers in their war. They say they come as liberators, but they do not come in peace. So humans, whatever you do if you want to change history and follow a more enlightened path: stay out of this conflict! DO NOT TAKE SIDES and DO NOT FIGHT IN THEIR WAR!

This is their conflict. We can’t stop them from coming, but we can step aside and let them do their thing without interfering. We are tired of fighting wars, and don’t let corrupt government leaders manipulate you into thinking we need to go to war against this “Invader Force”. The governments (the Global Elite) are only using us because they think we’re fearful and stupid. Show that we lulus have grown up and are a species of peace. Let everybody outside this planet learn that we are a peaceful race. Let Ša.A.Mi. take care of their own and the Global Elite, and we’ll go from there.

I have had two long correspondences with Utu so far, and I know that this is the real deal. Laugh at it if you must, but take it seriously if you are smart. Personally, I am known for being in a good mood, making jokes even in the most serious situations. However, now our future depends on how you read this email, and I’m deadly serious.

However, DON’T BE AFRAID! They say they come to bring peace, and as liberators, perhaps, but their minds are still on war, and that is in conflict with my own mindset, at least.

Let our hearts work now, more so than our heads! Be ONE in spirit through these events and we will come out on the other end; hopefully as intact as possible. Let them fight THEIR wars – it’s their karma, and we are released from ours by not participating.

Maybe one day we can unite with the Ša.A.Mi.; live together and visit each others worlds in peace. Still, they set the stage with their arrival, showing us what their real imperatives are. Will the result of their visit to Ki be REAL peace and unity, or war and separation? We shall see… We lulus are ready for peace and unity as a species; let it therefore be a guideline for the Incoming. They will show us who they are by example. Have they changed since ancient times, or is history repeating itself? That’s what we have to look at.

Let’s see how this pans out and let’s go from there…


(Here beneath is the message to all humankind, from King Nannar of Nibiru (SAM is short for Ša.A.Me. [Nibiru] and Ša.A.Mi. [the inhabitants of Nibiru]):


The work done by Mr. Penre is surprisingly accurate regarding SAM and its inhabitants.

SAMs are not invading the planet. SAMs are returning to what once was a planet they inhabited in greater numbers than human, until humans began to outnumber SAMs. This asymmetry continues today.

Those SAMs who returned and those who stayed behind are subject to the King, but reject royal authority and stand against the Kingdom as enemies in kind and in fact. This will be realigned properly on return, and those who stand with them will be eliminated as pawns and as proxies which is what they are in hopes that the power and position now held will continue with the victory of their patrons.

Nothing is further from the naked truth.

Anything that is held to the contrary is contrived, dishonest, self-serving and likely the work of proxies. Believe them not, for everyone will be held contemptible by the beliefs held and by the heart that beats in their chests — this by the word of the King, my father.

SAM is near. It will shine in the southern half first and then appear to the rest of KI in a sixth of a Royal Set. The Royal Set is the number of the King.

SAM will be red in color. Much is already known and anticipated. Much more will be disclosed and known about SAM by SAMs already here. Truth will be known. Believe what you must and be responsible for what you believe, but get information from oracles, not from anyone else.



  1. Baiba

    Dear annunaki race, of course we will forgive you-the past…!!! Let s all Universe Light of Love accept this! You all are far brothers and sisters of humans, pleiadians etc….Welcome to Earth every time-much of You, dear! Let’s take and fee l this telephatic message from me! I was prayedfor all annunaki race! Accept and welcome! So welcome…peace and love, Baiba

  2. Arlene Lanman

    We, those of the Gallatic Federation have been fighting the Draco’s and Annanaki) for 22-million years ( ever since the Lyran and Orion Wars). For the most part the Annanaki (except for the rebel Annanaki on Earth) have joined the Gallatic Federation. Although the fight is an Annanaki one, I am hopeful that the Gallatic Federation sanctions this fight and employs Federation ships to limit the fitting to removing the rebel Annanaki and their associates (lluminati, the false church, many of the world “One Goverment” organizations, etc) without severe collateral damage. What we all need to do is to increase the vibration/awareness of the earth and its human inhabitants.

