Letter from the Editor #29: The First Three of my Papers from ‘The Second Level of Learning’ Posted This Morning!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 @ 11:15 AM

Hello everybody,

So I posted the first 3, out of approximately 15, of new papers from ‘The Second Level of Learning’ a few minutes ago. Hope you’ll enjoy! The web address is, http://wespenre.com/site-map2.htm. The rest of the papers will be posted one by one as they are finished and will be announced here on my blog.


7 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #29: The First Three of my Papers from ‘The Second Level of Learning’ Posted This Morning!

  1. I seldom drop comments, however I browsed through some remarks here Letter from the Editor
    #29: The First Three of my Papers from The Second Level of Learning Posted
    This Morning! News from Behind the Scenes.
    I actually do have some questions for you if it’s okay. Could it be just me or do a few of these remarks come across as if they are left by brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are writing on other social sites, I’d like
    to follow you. Could you post a list of all of all your
    social networking pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

    1. Hi Carri,

      You’ll find me on facebook under Wes Penre, and I also have an ancient MySpace account under the same name, but the latter is hopelessly outdated and I haven’t checked it in perhaps 2 years. I am going to delete it when I get to it, but my facebook is active!

      That’s all I got. Websites are, wespenre.com and illuminati-news.com + this blog, of course.

      Thanks for your interest. Send me a facebook request if you wish and I’ll add you!

  2. As I am reading the section on shapeshifting in your second paper in the Second Level of Learning, something came to mind. I am specifically referring to the part where you talk about these beings who can do this appearing so physical that you can literally “shake their hand”. I immediately thought about something I saw on YouTube some time ago. It was the video where someone is claiming that George Kavassilas is actually a Reptilian in disguise. Now, whether or not you actually believe this after watching the video is not my point here, but rather I am more interested in what George said after this video started to gain some traction on YouTube. He called the allegations ludicrous of course but then went on to say that you can see for yourself when he went on his previous worldwide speaking tour and you can personally come up and “shake his hand”. The implication here is you will of course come to the conclusion that he is human and not Reptilian at all. Therefore the video must be preposterous. Right? I never thought anything about this at all until I read what you had to say in these papers I am currently reading about shapeshifting. It sort of gave me some food for thought is all…. :)

  3. buckster5677

    Great Job,Wes! i can only guess at the amount of endless hours you have researched in your latest work,and not including all the tons of material you have worked on in the many years leading up to this 2nd level!I have followed you for many years,and your first 3 papers,in the 2nd level are Right On,thank-you very deeply,in love & Light!,Chris

  4. iamlonefrog

    Oh Wes,

    Really hoped that post 3549’s recent erasure was for a “good” reason.

    @ Dirk Breure, who posted on alleged missing post.

    It’s a shame that Nassim is associated with that Jewish production “Thrive” in any way, but hey, they needed some fundamental truth to get that false movement some traction. I’m just glad that it fell flat on its face for reasons other than Nassim’s “Everything is one” statement.

    I seem to remember that if you wish to succeed within the sytem and be a part of it, you may not rock the boat. If you do, you will see that you will find yourself apart from it, and struggling.

    You see that right there?

    A part – A “division” of a “whole”

    Apart – Separated from

    A fine example of The geometry of the vacuum, cuboctahedron, the vector equilibrium baby, all wrapped up nicely in the english language!

    Meanwhile a select few flourish, comfortably wrapped in a fabric of secrets made from their own selfish reasons.


    You don’t seem to have changed a bit. Still telling people not to rock the boat. Sounds more like, “Back in your seat”! or “Mind what you say”!

    1. I took it down before I saw AR’s or anybody else’s comment and had to retrieve the article from the trash to read them.

      I took it down because I had people saying that his math didn’t match, but then I did some research and those who want to debunk him, most want to get him at his ET claims in ancient history and they say that’s impossible. So I am putting it up again. It had some really neat revelations there!!!

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