Letter From the Editor #27: Illuminati News Has Been Hacked

Originally posted on Thursday, February 2, 2012  @ 3:30 AM


Note: This message will be kept on top of this blog for an undetermined amount of time, because people are concerned what is happening with Illuminati News, and hopefully they’ll find this message. Therefore, when you browse in here, make sure to scroll down and look beneath this message (once you’ve read it) to see if there are some new postings. Or simply subscribe to this blog and you’ll be notified automatically when updates are made. Thank you! Wes Penre.

This is the message the visitors get if they type http://illuminati-news.com into the address line of their browser. Please just click “Proceed anyway” when you get this message, and you can safely visit my website. ([Of course, the above is only an image (click on it for enlargement) and not the “real” page. You would need to actually TYPE “http://illuminati-news.com” into your browser address line to get the real page. Same thing with the two pictures at the end of this message).

Since middle of January 2012, visitors who have tried to access my main website, http://illuminati-news.com can’t pull it up from the Google search engine. Instead Google has put a block on my site, deeming it “dangerous to visit due to malware on the website”. A few other search engines have followed Google’s example and done a similar thing.

Illuminati-News was hacked more than once, interestingly enough, since I released my Papers at http://wespenre.com in October, 2011! This was enough for Google to put a block on the Illuminati-News site. To my visitors I want to say that the site is cleaned up and contains no malware since 10 days back and can be safely browsed.

But how do you access the site?

  1. Type illuminati-news.com into the address line of your browser.
  2. Sometimes this is all you need to do. If you get a page saying that it would be potentially dangerous to visit my site, click on the link saying, “proceed anyway” and it will take you to the site.

The problem here is not to get the malware off the website after the hacker has done his/her job, but to have the search engines reconsider checking the website again to see if it’s clean. I thought that would be the easiest thing in the world, but it’s very complicated and includes a lot of time consuming and confusing steps. So Illuminati News may still be blocked for a while, but if you follow the above steps, you will still be able to access it.

Although the following may sound strange to the reader, I am not going to make this problem a priority. The hackers know what they’re doing, and it’s no coincidence that they hack my site over and over, and that one morning I found one of my best friends from Facebook deleted from my Facebook Friend’s list, and there may be more I don’t know of yet. The latter was only annoying, but not a problem, as I just needed to create a much more complicated password. Someone wants to stop my activities and my writings–there is no doubt about that. I believe their main target is http://wespenre.com, but that server is much more secure and not so easy to hack into. So instead they hack Illuminati News, knowing I draw visitors to wespenre.com FROM Illuminati News.

I may have to switch servers to a more secure one than what I have, but that’s a mega project and nothing I will dedicate myself to at this point in time. My current research/writing is more important.

I will not let this stop my progress. I am continuing my research and my writing on “The Second Level of Learning” for wespenre.com as my main task and will work on getting Illuminati News back to normal as my second task. I am very focused when I’m doing my research and writing, and not even an earthquake can stop me from continuing.

If/when I manage to get the site in order again, I will let the readers of this blog know and will post a message here so everybody knows. The problem will not stop, I’m sure, until I change servers, and there is a chance not even that would be safe if someone is eager enough to break into it. We will see. But like I said, I will just plow on and go with the flow.

Thank you all for listening and I am sorry for the inconvenience!


P.S. Below are two pictures showing what happens when you are trying to access my website from Google:

The above picture is showing what happens when you type “illuminati news” into google’s search engine (click on the image to enlarge). Notice the link underneath saying “This site may harm your computer”. If you click the “Illuminati News Link” anyway, the message in the picture beneath this one will come up: 

 From here, no matter which link you click, you will not be able to access my website. It is totally blocked from being viewed from Google (click on the above image to enlarge).

13 thoughts on “Letter From the Editor #27: Illuminati News Has Been Hacked

  1. If you are a christian, If you are over the age of 45 years of age,(According to OBAMA CARE) If you don’t like the MUSLEM faith, If you LOVE the the AMERICAN constitution, If you own a firearm, If you hate anything or everything our gov tries to push down our throats, YOUR DEAD ANYWAY!!! I thank you for your site and your sharing of information. GOD BLESS YOU!! I would rather spend my last 10 minutes with my Jesus than 10 years with this demonic organization anyway! Praise GOD I will just be going home faster AMEN!

  2. flowerladi2

    I have found your papers awesome once I start on one level I want to read more! I have found answers to questions I have had for a very long time! Thank you! I can’t wait to read more. I have found if I type wespenre into google search it will bring me to illuminatenews. As of yet I haven’t had problems and I’m using only a not so smart phone. Thank you again for all of your good work! Jan

  3. Karen

    Thank you Wes for your years of research and sharing it. More people need to read your Illuminati News and your new Scientific Papers. Looking forward to Level II!
    Prayers are with you!

  4. weaselfish

    Wes, you must be kidding. If you were any threat, you’d be worm food . . . IF your site was hacked, it was out of boredom . . . Besides google is CIA, so, do the math . . .

  5. Well Wes you are on the right path or these losers wouldn’t be hacking your site Illuminati news,all the more power to you and the people around the world that want and love freedom.One more thing wes, I treid to contact via email,and I could not leave you an email I hope its an error on my part.Thanks for all you do Wes,and I look forward to your next level this is great!!!!!

  6. Pancakes

    How is the writing progressing Wes? :) We can hardly wait to read some new material.

    Securing a website can be difficult, you might need to switch CMS/Framework if it’s not secure, or they will just hack it again and again.

    1. I am done with all the research involved (mastodon job in itself). I am now organizing it to make it coherent and then I’m ready to start writing for real. It seems like each “Level of Learning” takes around 5 months to research and then perhaps another 6 months to actually write to a completion and then post it. So I would say approx. 6 more months, but that could change. Could be shorter, could be longer…Thanks for asking, Pancakes!

  7. Well, they never really have required draconian Internet laws (ACTA, SOPA, PIPA) to monitor or bring down sites that tell truth or show ‘dissent’. There’s always been a way to ‘handle’ the ‘problem’. Hope you get everything sorted soon.

  8. John Best

    Blogger and Facebook attached the same bogus warnings to my blog two years ago. They don’t respond to requests to remove the warnings. It all started one hour after someone from Obama’s office was reading some unkind words I wrote about The puppet-in-chief. Good luck getting rid of it!

    1. Yes, John. You are correct. It is a big project to get this sorted out with the search engines. Just to verify who I am and that I really own Illuminati News is a step by step project that is extremely time consuming. And that’s just the beginning…That’s why I’m not jumping on it.

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