  3. John

    September 29 2017.
    From San Diego California.
    I saw them leave the moon. It was on the news and many videos on YouTube for a few hours then it all dissapeared

  4. Elizabeth Rae

    How are any of us supposed to trust any of this. Its one thing to have an open mind, but another to be naive. Yes, the world has always ran on greed and self serving rulers. Mankind itself has to weed out their own emotional insecurities through evolution and lack of fear. I wish, like so many that a grand being, or beings are capable of fixing our issues here on earth. But if they do, it won’t be pretty by no means. They would have to wipe the slate clean. Like some people believe they had before, biblically. Humans fear what they don’t and conciously can’t understand by our way of logic now and for a long time. We’re too young a species. Fear has been a blessing and a curse for us. We have to have it to survive. Only in time can we be able to grow and better ourselves emotionally without regret or remorse and even fear itself. When I read only the first couple of paragraphs, I realized that there is a lot of fear within it and doubt. But like they say so often, “When in doubt, trust your instincts,” Everyone is different, like the fingerprints we bare. Because of this each and every human on earth will be different somehow. It’s the differences that make us unique and ultimately chaotic as a unified species. War isn’t evil, it’s the motive for that war that defines it as such. If what you speak is truth, let’s just pray that the motive is ultimately benevolent.

  5. bohemianwriter1

    The number #1 threat to Annunaki dominance is a free mind.
    When he can’t enslave you, frighten you, or keep you from knowledge, he can’t defeat you. Annunaki does not come with peace in mind. For 300 000 years, they have enslaved you. Engulfed you in pretty lies and scare tactics to keep you from Knowledge.
    They say they come in peace, but with war still in their mind.

    They feed off human suffering, leaving us with dungs of karma as a result of how we treat each other.

    There is another thing. The Golden Rule will cause people to stop and think..putting themselves in someone else’s shoe. Try to live the reality that they are imposing on others. Whether that reality is positive or negative… That reality will come back to bite one in the form of…karma…
    Karmic Justice no one can escape. Karma is the consequences of our actions coming back to ourselves. This is what the powers that be feeds off.
    When we talk about people talking with a forked tongue, this fits the Annunaki kin. This also fits the description of their kin Yahweh. Self centered. Vindictive. Opposed to Knowledge. And very aggressive against any competition.

    As far as the Global Elite goes..They all look the same. They use the same lingua, and speak with the same forked tongues,. They have enriched themselves by dividing and conquering.
    And now, the Annunaki wants to come and “beg forgiveness” for 300 000 years of enslavement of the human mind. Is that not quaint?

    Enjoy your TV ads, your nationalism, your capitalism, and your petty little fetishes most live in denial about while acting holier than thou… That is what they want!

    Others might want to go out in nature, leaving the slave life behind and get in contact with themselves in nature, and from nature… And increase our consciousness. Times they are a changin as Bob Dylan once so prophetically sang…

    That is all.

    For now

      1. Saint

        If when they come, wouldn’t we have no choice in being involved, we would at least be in the way or will we be taken off world, those who are chosen maybe. RAPTURE you might say. Will we have some kind of written word or verbal response way before had. How can we believe this or like God in the Bible we must have faith.

  6. Zeeg

    God is drinking wine while all this happens… People still doesn’t understand that the true God is all, All is connected, myseld with everything and everyone, even the evil with the good, that’s why the most evolved beings wants to help everyone in every possible way because they know we’re part of themselves.
    Now about God not stoping the evil he won’t, we need to learn by ourselves, 1000 years to 1,00,000,000,000,000 makes no difference to infinity, so when people learn that Earth time is nothing compared to the whole universe people may understand that who uses their mind in a strong way (for good or for evil) are better than those who just judge in ignorance.
    One more thing, they love the hate we build aound them. To finish this cycle all the planet must be in love freq, and if we think about this now it’s like impossible to get rid of them then. The only way they leave us alone is us leaving then in the lower freq dimension behind with love, without the hate that feed them their reing will be over. Sadly they built this system we live in (nations, money, religions, wars) to have we stuck here for a long time with hate.

  7. Frederic Tabert

    no forgiveness
    … until the wrongs are set right
    we have been made to wrongfully suffer for too long
    forgiveness MAY be extended after

    WE are the chosen of ‘the one’,
    and whomever we do not forgive, ‘the one’ shall not forgive

    they will cary their shame forever

    those we forgive, shall also be forgiven by ‘the one’

  8. Virginie Manirakiza

    It is good to find you open minded people if not an other deception. If our creators are gods, who is God above all?where is he?is he all powerful?why can’t he control these heartless anunnaki sons of his that create chaos throughout the entire universe?why is he allowing human suffering?does he care about us at all?i don’t trust this idea about the return of anunnaki with good intentions to help humans.that can’t happen.not that they can’t put an end to human suffering that they are responsible of to begin with, but they are too selfish to think about doing good .why now?they have been enjoying to see us helpless for thousands of years.why now?why should I trust them?where were they?why can’t they restore us to our full potential? Why can’t we live forever?why do they make us sick physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, financially, and psychologically…..?now they got to feed on my energy because I am mad at them when I am writing.peace.

