The Black Whole by Nassim Haramein

Posted at News from Behind the Scenes on July 8, 2012 @ 11:15  AM

Editor’s note: This video actually shows scientifically much of what I wrote in my ‘Wes Penre Papers, The Second Level of Learning’, the first few paper in the series (the rest I have yet to complete). I knew about Nassim from before, but had never listened to him until this morning. Kind of blew my mind. This guy is, as far as I can see, brilliant in quantum physics and can mathematically explain what I’ve been writing about. Some say that his math is strange, but I let the listener discern.

Nassim has been heavily attacked, both as a scientist and as a supporter of alien civilizations on Earth. What strikes me when I look into the arguments of these ‘debunkers’, I find them starting out with debunking his science, but don’t have anything substantial to debunk him on there, so they viciously attack his ‘alien civilizations’ theories instead, from the standpoint that these never existed. When I saw this being the normal trend among many debunkers, I decided that this guy must have something cool to say. I will look into his work some more.

And best of all — Nassim speaks in layman’s terms!

Enjoy! I did! Love, Wes Penre

8 thoughts on “The Black Whole by Nassim Haramein

  1. Haramein’s theory needs to do three things in order to be taken seriously:
    a) It must explain quantitatively (mathematically) all known phenomena to the same degree of precision as existing theories.
    b) It must integrate existing disparate theories into a whole eg QM and GTR
    c) It must make testable predictions beyond existing theories.
    As fas as I can tell his theory does not do this.

    1. Finefeather

      Careful, Wes !? … Quite profound if you are warning Wes to stay off the topic because you are frightened he is on to something which he can get hurt by, or something he should not be putting out there because it’s true and you are just part of those who do not want the truth out.

      Otherwise try and give us an explanation why he should be careful and some real facts would be nice.

    1. Finefeather

      I have read this and I wonder if you might just be another confused person who actually knows less about physics that you realise.
      This article says things like: “I’ve been searching for a physicist who will comment on Mr. Haramein’s theories on the record since Thrive came out. No one will touch it. It’s that bad.”
      Has it ever occurred to you that the real reason is that they might be frightened it could blow their wrong science to bits. This article is so obviously biased and you cannot even see that with your supposed learned mind.
      One last thing for you to think about:
      His theory on the toroid and the atom being a black hole has been known to be true for years by those who can actually see, through clear sight, what an atom looks like and not some kindergarten idea as science believes. I dare you to look at this, just page down a while until in front of your eyes you will see what an atom really looks like and it is identical to what Nassim is on about…..time to awaken my learned friend.

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