Derinkuyu, Underground City, Ancient Village or Ancient Refugee Settlement?

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Editor’s Note: These tunnel systems were built a very long time ago by the “gods’ from the stars – the Anunnaki being just one of many species. Other, older races of ‘creator gods’ and ‘life designers’ were roaming the Earth simultaneously but also during different time periods. The perhaps largest tunnel system on the planet, so it appears, can be accessed from underneath the Sphinx. That system is multiple levels deep and reaches across a large portion of Africa. These tunnels, according to my current research, were built by some of the original Elohim (not to be confused with the Anunnaki). More about all this in my series of Papers, “The Second Level of Learning”, which will be released later this year. The “First Level of Learning” can be found here: Wes Penre.

Video Summary From the YouTube AccountDerinkuyu Underground City is an ancient multi-level underground city in the Derinkuyu district in Nevşehir Province, Turkey. It is on the road between Nevşehir and Niğde, at a distance of 29 km from Nevşehir. With its thirteen floors extending to a depth of approximately 85 m, it was large enough to shelter 30,000 thousands people together with their livestock and food stores. It is the largest excavated underground city in Turkey and is part of a network of several underground complexes found across Cappadocia.

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