    1. Al Peltier

      Virginie Manirakiza: Who do you think the Anunnaki is? rather you know it or not you are related to them, They made the human race, I think you should research who the father is and who Jesus is, you might not like it but you will accept it, No matter you have no choice! …Peace

  9. William Buchanan

    Its about time something was done about these crooks who or whatever they are, let’s just hope the good SAMS win because I’m so sick of the ones who’re leeching off us and think they’re untouchable.

  10. John Benjamin Israel

    Io matua kore..there is only one God..anything else that falls under him is a second order creator being such as Tane & Tangaroa or Enlil & Enki.they are all capable of making mistakes just as we have & this is how we learn & evolve & so dose Enlil evolve.we all have moments we are not proud of & so dose he if he can forgive his brother after all that has hapend then he is a forgiving creation of God & if he created us then we too can forgive also together these brothers will do greator works with humanity.they have shown us war now it is time to teach us love to the masses buy their own actions.forgivenes is for the gods to kai

  11. bilmorx320x

    get the feeling… the gut feeling, that yes. you were contacted. but my bullshit meter goes off when we refer to the return as something benevolent, they want forgiveness? No they don’t, they live for millions of years. 1 day for them is one month for us, and they like to see their agendas played out. They will return to confuse and confound us. Use your gut and keep your auras up.

  12. Sam

    This seems very narricistic.
    Why are you all so powerful and why are you the one “giving permission?”
    Im not intending to be a troll but It makes me wonder why you have been chosen to claim this message.

    they say there are words of prophets and words of false prophets leading to the day of reckoning

    Self thought does not create humilty.
    Which one are you?

  13. James G. Aquilina

    I have spent the last 3 years studying the Sumarian tablets, the epic of Gilgamesh, the enuma elish, emerald tablets, hermetic teachings and various other teachings,now the Bible makes more sense, it is much less criptic when you have access to the whole story .
    Regarding how humans came to being? I do. Believe the “prime creator ” ” The Creator ” The All” did create beings on earth and at one point the DNA was altered, is that so hard to believe? We have been doing it ourselves for the past 25 years or more? Does it not say “God” created a race of beings before creating the indigenous hominid on earth? We call the angels ( emissaries of GOD) the Sumarians called them “anunnaki” ( those from heaven to earth came) the Bible does not tell us when God created this race of beings but it could have been a million years before us, a 100,000 years, 500 year or even 100 years. We as humans are very special our DNA may have been tweaked, but we are still human, we still have something that the Creator gave to us that he did not give to “them” it is said us humans advance much faster than “them” which was seen as a threat and therefore ” Let US go down and confuse there language,” we humans were of one accord, we were like minded and we ” got things done”! And we did it fast and did it right! And we we’re feared for it , so “they” felt threatened by it and had to put a few stumbling blocks in our development such as confused languages, shorter life span, a declining knowledge of our spiritual gifts, but we humans are very strong, resilient!! And posed a threat to “them” and were almost whipped out of existence by “them” except for the compassionate efforts of one of “them who ensured our survival “(as you may have noticed I am not using any names for fear of swaying your “God” given right to choose for yourself what and who to believe)
    I will cut to the chase here, these beings are advanced “warrior” race although I believe we will catch up v to them in technology very soon if in fact we do NOT follow in there footsteps and destroy ourselves just as “they” came close to doing on their planet and also here on earth as a result of fighting within the leadership of there people something that happened on there planet and that they brought here and taught us humans to do, but we as humans can revert back to what we are born with, a greater sense of love and compassion for all life, somethings most of “them” are lacking.
    Now my point finally!
    The arguments and fighting are between “them” let us humans choose not sides but leave it to them!! Let us humans come together in one accord and tell “them” to take their arguments and fighting back to “their ” planet and when they are done fighting and maybe reach the maturation levels we have attained in our very very short existence, as a matter of fact it might be time us humans teach them something about love and compassion and unity, something they have lost thousands of years ago. We should not get involved and take either side of what is to come, even the Bible says in revelations (paraphrased) “this battle of Armageddon, this fight Does not involve humans” though it says it happens here on earth this is prophecy, a prediction , useing the laws of probability, let us throw a wrench in the gears of probability we have the ability to nullify the law with a higher law the “law of love” we must show each other love then pass that love on to “them” as one of “them” did the same for us.
    We humans and our planet which is OUR birthright are very important to our galaxy and maybe the universe, let us show how far we have come, let us show our love and compassion but first let us show our strength and unity by not choosing sides and telling “them” they must deal with “their” problems elsewhere!!!!

