Letter From the Editor #28: No Upcoming Book – Papers Instead

Posted: June 17, 2012 @ 2:50 PM

Wes Penre

A little update, everybody. The book that I’ve been writing on the last 5-6 months or more has come to a halt. I have written 9 chapters so far, but have decided not to release it. At least not in book form. It turns out that although I can back up the majority of what I’ve been writing so far, the core part of it I can’t back up with enough evidence at this point.

I still believe that the important core information in the book I was going to release is true, but I have only ONE point of reference. I need to research this more before I’m ready to release that particular part, and it may take time. And if I can’t back it up by at least 2 or 3 sources, I can’t justify it if I release it. Also, if it’s not true (although I believe it is), it’s such ‘heavy’ info that I don’t want to be responsible for releasing it if it turns out I am wrong. Although there are solutions to it, I want to wait with it until I have more ‘meat’.

So what I’m going to do is going back to what I planned in the first place. I’m going to release more papers very soon, which will be the first papers in the ‘Second Level of Learning’. This time I will release them in increments instead of a whole ‘level’ at the time. It would take too long to write the whole Second Level and then release it. Better to do it little by little.

I have material that I CAN release is very interesting stuff and can be backed up. This, plus new stuff I am looking into, will be the ‘second level of learning’. Just like the First Level, it will start out on a certain level and build up to something bigger.

Hopefully I will start posting within a week or two.

For those who are new here, this is the website I’m talking about: http://wespenre.com/

Thanks everybody!


2 thoughts on “Letter From the Editor #28: No Upcoming Book – Papers Instead

  1. Alex

    Wes, first of all, thank you for all your research and work.
    In my opinion, even if you release all papers without some of them backed by multiple sources, it still could be important, because it will make people think. There is always a moral of the story.

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