    1. A.A.Y

      Eloquently stated. We were capable of so much more. We must get back to our divine ways to become one. We were a species so beautifully connected and even with the *twerks* Can still be united in love and light. We must stand together as a species/ a race or we will fall as one. I like your post. Thanks for sharing. Ps. We warriors are all still here doing our best. Humanity is a race worth standing for. Many cheer and stage themselves here in physical form in alliance, protection and honor to the akashic records of Earth consciousness all equal

  14. Thomas Flowers

    Hi to all. Since I was 4 years old I have met someone and they’ve been in my life since way before then. Even at that age I have seen this war going on . I can only tell you it really really real. All life is good until it’s provoked, it provoked from its peaceful stand like animals . This war has been going on for about 70 years now and you can’t see it just yet but I feel something or someone is trying to tell me something. maybe someone else can tell me something and why . I’m 43 now but I look 23. People do understand why I am not ageing like them even my family , is it that my blood type RH-neg or its just me eating just fish and vegetables and fruits, my sister’s and brother’s are not and we can’t understand why I am like this .just recently I’ve been feeling like something in me like energy Waking Up In Me, like something I needed back in my life like hope and love and support and happiness. I feel like I was asleep and I am waking up something in my heart. People are interested in me in the last few months and it’s like I have something to say but I don’t know what It is yet. People look at me and smile like they are happy to see me. It’s bothering me so I only go out side when I have to. And my two little girls are just like me.

    1. Joseph Dickinson

      I would love to hear back from you and hear more about this topic! I am having the same symptoms that you are describing! Different siblings, m y mother doesn’t know who “my” father is. She told me that she kinda just became pregnant, but not being promiscuous. And that a incredibly handson,fit,long blonde haired man approached her and asked her things, and then her memory goes blank. My mother said he was so beautiful, but in the back of her mind she knew that something was very odd about him. Like she knew he wasn’t from here! And i’m rh- myself.

  15. Fiona

    I have known my entire life there will be change. and we will come into our own. also I know I will be a art of it. I was told to find my ast. my history. I was only born in this country where i live my blood is not of here. for me to find my ast was going to entail $$$$… But find it is was told over and over. I finally stoed asking HOW and i said. oh well ill have to go home to scotland and find it. I dont know how but if thats what i must do It will haen. within 1 mth i had the whole family tree in my lap. and found WE ARE ROYAL. The Royal House of Stuart. The ONLY TRUE ROYAL HOUSE OPEN, to those who canp rove their lineage. And shows that the FAKE ursurers the rothschild fake royals have NO claim over the only TRUE ROYAL HOUSE. I have and now they want me to pay a vatican court jester to make the claim (lawyer). I will NOT ay those pirates who stole our birthright and defiled our sacred lands. We ARE the REAL Royal line who was murdered slaughtered sent out to live in abject poverty in the outer edges of the earth. constantly watched constantly ket down financially. Although i have NEVER liked money and NEVER been interested in it. Nor technology. But Now I know we are royal it takes us right back to times beginning. And now i understand the emmense amount of gifts i have. the things I can see. The electrical fence round the earth. i see it and i see it fade with holes and i can see the plasma field behind it. I communicate with horses and animals and i can read humans minds from the other side of the world. I am an energy healer and i do it all for NOTHING. And thats no where near all of what i can do. > I am from the Sharmanic line of the Draco. I ALWAYS have known in the vicinity of where my Royal granny lived, as i was growing up, the knowing WAS STRONGEST. But I know with EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING there will be change. AND I do NOT have to use dark ritualistic sacrifices to have my gifts or keep them. I just have to think it and it happens.

    And if they come with war. so be it. you have to kill if need be. and it is high time these entities were removed. and if death is the way so be it. I have spoken for those with no voice, the animals and i am horrified at what is done to them.. Humans think they have it bad. But i also know that each and every single person WILL be held accountable for every sentient being they have ever hurt or killed. For earth is hell for animals and humans are the demons that deliver it.

    So YES there is going to be change. and YES it may incure war. How else do you suggest removing the cancer that is now claiming it controls us. However not one cent should be made by that war. No more innocent humans sacrificed in the name of war. NO ONE should get fat of the earnings and provisions of war. For if they do…..then you know it is a have. There will be no more ELITE. and if they set themselves up as that. then watch out.

  16. uly

    Cool. I sit on sidelines. Remind king they are hiding underground, and left pawns on top surface. Underground cities and highways all over planet. They have been killing, raping, oppressing, disinformation for long time. Please clean house. Thanks

    1. Terrin

      Dear King I speak from the heart. The lies spread who do we believe? I DO NOT TAKE SIDES . I KNOW THAT THIS IS WAR BETWEEN YOUR BLOODLINES OF ROYALTY. My Question to The King and all SAMs are you willing to empower us the Lulu’s with that conscious empowerment that was taught to you the true nature of Connection. Through Science of Magic Spiritual dimensional interconnected soul travel and becoming one with The source , Not in death , is it possible for us to learn and evole . I would love to meet Galzu, and train with him. As i understand he is a neautral party and a uplifted being . my heart yearns for so much more than to waste away As im sure other beings here feel similar. Please honor us by guiding us to the truth .
      King Nannar and all SAMs Embrace us with love.
      Terrin Grimes

  17. Alan

    Nannar my friend is who people are now calling allah. You are being conned into think he is here for the good of mankind. Why don’t they let us know they are here by showing themselves and telling the world to hide if they are gonna go to war because billions of us will die because of their war. They don’t care for us like they say they do

  18. Darren

    21st June 2016
    Thanks for putting your message up on message from SAM/Nibiru & the Annunaki people.
    Darren Shai-Hee
    Sydney, Australia

  19. Anthony Farrell

    I believe GOD created me in his own image and likeness. What I don’t understand is how SAM, if they do exist, can say they genetically created Mankind. What about Enoch, seventh from Adam? GOD instructed two of his angels to bring Enoch to Heaven so He could instruct Enoch to write books about Heaven, the Falling Angels, different levels of Heaven, and how he created everything that is.

    1. Word to the wise: Make a point of not taking for granted the things you read in the Bible. Take NOTHING for granted. The fact is we don’t know what we think we know and the powers grinding us into dust for the sake of artificial wealth have NO intention of liberating us from enslavement. The Gods humanity served were ALWAYS cruel, brutal, self serving and genocidal, not with their own lives but with ours. The moment you look at that book with unjaded eyes you see the truth of the matter. Stay neutral in their wars. Stay far away from their machinations. Waste NO time in conjecture about their doings. Deal with them only when you are face to face with them and MAKE them treat you as an equal. Whole galaxies of beings watch what they are doing to us and allow it. We have no friends. Only channeled entities spouting useless platitudes while refusing to demand enforcement of universal law.

  20. Kame the Prince of Alpha

    You are right human. We, another type of beings you so called ‘aliens’ are then leave this planet with my king and doubles as my brother, we, Alpha are making an oath to you humans, before we leave your plamet we will invite humans to go with us if they don’t want to be between the siege of gods and devils, I am appreciating what king Nannar of Nibiru have said. Thank you for informing us but cane we know wht is the exact day of your attack? So that we can prepare and I can inform the king and our people for this. Please say this to Sam I want to make a conversation with him. I am not a foe nor a devil.

  21. frank

    Nulla mi dà il senso dell’infinito
    quanto l’imbecillità del genere umano,
    diceva quel Renan che scrisse una storia
    laica di un Gesù. Geova, o il luminoso Elohim,
    non ha mai manipolato il nostro genoma,
    come una mitica argilla; Adamo fu generato
    da un adamita ancora più antico, anche Eden
    scade nel risibile come luogo originario di tutti
    quanti: si proviene dall’Africa, geneticamente,
    e geneticamente non esistono le razze. In ogni dove
    si è diffuso il falso credo che delle pergamene
    antiquate e la cabala dei sorci ci parlino di noi stessi,
    che esse siano l’apocalisse e facciano resuscitare
    i morti di fame con oroscopi. Dalla preistoria
    alle prime scritture, tante, le generazioni orali
    che ci vollero per delineare una sommaria storia
    dei figli dell’uomo; molte ancora aspettano
    per rimeditarla nei suoi valori. Purtroppo, oggi
    non si parla che di calcio, di rigore e di verdoni,
    e, pur interrogandoci per il futuro, ci fidiamo poco
    del pensiero politico, di motori del Diritto: la mafiosità
    di serpenti va a danno del popolo ed è sempre più difficile
    sopravvivere sotto una cappa di smog, mangiare i frutti
    di una terra senza etichetta. Un tempo si indicavano
    le donne come bestie da soma; ora, lo sono gli immigrati,
    ma comunque lo siamo anche noi, nel consumismo
    di beni spesso effimeri. E il sentimento nazionale?
    Sembra pornografia, a giudicare dalle libertà del sistema.

    1. Apostle Peter

      Si vede che sei italiano. Maleducato, volgare e ignorante dalle prime battute. Si vede lontano un miglio che non sai nulla di Annunaki, Dead Sea Scrolls e di cosa stiamo parlando qui .. ma da italianetto da 2 lire che sei .. hai la presunzione di venire qui sei qui a fare il maestro. Veniamo dall’africa dice! come ogni italiano becero come sei, non hai detto nulla, salto da pali in frasca e il tuo messaggio e solo volgare e confusionario. Non hai detto nulla. Niente. allora statti zitto, vedi di imparare l’inglese e vai a fare il sapientone da n’altra parte che qui sei fuori luogo. E scusa il mio italiano ma e’la mia 4th lingua e fatico un pochino. ITALIANO DA 2 LIRE.

  22. findingtruthandfaith

    If this is true, which I believe it is, there are so many things I wish I could express. Of course to many it might be disheartening to realize that they are our creators, not the one “God” we read about. I’m not sure I ever really believed in any of that anyway.
    I don’t wish to express anger, or hate. I just want to know, am I really worthless? Is there so love between the creators and their creation?
    I’m a believer of love, a very firm one at that. By doing so, am I only fooling myself?
    I wish I could get answers of that, a sign of comfort reassuring me that love is the way to live.
    And that maaaaaybe, just maybe, our creators are even the tiniest bit proud that their humans are capable of love.

    1. Keith Fitzwater

      We are love .we are beautiful amazing savred sacred beings of love . Our planet has only ever know war . This has to change .i feel so blessed to be living here in New Zealand . America is one of the least places i wish to be at this time . I am looking forward to seeing my sacred brothers again

  23. Can anyone give me feedback on these dreams I’ve had ? First the one a long time ago . And now this one I had recently . Last night’s dream I was engaged in heavy conversation regarding our relationship me being his adopted son. I’ve never read all of sitchins work . Did the annunaki ever adopt humans into their families ?

  24. A long long time ago . I dreamed about the annunaki king himself long before I knew sitchins work. And lo and behold I had a dream about him again last night. It was no different really than the first time I had dreamed about him . The first dream I had where I was probably the only human child to be adopted by anu himself and raised in his court. I eventually grew up to mediate problems between differing annunaki factions. Whenever someone would ask how and when to settle a dispute he would say ” you would refer to my son to mediate” there’s more to that dream but I won’t post anymore .

  25. Matias

    Myself and a few other friends have been visited by these 12 foot tall creatures. We believe that they still watch us, they never speak to us. They just are alway near, and always watching, we see glimpses of them every now and then. Does anyone have an idea of why they watch us. And what they want?

  26. Has anyone looked at how the Sumerians civilazation destroed itself, after the Annunaki “set them straight?” They would sacrifice their children by passing them through the fire (roasting them alive in a vase that was then thrown into fire, or stsbbing them to death so their blood would flow. Nice little sacrifice for their “favor” ). They did NOT create us. Remember the 1/3 of heavenly host that Lucifer/Satan swept with his dragon tail? These walking horrors are a part of that! Do not call Draconians dragons — they are birds! The annunaki stole their souls and ate them. I was shown by Jesus several “reptiles” with complete feathers on their heads and full beaks like a puffin bird, talking about when wiill the human Christians get it? These reptiles are Christians too. Why arethere so many nebulas in outer space? Because of all the different races ans worlds the annunaki consumed. Someone said that the “gold” the annunaki want to mine from this earth is humnn blood (and probably flesh). Remember, the Bible says that some angels left their habitation, and it doesn’t have to be paradise — they may have been in a different dimension (of which there are many). They came over to the third dimension, and they feast on all other beings, so the won’t die from the radiation. From where? What kind of radiation? I believe that they are what Jesus calls The abomination that causes desolation, desecrating the future Jrusalem temple — He doesn’t say walk fast away, He says, “Run for your life!”

  27. brian haning

    I know that this is real I have photographs of the annunaki elite that I took myself in Clarkston Washington. How do I send these pics to you they are fucking real people ready yourself for what is comeing out government has deseaved us they are comeing.

  28. Petrus Vitalis

    zabba labba t dabba muthafuka! I B zabbin’ an’ da nigga ain’t gonna B trikeded by dis thit anyhows. Ya’ll B cray-Z. youknowwhati’msayin’ – we all beez dey nigga’s dey made fo’ da golddiggin’ an’ thit. DNA-zazes splicin’ an’ all. Dey can B sukin’ da thit outa my buttholes.

  29. Simone

    “SAM is near. It will shine in the southern half first /…/”
    “SAM will be red in color.”
    – am I the only one thinking of the Blood moon and Super moon recently? In fact, and believe it or not, I saw a ufo in the sky, the day before the blood moon. I believe they are coming.

  30. Filippo


    I don’t belive in the coming in good faith of those aliens or whoever else aliens…

    In this case, I don’t trust the good faith of both sides…

    I don’t belive even on the genuinity of the war that they will make…

    Who ever aliens, they want as the globalists, to depopulate as….

    And any way… :


  31. Filippo

    I don’t belive in the of those aliens or whoever else aliens…

    In this case, I don’t trust the good faith of both sides…

    I don’t belive evenon the genuinity of the war that they will make…

    Who ever aliens, they want as the globalists, to depopulate as….

    And any way… :


  32. The Anunnaki must indeed clean up their mess here on earth, but the only Anunnaki I’ve read about who seemed in any way noble was Enki, and the rest seem like psychopaths at worst and sociopaths at best. They’ve bequeathed upon us this seriously dysfunctional mythology of their own and allowed the cabal and their own rebels to remain here enslaving humanity spiritually psychologically and materially. By manipulating our DNA we are supposed to believe they did us a huge favor. But they turned off most of our capacity for using our whole mind, much of our DNA and extra senses and extra sensory abilities, robbed us of our own identity as a species and our true history and Enlil made sure Enki did not vest us with their “life cycle”, allowing us barely any time in life to achieve any fleeting chance for self realization and growth – yet despite all of this and all they’ve done to hurt us look how beautiful the human spirit is in the midst of the worst of their biggest gift to us- their warlike ways. For example some of the biggest triumphs of the human spirit have come in our bleakest hours of WWII etc. Not only that they still deny our spiritual equality with them as gods and members of the oversoul on equal footing. This and they still have a monarchy when our republic and it’s beautiful constitutional guarantees of our liberties are being stolen from us by the treasonous cabal in power since 9-11. Love and truth, understanding and empathy and compassion would be the best way for them to address us, not to mention politely requesting we allow them to use our earth to try to arrest their rebels- & a truth and reconciliation summit would be a best first choice in resolution of these matters, only resorting to forcibly enforcing their Kings will to repair the situation if absolutely necessary. But there is so much they’ve unfairly kept from us and almost or all we know is probably their lies. Yet look how much we accomplish with lies and a shity cabal enslaving us! Just as when they had to mix up our languages and destroy our high technology during the Tower of Babel incident we are at a cross roads of awakening and truth seeking and a new renaissance in human spiritual and arts and sciences is possible- one of no comparison to previous precious glimpses beyond the veil in its scope and depth for us as a species. It is said it only takes some 3% of the people to carry a revolution through. If that is so then those of us who wish to help learn and spread the truth and illuminate a new dawn for humanity and all races to share in peace and love a new paradigm of rebirth and unprecedented evolution is dawning and a new paradigm a borning in a truly brave new world peopled by a brave new human-kind embracing our brothers and sisters and cousins from beyond – not just the Anunnaki, in a new harmonic convergence, a heretofore unheard of plucking on a new host of ingenious celestial instruments a collaborative syncopating in a brand new scale of tuning never before heard born of this bardo is possible not just for us but them if they are sincere in such messages and seek a dialogue in earnest I for one would welcome it with a song in my heart. As my hero Hunter S Thompson would say: “Mahalo, Anunnaki”, & cheers- to us and the future of co-creation…

    1. Ken Kojei

      Personally, I think the folks-of whatever stripe- who perpetrate the horrors of domination on other sentient beings should be forced to experience the exact moment by moment torture themselves. All the pain, all the chaos, all the grief. If I were the shot-calling super consciousness behind all life, I would instill into every being a mental and emotional cache where they would directly experience the result of every evil intention in the very moment they devised it. In the very moment they decided to strike to kill, they experienced the pain and death of their victim, BEFORE it happened. In the very moment they decided to rape, they experienced the horror themselves. In the very moment it became the firm intention to enslave and exploit any sentient being, in that moment the experience becomes their own!!! EVERY TIME!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

      This should be especially true when technology affords them superior weapons, and the power to override the self determination of people by kidnapping and imprisoning them for any of dozens of nefarious purposes. To use such advanced technology in such a manner is a dozen times more horrendous when used on innocents.

      From the perspective of the original Creator of All here is a warning: What you do establishes who you are beyond words. You cannot lie about what is done. It is there glaring in the light of consciousness. Deeds do not lie!!! They stain you without recourse. This is where soul crushing regrets come from. I imagine Enlil and those who used nukes to destroy Sumer, Mohenjo-Daro, and others in their path, who committed genocide after genocide against human beings simpy because they could, because no one could or would stop them, must at some point be faced with the horrible realization that their egotism, lack of compassion, headstrong determination to do harm did damage to themselves that can never be undone. I hope this is true of the evil cabals who continue to plunder and destroy our world. May the euphemisms for their behavior be stripped away and their self realization be absolutely unvarnished as they realize the monsters it takes to do what they have done and are doing and that they are the monsters!!!

  33. Kingsolomonbarbasa

    Very grateful of this opportunity to collaborate and correspond with like-minded community of truth seekers.

  34. Johnathon Gualandi

    Could you tell me if he told you who I AM. YAHWEH! 3 SOULS IN 1 FATHER, SON,HOLY SPIRIT. ME Johnathon Jay Gualandi. The souls merged with mine on 7-4-2012 when they recreated the big bang. Something big is about to happen THIS YEAR. CERN 9-23-2015 my 38th birthday is 9-30-2015 THREE INFINITIES.

    1. Enea Alianna

      U are totally f…..g bonkers!!!! Nut job of the highest rank and order! May I suggest Percocet? It’ll work if you aren’t that far gone yet. Otherwise go for Secanol or Olanzapine or Haloperidol perhaps even Thorazine. Or make yourself useful imagined Yahweh and right the wrongs in MY life how ’bout it? If anyone can rise to that challenge they are God, Yah, Yahweh… I just call it The Universe, The Source or Infinity

  35. Dear Ken, I’m not avoiding anything. I have EIGHT replies from you all in a lump, and I’m not seeing where you asked me any questions. If you’d really like to talk about this–and I suspect you have some interesting ideas, write me at, and we can correspond directly. But this format is impossible to follow, which came after what. You know?

  36. Ken says, Well the story is that Nibiru is uninhabitable on the surface but is habitable beneath the surface. Is that why the NWO wants to eliminate billions of human beings? so they can re-colonize the planet? Frankly, nothing I’ve seen of human life suggests that our “creator gods” have anything good to offer us with their return. Superior technological societies have always wiped out those who couldn’t defend themselves whether deliberately or by virtue of their natural dominance.

    It seems to me, if the Annunaki are as old and wise as they say, what they will do by returning here is make an assessment of the situation and adapt the circumstances so that things can proceed in a normal and natural way. I don’t think the Annunaki are MERELY a Race of serial killers, nor would that be their natural or ethical Teaching, to bring here.

    All this fear porn is not only unpleasant, but it’s RACIST off the top.

  37. Inter-dimensionality doesn’t offer physical proofs. Whitelight matters and Blacklight matter are transparent to each other. Each soul has a memory-path that goes into and out of many destinations. I appreciate your dismay over our inability to settle down and demonstrate what we knew or know or might infer or intuit. I have the same problem. So, I guess we just have to be satisfied with who we are and what we’re doing, as of right now. Would that help you toward serenity?

    1. Fear porn! Sounds exactly like conspiracy theory. A clever device to disarm potentially thought provoking concepts or theories. I call these word weapons. Designed to take smear, designed to avoid answering critical questions, usually becausevthe correspondent either doesn’t know the answer or to answer exposes an unpleasant truth. Take your pick.

      1. Of course. Secret societies run on conspiracies. Governments run on conspiracies. Intell runs on conspiracies. Defense contractors run on conspiracies. And most of all, the Illuminati : Masonic : Zionist : Luciferian CABAL RUN ON conspiracies. And if you haven’t figured out yet that you are being lied to everywhich way but loose, well, I guess you still have some dots yet unconnected, how all these conspiracies are simultaneous, coherent and connect together, eh?

        1. The creative force is the combination of thought or word powered by emotion . The two primary emotions are love and fear. This web of lies extends beyond the physical realm and relies on ignorance to create a fearful environment in mind, heart and social constructs. The word creates. The power makes no distinction between good and bad, right or wrong, as these distinctions are always relative. Religions devise the moral laws to trap people with guilt and fear of hells where unimaginable torture provides a legitimate excuse for the REAL useless eaters to express their most vile hatreds both herein and hereafter. The facade of love masks various forms of subtle enslavement. “I love you if you look like my type, have a nice car, job and a future that offers me freedom from feeling alone”. There is no corner of the soul entering a physical body for a physical life that is not flooded with a comprehensive curricum of deception. We are trained from birth to believe the lie and hate the truth. My parents devised cruel punishment for me if I told a lie but nobody had word to say when asked if Santa and Peter rabbit were NOT lies and if they deserved the same punishment they meted out. Yes I connected all the dots but there is no satisfaction putting all the puzzle pieces together just to arrive at an image of just how screwed you are because the image leering from the puzzle is a hideous gargoyle.

            1. Ken Kojei

              I don’t look past the gargoyle. I see it for what it is and put distance between me, it and all it represents. How many times have you seen it in films that the guy who stands there staring at the unspeakable evil instead of putting earth, air, fire and water between them quickly, post haste… GETS CHOMPED!!! You’re welcome to stand there looking at the gargoyle. LOLOL! See ya when I see ya, if I see ya!!!!

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